Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mocking my way through the day

This morning marks the start of a fantasy football industry mock draft that I'm involved in - I just grabbed Michael Turner with the 4th overall pick but feel free to follow along with the mock draft on FFToolbox's site, Experts Mock Draft Results. I'll be interested to hear your commentary on my team once it's complete (could take a little while) and what you think some of the best and worst draft picks are.

The mock draft is being run by MyFantasyLeague.com which is also the same great site that is going to host a FFLibrarian league this fall. There will be room for up to 96 teams, divided into multiple conferences. If you're not up for adding another league to your FF dossier, no problem - I'll be doing weekly contests, too, with 365FantasySports.com. More on both contests to come...

  • The Hazean has a few thoughts on QBs that might be flying under the radar this year - I'm kind of digging the QB options this year. Lots of guys who have potential but have risks, too. I think it'll be easier to get a good QB at a decent value this season.
  • ProFootballWeekly takes a look at how Joey Galloway is progressing up in New England and other news tidbits in AFC Whispers.
  • More Wisdom of the Crowds The 2009 RBs, Part II from Football Outsiders - I've linked to this series they're doing a few times but if you haven't seen it yet, they're basically polling FF experts for projections and culling together an average for some key FF players.
  • I don't normally just link to a whole entire site, usually I prefer to give you a little direction on which article or feature to check out...but in this case, I say take a look at all that Kilroyz Krystal Ball has to offer with the IDP Team Previews, IDP Sleepers, and general IDP Updates. I've been saying for awhile that the FF world desperately needs more IDP resources so I'm really pleased to find a new (to me!) IDP site.
  • ProFootball101 has some AFC fantasy QB rankings by division: AFC East QBs, AFC North QBs, AFC South QBs, and AFC West QBs. Hmm, this feels like a very AFC-friendly post. Sorry NFCers.
  • Check out Fifth Down's update on overtime in the NFL and how some fans are getting creative in A Better Way to Decide Overtime in the NFL.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday mashup

I was at the gym yesterday watching the first half of the U.S. vs Brazil final with a cohort of big soccer fans. Strangers until yesterday we all rejoiced with the U.S.'s first half goals as if we were lifelong buds. I love how sports brings people together, bridging across the treadmills and ellipticals. Must say I am kind of glad I ducked out of there at halftime or else I'd have observed my new best friends' dismay at Brazil's second half dominance.

Moving on to the other football:

  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru has some thoughts up on the Top Underrated by Position. Scope it out as the top piece for now in the articles section (sorry, no direct link to the article available).
  • I love a good article on a totally random position that does actually have fantasy value in one way or another...enter FFToolbox's Top 10 Punters. Niiiice.
  • I'm seeing some trends in wisdom of the crowds stuff again this season - I think a lot of us are aware of ADP (average draft position) that sites like myfantasyleague.com pull together from their many, many drafts during the preseason, but there are also sites like The Most Credible and a new one to me now - Fantasy Fanatics - that rely on the general public to inform their rankings; or as Fantasy Fanatics puts it, "crowd-sourced fantasy rankings" to whet your rankings appetite. So if you want your opinion to be heard, sign in to one of those social networking-esque rankings sites and voice your thoughts.
  • Peter King is off on his summer vacay so who has MMQB covered this week you ask? Trent Green. Oh yeah, you heard me correctly. Enjoy.
  • In the Rotoworld draft mag (in bookstores now, go snag yours!), in the Bold Predictions section I suggested that Braylon Edwards is the most likely player to be traded. A FanHouse interview with Edwards has me rethinking that...plus I just like learning about the major community contributions that Edwards has made both to Cleveland and Detroit - warms my heart to hear such things.
  • You can count on Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy to well, bring out some strategy talk, as one might expect from the site's name. So delve into their Strategies for Drafting Depth and see what they suggest for the first 9 rounds of an average 12-team league.
  • Personally I'm pleased to see NFLGridIronGab's report that the Bears Don't Have Enough to Land Unhappy Broncos WR Marshall; I mean seriously, taking both Cutler and Marshall? Not cool.

Friday, June 26, 2009

End of an 80s Era

I should be wearing a white glove today in honor of the King of Pop. I fall in the category of Michael Jackson fans who just love the guy's music despite how increasingly bizarre he got with time. There's nothing like a little Billie Jean, Bad, Man in the Mirror or Thriller (this list could go on for some time...) to make every day a little better; seriously, if a coworker was having a rough day I would lead them to a little Thriller on youtube and I swear it was a magical short-term cure for the work blues.

