Monday, March 30, 2009

LeBron from 60 feet and FF links

I'm officially ready for spring. Now that Colorado got a massive snowstorm out of the way last week I'm content to let winter slide on out - bring on the blooming trees, flower buds and oh yes, the NFL Draft. As expected the number of draft articles is starting to ramp up so soak it all up, I say. And if there's any specific fantasy football info that you're looking for this offseason, send me an e-mail and I'll see if I can find it.

By the way, my favorite commercial this weekend during the tourney? A 60 Minutes blurb where we saw LeBron James hit an underhanded toss dead-on from well past the half court mark. Every time that commercial aired I think I giggled and felt a little more wowed by LeBron.

  • FantasySharks bring on part 1 of their Mocking the 2009 NFL Draft - check back soon for part 2 with the next 16 picks of the first round.
  • is keeping an updated ranking by position of all the incoming rooks; take a look to see the latest on where your favorite college players might go. And clearly I haven't been paying very close attention to college TEs since I see there's a guy from Fresno State named Bear. Bear Pascoe. That rocks. So does the name Glen Coffee. Can I have a cool name draft?
  • Perhaps if I had already read Rotoworld's Draft '09: The Tight Ends I would've been better prepared for the awesomeness of Bear's name.
  • LJ is on probation. I'm somewhat intrigued by what he might do this year - anything? Will he even be in KC? He still had a few flashes of brilliance (against my poor Broncos, for example) this past season but it sure does seem like LJ's time has come and gone. FFXtreme has some thoughts on what to do with Johnson if you've got him.
  • CBS Sports' Stockwatch: A pre-draft look at fantasy RBs should entertain most of you since RBs are the bread and butter of FF. I certainly don't disagree that MJD is going to have a big year, but I've gotta be honest, I'm not of the mindset that he's going to have a tremendous season or be worthy of the 3rd overall draft as noted here. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have him on my team but I'm not convinced he'll live up to the hype.
  • AOL Fanhouse reports on Michael Vick's intentions to bring in big figures from the NFL - just where will that be happening though? Who is taking the Vick Risk?
All for now, my fantasy football friends - enjoy the start of the week!

Friday, March 27, 2009

O-line love on a Friday

Well Denver finally got the major snowstorm it has been hankering for all season - over 16 inches fell here at my house in Boulder, with drifts of 2+ plus feet thanks to the crazy blizzard winds. Now it's a race to see how quickly it will melt as the temps get close to 60 again this weekend. The weather here is just wacky enough for me to absolutely love it...

Today's links have a delightfully high percentage of offensive line articles, which longtime readers know I love:

Enjoy your weekends and the tourney!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break '09, baby!

It's Spring Break here in Boulder - the campus is deserted, my bus driver seemed uncertain that I truly needed to get off at the university during Spring Break, and there's a heavy quiet throughout the library since even the biggest of study nerds here has taken a break. I love it like this: the quiet before the storm. Much like football season; with the NFL Draft really just a few weeks away, most analysts seem to be soaking up the NCAA tournament and holding off on the flood of pre-draft analysis. That said, there are still some experts (aka the biggest fantasy nerds - and I mean that in an endearing, grateful way) out there cranking out their NFL draft and FF thoughts...

  • This is going to be a bit of a Bills fest here but by acquiring T.O., the Bills have made themselves far more newsworthy. Gregg Rosenthal takes a look at the T.O. impact on Lee Evans' fantasy value and in the end calls it a push for Evans.
  • The other piece that dissects the Bills comes from CBS Sports' series on team needs - Bills needs: Tight-end, pass-rush playmakers wanted.
  • The Fifth Down reports on a proposal that's making the NFL annual meeting rounds that would extend the NFL season to 18 games in A Longer Regular Season? What Could Go Wrong? Pardon me while I wipe up the drool here - I'd love an 18-game season.
  • You've gotta love a mock draft article that starts off with "mock drafts are a special sort of useless" - if you're looking for the always-insightful Football Outsiders take on how the NFL Draft might evolve, take a look at their mock draft of the first round.
  • For more NFL Draft thoughts, see what KFFL has to say about the latest speculations in NFL Draft Grapevine - News and notes.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Baseball accuracy challenge and FF updates

I have thus far resisted the temptation to create a "25 Random Things About Me" kind of list on Facebook - in part due to a lack of time and energy but also I'm sure that other than a few random nuggets (i.e., I was kicked out of the Girl Scouts), most of my items wouldn't be a surprise to the majority of my Facebook friends - mostly though it's the pressure of summing myself up in 25 finite items that seems like a bit much. That said, I eagerly read my friends' "25 Things" lists and always feel like I learned something new (even one friend's "being married to my husband is very difficult" comment, which I really don't think is appropriate for the "25 Things" list) - but I officially enjoy me some "25 Things" lists. So you can imagine that I delighted in reading Matthew Berry's latest column, which interspersed some baseball facts with Berry's 25 Things.

