Friday, August 31, 2007

Drafting with IDPs and Tier Info

Greetings. Welcome to the start of college football. I'm psyched for the battle between Northwestern (my alma mater) and Northeastern tomorrow - I'm sure everyone is, right? It's the battle of the North***terns. I need to focus my energy on finding a sports bar with the Big Ten Network by 10 am mountain time tomorrow...

But first to the NFL. This Sunday I'm drafting my 4th team - this one is an IDP league. So I've been doing a little IDP research and thought I'd include some of those links here. I also wanted to get some links to tier rankings up as well - scroll down a little further for those.

IDP Info
Check out FFToday's updated rankings for DLs, DBs, and LBs. I know I've linked to these before but it's nice to have a site with rankings that are actually updated with some frequency and thought it might be worth posting them again. You can adjust the rankings based on several different scoring systems, too. There's also some helpful icon usage here for those of you who don't really want to read - a check mark = upside, while an alert symbol shockingly = risk.

Now moving onto The Huddle - they have a 12-team mock draft with IDPs included...though their first IDPs are being taken early in Round 4 - does that sound really early to anyone else?? I would've guessed end of the 5th round at best. Thoughts? They also provide a way more realistic looking Experts IDP league mock draft (again 12 teams) in a separate article - this is the more accurate draft in my opinion, but thought I'd offer both. has a summary article that's actually from 2006 on IDPs and some general IDP draft strategy - their 2007 IDP rankings for "after the studs are gone" don't appear to be up yet but keep checking back since it's getting pretty close to crunch time on this.

See for their IDP rankings. Or here for SI's IDP rankings. Or Alder's DL, LB, DB rankings.

Tiers Info
Okay, now onto tiers - no idea what tiers are or how they help your draft - check out this quick explanation from Fantasy Football Strategy.

If you're thinking of drafting via the tier method, check out some of the tier rankings from Rotoworld. A lot of Rotoworld's tier info is part of their draft kit and not free, but the QB Tiers and RB Tiers are available.

For more tiers info, actually has some surprisingly decent tier rankings up - check out the QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DEF tiers.

[photo of Anquan Boldin:]

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Draft Update and Other Fantasy Briefings

Last night was my quick draft to build onto my dynasty team and I am quite pleased with the players I got. I was drafting 3rd in 2 rounds of a non-serpentine draft (yes, that means my team performed unacceptably last season) and picked up Calvin Johnson and Greg Olsen. I am quite pleased with that outcome. I was tempted to pick up Brian Leonard, the backup RB in St. Louis but went with Olsen instead. There's always time to pick up Leonard later in the season if he still looks promising.

Onto the fantasy smörgåsbord for the week (Blogger just provided me with those awesome diacritics for smörgåsbord - love it):

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The NFL Minute

I'm not sure I've ever devoted an entire post to one website but I have to say I can't believe it has taken me this long to really peruse The NFL Minute and all of its fantasy golden nuggets, thus this post pimping The NFL Minute. I'm in a football bloggers fantasy league this year with Tom from The NFL Minute but didn't have a chance to check out his site until recently. I am a big fan - it's full of solid commentary and thought-provoking posts. Not really rankings, cheatsheets, or projections but just some really helpful posts that get you thinking about your season. Just what sort of awesomeness does The NFL Minute provide us with, you ask?

And many thanks to those of you who have voted in the poll so far - I'll continue to find rankings and cheatsheets and get some new links up this week.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rookies to Add to Your Keeper League

Tomorrow night I will be partaking in 2 rounds of a 4-round draft in my keeper/dynasty league. I have been trying to scrounge up some rookie rankings and figure out who exactly I want to be targeting. So here's some keeper info, mostly geared towards those who are only adding rookies now:

[Calvin Johnson photo: FoxSports]

Monday, August 27, 2007

NFL Star Wars Style

Kudos to my brother-in-law, Brian, for forwarding me this link of Predicted NFL Standings in 2007 a la Star Wars characters or as Brian called it, Football Preview This Is. Now being born in 1979 into a family of girls, I have to say a good chunk of the Star Wars references are way past me. I was too busy watching ET, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, and The Princess Bride in my youth (but yes, I have seen all the Star Wars movies once, for those who are suddenly all up in arms about that). However, regardless of my Star Wars naivete, I'm happy to report that I still find this highly entertaining and think you likely will too. More soon on actual fantasy football info and advice.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Getting the Info You Want

Hi fantasy info seekers - notice the new poll over there on the right side? I'm hoping to get a better feel for the kind of information fantasy football fans are looking for. If you have a second, I'd appreciate your vote, or if there's something else entirely that I haven't included in the vote options, leave a comment.