Another cure for the work blues? Fantasy football links. And I won't let you down today my friends - it's Friday, no one really wants to be at work on a summertime Friday, so let me help you escape for a few moments...

  • A couple of solid articles from FFXtreme - if you're wondering whether or not you should consider drafting Ronnie Brown, take a look at their Ronnie Brown a Must-Own in 2009? Do you agree that Brown will finish as a top 8 back this season? And don't forget about FFXtreme's Player Spotlights section, which has in-depth analysis of both key and up and coming fantasy players.
  • I'm amused by the Johnson and White talk coming out of Tennessee - catch up on Chris Johnson's plans to become "every coach's dream" on NFL.com and see why the NFL.com analysts aren't too high on Johnson this year. Gotta say I really like Johnson so I'm happy to swoop in and grab him if others are feeling a bit hesitant.
  • Those of you who are Cedric Benson fans (no really, I do think a few of you might exist!), you'll be pleased to see the Fifth Down sees good things in Benson's 2009 season. Read on in Lining Up a win-Win for the Bengals and Benson.
  • Could this finally be Jerious' Year? from Rotoworld takes a look at the Atlanta backfield. I'm not buying into the 370 Curse for Michael Turner this season, but I am a fan of Norwood so I feel a bit conflicted here. As a side note here, the Rotoworld Fantasy Football Draft Guide is now available.
  • Fantasyhulks.com provides a nice list of players that are going into a contract year and might have a little something extra to prove this coming season. It's hardly a ticket to fantasy success to have a contract player on your roster, but it certainly is something to be aware of as you prep for your draft.
Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Living like the Cosby family

First and foremost, happy birthday to my brother-in-law today! I was contemplating getting him a Fantasy Football Librarian t-shirt for his birthday but that seemed a bit self-serving to give him a shirt that would just advertise my blog...sorry, Brian. If you really want one (or a mug - I mean who doesn't need a frosted beer mug emblazoned with the FFLibrarian URL?), let me know and I'll make that birthday wish a reality.

I'm back in Colorado after a whirlwind tour of New York City and am very excited to say I now have a home to call my own in NYC come August 1st. Well in Brooklyn Heights to be specific. And frankly the apartment is awesome. I didn't think that was going to be possible; perhaps that's the beauty of Brooklyn?

Now to the beauty of fantasy football:

  • FantasySharks.com have a nice rookie RB overview in Rookie Running Backs of 09: Who's #1, Sleepers, Dynasty Ranks, Rookie of the Year. This Denver fan is hoping the hype on Moreno is accurate...speaking of which, NYCers, where is the best Broncos bar?? This is very important information! I might need to dedicate myself to a Broncos bar search this fall...
  • If you haven't noticed, Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy is slowly releasing their 2009 offensive line rankings as they do an analysis for each team. Here's a link to their 2009 rankings - so far! And in case you're wondering how they did with their 2008 o-line rankings, take a look here.
  • Can't help but include this one - FFToolbox's Preseason College Football Rankings...where are my Northwestern Wildcats in this top 10 list?? Ha. But really those of you who play fantasy college football might want to start reading up on top teams for the season. If you all are interested in more fantasy college material, let me know in the comments or e-mail me and I'll be sure to keep them coming.
  • Also from FFToolbox, a list of IDP Sleepers for the 2009 season.
  • If it's sleepers you dig, then you'll find yourself quite happy with KFFL's Staff predictions: Top five fantasy football sleepers. Each staff member has taken a shot at their top sleepers of the season. I'm seeing lots of Julius Jones, Laurence Maroney and Donnie Avery...check it out for more detail.
  • Rotoworld provides an overview (one of the first I've seen this preseason!) of the top 10 team defenses and special teams: look no further than the NFC East for your defense this year.
And finally, congrats to the US on a big win over Spain - kudos on a job well done!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big Apple, Big Links

My feet feel like they might fall off; I've now pounded the pavement out there for the past 3 days or so, drinking in all that NYC has to offer (not literally, though I am excited to seek out some tasty New York brews - any suggestions?) and searching for the best apartment out there. I don't want to get my hopes up but I think we might have found a gem. In fact, it feels like merely typing that sentence might jinx our chances so I'll leave it at that...onto football links.