Also on a baseball note, a press release went out to all FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association) members about the 2009 Fantasy Baseball Projection Accuracy Challenge - along with and I will be comparing fantasy baseball experts' projected player statistics for a baseball version of the ranking the expert rankings.

Anyway, things are happening in the fantasy football world. Sure, not much since it is basically the absolute dead of the year for FF, but I do have a few things to pass along:

  • Rumors from Football Jabber that the NFL Draft might just move to February - hmm, that sure would mean less conjecturing and guessing in the lead up time, no?
  • For other reports on the annual NFL Meetings take a look at MMQB: No Cutler trade? Boldin-Cards deal? More whispers from NFL meetings. I'm digging this new confidence from Peter King that Cutler might just be a Bronco...
  • If you're a Redskins fan like many of my fellow native DCers, you might enjoy reading up on the team's needs in CBS Sports' Redskins needs: Money doesn't buy you everything. I know there are some who don't believe in the magic that is Clinton Portis, but I certainly do. I feel like we keep holding out breath, waiting for his awesomeness to come to its inevitable end, but the dude is a machine. Sure, the second half of 2008 wasn't so awesome but I guarantee he was probably still a pretty good bargain for Portis owners last year - and mark my words, he will be again this year.
  • The Fantasy Sharks present their first 2009 rankings in First fantasy rankings - QBs listing the top 32 quarterbacks. Look at the placement of Matt Ryan - love seeing him as a low-end no. 1 fantasy QB.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Take a tourney break for a dose of FF

I'm using a friend's mac to get this post up and it's the first time I've used a mac in about 9 years - it's awesome and the "once you go mac, you never go back" phrase is making sense. This laptop loan could end up being an unfortunate move for the ol' wallet down the line...

So I hope everyone is enjoying the tourney so far; may your brackets be demonstrating what great sports acumen you have. I have two different brackets going and I think I'm doing pretty well in both - I've never been known for my awesome March Madness skills; I often select teams using the all-powerful "well my sister's neighbor went to college there and my best friend's brother's wife went to college there" technique, also known as my mom's technique (oh yeah, my mom has a bracket - she rocks) so I'm sure it might prove to be a less than surefire selection process by next weekend.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand: football.
All for now, friends. Enjoy the tournament and for my husband and the rest of his Tennessee family, go Vols!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sigh, McJayGate continues...

I can't escape the McJayGate talk - it's too much even for this NFL headlines-lovin', Broncos-lovin' fan. Enough already - make the trade happen if it's going to happen. So I'll leave you with just one Jay Cutler link from the Denver Post with some speculations about other QBs we could acquire.

  • I'm far from convinced that L.J. Smith is an upgrade from perennially injured Todd Heap, but hey, why not pile on the questionably productive TEs in Baltimore? As Rosenthal points out, this move essentially cancels out any fantasy value for either player.
  • has finished up their mock draft for the 2009 fantasy football season going all the way through the 14th round for a 12-team league.
  • The Bruno Boys have some Dwayne Bowe lovin' for the 2009 season - read Bowe in for Big Year in 2009? for reasons why you're going to want to turn to him come draft day. I'd be pretty pleased with Bowe as my WR2, though I would like to see some concrete evidence of his chemistry with Cassel before I get too excited about him.
  • Are you a Bills fan? Or maybe just want to get the offseason scoop on their acquisition of T.O. and Lynch's suspension situation? Take a look at's Grading the offseason: Buffalo Bills.
Finally, kudos to my sister for this great March Madness link - if you're in need of some bracket advice, look no further my friends. Try Bracketology 101 for some expert bracket counsel; these guys have an impressive track record. I'd also recommend scoping out Accuscore's Rules of Thumb for Picking your Bracket.

Enjoy the start of the tourney!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cutler bracketology and more

It's bracket time, my friends. This is one of those rare times of year when a sport other than football falls to the forefront of my mind. Though there are clever sites out there like The Hazean that have managed to seamlessly mesh together the beloved ritual of bracketology with fantasy football, for the most part I think many of us are just thinking about NCAA basketball. But never fear, I won't leaving you hanging on a Monday without the now requisite Cutler-McDaniels update and other FF links.