I had my second draft this morning and after scrambling through all of my rankings and draft kits, I decided I might post a few more player rankings and cheatsheets here to try and consolidate some of my posts a little more. Remember, you can always check out my previous post that averaged 12 Top 100 rankings out there. But here are the latest rankings from some of my favorites or old standbys:
Overall Rankings

Positional Rankings

Remember, rankings and cheatsheets are helpful but they certainly aren't everything - you never know what's going to go down in your draft (um, someone drafted a kicker in the 7th of 14 rounds in my draft this morning), but being prepared is half the battle. So for now...go. draft. win. Until waiver wire time.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Weekend Draft Prep

CBS Sportsline has a nice article on 2nd year QBs Cutler, Leinart, Young, and Jackson (when does Tarvaris Jackson ever get mentioned in the same breath with those other guys?). They include projections for 2007 for these guys as well as some historical stats of how other QBs like Peyton, McNabb, Leftwich, Big Ben, etc performed in their sophomore year.

Need some help with those later rounds of the draft? Bruno Boys has you covered with their The Bruno Boys 2007 Fantasy Football Draft: Rounds 11-16 article as well as the rest of the draft in Rounds 6-10 and Rounds 1-5. Each pick has a sentence of commentary, too, which adds a little something. Check em out.

Worried about Donald Driver and where his foot injury might put him in the rankings? Well you're going to have to wait until Monday to find out any further details - not what most who are drafting this weekend wanted to hear, I'm sure. For the latest info, check out SI's Doctors Encouraged by Driver. [photo:]

And finally I'm sure I've posted links to this site before, but be sure to check out The Huddle's Draft Kit - they have a lot of free material and if you're down to crunch time here and need some cheatsheets and mock drafts for really any type of draft (auction, keeper, IDP), you'll be glad you read these.

Friday, August 24, 2007

My Keeper League

One of my fantasy leagues is a keeper league and I need to decide in the next 36 hours which players I should keep and which I should ditch for our 4 round draft next week. I can cut up to 4 players or none at all. Our league requires that I keep my 4 IDPs to keep the FA pool rich with offensive I need to keep my IDPs listed at the end. Here's my team:

QB Marc Bulger
QB Jay Cutler
RB Rudi Johnson
RB Willis McGahee
RB Maurice Jones-Drew
WR Javon Walker
WR Donald Driver
WR Marques Colston
WR Terry Glenn
WR Bernard Berrian
WR Matt Jones
TE Tony Gonzalez
TE Tony Scheffler
K Robbie Gould
DL Julius Peppers (Car)
DB Antonie Winfield (Min)
DL Bart Scott (Bal)
DL Cato June (TB)

It's a 10-team, 6 points for Pa or Ru TD, 0.1 points/reception, 0.2 points/completion, 1 point per 15 yards rushing, 1 point per 12 yards receiving, and 1 point per 37 yards passing. Our starting lineup is 1 QB, 3 WRs, 2 RBs, 1 TE, 1 K, 2 Ds, 2 DLs - and 6 bench spots.

I'm thinking of dropping Matt Jones to pick up a rookie RB and dropping Tony Scheffler to try and get someone like Greg Olsen, Anthony Gonzalez or Laurent Robinson. Thoughts?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Auction Values and Then Some

There's lots of fantasy news and info to catch up let's just have at it:

1. Chris requested some info on auction drafts; I have not participated in an auction draft/league before so I have yet to dig up any research. So here's my first stab. Hope this helps:

I feel so old school going serpentine with my drafts. Perhaps 2008 will provide me with an auction draft opportunity to whet my new auction appetite.

2. Check out's write-up on 5 QBs Who Will Surprise. Perhaps I particularly like this top 5 since I am a Cutler fan and now have Big Ben in one of my leagues...but check who else they list in the top 5 (Joey Harrington?!) and why.