Monday, June 22, 2009

NY Greetings

I'm gearing up for a full day of apartment hunting in NYC, so this will be a quick post with just a couple of links - hopefully I'll be able to do the same tomorrow (when the apartment searching continues...)!

  • The CBS Sports guys do a good job of presenting both sides of some big fantasy questions in Faceoffs: The best place for Plax is...? Also addressed here: Brandon Marshall, Brett Favre, and Randy Moss vs Calvin Johnson.
  • Bruno Boys' 2009 Fantasy Tight Ends - Best of the Rest. If you're not one to spring for Witten or Gates come draft day, then take a look at some of the other guys that might bring you fantasy success this year on the TE front.
  • Some high-risk/high-reward receivers for the year are noted in Rotoworld's Ten Boom-or-Bust wide receivers.
  • Looking for some recent mock draft results? The FFXtreme staff just posted the results of their latest non-PPR 6-round mock - interesting stuff.
  • If you play in a PPR league, I recommend taking a look at KFFL's Point-per-reception perception article about the paradigm shift in the value of drafting receivers.
All for now - wish me luck in the future home search!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Keeper advice and more o-line rankings!

Tomorrow we head east for a good friend's wedding in NJ and then we'll try to get a kickstart on our new life in New York City by finding an apartment. Wish me luck; should be a kind of intense next week or so though I promise to do my best at getting posts up. BUT if I'm rather quiet I highly recommend you check out some of the sites you see on the right under Football Links - quality stuff over there like KFFL, Bruno Boys, Rotoworld and FFToday.

To today's links...

  • Another great site, FFToolbox (I should add that to my links section now that I think about it...) has their annual offensive line ranking up - hooray!
  • FantasySharks.com's The Receiver Riddle of 2009 goes over the "draft 2 WRs in the first 2 rounds" technique but also supplies a few WRs outside of the top 15 that might be worth your time.
  • I'm glad to see Rotoworld doesn't think losing BMarsh would be a total disaster for the Broncos - I guess it's just hard for me to imagine our offense will have much success if both Cutler and Marshall are gone, and my boy Scheffler doesn't really fit into the scheme. I'll try to be a bit more optimistic...
  • NFL.com tackles some big questions: Will Romo be an elite QB? Will Tomlinson be an elite RB (no love for Frank Gore in this article; ouch)?
  • No-Offseason.com bring us their Buy, Hold, Sell advice for the week with thoughts on Robert Meachem and Mark Clayton - dynasty owners take note.
  • More dynasty-related info, take a look at FFToolbox's IDP Keepers if you're wondering which individual defensive players you should hang on to this year; this top 50 ranking should steer you in the right direction. Also on the IDP front, I've found that Evan Silva from Rotoworld has some dangerously good IDP instincts so I would also recommend you keep an eye on his intel, which I'm sure to link to this summer.
All for now - I probably won't get a chance to post tomorrow since I'll be traveling so enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

iPhone devotion and FF linkage

Last weekend while I was home in Virginia, I was all girly-ed up, ready to attend a baby shower when I apparently lost focus of how to walk down stairs, you know, the simple task of putting one foot in front of the other...and I fell down our cement front steps. I think I did a few pirouettes, hit my head on the hand railing, and finally landed in the bushes with my feet pointed towards the sidewalk. I have no clue how this happened but distinctly remember having the time to tell myself, "this can't possibly be happening right now; but is the iPhone okay?" as I was careening towards the ground. I pulled myself up and hobbled to the front door covered in leaves - my mom reverted into supermom mode as she opened the door to find me holding my head with one hand and keeping my skirt away from my two bloodied legs with the other hand. It wasn't pretty. But what I found most impressive of all is that my mind had time to worry about my iPhone before my own limbs. I think this just goes to show how addicted I've become to this tiny machine. For better or for worse. And I am fine now, by the way, just a bit of a limp and an impressive set of scars developing...

So this morning while I was riding the bus and catching up on football news on my beloved iPhone, I noticed that Gregg Rosenthal is everywhere. In case you can't get enough Gregg from NBC Sports and Rotoworld, they've now merged with ProFootballTalk - check out his latest article on why Reggie Bush is now "Running Back 1A".