  • Will Jay Cutler and I both be moving to New York for the 2009 season? For details on Cutler's weekend talks and trade options, see the Fifth Down's Cutler Asks for a Trade. Jets Need a QB. Though not all experts are convinced that Cutler is going anywhere - check out Gregg Rosenthal's thoughts and concern for what this means for Cutler's fantasy value. Maybe I should start a Cutler's future bracket and start making bets with friends on the outcome. As for details on my potential move to NY, stay tuned...
  • Football News from a Chick reviews some of the latest moves in Happenings in & around the league overnight including LB Julian Peterson becoming a Lion and Joey Galloway becoming a Patriot.
  • The Bruno Boys' 2009 Fantasy Football Red Flag Players outlines a few players at each position that you might want to be a bit cautious about going into the 2009 season. A few names that pop out at me? Gates and Shockey, two former no-brainer TEs both make the TE red flag list this year.
  • Oooh, IDP rankings - I do love them. FFXtreme doesn't disappoint with their first installment of 2009 IDP rankings with a dynasty/keeper bent.
All for now, I'm off to polish up my bracket!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bar shuffleboard league?

At bowling this week I had a junior league/kids' coach give me tips on how to bowl - kind of sad when your bowling is clearly calling out for some basic help, no? I think at this point I've embraced the fact that bowling is not going to be my strong point and perhaps I need to become a weekly bar shuffleboard player. I think I could rock at that activity though I can't really imagine a league of bar shuffleboard players. Does such a thing exist?

So if you live in the Boulder/Denver area and would like to make a little money and help out a fantasy football website, think about stopping by Sports Data Hub's usability testing on Wednesday, March 18 on the CU-Boulder campus. Contact Matt Duncan to sign up or you can e-mail me and I'll send the details your way.

If you don't live in Colorado, well then I just have links to offer you...

  • I have T.O. in my keeper league so I am of course interested in what the FFManiaxs have to say in Terrell Owens' Fantasy Football Impact in 2009.
  • I remember a time when I thought Texans RB Chris Brown had a lot of potential - not so much anymore and I'm not sure I trust that he'll bring much to the Texans' backfield and vulture some TDs, but see what Gregg Rosenthal has to say in Chris Brown tries to make a comeback.
  • Not sure I'm feeling the same love for Dustin Keller in 2009 as I've seen in several mock drafts and rankings; I'm not convinced about Kellen Clemens, I guess. Or perhaps it's the Kellen to Keller combo that I'm getting stuck on here...but I think Lester's Legends Top Ten Tight Ends for 2009 ranking of Keller as the 10th TE is just about right, maybe even a little high for my taste.
  • If you're looking for some advice on how last year's rookie WRs might pan out for 2009, take a look at SportsBuff's Dynasty - Rookie WRs Review Part 1.
  • Or get more dynasty rankings courtesy of, which has rankings for QBs, RBs and WRs up.
All for now - have great weekends!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Broncos drama and other FF updates

Man, the drama in Denver continues. I don't care for this at all back-and-forth hoopla one tiny bit but to catch up on the latest (though really who knows what the latest is since all these reports seem to be contradictory) see Source: Cutler, Broncos Further Apart. In the meantime, if you'd like some non-Broncos news, read on:

  • With some big names switching teams there are lots of "well who will be his replacement now?" kinds of questions as there would be with well pretty much every job out there. CBS Sports has taken a stab at assessing the changing of the guard in The replacements: Newer wave facing big gaps.
  • has posted their NFL free-agency awards to summarize some of the best and worst moves that we've seen so far. Wondering who the best bargain, re-signing, franchise tag players, etc are? Read on.
  • With most of the big free agency moves out of the way, Gregg Rosenthal takes a look at what's to come in The Next Movement. And yes, the Broncos situation probably requires even more than just "some" panic. Not good, my friends, not good.
  • You might remember this from previous years if you're a diehard FFToolbox fan but the number of NFL mock drafts on their site is impressive - here's the latest mock from earlier this week but there are several others if you poke around, and I trust that many more will be going up over the next month or so.
  • The FFManiaxs have updated IDP rankings: Defensive backs, linebackers, and defensive ends.
All for now, wish me luck at bowling tonight!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday morning linkage

I love daylight savings - yesterday around 4:30 or so I went out for a run with the full comfort of knowing the sun would still be brightly shining when I got home. Love it. However, much to my dismay, my I-rarely-run-outside-during-the-winter muscles are reminding me of the difference between a trail and a treadmill this morning. In other news, I still don't know where I'm moving this summer quite yet but New York City is currently the front runner - New Yorkers, I'll be full of questions about the best sports bars (best Broncos bar anyone??) so get your football advice ready.