3. In my first draft last weekend, I took a chance on drafting the Ravens in the 5th round. If you don't roll that way, take a look at this article from FFToday called Digging for Defenses. Or on the other side of the ball, try FFToday's Drafting Backup Wide Receivers for some late-round WR drafting insight.

I have my most novice draft this coming Sunday - no offense guys if you're reading this, but this crew I'm drafting with is the least into fantasy football of all my leagues. Their lineups aren't always changed for bye weeks, waivers aren't really watched with the hawk-like intensity of my other I have my hopes up pretty high that I'll dominate the draft. We'll see what happens.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Draft Numero Uno

My first draft happened yesterday and as I've mentioned, a friend drafted on my behalf since I was on an airplane. The draft turned out pretty well - I'm posting my team below in order of drafting (I've put the overall draft number in parentheses; it's a 12-team league and I was drafting 9th). I'm feeling pretty good about it as long as Tony Scheffler is in good shape and playing like the great TE I know he can be. I'm still on vacation right now but when I return later this week, I'll have some posts chock full of the latest in fantasy news for those with drafts still to me; I still have 4 more drafts - though one is for my brother-in-law and one is just a 4-round keeper league.

So without further ado, here's my first 2007 FF team - any feedback?
1. Laurence Maroney (9)
2. Cedric Benson (16)
3. Marc Bulger (33)
4. Marques Colston (40)
5. Baltimore (57)
6. Darrell Jackson (64)
7. Julius Jones (81)
8. Jerricho Cotchery (88)
9. Ben Roethlisberger (105)
10. Michael Turner (112)
11. Derrick Mason (129)
12. Robbie Gould (136)
13. Anthony Gonzalez (153)
14. Tony Scheffler (160)
15. Adrian Peterson (Bears) (177)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Draft Day is Ever So Close

My first draft of the season is coming up this Sunday. Unfortunately I will be on an airplane during the draft and a friend is going to draft on my behalf. I trust this guy immensely but have furiously been creating an overall ranking and positional rankings for my buddy to refer to during the draft. I'm thinking that I will probably post those rankings sometime next week after I am back in town. So if you're interested, keep your eyes peeled for those rankings in about a week.

Until then I give you FFToolbox's updated rankings for both offense, team defenses, and individual defensive players. It's the whole kit and caboodle, my friends. The Huddle also just updated their draft kit yesterday and while some of their content isn't free, a good chunk of it is. The Huddle also has an interesting article that provides some draft strategy insight called Drafting from the Basement for those of us who end up without one of the top picks.

In other fantasy news, check out's Running the Wrong Way for the latest on Tennessee's RB melee and its fantasy implications. Or CBS Sportsline's Skinny's Much Changed for Titans' White. [photo: US Presswire]

Is your head spinning with rankings, names, and numbers? If you need a little bit of a breather from all this current fantasy talk, read Peter King's My All-Future Team where he lists some of his favorite players for his 2012 fantasy team. Then again, if you need a breather from fantasy football info, I think you're in the wrong place.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Fantasy Smorgasbord

A little something for everyone in today's Fantasy Smorgasbord:

1. Ahh, to see Al Michaels and John Madden on air again. It was like an early autumn delight. Or at least amusing and of course fun to watch football on Sunday night again. And what happens tonight, you ask? Monday night football with the Broncos and 49ers, baby. Go Broncos...yes, even in the pre-season. But back to last night - Gregg Rosenthal blogged all night long about various players and happenings during the Seattle/SD game. Check out his blog, Pancake Blocks, to get the scoop - or just check out his summary blog post, Things We Learned. Or you can check out TINO Sports Page for basically one-sentence long summaries of several of the games. Or take a look at Football Outsiders' Every Play Doesn't Count for roundtable commentary of some of the games.

2. More player updates for you: Warrick Dunn returned to practice today, Thomas Jones injured his leg during Sunday's practice (severity doesn't seem too bad since he was already putting weight on his leg shortly thereafter), Larry Johnson's holdout is possibly coming to and end, and some commotion about the Bears fabulous new offense.

