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Big Winners

This is my final update for my FFLibrarian contests - thank you all for your submissions over the past few months. The final contest ended on a fun note with the same guy, David Cheng , submitting the most accurate guesses for BOTH of my questions for Week 4. I've sent him to Vegas to keep his lucky streak going but actually only rewarded him with one subscription to FFXtreme . David correctly guessed that Chris Johnson would be the Titan RB with the most rushing yards with 61 yards; he guessed Jay Cutler would have 351 passing yards (Cutler had 361). So the next closest guess to Cutler's yardage was Joey with a guess of 344 passing yards. Joey won access to the FFStarters Power Play Package . An update on the FFLibrarian's $100K Fantasy Challenge - the top 5 players this week are as follows: Lab, Htownpunks , Teh Big Red Dogs, Law Dawgs and mcjoker . Mcjoker happens to be my old high school boyfriend, so a special congrats to him - clearly I knew how to pick a goo

Looking at Moore options on the wavier wire

Rashard Mendenhall is out for the season - seriously?! That was a battlefield out there last night in the MNF game...I can't remember the last time I saw so many injuries, stretchers or carts used as in Week 4. So now my old fantasy flame, Mewelde Moore, reappears on the scene. If I was wise, I'd heed the advice of the FFGeekBlog and perhaps not run out and grab Moore. See what the Geeks have to say about other waiver wire options out there, too. I'm not sure I want to admit to you all that I had another abysmal week - I went 2-5 again. I spent a great deal of time last night pouring through my league standings, ranting about how many "points against" I had accrued and how everyone clearly brought their A-game when they played me...and then I laughed wickedly when I noticed that I might have lost to a guy in one league this week, but my point total still landed me ahead of him in the league standings. My husband just shook his head sadly at how his once normal w

Monday morning recap for Week 4

Before I get into any of today's links (and no, I can't even talk about the sadness of the Broncos' loss), can we all just enjoy a moment for my 5-0 Northwestern Wildcats? Oh yeah. This glory might not last, but for now we are sitting atop the Big Ten (with Penn State) and it's a wonderful place to be. I'm already dreaming of the Rose Bowl... Some links for the day: Waiver wire material is up for your review - the FFGoat's Fantasy Football Sleeper and Waiver Wire Watch Week 4 even includes Kyle Orton. I think the Goat is aware of how crazy it is to actually have Orton's name there - and last night I swear I kept hearing all sorts of Orton praise that just didn't feel natural at all - but hey, if you need help, sometimes you've just gotta dig deep. Real deep. also has wavier advice up in Toomer , Seattle wideouts will be hot names on the waiver wire . I snagged Engram in a few leagues and am hoping I'll be able to plug him in right away

Palmer #3 QB and other ins/outs

Carson Palmer is the #3 QB this week against Cleveland due to a sore and swollen elbow. If he's your starting QB, get him out of your lineup. And think long and hard about your Bengals receivers with backup Ryan Fitzpatrick starting. For all the latest game-time news, check out Rotoworld's Headlines or KFFL's Hot Off the Wire , which includes news on inactives and injuries. Good luck and enjoy the games today!

Consensus Start or Sit for Week 4

Here is the Week 4 compilation of start and sit suggestions from the 14 sites that I linked to this week on my blog. These players are listed in no particular order and are the players with the most "votes" for start or sit. QB Start: Jay Cutler, Trent Edwards, J.T. O'Sullivan, Philip Rivers, Carson Palmer, Kurt Warner Sit: Matt Schaub, Gus Frerotte, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, Trent Green RB Start: Frank Gore, Chris Perry, Jonathan Stewart, Maurice Jones-Drew, Reggie Bush, Jamal Lewis Sit: Rashard Mendenhall, Thomas Jones, Willis McGahee, Chris Johnson, LenDale White WR Start: Brandon Marshall, Santana Moss, Chad Johnson, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Lee Evans, Braylon Edwards Sit: Hines Ward, Bernard Berrian, Brandon Lloyd TE Start: Tony Gonzalez, Chris Cooley, Zach Miller, Tony Scheffler Sit: Vernon Davis, Todd Heap, Donald Lee Kicker Start: Joe Nedney, Matt Prater, Rian Lindell, Josh Scobee Sit: Matt Stover, Ryan Longwell, Kris Brown D/ST Start: Jags, Bills Sit: Re