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Greetings from hail-licious Colorado

Tonight I think I'm headed to my second Rockies game of the season - off to see them take on the TB Rays with some friends who are in town. This is assuming that Denver avoids basically an 8th day in a row of extreme weather (tornado, hail, the works). This coming weekend I'm heading to NYC for a good friend's wedding and then to apartment shop since we're moving to New York in August. Anyone in NYC know of a soon-to-be-available 1 bedroom apartment? We could be neighbors who talk about fantasy football 24/7. It would be rad.

So onto today's football links...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Coming at you from the ARL

I had a great time in Arlington, VA, with family and friends this weekend as expected...though I've had a ridiculous number of people send me this Arlington rap (same guy did a fantasy football rap, too, among many, many other things). Not exactly the Arlington that I grew up in, but certainly what it has become...

Anyway, back to the issue at hand - fantasy football.

  • Hopefully you all aren't getting sick of offensive line analysis since I've got lots more to link to today and in the weeks to come. If you haven't seen the Rotoworld Draft Magazine yet, go look for it at your local bookstore - I've got an article on o-lines and some Bold Predictions for the 2009 season in the magazine. But in the meantime, here are some more o-line briefs from Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy: the Houston Texans and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • Also on the o-line front, Fifth Down has done a comparison of the Giants and Jets in Who Has the Best O-Line? Giants or Jets? For a future New Yorker like me, I'll take any NY (ahem, NJ) team comparisons.
  • The news from my Denver Broncos just keeps getting worse and worse...what's going on Brandon Marshall? At least they have named Orton as their starting QB...progress.
  • Scott Engel brings us his Early Eye on Bargains - check out his list of 10 value players at this point in the season.
  • A lot of you have pointed out the awesomeness of the FootballGuys.com's Rate my Team tool...Football Jabber links to that great site as well as several other gems you might want to check out if you're looking for some free fantasy football tools.
  • This site is a new one for me - Fantasy Brothers. Take a look at their June RB Rankings for the top 68 RBs in the league.
  • Finally, the Bruno Boys have a nice overview of some RBBC situations in the NFC West.

I'm off to go enjoy my remaining time in Arlington. I spent the morning at Olympics Day handing out popsicles to kids at the elementary school where my mom works so it's time for a serious shower before hitting the airport. Back tomorrow with more!

Friday, June 12, 2009

From mock drafts to injury analysis...get it all here!

I'm heading home to the east coast tonight to spend some quality time with family and friends and to attend my oldest and dearest friend's baby shower. Between this quick trip back to Virginia and a longer trip next week to New York, I've got a lot of travel on my plate. So the posts here might be a little more sporadic than usual but I think I'll still be able to get you to some quality links.

Thanks for all who checked out the FFLibrarian store on Zazzle - I'm getting ready to add another design or two in the next week or so, so check back!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

FFLibrarian gear and of course links

Happy day - it's my anniversary (thanks to my wonderful husband for 3 spectacular years) and I got out of jury duty for that murder trial. Everything is coming up Sara! I also have finally made some progress on making FFLibrarian schwag. I know, I was talking about this months ago but the FFNerd's site pointed me in the direction of Zazzle, which I think will be a great online seller. I've got a few products up but if any of you creative types out there have something awesome for an FFLibrarian t-shirt, let me know and you will receive massive amounts of appreciation and credit. I'll be adding a direct link to the FFLibrarian gear over on the right side in a few days...

The FFLibrarian t-shirt timing is actually perfectly aligned with an e-mail I got from Art of the Fan about the FF gear they make. If you're looking to reward your 2009 season champ with a shirt or would perhaps like to express what a FF genius you are, then take a look at their stuff.

Moving past clothing to football:

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Daily dose of FF links

Despite the odds, I survived my root canal yesterday fairly unscathed (the flat screen above my head turned to ESPN's NFL Live made things a lot more bearable). Before the endodontist started the process he asked if I wanted to see all of the tools and know exactly what he was going to do and I told him yes, too much information was far better than too little. Kind of my theory on this blog, really. I might throw a bunch of links at you but I say it's better to have too many links, too many details to keep track of than to be in the dark on the latest fantasy musings.

So let's get right to today's links:

Okay, I'm off to jury duty phase 2 - back with more tomorrow!

