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Wrapping up the weekend with FF

The world is a better place with air conditioning. And long weekends. I was at an outdoor concert today at a Brooklyn cemetery with a few friends (yes, completely weird in a lot of ways; oh and average age of other concert goers? 70) and felt like in some small way I was doing my part to honor those who gave their lives serving the country. I also continue to be impressed with just how quickly time is flying by: June is nearly upon us. In a few days I'll turn another year older, and a few days after that I head to the FSTA Summer Conference in Chicago. Good times. Lots to squeeze in before the World Cup starts! To tonight's short list of links: Starting off the week with a weekly shot of MMQB is usually a good call - scope out King's latest: Goodell's leadership could be main key in avoiding job action in 2011 . I dig the in-depth look that RapidDraft gives the Rams in their Team Breakdown: St. Louis Rams article . See what has changed over the offseason and who you

Holiday weekend linkage

I'm a few hours into a 4-day weekend and already loving it; the weather has cooled in NYC a bit (particularly nice for those of us who are slacking on installing our AC unit for the season...) and I have next nothing on the docket for this weekend - sounds absolutely awesome since I've been traveling or had visitors for the past 5 weekends. I hope you all are set for equally awesome weekends and safe travels to those on the road. Now if you're looking for a little pick-me-up before the weekend officially starts, then you're in the right place. Let's talk fantasy football: First up, just a few quick player news links: Roethlisberger has been cleared by Goodell for workouts Jeremy Shockey hospitalized after seizure Brandon Stokley still sidelined with shoulder injury Football Outsiders is talking broken tackles from the 2009 season and you might just see their stats creeping up in a whole bunch of places - ESPN, top blogs, and of course FO gives a nice intro on t

FF season's start is quickly approaching

Four months from today is the due date for my FFL Junior and while I'll spare you all the details of my increasing fascination with this whole something-alive-is-growing-inside-of-me process, I will say that I'm startled by just how quickly we've reached the end of May. This holds true when we talk about the 2010 football season, too. Before you know it, fantasy football draft magazines will be hitting the stands at your favorite bookstore and our talk of starters and superstars will be more than just mere speculation. I'm in the process of narrowing down the number of leagues that I'll play in this year since I imagine I might have less time this year to devote to FF team management what with a whole new tiny person in my life, but one thing that I plan on maintaining is the monster FFLibrarian League . Many of you participated last year in the inaugural season (it was a 96-team league!) and I'm looking to you for feedback on how to make this nex

Scoping the fantasy scene

I've been a bit quiet here on the blog (as well as the blog I'm working on for the FSTA Summer Conference ) for the past several days - I've had a friend from college in town and had a weekend of hostessing duties, including trips to the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, the Top of the Rock, and of course the main branch of the NY Public Library. Good stuff and as always, it was wonderful to be with an old friend. So thanks for bearing with my silence here - the good news is that for the first time in a very long time I have next to nothing on my agenda...until I leave for the FSTA conference in Chicago on June that means plenty of time for blogging! Yahoo's mock PPR draft on Roto Arcade rolls on -we've got Rounds 3 , 4 , and 5-7 . presents their consensus dynasty rankings both here and via their radio show on 5/22 - pick your FFX rankings poison from this link . I feel I owe it to Matt Forte to offer up some positive thoughts on

Time to get mocking

My friends, mock draft season has arrived. Several of my favorite fantasy football sites are rolling out their first real mock drafts of the season and I'm loving it. Guessing you will, too, or why the heck else would you be perusing a fantasy football blog in May?? Very quickly before we jump into today's links I just wanted to let you all know that I have a FSTA Summer Conference Blog . I'll probably update it a few times a week before the conference gets here (June 9-10), but you all might be most interested in my coverage of the expert fantasy football draft at the conference - as well as some of the sessions that pertain to trends in fantasy football. I'll get a reminder up here when it's conference time of course, but just something to keep on your radar. Okay now back to mock drafts and other fun FF links: When Yahoo's Roto Arcade blog starts talking football again, I know the season is getting close. Exciting times. They're unveiling

Monday musings on fantasy sports

Well I'm back from a fantastic weekend visiting friends in Colorado and have a few different things going on that I wanted to let you all know about. In a few weeks I'll be attending the Fantasy Sports Trade Association's spring conference in Chicago and I'm going to be a tweeter and blogger for the event. I'm in the process of setting up the blog now and will link to it from here, so if you can't make it but you're wondering what happens during the various sessions and such, well then tune in to the conference blog. I've also already started tweeting from the official FSTA twitter account and plan to tweet throughout the conference with the relevant and interesting things that happen there. If you're in the biz and planning to attend the FSTA meeting, keep your eyes out for me (likely the only pregnant lady there) as I'd love to meet or catch up with you. The other thing I've been doing these days is taking a stab at fantasy