Start or sit to your heart's content

My weekly post is up on the NY Times' Fifth Down blog - Fantasy Football: Rating the Wide Receivers . I looked at the top 30 WRs from my preseason average ranking positions compared to the current top 30 WRs to see just how accurate the collective wisdom of our experts is. Interesting stuff and I plan on continuing that analysis a bit this weekend, too. As always, there are many, many more start or sit sites out there than one human can possibly digest. But that won't stop me from linking to a bunch of them - keep in mind though that the FFNerd exists if you're looking for a one-stop site for start/sit advice. Later today I'll also be posting the consensus start/sit suggestions from the links I've provided over the past few days. NFL. com's Start 'em or Sit 'em for Week 4 CBSSports ' Week 4 Start 'em and Sit 'em Fantasy Tailgate's Starters & Slackers - Week 4 Bruno Boys' Start em & Sit em - Week 4 FanNation's Start

A bowling injury and fantasy advice

I have bowler's thumb. Not sure if that's a real malady or not but after rolling 30 frames last night at the ol ' bowling league, I seem to have injured my thumb to the point of making it hard to write (but I've never held a pencil properly anyway, which is a whole different topic). I need to toughen up since I will apparently be called up as an alternate in this league for the next 1-2 months (!). I plan on having lots of stories to tell since the bowling league was WAY more fun than I gave it credit apologies, bowlers. I quickly developed favorite bowlers including Dwight (of the clear, lucite - ish bowling ball, wrist guard, and bandanna-ed head) who high- fived me and cheered me on by my name when I got a strike or made a valiant effort for a split. He was phenomenal. As was his bowling buddy in the "Redneck Dad" t-shirt. But favorites were probably the family we played against - one of the 20-something sons in this family (which, by the way bro

Team D/ST thoughts for the bye weeks

Just a quick post to say that my latest column with the Bruno Boys is up - Bye-ing into a Team D/ST . I take a look at schedules for Weeks 4-6 to see which defensive/special teams units you might want to grab in case you have a D/ST on bye during that time.

Week 3 Winners on FFLibrarian

Now I can't forget all my contest winners! Here's a summary of the Week 3 winners of my various challenges: 1. In the $100K Fantasy Challenge run by NBC Sports, the top 5 teams after Week 3 are: DoubleO , Htownpunks , Top Down Bottom Up, bridgejumpers and Micksauce . I've moved on up to 9 th place after a tremendous 210 point showing this past week so at least I have that to look back on fondly from Week 3. I'm not sure if those who are in the challenge can see the group's standings or not, so if you are playing and wondering where you stand within the FFLibrarian's Challenge, just shoot me an e-mail . 2. Last week I asked two questions and ended up with three winners: During Week 3, which defense will give up the fewest points and how many points will that be? So no one actually got this question correct (the Eagles held the Steelers to a mere 6 points) so I went with the individual who was closest to the lowest score and the winner of this one was Denny G

Hittin' the lanes

I'm going bowling tonight. Haven't bowled in quite some time but I'm being called up to replace a friend in my husband's bowling league who cut her hand and is incapable of bowling for several weeks. (Note: I still chuckle when I say "my husband's bowling league" - that's hilarious. Feel free to chuckle, too.) So typically when I go bowling I find that I have such tiny hands that I can basically only use the small child-sized/weighted bowling balls - which is somewhat embarrassing (particularly around people who are hardcore enough about bowling that they have joined a weekly league) and at that point, why not just go duckpin bowling as I did for my 9 th birthday party? In fact now that I think about it, I might have peaked at bowling when I was 9. Huh. So you can see I'm a real aficionado here. I'm hoping to only experience a moderate degree of humiliation tonight but most of all I'm hoping the new iPhone (which is a true technological m

Waiver-ing on which guy to grab?