3. Who is that guy in the photo? Laurent Robinson. Stay tuned for reasons to keep an eye on this rookie. [photo:]

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Join Our Blogger League

In just over a week, a football bloggers league will be drafting for the 2007 season. Care to join us? We have 11 of 12 teams ready to go but are looking for another blogger to be part of the league. For more info about the bloggers involved, see this post from TINO Sports Page. If you're interested, leave a comment and let us know.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Noah Herron as GB's RB...wait, who?

That's right, Noah Herron. There's a little love for my fellow Northwestern alum in an article today from CBS Sportsline, Overlooked Herron could play more prominent role with Packers. I think we're all well aware that Northwestern is hardly a football powerhouse so I'm always really pleased to see my NU guys performing well in the NFL. Who else is from Northwestern, you ask? Luis Castillo, Napoleon Harris, and a handful of other talented, mostly defense-oriented guys. [photo: Rusty Kennedy, AP]

A blog post, NFL projections are meaningless, zeroes in on the fact that perhaps any stat projections for the 2007 season should be taken with a grain of salt. I'm curious as to how many people rely upon stat projections versus general cheat sheets/rankings? Personally, I'm way more inclined to look at cheat sheets than straight up stat projections but maybe that's just me?

And in case you wanted another free draft kit, look no further than Ask The Commish who just published their version 1.00 Free Fantasy Football Draft Kit. May the "version 1.00" be a clue to you that this may be updated before your draft day rolls around. Remember how important those updates are and don't be that guy/chick who drafts with misinformation.
Enjoy the weekend and its pre-season shenanigans, my fellow fantasy football fans.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Larry Johnson Situation

I've read a lot of interesting stuff lately about Larry Johnson and what's going on with the Chiefs. FanProphet has created an interesting set of posts called Making the Correct Decision where he pits two players up against each other who might be drafted around the same time. One of his latest Making the Correct Decisions was between Larry Johnson and Ronnie Brown. FanProphet suggests that LJ is more of a middle of the second round kind of pick - check out his blog to see why.

I also found some intriguing comments buried deep in Peter King's Monday Morning QB article from this week - here's a quote: "I think the three most impressive backs I saw in the last week, in order, have been Jamal Lewis, Cleveland; Marshawn Lynch, Buffalo; and Kolby Smith, Kansas City. That's right, Kolby Smith. You wonder why you don't hear the panicked bleatings of Chiefs worried about Larry Johnson's holdout? Here's why: running backs are among the most replaceable quantities on the NFL landscape. The 5-foot-11, 219-pound fifth-round back from Louisville played in Michael Bush's shadow for much of his college career, and the Chiefs saw enough last year (5.6 yards per carry, quickness around the corner) to think he'd be a good backup for Johnson and Michael Bennett. I do think Johnson will play, and I think he'll report by Labor Day, but if he doesn't, I don't think the Chiefs will have a rushing famine."

Take it for what it's worth but I do love this kind of "insider" commentary.

And never fear, if LJ doesn't want the job, Priest Holmes is waiting in the wings, according to this recent ESPN article, Chiefs say Holmes, back on field, won't be featured back. [photo:AP]

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

How Accurate Were They in 2006?

A great question was brought up by Aaron in a recent comment about my Average Ranking Positions post. Aaron asked if I had any of the Top 100 lists from this same group of experts from 2006 and if so, how accurate the rankings were - so I've created a new spreadsheet, a 2006 Predicted Rankings vs Actual Fantasy Results spreadsheet. To find all of these 2006 rankings, I'm using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, a website that has archived much of the Internet. Type in the website address you're interested and voila, a dynamic November 2005 version of that page is at your fingertips (or whatever other date you're looking for). Pretty cool, huh?

So I found ten of the same rankings I used this year for 2006 - of the ones I couldn't find, FF Toolbox had only the top 60 for 2006 so I had to throw it out; didn't provide an 2006 overall ranking, just positional; and Fantasy Football Xtreme's 2006 version was not free. Otherwise, a ranking from each of the other sites was acquired and I did the same averaging thing for these rankings as I did for the 2007 rankings. Then I compiled the fantasy point totals for each of these players based on the standard scoring of one of my leagues (players who have retired or are not on active rosters were not included, like Tiki or Corey Dillon). The scoring system makes all the difference here, so the scoring rules I derived my fantasy points from are:

