Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dose of Manning and Brady in the offseason

In a mere 5 weeks I will be on the road with 2 cats, a 10-month-old baby, a husband, a litter box, and a few suitcases all crammed into a rental car as we move from Brooklyn (our home for the past 2 years) down to Knoxville, Tennessee (our home of the future). Those of you who have been around the blog for a few years know that we've moved somewhat frequently, so you can imagine my delight upon hearing that my husband's future employer will cover the cost of not just our move, but the packing of our possessions. Packing?! Tremendous! I can't quite imagine how it will feel a few days before the move to have absolutely nothing boxed up and for all of our many baby-related items to remain strewn about the house. To celebrate the awesomeness of that, let's enjoy the Manning Brothers' "Football Cops" trailer.

Or perhaps I should celebrate with wings from good ol' Buffalo Wild Wings (who sent me to the Super Bowl in 2010, so they have my eternal love). If the NFL lockout ends on or before July 20 (when players begin reporting to training camp), BWW will celebrate by giving away 6 free wings to those who sign its “Save our Season” petition on Facebook. So jump on it!

On that same note of football things that aren't really about football, I got several good laughs out of Big Lead Sports' pictorial review of Tom Brady's offseason. Ahh, good stuff in there, particularly the water slide pic and dancing video.

Now onto the real goods:

  • A couple of good items from
    • First up, a look at their June Experts Mock Draft - they do a monthly draft every year so stay tuned for their July and August mocks, too.  Good group of experts here.
    • Or read up on 2011's running back situations where they alphabetically review a RB from each team and spell out what kind of pick that player should be. It's not quite a RBBC review as advertised, more of a mish-mash look at RBs, but I'll take it.
  • Joe Flacco is an interesting case and if you're wondering what to do with him this year (or in a dynasty league), take a look at's Fantasy: Dynasty Duel - Joe Flacco. You'll get both pros and cons for Flacco and a final conclusion on whether he's a QB1 or QB2.
  • If you enjoy a little draft strategy, take a look at's Math and Theories Behind Snake Fantasy Drafting - includes some good food for thought and really not a whole lot of math.
  •'s Free Agent Preview: Secondary reviews some key defenders who will be entering free agency (one of these days...) and it's not so much a piece for those in IDP leagues, but rather a look at how those guys impact overall team defenses.


davinci78 said...

Sarah, you're link to had me looking forward to reading some in depth number crunching. Unfortunately right off the bat this guy is injecting politics into his spiel and that's where I stopped reading. I won't visit his site again.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Understood, thanks for the feedback, davinci78.

Simon @ GOAheadScore said...

"He stands up in a manner akin to George Bush stepping onto the tee, and takes great pleasure in announcing to the room he's drafting Peyton Manning."

With respect, davinci78, I put hours and hours into that article and the above was nothing more than an attempt to inject some humor into an otherwise in depth piece.

I'm sorry if you took offense, but It'd be a real shame if the circulation of a website becomes limited, which I and many many others have put so much effort into for the fantasy community just because I mentioned the name of a politician!

Anyway sure 99% of people are capable of not taking offense at me mentioning the name George Bush...

Hawgman said...

I had a similar moving experience when my little guy was about 3. Make sure you segregate anything you don't want them to pack. I swear that if our toddler hadn't been moving around, he would have ended up sealed in a box!
Good luck with your move and let's all pray for a football season!!!!