I've been scurrying around on waiver wires this morning trying to get all my bases covered for the first bye week (though I really consider the Bal / Hou Week 2 scenario a bit of a bye week) and the undeniable injury bug that has slammed most of my teams. If you're in the same boat, read on for some waiver advice: If you've got a few IDPers who are on bye this week and need some filler suggestions, take a look at fantasyfootball . com's IDP Waiver Wire Heroes . Hatty Waiver Wire Guru Week 4 - a few reasons I like this link in particular: 1. It's a video and sometimes when you're in an office, listening to fantasy content can be easier than reading it. 2. Hatty, your waiver wire host, is undefeated. That's more than I can say for myself, so perhaps this man's wisdom is worth hearing! 3. There are some less common names here - I appreciate that quite a bit. Check out FFXtreme's Week 4 Fantasy Football Stock Market - I must say I'm glad to se

Why the Broncos' Offense is Better than the Saints' Offense

This guest post comes courtesy of The Hazean - we made a bet that the losing blogger of the Broncos v. Saints game would have to post on the other blogger's site about the awesomeness of the winning team's offense. And Michael from The Hazean very appropriately talked both offense and on and enjoy the photos I took at the game (I tried to get catch Bush, The Hazean's favorite player, as well as Scheffler, my favorite player). I know I said I would write about why Denver's offense is better than New Orleans' offense if I lost the bet with the Librarian, which I did. And I promise to deliver on that point. But maybe this game was not so much about which offense was better, but rather which defense was less worse. It seemed to me that both teams were able to move the ball effectively up-and-down the field on Sunday en route to Denver's 34 - 32 victory. Jay Cutler and Drew Brees lit up the skies with an impressive aerial attack, combini

Winning in real life beats losing in fantasy

When I made the decision to be in 7 leagues this year, I never really thought that I could have a week where I lost in EVERY single league, right? Right. But then Week 3 happened. It's not over yet and I still have a glimmer of hope but I think I need to confess to you all that I will go 3-4 if luck is on my side and 0-7 if it's not. It hurts. Seriously just typing that was a struggle. Who goes 0-7?! And who loses to a team that is apparently spearheaded by LeRon McClain (Yes, congratulations Sam, unless Rivers goes for 0 or negative tonight, you beat me with McClain, Hilliard and the rest of your crew of ruffians)?? Though for what it's worth, I did lose to Jamey Eisenberg from CBS who had Ronnie Brown piling up the points on me - I mean the dude even threw for a TD (though the sad truth is that even without Ronnie's massive numbers, I still would have lost). Most of all though, I'm concerned that I'm paying a little fantasy karma this week because I actually

Week 3 Consensus Start/Sit and IDP info

Let's start off this afternoon post with the consensus start/sit picks for Week 3 - I'm basing this off of 15 start/sit sites that I've linked to since Wednesday (either on this blog or on my NY Times piece ). In no particular order, here's a list of the players with the most "votes" for start/sit. QB Start: Jay Cutler, Brett Favre, J.T. O'Sullivan, Matt Cassel, Drew Brees Sit: Carson Palmer, Matt Schaub, Derek Anderson, Jason Campbell, David Garrard RB Start: Frank Gore, Michael Turner, Maurice Jones-Drew, Julius Jones, Chris Johnson Sit: Jamal Lewis, Ronnie Brown, Earnest Graham, Ryan Grant, Chris Perry, DeAngelo Williams WR Start: Brandon Marshall, Steve Smith, Plaxico Burress, Jerricho Cotchery, Bryant Johnson, Wes Welker Sit: Santana Moss (had almost an equal number of start votes as well), Dwayne Bowe, Lee Evans, Chad Johnson/OC, Roddy White, Braylon Edwards, Bernard Berrian, Chris Chambers TE Start: John Carlson, Tony Scheffler, Jason Witten Sit

