Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FF season's start is quickly approaching

Four months from today is the due date for my FFL Junior and while I'll spare you all the details of my increasing fascination with this whole something-alive-is-growing-inside-of-me process, I will say that I'm startled by just how quickly we've reached the end of May. This holds true when we talk about the 2010 football season, too. Before you know it, fantasy football draft magazines will be hitting the stands at your favorite bookstore and our talk of starters and superstars will be more than just mere speculation.

I'm in the process of narrowing down the number of leagues that I'll play in this year since I imagine I might have less time this year to devote to FF team management what with a whole new tiny person in my life, but one thing that I plan on maintaining is the monster FFLibrarian League. Many of you participated last year in the inaugural season (it was a 96-team league!) and I'm looking to you for feedback on how to make this next season a little bit better. I know I'm going to cut back on the number of participants (I'm thinking 4 conferences of 14 teams) and also know I'll be looking for a commish (interested? stay tuned over the next few weeks for more info) - let me know or leave a comment if you have any other suggestions.

I've heard from several of you about the accuracy contest I run annually - earlier this winter I noted that I would be pulling together an average of the results from the past several years and this still is in the works. It would have already happened if not for a potential laptop catastrophe a few months ago, which I'm finally dedicated to solving this weekend. Nothing says Happy Memorial Day like pulling precious fantasy football stats off a dying/dead laptop.

Moving on to today's links:

  • I think I've said this every preseason for the past few years...but I like Laurent Robinson. A lot. NFL.com's Michael Fabiano has him listed in his deep, deep sleepers of 2010, which is essentially all the ammunition I need to keep the Laurent Robinson Rocks train rolling. 
  • File this Dwayne Bowe revelation under the "well, huh" category. Gotta wonder how Bowe should be drafted this year what with his historical in-the-doghouse status.
  • I've been linking a lot to Rotoworld's evaluation of their mock draft that will be released fully in their draft mag next month, but I thought I'd get some links up to analysis from other industry professionals that were part of that mock including Herbie Teope, analyst for the "Fantasy Huddle" show.
  • For those of you participating in your own mock drafts these days, you might want to cruise by KFFL.com's Fantasy Football Average Draft Position (data from MockDraftCentral.com) - this links up to ADP for all positions, but you can narrow down by position instead if you prefer.
  • The NFL Owners are gathering again this week and later today they'll release the 2014 Super Bowl site decision. The Fifth Down takes a look at the New Jersey Super Bowl potential. 
  • What to do with Percy Harvin? Between the Brett Favre will he/won't he and his punishing migraines, there are definitely some question marks about where to draft Harvin in 2010. See what CBSSports.com has to say in What does 2010 hold for Harvin?


Unknown said...

Sara, I want in again.
Maybe better luck with the matchups.
I actually liked my team though.

Feedback & the Distortions.

Unknown said...

Hey Sara! love the monster league, message sent!

Les Savy Ferd said...

well, I can't imagine desire to be in your Monster league will decrease, so perhaps it might serve to create one 4 division 14 team league under one commish and then as demand suggests, perhaps a second 4D14T league under a different commish? Or would that be too complicated?

Just a suggestion, wouldn't want anyone to be turned away if they didn't have to be.

(oh and if I haven't said it yet, congrats, Librarian!)

-Oldtown Knights

Ivar Anderson said...

Sara, I had a great time participating in the Monster League last year. I definitely want to get in again if at all possible. I think you did a great job organizing and running such a massive league, and now that we understand the mechanics of the site, I don't believe there are any major changes that need to be made, but maybe I'm forgetting something.
In any event, congratulations on your pregnancy, I'm certain you will be a great parent.

Unknown said...
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Lab said...

I'd definitely like to try again. HitNRun beat me out of the Conf 3 championship by only 4 points, so I really need some revenge.

Thanks again for running it.

-- Lab