Passing Yards (25 yards per point)
Passing Touchdowns (6)
Interceptions (-2)
Rushing Yards (10 yards per point)
Rushing Touchdowns (6)
Reception Yards (10 yards per point)
Reception Touchdowns (6)
2-Point Conversions (2)
Fumbles Lost (-2)
Offensive Fumble Return TD (6)

Once I had all of the fantasy point totals for the season, I ranked all of the players based on fantasy points scored in the season. I compared this ranking of fantasy points scored to the 2006 pre-season rankings the experts provided. Then I took the absolute value of the difference between the two for each player and summed it up for each ranking. So the ranking that is the most accurate should have the smallest number. See the fuzzy chart below - I know it's hard to read the ranking names along the x axis, but the ranking with the smallest number, or best accuracy, was SI. So in order of greatest accuracy, the list goes:
CBS Sportsline
Fox Sports
Pigskin Addiction
Ask The Commish
Yahoo Sports
FF Cheat Sheets

If you look at the spreadsheet (or above hard-to-read chart) you can see that ultimately they are all really close together - the span is not nearly as great as I thought it might be. Nor do any of them really seem to be all that accurate. This is also just one year's worth of data, so perhaps when time permits I will look into finding 2005 and 2004 data to solidify these findings.

I found it interesting to see which players had the most errant and accurate predictions from the expert rankings. Most errant included Jerry Porter, Chris Perry, Chris Brown, and Koren Robinson. The most accurate rankings were (not surprisingly) for LT, Larry Johnson, Reggie Wayne, and Steven Jackson.

Hope that was enlightening for some of you and I promise to provide posts with more timely fantasy information soon.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday Fantasy Updates

Fantasy football draft kits and cheat sheets are exploding all over the web. I just printed out my 48-page Bruno Boys Pre-Draft Webazine and am looking forward to reviewing it. Stat. And then recycling the small tree of paper - this thing is beefy.

Over dinner last night, my husband and I were discussing the merits of drafting Daunte Culpepper in the very late rounds. I'll spare you our conversation as it probably wasn't nearly as concise or enlightening as the nice review of Daunte Culpepper done byTJI Fantasy Sports. TJI (short for This Just In) also has somewhat lengthy blogs on where to draft Reggie Bush and GB's Brandon Jackson. I like the attention to individual players that TJI provides - it's nice to see a few paragraphs about a player you could potentially draft for the season rather than just a few sentences.

Take a look at this week's NBC Sports Fantasy Fix video for a review of which round to draft some interesting players like Cadillac Williams, Deuce McAllister, and Randy Moss. Gregg Rosenthal and Tiffany Simons have been hosting the Fantasy Fix segment for quite some time now and I say getting fantasy football info by video is certainly a welcome change of pace.

Earlier this week, Aaron posted a comment asking how accurate the experts that I noted in my Average Ranking Positions post were in 2006 - did the 2006 rankings compare to fantasy point totals at the end of the season? I have been fairly successful in finding the 2006 rankings from those same experts and am going to compare their rankings from a year ago to the 2006 fantasy point totals - I should be posting that blog by Wednesday afternoon, I hope, so stay tuned.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

HOF Game Day

Happy Hall of Fame Game Day. So the regular season is still several weeks away, yes. But today, my friends, is the first football game of the season. I know this is not a big game for most of us but it signifies the start of football season. I'm sitting here watching the Ravens and Redskins scrimmage on the NFL Network (and Brian Billick who is wearing a ridiculous straw hat) and feeling that familiar thrill of watching football again. It has been a long 6 months without football so for now, scrimmages and HOF games will do just fine, thank you.

So onto fantasy info:

I've been following DR U Fantasy Football GURU's player profiles for quite some time now and am pleased to see their Top 100 Fantasy Football Players Cheat Sheets post. I will be adding this to my spreadsheet of average ranking positions soon.

Second, Fantasy Football Goat alerted me to Donovan McNabb's blog - I'd love to know of any other NFL players with blogs. McNabb's blog is on Yardbarker and there's a list of other athlete bloggers including NFLers Mark Clayton, Bart Scott [photo: AP], and Chris Henry (TEN). Pretty interesting stuff and I'm intrigued by the way blogs, social networking, etc are bringing fans in more personal contact with players. Makes me wonder how we will interact with players in say 20 years. Could be a lot more interactive - completely different.