To today's links...

Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday links for the 2009 FF season

On Wednesday I bowled both one of my worst and one of my best bowling games of my adult life. I stepped up to the lane and proceeded to bowl at least three gutter balls in the first 6 or 7 frames. It was rough but turned into a bit of a roller coaster as I proceeded to find my groove and rock the next game. My bowling ups and downs of course reminded me of the Broncos roller coaster week - bad news on Cutler and BMarsh, but good news on some interesting free agency grabs.

So everywhere I turn today I'm seeing T.O. news and commentary. Where will the man go? Is he still a viable contributor to a team? I say yes but to get some expert opinions and other fantasy links, read on...

Enjoy your weekends - I for one am really looking for the time change this weekend; I'm ready for more sunlight post-work!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A look at free agency and even fantasy baseball prep

I am officially slacking on pretty much every project I have noted I'd be working on here on the blog over the past few weeks - I can't even remember to upload Olympic Curling Trials photos off of my camera to get you all some evidence of the game I now refer to as a sweet marriage between bar shuffleboard and bocce. I'll blame this on a relatively busy month at work (doesn't the library understand I need to focus on football in March?!) coupled with fun times with visiting family members - and probably just some lack of motivation. I am working on an update to my ranking of the rankings (for real) but if I've promised you any other projects or links or haven't gotten back to you about something, e-mail me all you want to remind me to get my act together.

Onto today's links...

  • Take a look back at some of the biggest free agency contracts over the past four years with CBS Sports' Free-agent spenders: Who chose wisely? and see which players were really "worth" their big money payday.
  • Oh we've got rankings my friends. Based on the name of the site, I am going to go out on a limb and assume that these rankings from Sons of the Tundra Dynasty Rankings are specifically for keeper leagues but they'll be of interest to all - QB, RB, WR and TE are the use of "rubbish" here for the QBs. I have a coworker from the UK who is consistently delighting me with her British vocabulary - apparently I'm a Britophile of some sort.
  • Okay we've got a slew of free agency moves and subsequent fantasy impacts...
  • is rolling out a series of sophomore sleepers articles - so far we've got RBs and WRs. Not to state the obvious here but Eddie Royal's value only increases if Marshall's latest arrest leads to suspension time...
  • I'll be the first to admit that my fantasy baseball knowledge is extremely minimal, but when I checked in on Fighting Chance Fantasy to see what he's cranking out these days, even I could tell FCF was putting together some quality material. I'm impressed by the quantity and depth of posting here. So if you're a fantasy baseball player looking for a new resource for your draft prep, take a look at Fighting Chance Fantasy.
  • The NFL Draft prognostications continue. Take a look at DraftGuys for their 2009 NFL Draft rankings for Wide Receivers and Tight Ends. Their rankings will be updated weekly.
I've got bowling league night again tonight - I have been slowly imploding over the past few weeks but after a little bowling practice on the ol' Wii this past weekend, perhaps I'll be able to reverse this unfortunate pattern!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Broncos drama and free agency signings

Oh my Broncos. Such drama this weekend! I don't even know where to start but I guess Cutler as potential trade bait is probably the biggest story followed by Brandon Marshall's latest arrest and of course free agent pickups like Brian Dawkins and Correll Buckhalter. So let's just get right to it - I love my Broncos, I love Cutler and yes, he can come off as a bit of a whiner...but is there any possible way Cassel was worth that trade for the Broncos? Negatory, good buddy, so I just don't buy that the Broncos were really giving it much consideration at all. I'm siding with Gregg Rosenthal on this one and assuming that it will blow over fairly soon, but now there's the Marshall news, too; how will this affect Marshall, Cutler and/or Royal's fantasy value for 2009? It's like deja vu here...

The Olympic Curling Trials were awesome - I'll get some photos and such up tomorrow, I hope, but I've gotta say that it was actually one of the more dramatic finishes to a sporting event that I've been to in a long time. There are 10 ends (kind of like innings), which was probably 4 or 5 too many for my taste, but the decision of which team moved on to the Olympics came down to the very last play in the last end when a seemingly seasoned player totally choked and missed a shot that I bet he would've made 9 times out of 10 in any other setting. Crazy curling! The rest of the weekend was filled with snowshoeing, practice field goal kicking and other fun stuff with my bro-in-law who is here visiting us in Colorado. I'm kind of hoping he'll get snowed in and not be able to make it back to his home in Atlanta on time - he's a good time.