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Nerd is Back

Bear with me, I have a few comments to make on the unfortunateness of being 30 and then will get right to football. Remember last week when I talked about how much I loved going to the dentist? Well no more. This afternoon I am off to get a root canal; fortunately I am in no pain whatsoever but apparently there's nothing like ringing in a new decade with a root canal. Sweet. And that jury duty I had last week? Oh yeah, it's not over yet. It's for a murder trial here in Boulder and I head back for the voir dire process tomorrow. I'm hoping to slide out of that one since it will otherwise entail 3-5 weeks of sitting on a jury, and time is just not a luxury I have these days. Frankly it feels like being an adult is way overrated right now. But I had an awesome birthday and that's certainly worth a lot!

Onto football...the season is getting closer, sites are revving back up, I'm starting to get 2009 roster questions (which are taking me awhile to respond to - sorry!)...it's all very exciting.

All for today. Off to go get some work done pre-dental work!

Friday, June 05, 2009

30 great years

Today is my 30th birthday and I had grand visions of providing you all with 30 links to celebrate. Right now that seems a bit ambitious since the sun is shining and a trail near our house is calling my name...

All for now - I'm off to go enjoy the day and celebrate! Have a good weekend.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Westy's surgery and more

Okay I'm rolling out to jury duty in just a few minutes so my apologies for a lack of commentary on the links below - but some links are better than no links, eh?!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Draft kits are coming!

Greetings fantasy fans. It's a cold, wet, windy day here in Boulder, which made getting out of bed and into work a particularly challenging feat. So let's get the day started off right with some fantasy football links.

  • Despite owning Aaron Rodgers on two of my fantasy football teams last year, I somehow managed to overlook the fact that he apparently was the #2 QB in '08. A fact that has not eluded the fantasy superstars at KFFL or now Bruno Boys. I must've been wrapped up in my growing Matt Ryan lovefest. So take a look at A Sneak Peak at Bruno Boys Cavigs 2009 Top 10 QBs for further thoughts on QBs.
  • Or if it's sleeper QBs that you're really interested in, see Fantasy Football Starters for their article on 2009 fantasy football sleepers: Quarterbacks.
  • To help get your mind focused on some of the best dynasty grabs of 2009 and beyond, try reading FFToday's An Eye on the Future. Definitely some names worth keeping track of as the summer unfolds.
  • Where will Steve Breaston be drafted this year? Obviously there are still some question marks with Anquan Boldin's status with the Cardinals and in the meantime Breaston is getting a lot of clutch practice time. Throw into the mix Fitz's recent awkward catch (Fitz is fine!) and the Madden cover curse and some might be wondering just how high to snag Breaston.
  • So it's not up quite yet but the NFL.com 2009 draft kit should be released today - check back to see if it's up and available.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Starting June off with FF links

Happy June. Busy times here in the library and beyond - I've got all sorts of fun stuff happening this week: consultations with movers, a visit to the dentist, jury duty and a 30th birthday (here's hoping I don't spend my birthday serving out my civic duty). Okay so everything except the birthday could qualify as legitimately un-fun, but to be honest, I love going to the dentist. Yeah, I said it: I love the dentist. Anyway, it's a busy week and I'll do my best to squeeze in the fantasy football when possible. Let's get right to today's links:

  • I'll be the first to admit, this Fifth Down article on Arizona's Surprisingly Efficient Run Blocking was a little unexpected. I pegged the Arizona o-line as needing some serious help so it's interesting to see that really most of the line was pretty decent...a reminder that one cog in the system can throw things off.
  • KFFL has a ranking devised specifically for those of you playing in standard Yahoo! Sports leagues - pretty rad, huh? How do you all feel about Aaron Rodgers at the #2 QB spot, ahead of Peyton and Brady? I'm an Aaron Rodgers fan but that makes me slightly uneasy...
  • Where are the Rams headed next?
  • Rotoworld analyzes why Ronnie Brown might be headed into the 2009 season as an undervalued player.
  • Another guy who might come at a good value? Maroney - see why Fantasy Hulks are digging the Pats RB so late in the draft.
  • What's the deal with the 3rd year breakout WR theory? Ultimate FF Strategy takes a good, long look at recent breakout WRs and at the end of the article there are some 2009 breakout candidates noted. Keep in mind a more detailed article about the 2009ers is still to come.
  • Those who are new to IDP leagues may want to check out Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's Individual Defensive Players Draft Advice piece for a heads-up on where/when/why to take your IDPs.