Finally, are you interested in Jerricho Cotchery and whether or not he'll pan out into a fantasy star this year? Check out Fanball's Cotch Rocket for more info.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Average Ranking Position

As I mentioned in my post earlier today, I've pulled together an Average Ranking Position spreadsheet that is based on 12 Top 100 rankings that I retrieved from a variety of sources (listed below). ADP is great but I'm also interested in where "experts" on average place players in their rankings. I tried to ensure that each ranking I looked at used the same scoring system, though many of them didn't mention the scoring that they based their ranking on, so I assumed they used a standard scoring system. I'm also banking on the fact that some of the slight but important differences (4 vs 6 points for TDs thrown; 1 point per 20 vs 25 yards receiving) may even out across the averaging. So I recommend using this as a supplemental drafting tool if you're in need. And who isn't looking for more info, really?

For the full spreadsheet of the Top 120 players, click here. I've divided it up into the various steps I took to average each ranking and have also included an average ranking by position (RB, WR, QB, TE, and a few defenses) on the final worksheet. For those who are really interested, many of the calculations had to be done in Excel and transferred over to Google Spreadsheets since Google's capabilities are a little more limited.

Another important item to note - the rankings I used are updated as of July 31. Many training camp injuries/issues were not reflected yet in some of the rankings (like Frank Gore and Warrick Dunn). So consider this a pre-camp ranking. I will update the list in a few weeks when the regular season gets closer. Also, I removed Michael Vick from all rankings that he was still included in; I also removed any player who only received one vote/ranking across all of the 12 rankings. Players who received no ranking from an expert were given a ranking of 125 for purposes of averaging.

Below is the Top 30 ranking with the Average Ranking Position listed after the players name. For more, see the full spreadsheet.

  1. LaDainian Tomlinson 1
  2. Steven Jackson 2.154
  3. Larry Johnson 3.077
  4. Frank Gore 4.692
  5. Shaun Alexander 6.000
  6. Brian Westbrook 6.846
  7. Joseph Addai 7.538
  8. Willie Parker 7.769
  9. Peyton Manning 10.077
  10. Rudi Johnson 10.077
  11. Laurence Maroney 12.846
  12. Travis Henry 13.692
  13. Reggie Bush 14.000
  14. Willis McGahee 14.462
  15. Steve Smith 15.154
  16. Chad Johnson 16.923
  17. Marvin Harrison 18.769
  18. Ronnie Brown 19.154
  19. Torry Holt 19.154
  20. Clinton Portis 21.154
  21. Terrell Owens 22.6154
  22. Maurice Jones-Drew 22.692
  23. Edgerrin James 24.000
  24. Reggie Wayne 24.231
  25. Cedric Benson 26.231
  26. Thomas Jones 26.231
  27. Larry Fitzgerald 28.154
  28. Carson Palmer 28.6154
  29. Roy Williams 31.6154
  30. Antonio Gates 33.231
Curious about my sources? They were:
Yahoo Sports
FF Toolbox
CBS Sportsline
Fox Sports
Pigskin Addiction
Fantasy Football Xtreme
Ask The Commish
FF Cheatsheets

Camp Updates Pouring In

Don't you just love the start of football season? Training camp news is coming in from all over. Daunte Culpepper has signed with the Raiders, Brady Quinn is pissing off Clevelanders, Terry Glenn has knee surgery, and my husband and I just re-upped our Sports Tier package with Comcast to get the NFL Network. We had it last fall and canceled for the offseason. But with the HOF game on the NFL Network only, we're a couple of suckers willing to pay Comcast a little extra for access.

In other news, later today I will be posting my very own average ranking position spreadsheet. While I do think that ADP (Average Draft Position) has a great value (see this article from FF Toolbox for more info), I also think crazy things happen in mock drafts. Sometimes a mock draft is completely skewed because one dude started an early QB run and panicked everyone else. So as great as ADP is, I also think there's a lot of value in looking at the average ranking position of a player. Rankings are often more thoughtful (someone likely labored over them for hours) and less prone to rash decisions. But more on that in a few hours. Until then, enjoy the first of August.