Monday, December 05, 2011

Getting festive

Yesterday we went Christmas tree shopping and generally started to get our house together in terms of holiday decorations. Our son was transfixed by a blow-up snow globe in the local hardware store (as seen at left) but despite his newfound love, we refrained from becoming blow-up decor people. That said, I remember when I was a kid, my sister used to taunt me because she was lucky enough to be able to see the neighbor's life-sized nativity scene from her bedroom window and I couldn't. Not sure why gigantic, gaudy lawn holiday decorations are of such great appeal to kids but we might have to take our son back to visit the snow globe again real soon.

The other awesomeness that came out of the weekend is that barring some insanity tonight, I somehow might have won all of my matchups this week, which is a pretty solid feeling for this crucial Week 13. I actually played my husband in 2 leagues this week and came away with 2 wins. Again, more awesomeness.

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Derek Zoolander said...

I heart the TV in the background...Now that is the TV of a Librarian! :-)

Heads should always be in a book/blog/website except on game day!