Friday, April 27, 2007

Last Minute Draft Updates

We're not quite at the last minute point here, but we're at least getting down to the wire on Draft Day [photo Getty Images,]. So before the shenanigans begin tomorrow, here are some almost last minute draft thoughts:'s Draft blog - impressively well updated

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Peyton at the White House

This one's for my Peyton-loving, Knoxville-native husband:'s President lauds Colts for showing heart on the Colts recent trip to the White House. Apparently Peyton, Tony Dungy, and "a handful of others" got a tour of the Oval Office. Who were the "handful of others" is something I'd like to know - Cato June? Marvin Harrison? Reggie Wayne? Adam Vinatieri? And were they chosen by Bush or someone else? [photo Washington Post]
But in draft news, here's a little more fuel for the fire:

Fantasy Tailgate's Mock Draft (updated 4/24/07)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Draft Hype

A few more articles to satiate your draft info needs:'s Fantasy Notebook

The Huddle's Fantasy Slant on the 2007 NFL Draft

FFToolbox's Sleeper Defensive Draft Prospects & Sleeper Offensive Draft Prospects

Friday, April 20, 2007

Draft Day is Approaching...

...are you ready?
A few helpful articles to get your mind ready for Draft Day 2007:

Stewart Mandel's Overrated/Underrated

FantasyFootball Cafe's First Round Mock Draft

Fanball's Draft Preview by team - for example, here's the Broncos Draft Preview

And this dude's synopsis of 6 different mock drafts on his blog

Monday, April 16, 2007


Okay, I need some guidance here. I found my way to the World Championship of Fantasy Football (WCOFF) site this weekend and am seriously considering getting involved. The WCOFF 2007 will have over 70 leagues of 12 teams that will hold an in-person draft in Vegas (or Atlantic City or Orlando) and compete during weeks 1-11 for the title of World Champion and more than $200,000 in prizes [pic below from 2006 draft from WCOFF site]. If I'm reading everything correctly, anyone can sign up as long as they can come for the draft in September and plunk down approximately $1800. And I'm actually thinking about this - and if I do it, it will be with my husband as my co-manager. For those who don't know us, and even those that do, spending $1800+ is not a trivial thing since we're not exactly rolling around in a bathtub full of benjamins over here...but this is so tempting. I mean this would be priceless - such an experience. Just not sure I can justify doing this. If anyone out there has been involved in WCOFF in the past, I would love to hear your commentary - was it worth it? Are outsiders/first-timers welcomed? Any general advice? And for the rest of you, like my sister - am I insane for considering this?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

2007 Schedules Are In!

Football fans, the 2007 season is practically upon us. April brings us a reminder that it's never to early to start planning out your season, thinking about draft plans, etc. With the NFL draft coming up in a mere 2.5 weeks and today's announcement of the 2007 schedules, there's much to look forward to in the coming months. For more info, see the below links:

And some pre-draft materials:

ESPN's Engel's Top 100 for 2007's 32-Day Mock Draft (this link goes to Denver's 21st pick - because who wouldn't want to read about the Broncos? - but scroll down the page to see other draft pick analysis)