Monday, May 03, 2010

Lots of injury news from minicamps and more

This weekend it felt like summer had arrived in NYC as temperatures soared to near record degrees - my husband and I haven't yet installed our A/C unit for the summer so last night as I got in bed, and the temp in our apartment was over 80 degrees, all I could think of was, please please let football season's cool autumnal weather get here faster. Of course I might always feel that way about the start of the NFL season; often at say Week 7 of the season I suddenly long for it to start all over again, rather than just being of the moment and enjoying the season. So let's be of the moment here and enjoy a bunch up injury news (though seems like bad karma to enjoy injury news...) and updates from across the league. Not a ton of fantasy analysis going on right now, but don't worry, I have it on good authority that a lot of my favorite experts are working on some really good material for their summer draft mags and websites.

  • Let's just start with what feels like copious injury news...
    • Brett Favre has noted that he will need ankle surgery but that it shouldn't impede him from playing this we wait yet again for his to-play-or-not-to-play decision.
    • Dez Bryant has been all over the news what with his dry heaving and/or hurling on the sidelines and now apparently a twisted ankle during minicamps this weekend.
    • Limas Sweed, a 2008 draft pick for the Steelers, might have a serious Achilles injury that could keep him out this season. Some of you probably aren't too high on Sweed (Mike Wallace was certainly the better fantasy option anyway) but gotta say I feel for the Steelers a bit here; not really going their way on the whole passing game front these days.
    • Finally to wrap up the injury news, Seattle also can't be happy about their receiver situation...again. Housh and Branch are both recovering from surgery. Greetings, Golden Tate.
  • Onto a bit of fantasy news - FFToolbox notes that Felix Jones is listed ahead of Marion Barber on the RB depth chart, which is likely not a huge surprise for most. 
  • When fantasyland is quiet you can still count on Rotoworld to crank out a few particularly helpful features. First up, if it's video you're in the mood for then see what Gregg Rosenthal and Tiffany Simons advise with this year's Top five rookie backs. Or scope out Dynasty Rookie Ranks with a top 12 overall ranking as well as a focus on each position, and a look at mock draft trends for the rooks.
  • Another great place to swing by in the offseason? Advanced NFL Stats - Brian is always cooking up something great as he pulls together an unreal amount of stats and analysis. This time around we have a data dump with play-by-play data from 2002 through 2008. No analysis, really just numbers, but there's plenty to look at and play around with - wouldn't be surprised to see some interesting things develop out of this. It's noted in the comments field of this article that also offers up game data including player participation and I've conveniently linked you to the Broncos game stats for 2009.
  • Finally, for a review of all things football and the latest on the weird Vicodin news out of New Orleans, read up on Peter Kings' MMQB: Vicodin case could have dire consequences for Saints.

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