Cornucopia of Start/Sit Links

How about the CU Buffs?! Despite working for CU, I'm not even a huge Colorado fan (it goes back to the whole Gary Barnett suddenly leaving my alma mater, Northwestern, to come to CU) but I think it's worth mentioning that they beat #21 West Virginia in a solid overtime game last night. Well done, Buffs, well done. So there have been a few of you who have asked where in the Westwood One program I do an analysis of QBs for Week 3 - it's about 1/3 of the way through the program (starting maybe 18 or 19 minutes in). I'd love to hear any feedback since this was the first time I've done a radio or podcast segment and have been toying with whether or not to do them more often. I know I'm not a radio natural so any feedback would be appreciated. FYI, this will likely be my first post for the day - I'll get some IDP advice and consensus start/sit info up later today. First up, my post on the NY Times' Fifth Down blog - Fantasy Football: Upheaval and Advice has

Listen to the FFLibrarian on Westwood One tonight!

Hello friends, it's a lovely day in Colorado and I've got several reasons to be supremely happy today: 1. Week 3 games are one day closer 2. I will be salivating over my very own iPhone in the next few hours and 3. early release day from work thanks to the Colorado v. West Virginia game. 4. I'll be on the radio tonight (more about that below). What could be better? Let's take a look at some fantasy links: The FFGoat has some quality Start 'em Sit'em advice for Week 3 up for your review. Fantasy Football, etc is a new blog for me and I'm liking their Bump 'em Up and Bump 'em Down pieces - take a look at those Week 3 columns if you get a chance. Another site that isn't new to me but that I had sort of forgotten about since last season is DR U Fantasy Football. The site has a new look since I was last on there but I see it's the same old excellent content. So check out their FF Rankings - Week 3 Running Backs (they have other positions as w

Never go in against a librarian...

...when blogging is on the line. Okay, so that was kind of a crappy repurposing of the Princess Bride quote , but I must confess that The Hazean and I have made a bit of a wager on who will win the Broncos v. Saints game here in Denver this weekend. The Hazean has written all about it so let's just say I plan to have The Hazean guest blogging here on the FFLibrarian about how awesome the Broncos offense is. That will be the first time I've ever had a guest blogger on the site and I can't think of a better reason than this. Let's hope I'm not getting too cocky here... And in other afternoon news: Thigpen (seriously, I know this guys has probably heard this all his life but all I think of is Pigpen from Peanuts ) will be the Chiefs' starting QB this week while Gus Frerotte will be the Vikings' starting QB for the rest of the season. Frerotte was already in 3rd grade when I was born so while I find this perhaps an upgrade from Jackson, it's hardly someth

FF Advice for a Wednesday

Hello football fans. No time for chitchat. I've got a bit of a busy day ahead so let's get right to the football links for the day. The Fantasy Sports Forum has their Risers & Decliners: Week 3 up - I've been seeing Michael Bush all over waiver wire articles this week and while I own McFadden in one league, I have to admit, I haven't done a thing about picking up Bush. I guess I have heard so little news about McFadden's toe that I'm sort of waiting for more before making my move...could I regret this? Definitely possible. So for those of you that dig the analysis I did comparing how accurate different fantasy football experts are, you might enjoy a site called The Most Credible . The Most Credible is in beta mode right now and has big plans for the future, but right now I'm linking you to their NFL player predictions page . Anyone can submit a guess for how many yards/receptions/TDs a player might have and over time you develop a credibility score. You

