Friday, September 26, 2008

Start or sit to your heart's content

My weekly post is up on the NY Times' Fifth Down blog - Fantasy Football: Rating the Wide Receivers. I looked at the top 30 WRs from my preseason average ranking positions compared to the current top 30 WRs to see just how accurate the collective wisdom of our experts is. Interesting stuff and I plan on continuing that analysis a bit this weekend, too.

As always, there are many, many more start or sit sites out there than one human can possibly digest. But that won't stop me from linking to a bunch of them - keep in mind though that the FFNerd exists if you're looking for a one-stop site for start/sit advice. Later today I'll also be posting the consensus start/sit suggestions from the links I've provided over the past few days.

Last week I asked for any IDP link suggestions from you all - thanks to those of you who e-mailed me with thoughts and keep 'em coming this week, too.

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