Monday, October 10, 2011

Turn it up a notch for Week 6

So last night I put my son down to bed and came downstairs to find less than 30 seconds on the clock for the Broncos game, with the Broncos arguably with a shot at beating the Chargers. I immediately put the game on pause while I finished a few baby-related things up and got a text from my brother-in-law that just said, "wow...Tebow!" So of course I had some pretty darn high expectations for the final play of the game. No dice, but it was nice to actually see the Broncos with some momentum and fire in their bellies. Here's hoping your teams pulled out a W this week. Let's cruise on over to today's waiver wire suggestions and game recaps.


Glenn said...

How would you rank these QBs from best to worst for the rest of the season? Andy Dalton, Rex Grossman, Tim Tebow, Tavaris Jackson, Curtis Painter.

Also, how would you rank these DEFs? Chargers, Cowboys, Titans

Randy said...

Thanks for the waiver wire articles. Seems like many of the ones I read are posted on Tuesdays, so it's nice to get a jump!