Trolling the Waiver Wire

This Thursday night, the University of Colorado (where I work) is hosting West Virginia for a nationally televised game. The university is essentially shutting down for this - it has been rather amusing to see it evolve - they've asked us all to leave work at 2:00 that day to allow for more parking spots for game-goers...and in theory to let all of us get the heck out of dodge before the swarm of traffic and fans arrive. I kind of want to just lurk around the stadium and take in all of the awesomeness of a big college game (no, I'm not actually going) but instead I will be heading to my local Apple store to purchase an iPhone. Could I be more excited? This will completely change my access to fantasy stats and my blog while I travel this fall and the best part? It's a gift from my overly-generous sister as a thanks for being her maid of honor - she's the best, isn't she? But moving on from my glorious cell phone life, Week 3 is quickly approaching and there's lot

FFLibrarian Winners

Okay, let's talk about winners. I've got a lot of contests and challenges going on it seems so let's review the top dogs: 1. There are 62 of us in the FFLibrarian's Challenge on NBCSports . com's $100K Fantasy Challenge. After Week 2 the top five leaders in the challenge are: Top Down Bottom Up, Micksauce , DoubleO , The Maestro and Htownpunks . Nice work, teams. Keep it up though remember the Librarian is on your tail. Kind of - I'm back in 28 th place sadly. If you're wishing you were part of this challenge, I think you can still join in since your team’s 2 lowest week totals are thrown out. Check out this post for details on how to join us. 2. Last week I offered up two questions - how many rushing yards would Matt Forte have? And how many receiving yards would Randy Moss have? We have two winners! Tucker Dahlberg is the big winner of the Forte contest with 92 yards; Tucker is now a proud subscriber of FFXtreme . And Sean Davis is the winner of th

Flying during the craziness

Yesterday afternoon during what will go down as one of the crazier Broncos games in recent history, I was sadly flying across the country and missed every single play. Fortunately my husband met me at the airport with a play-by-play of some of the better plays and more bizarre calls. My 7 teams are all still holding strong, despite having to plug in some randoms for my missing Texans and Ravens (um, Devin Thomas, the rookie in Washington, was a starting WR in one of my leagues...) - in fact, in one league I might have had a record week. With Jay Cutler, Clinton Portis , Anthony Gonzalez, Santonio Holmes, Reggie Wayne, Tony Scheffler and defenders Jon Beason , A.J. Hawk and Bernard Pollard all putting up crazy, silly numbers on my team, I am currently 150 points ahead of my opponent for the week. Insanity. Anyway, I'll try not to gloat about that one too much since for the second week in a row my opponent in another league had a player with 3 TDs (last week it was Turner, this w

Week 2 start/sit advice

I think I've fulfilled my girly quotient for the day - thus far my day has included cooing over a wedding dress, shoe shopping, clothes shopping and a pedicure. Now I'm chillaxin ' (as my 16-year-old cousin-in-law Claire, who might just have invented the ever-helpful word, would say) with all the football news of the day, looking for start and sit sites for us all. RotoExperts ' Start and Sit: Week Two - I'm intrigued by some of the start picks here like Chester Taylor and Anthony Gonzalez (I have been going back and forth in my mind about Gonzalez this week for several days now...) FFManiaxs has both a regular offensive start and sit article but also an IDP start/sit article , too. Pretty sweet, eh? I'm feeling like an IDP genius in one league since I did indeed grab Stewart Bradley, but that was actually mostly based on advice posted by Rotoworld's Evan Silva during the pre -season. Fantasy Football Fools' Hot Hands and Cold Shoulders gives a l

Fitting for a Friday

I'm in good ol' northern Virginia now and am off to my sister's wedding dress fitting momentarily. A lot of you just went "huh?" with no clue or interest as to what a fitting is but basically I'll just be surrounded by lots of bridal attire for the next few hours. So I better get a quick post up before I enter the girly world of brides and such. My post for the NY Times' Fifth Down is up: A Fantasy Football Consensus (the Nerd) . If you're a regular here then you may have already seen a few of the links I mention but hopefully you'll find it helpful nonetheless. There are countless start/sit sites available and I'm hoping to get more of those posted this afternoon. For now, check out the Mac Bros. Fantasy Football Forecast's Week 2 RB Rankings - a full 40 players with commentary and they've got this up for all positions.

