Monday, October 24, 2011

Case of the Monday Waiver Wire Links

What a weekend - I saw a lot of old friends, some I haven't seen in a decade, others that I see multiple times a year. Good times, I just wish my Northwestern Wildcats had actually put up a fight against Penn State. Not our year. And not the Broncos' year either but hey, how about that OT win? As usual I was frantically checking up on all my NFL news, scores and stats last night since I was flying home and then hanging with our little dude (who totally rocked at staying at his grandparents, by the way - no separation anxiety for him in the least) game recaps are of course needed yet again. Maybe in 10 years I'll have a Sunday dedicated solely to football to our Monday links:

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Anonymous said...

Dear FF Librarian,

Love your blog and I have relied on it for the past four years! Earlier this year you had a link that would give an owner an indepth report on their draft. I was unable to locate the link in question and was wondering of the link could provide a mid-season analysis as well. Any help would be great! Thanks!