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Wrapping up June

It's a gorgeous day here in NYC for the last day of the month, and I've got a full agenda of hitting up the playground, taking long walks, and generally staying within a few feet of our newly mobile and extremely adventurous baby. Good times but it will be an even better day to start things off with some fantasy football linkage... Ah, offensive line rankings. I love them. And love the time of year when they start to appear. This year is of course a bit unusual since free agency will undoubtedly make some major alterations to these rankings, but for now scope out's Offensive Line Rankings - they take  a look back at 2010 for each team plus note the key changes over the far.'s Fantasy: The Unheralded focuses in on rookies that might not be the flashiest rookies names, but could end up making a difference for your squad. Keep these names in the back of your mind as the season approaches.  2 Mugs Fantasy Football poste

Tourist in my own town

With our departure date from NYC in less than a month, we're trying to spend a little time living it up like a classic NYC tourist. So tomorrow my husband and I are taking a vacation day and visiting the Statue of Liberty (which of course makes me think of this - sorry, Sooner fans). Many moons ago we bought tickets for access to the crown, which apparently has to be requested months in advance. Seems kind of fitting to join in the throngs of hot, chatty, and sometimes surly (oh wait, that's just me) tourists to visit our lady liberty just before the Fourth of July. Should be a good time and honestly, it's one of a very small number of times over the past 9 months that my husband and I have been out together without our little here's to a little alone time. With the tourists. Let's head on over to today's football links: Fantasy Douche is offering words of warning about snagging Chris Johnson too early in your draft. Read up on reasons why the Tita

Dose of Manning and Brady in the offseason

In a mere 5 weeks I will be on the road with 2 cats, a 10-month-old baby, a husband, a litter box, and a few suitcases all crammed into a rental car as we move from Brooklyn (our home for the past 2 years) down to Knoxville, Tennessee (our home of the future). Those of you who have been around the blog for a few years know that we've moved somewhat frequently, so you can imagine my delight upon hearing that my husband's future employer will cover the cost of not just our move, but the packing of our possessions. Packing?! Tremendous! I can't quite imagine how it will feel a few days before the move to have absolutely nothing boxed up and for all of our many baby-related items to remain strewn about the house. To celebrate the awesomeness of that, let's enjoy the Manning Brothers' "Football Cops" trailer . Or perhaps I should celebrate with wings from good ol' Buffalo Wild Wings (who sent me to the Super Bowl in 2010 , so they have my eternal love). I

R.I.P. Oh Google

One common question in our household over the past week or so: why didn't the DVR grab this week's Sports Show with Norm MacDonald? Gregg Rosenthal of Rotoworld/Pro Football Talk fame answered this for us in a recent tweet , noting that the show has been cancelled (invoking sad Bill Cosby now...), and I must say I'm sad to see it go. I didn't really envision myself looking forward to it each week as much as I did, but I'm not gonna lie, there were some really funny nuggets in there. If you haven't seen the show, I'll leave you with a clip (a nod to my husband since I know he loves this one...) though I think my favorite segments were inevitably What the H? and Oh Google. On to football: Read up on why's Cory Bonini isn't loving Adrian Peterson in Why I'm not down with All Day . Are you in a keeper league and faced with some decisions about which players to keep this season? Turn to's Who Not to Keep for some thoug

Standard fantasy fare + college fantasy rankings

Congrats to the good people of Boston on the Bruins' win last night. My sister is a Boston transplant and she has been there for about a year now, and I'm wondering if the game - or hockey season in general - was even on her radar. Granted, she's 8 months pregnant and probably not thinking about much else, but I'm definitely not seeing the standard New England enthusiasm from my northerner friends that I normally see for the Pats, Red Sox and even Celtics. Though considering I personally have barely seen a hockey game in full, perhaps this is more of a reflection of my own preferences and choice of friends...nonetheless, here's to you, Bruins fans! Moving on to football, the king of all sports... released an analysis on their latest mock draft - you can also check out the results of the entire mock here . There are a few fairly new sites out there that do a pretty solid job at scouring the web to bring you all sorts of fantasy goodness. On days that

Wisdom from the experts

The semi-annual Fantasy Sports Trade Association meeting is going on today in San Francisco and while I'm unfortunately not able to be there, I did just retweet a link to the results from the FSTA Experts' Fantasy Football Draft that occurred last night. Take a look on my Twitter page and you might as well start following me since this fall I'll also be tweeting a bonus article every time I get a post up here on FFLibrarian. Onto the rest of today's reads: FFManiaxs reviews their Top 15 Third-Year Wide Receivers to Watch in 2011 . Whether you buy into the third-year breakout phenomenon or not, it's got some good food for thought. For more on WRs, Fantasy Knuckleheads have posted their top 20 receivers in An Early Look at Wide Receivers . has posted their 2011 player projections , which includes individual defenders. All in, I think we're talking about 650+ players here. Amazing. One of the reasons I love, too, is the ease of registe

Rankings, Plax, and more

It's sultry, steamy and saucy out there, my friends. Lucky for our little dude, it's socially acceptable for a baby to roll around pantsless on a day like today. If only we were all so lucky, eh? I could also get down with an adult-sized kiddie pool today on our rooftop, but don't think that's in the cards either. For now I'll just hunker down in the blessed AC and get a few links up for you all. Stay cool. It's a rankings kind of day it seems: We've got some re-draft rankings from Rotoworld - Preliminary 2011 Re-Draft Ranks:  RBs and QBs Or roll on over to for their 2011 Dynasty Running Back Rankings Jamey Eisenberg at makes  The case for Foster first overall - note the link on that page to a podcast with fantasy football musings including very early sleepers and busts. RotoWire users might be pleased to see that they're offering lockout protection - with your money for the 2011 season being put towards the 2012 season

Good reads during the lockout doldrums

I celebrated my birthday this past weekend and in today's Facebook-happy world, FB birthday greetings add a whole new dimension to birthdays. And I must say the fantasy football writers community impressed me with their birthday love. Like most of you, I've got Facebook friends from different realms of my life - friends from childhood, friends from college, friends from work, family members, and then this group of fantasy sports writer friends. Perhaps it's the lockout leaving everyone with a little more time or perhaps it's just the high quality personalities behind all these articles I link to, but a big thanks to my FF friends for the birthday sentiments. Speaking of the fantasy sports industry, the semi-annual Fantasy Sports Trade Association  meeting is next week in San Francisco and I'm so sad to be missing it. I'm sure there will be some good tweets and notes from the conference for those who are interested in following the business end of the fantasy