Hindsight From Week 1

I am headed out of town today - I'm off to D.C. for the weekend and it occurred to me this morning that flying on September 11 th might require a little extra time at security (or maybe no one wants to fly today?) so this is going to be a pretty brief post as I get ready to roll out to the airport. My column for the Bruno Boys' A Librarian's Touch is up - Hindsight from Week 1 . I take a look back at some of the players I started and sat from Week 1 and the outcome of those decisions. And for those who are curious, I ended Week 1 going 5-2 in my 7 leagues - fairly successful. I've received a lot of contest entries from you all for Matt Forte and Randy Moss' yardage for Week 2 - thank you. If you're still interested in submitting a guess (and winning a subscription to FFXtreme or Fantasy Football Starters ), please keep in mind that a lot of common guesses might be gone, so be creative. Guesses must be e-mailed in by Sunday at 1:00 eastern. I'll be back t

Colston out and other fantasy updates

Sigh. Marques Colston is undergoing surgery on his thumb that will keep him out of the game for 4-6 weeks. My receiving corps in multiple leagues just took a hit. With few options in one league, I just snagged David Patten; I had a hard time deciding between Patten and Devery Henderson but I think Patten is more of Brees' go-to guy and will hopefully fill in nicely for Colston. This should also increase the value of Bush and Shockey a bit so if you aren't already starting those guys, give it some serious thought. Other links for the day: Have a Cowboy on your team? Then you must be feeling pretty good right now - CBS Sports' Fantasy & Reality: Hitch yourself to some 'Boys has some love for Dallas and lots of other good tidbits. Do yourself a favor and see what Dave Richard has to say this week. The FFGoat continues to impress - he is always cranking out new information. His Fantasy Football Start em Sit em and Sleeper Picks Week 2 is up. Check out the Fantasy Foo

Who doesn't love to win?

We've got a winner. Glenn Okamoto submitted the closest guess for last night's MNF double header contest (he guessed Adrian Peterson with 98 yards; AP/AD had 103 rushing yards last night) and is now a proud subscriber to FFXtreme . Thanks to all of you who participated and if you didn't win, well why not try again? I'm going to spice things up a little (getting crazy!) and ask two questions for the Week 2 games contest: 1. How many rushing yards will Matt Forte have in Week 2? (The winner will receive a subscription to FFXtreme ) 2. How many receiving yards will Randy Moss have in Week 2? (The winner will receive access to Fantasy Football Starters' Power Player Package - includes a line-up and trade analyzer) E-mail me your answers for the above questions by Sunday, September 14 by 11:00 am eastern time. This is an excellent time to let you all know that I am going to be traveling this weekend from Thursday through Sunday and might be a little slower than usual

Contest for a Monday night and waiver advice

Happy MNF double header. To celebrate such a season rarity, we'll be doing another contest here at FFLibrarian . A few weeks ago I gave away a few year-long subscriptions to Fantasy Football Xtreme and we're doing another one tonight. Since Adrian Peterson is playing tonight and the Denver vs. Oakland showdown is sure to be a battle on the ground, I thought I'd put out a call for the running back with the highest number of yards on the ground. So e-mail me the RB (and anticipated his rushing yards) that you think will be numero uno tonight by 7:00 pm eastern today (Monday) and the winner will be a lucky recipient of a FFXtreme subscription. You only have a few hours so submit your guess now! I think I'm going to make this contest a regular feature for the next several weeks to thank you all for stopping by. Every week I'll ask for a position and yardage and you could win either a subscription to FFXtreme or to Fantasy Football Starters ' Power Player Pack