Keeping an eye out for Tebow

We're headed out of town for a long weekend to visit friends back in Boulder, Colorado - I'll be back in the land of my Broncos! - so I've been running around like crazy this week and have been slacking on the blog front. My apologies for the small number of posts this week. Let's get right to today's links: Yahoo!'s Stock Watch: NFL Draft fallout has a great look at players whose value is on the upswing, downturn, and holding steady. Good read to get your mind focused on the 2010 season, especially if you're just now getting back into fantasy football mode. This time of year, half the fantasy battle is knowing who the starters are going to be. takes a look at QB stories: Five most intriguing signal-caller situations . Now call me crazy but I actually think Delhomme might be the man in Cleveland for most, if not all, of the year - and I don't think he'll suck. At least not like he did in '09. I love what Brian Burke over at Adv

Monday morning fantasy links

This is the time of year when dormant fantasy football sites start to come alive again - love it. So let's get right to today's links as I feel like there's a lot to cover this morning... takes a look at nearly 20 second-year players in their Sophomore Breakouts article - take a look to see which players they think are set for a solid 2010. If it's really rookies that you're interested in, no problem - most sites have some ideas on which rooks to pay attention to this season, including Fantasy Phenoms with 2 different articles - a dissection of AFC teams and NFC teams . Staying with the theme of rookie analysis, Razzball is brings us some thoughts on the Top 10 IDP Rookie Linebackers . FFToolbox is taking a look at something very near and dear to my heart: Offensive Line Research and Analysis . You can play around with their spreadsheet for whatever your o-line needs might be or click on a team name for more details. I'll be writing up so

Boy oh boy

This upcoming mother's day weekend is kind of a special one for me. Turns out, my fine FF friends, that my husband and I have a baby boy due at the end of September, so as a mom-to-be, this is kind of a fun time. Our son should be making his appearance in the world right around Week 3 of the NFL season, which interestingly enough is when my Broncos play my husband's Colts. Now never fear, the blog will carry on as usual this fall...or close to normal. I'll likely be blogging at odd times of the day/night (probably with some sleep deprived ramblings) and may make a few tweaks or get some additional help on the blog, but you can count on FFLibrarian as a go-to spot this fall! September though is several months off, plenty of fantasy football to discuss now: Matt Schauf, who many of you know is one of my favorite IDP writers, has finally pulled together his analysis of IDPers drafted in the NFL Draft's second round in Draft reaction: Second round holds IDP potential .

Finally, a use for YouTube!

Well my morning is already off to a great start after this amusing article from Yahoo's Shutdown Corner noting that the Browns just signed a guy they found off a YouTube video . Oh yeeeeah. And? He has a handlebar mustache. That seems like an amazing feat in and of itself. My husband had a handlebar mustache for roughly 6 hours once a few years ago (he was shaving down a beard and delightfully stopped at the handlebar stage) before I believe I begged him to finish the job and just remove the damn thing. If you'd like a glimpse at this o-lineman's video montage (including a shot of the 'stache), then I recommend scoping out the link above. And yes, the fact that I'm including that link should be a sign that it's a rather slow day in fantasy football world. I have a few more articles for you but savor them each slowly... While has 5 Players to Avoid Like the Plague for the 2010 season, Hatty Waiver Wire Guru has Rookies to Target in 2010 ..

Lots of injury news from minicamps and more

This weekend it felt like summer had arrived in NYC as temperatures soared to near record degrees - my husband and I haven't yet installed our A/C unit for the summer so last night as I got in bed, and the temp in our apartment was over 80 degrees, all I could think of was, please please let football season's cool autumnal weather get here faster. Of course I might always feel that way about the start of the NFL season; often at say Week 7 of the season I suddenly long for it to start all over again, rather than just being of the moment and enjoying the season. So let's be of the moment here and enjoy a bunch up injury news (though seems like bad karma to enjoy injury news...) and updates from across the league. Not a ton of fantasy analysis going on right now, but don't worry, I have it on good authority that a lot of my favorite experts are working on some really good material for their summer draft mags and websites. Let's just start with what feels