Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Waiver wire link dump

Hmm, I knew I would struggle to post this season but I never intended to be this quiet. Apologies, I'll work on getting some links up more frequently. We're struggling with an 11 month old who suddenly loves to be AWAKE (let's-make-as-much-noise-as-possible-and-no-there's-zero-chance-I-will-lie-back-down-and-cuddle-with-you-for-even-five-more-minutes-wait-where-is-the-food-and-my-toys-and-is-that-a-phone-on-your-nightstand-not-being-used-and-oh-God-where-is-my-awesome-brother-I-should-make-even-more-noise-to-roust-him-too) at about 5:45 AM. Not loving it.

But Week 1 has wrapped up and I've got your waiver wire articles to get you situated for pure dominance in Week 2. Let's get to it:

Finally, let's also get the ball rolling on rankings for Week 2 - look no further than Fantasy Rundown, which does a spectacular job of collecting all sorts of rankings in one spot, and will be fleshing out their links as they become available.