Tom is Toppled and other Sunday highlights

My condolences to Patriots fans and Brady owners - I simply cannot believe that Tom Brady is out for the season . I keep checking and rechecking my multiple news sources to see if some new information has been revealed and that Brady is actually just a little hobbled for a week or two. I can't imagine a season without Brady; I wonder, will my sister wear her Brady jersey to work tomorrow out of homage? In other news, Wee Willie Parker doesn't seem to be taking a backseat to Mendenhall , the Seattle defense was rather awful, Joe Flacco somehow had a better line than Carson Palmer (who expected that ??), and Vince Young, Nate Burleson and Dallas Clark all suffered some sort of knee injury this week. Craziness and it's only Week 1, my friends. This is a great time to recommend Stephania Bell's blog on ESPN - she's a physical therapist who uses her expertise to make fantasy injury insights and is a great site to check out before making lineup decisions with your inj

The nerd in all of us

Thanks to a savvy reader, Andrew, I have recently learned about a pretty tremendous site that I think many of you are going to like. It's called Fantasy Football Nerd and according to the site it "aggregates the rankings of all those sites we pour over prior to our draft and during the season to analyze the rankings given to each player to produce a Nerd Rank" - sweet, right? This blows my weekly consensus start/sit listing out of the water and it's all freely available but you need to register to use the service. The FFNerd doesn't list all of the sites it uses nor does it explicitly address how it aggregates the rankings, which are two things that I'd like to see on the site, but otherwise it looks like an excellent resource. So if you have a tough start/sit decision to make this week and are wondering what the consensus is from the experts, take a look! Another fun piece of news is that my local newspaper, the Boulder Daily Camera, did a story on me and

IDP start & sit sites and other gems

It's Friday of Week 1 and FFLibrarian old timers might remember that Fridays are IDP (individual defensive player) day. From the poll on the right side it's clear that many more of you are more interested in start/sit and waivers but there are a dedicated group of IDPers out there, so I'll be sure to still get your IDP links up on Fridays. But don't worry, I've got some material for the rest of you, too. IDP info - a lot of the regular IDP sites aren't rolling quite yet this season but will be soon: Fantasy Sharks' The Hive is ready to roll with their Week 1 Edition , divided up by match-up. FFToday's IDP Notes: Week 1 has both quick notes, an injury report that will be updated this afternoon, depth chart info and just general thoughts listed by team. Fantasy Football Maniaxs ' IDPs Start/Sit: Week 1 FFCafe's Sleeper Watch for IDPs The Huddle's IDP Game Breakdowns and Player Rater - Week 1 Non- IDP info: I'll go ahead and do

Hidden Potential Among Rookies

My column for the Bruno Boys is up - Hidden Potential Among Rookies . I took a look at a few rookies that aren't being drafted in very many leagues but could prove to be worthy of waiver wire claims by mid-season. I'll also be starting a weekly post on the New York Times' pro football blog, The Fifth Down . I'll get a link up to those articles when they're live as I do with the Bruno Boys column, but if you have a chance, take some time to check out The Fifth Down a bit. A little NY-centric of course, but a great football blog as expected. Enjoy the game tonight!

Week 1 games are almost here!

It's a wide world of fantasy football advice out there, my friends. Each year there seem to be more and more sites offering up their nuggets of wisdom and I'm here to help whittle it all down for you. Since the season starts tomorrow (YES!), let's take a look at some start/sit sites and projections for Week One of the 2008 season. Start/Sit CBS Sports' Week 1 Start 'em and Sit 'em FootballDocs ' Fantasy Football Start Sit list - I also have high hopes for Selvin Young against Oakland this weekend. And for that matter, I imagine McFadden and Fargas might have some success on the ground, too. This could be a run fest of a game. FFGoat has his Fantasy Football Start 'em Sit 'em and Sleeper Picks Week 1 up for your review. FantasySharks ' Start/Bench List 2008 Week 1 ProFootballWeekly's Week One matchups to exploit and avoid Projections The Bruno Boys have fantasy point projections up for RBs and WRs so far - more positions to come as th