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Under my umbrella

I hate to talk about the weather again but I can't help it! Never in my life have I seen such a city dedicated to using umbrellas in the snow. In fact, I swear that prior to moving to New York City it was something I'd only seen little old ladies do...but here it's an epidemic. So on today's wet, slushy walk from the subway to work, I busted out my umbrella. Gotta be honest, got to work a little bit drier and warmer. I might be a slight convert. But have no fear, I won't drone on about the rest of my weather experiences and all of the accoutrements I'm finding helpful here. We'll hop on over to today's links: Combine talk is really heating up - Football Outsiders/Washington Post football guru Doug Farrar will be posting his thoughts from the weekend on twitter so if you're in for some combine twitter action, give him a follow . Meanwhile don't forget that free agency is just around the corner. Swing by's 2010 Free Agent

I'm the one without galoshes

Kind of a crazy day - for starters, it was the first time since I was maybe 6 years old that I coveted galoshes. I stared at all sorts of fellow subway passengers with lovely, cozy, dry-looking rain boots and thought ahead to the rest of the week that has a cold, wet rain in the forecast for New York City. Living in Colorado for so many years I lost a sense of what it means to experience non-stop, day after day rain. It doesn't do that in heaven Colorado. So now I'm wondering how long I'll last before caving and buying some serious galosh action. Other craziness - go back in time about 2 years and I bet 90% of you would be surprised to hear that LaDainian Tomlinson and Brian Westbrook were both released within about a day of each other. A reminder of how quickly the mighty can fall. For some thoughts on where Tomlinson might land, see what The Hazean has to say in LaDainian Tomlinson out in San Diego, where to next? For more links, read on: If you'd like your NF

Happy Combine Week

Finally, the week we've all been waiting for is here: the Scouting Combine. Not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight with the excitement but truly, this is mighty good, my friends. Means football season is just a tad bit closer. Now I for one have been reveling in the greatness of the Olympics (that fantasy Olympics game I keep pimping, , was just written up in the Wall Street Journal this weekend), but I'm trying not to lose my football focus what with all the football talk that could be going on this week. Really make that Tim Tebow talk. So let's get right to some of the combine talk and then of course dabble in some 2010 talk: Rotoworld's Scouting Combine Preview is a great summary of things to watch for in Indy this week. Evan Silva always does a great job with draft prep and focusing in on guys who have big speed and size. For the past few years I've done a summertime article on offensive lines, so as you can imagine, I like news on t

Shaun White > LenDale White

There are no links to offer up that compare with the awesomeness of Shaun White's halfpipe performance last night. Yeah that's right, I'm a proud member of the Shaun White fan club, I mean how could you not be?? The dude is tremendous; that's all there is to it. I even dig his hair, that's how far I've bought into the Shaun White lovefest. And of course his performance helped me put up some stellar numbers in's fantasy olympics game yesterday, which any of you can jump into at any point during the Olympics. I say see if you can put together better fantasy teams than I can, because frankly, I'm on fire. A little research is all it takes to be ahead of the game with both the Olympics and football, so let's roll on over to today's links: Get your mind wrapped around the free agency landscape with's T op 32 FAs: Cap-free year needs restricted infusion . Oh Denver, please do hold on to Elvis Dumervil... Footbal

The road goes on forever and the offseason prep never ends

If you're a regular reader and haven't caught on to the schedule switch going on here on FFLibrarian, just a quick heads up that I'll mostly be posting at night now for awhile as I get adjusted to my new job schedule. Also my posts might slow down a bit in the offseason, but never fear my fantasy football fiends, there's always something to write about! So right now I'm taking a break from the Olympics (and staring at Dick Button's absolutely immense shoes) to get some links up for you...nah, who am I kidding, there's no such thing as a break from the Olympics, not when you're playing fantasy Olympics ...I even watched curling at the gym today, that's how into the Olympics I am. Let's jump right into tonight's link wrap-up: I remember reading Rotoworld's thoughts on small schools in past years - always appreciated since there are gems that come out of smaller programs and we'd all be a little better off knowing their names: Small

All about the Olympics

Ahh, it's a long weekend here for us and it was sorely needed - post-Super Bowl I came down with a cold and of course had copious amounts of laundry to be done. Nothing like a long weekend to help on both fronts. Plus I've found myself basically addicted to the Winter Olympics, thanks in large part to my participation in's fantasy Olympics games . I recommend scoping the site out if you're looking for a fantasy fix - or say if you need a reason to watch the pairs figure skating for more than just the bizarro costumes. Seriously, is this actually an Olympic event for weirdest outfits? Let's get to a few fantasy football links to start this week off right: Several of my fantasy football buddies across this great land are participating in Razzball's 2010 Mock Draft . Matt Schauf from RapidDraft keeps things interesting by picking MJD with the #1 overall draft. See what else has evolved over the first 4 rounds of the draft so far. Another mock dr

Join in on the Winter Olympics fantasy fun!

Tomorrow marks the start of the Winter Olympics with the opening ceremonies in the evening, and I have good news for all you fantasy sports addicts: you can keep up your fantasy fervor by participating in's Winter Olympics competition here . Scope out all the rules and such but basically it's a combo of a fantasy game and a slot machine - on a daily basis during the Olympics, you can spin to see how good of a trio of countries you can get for various sporting events. When one of your countries wins a medal, you score some points. So head on over and keep the fantasy fun rolling over the next few weeks! While I could probably carry on here with some links to Winter Olympics research and athlete insights, I'm going to give you all what you're more likely here for - fantasy football links. Follow along with the offseason injuries in The Hazean's Thursday Morning Rehab - lots of info here on guys ranging from Brandon Jacobs to Steve Slaton to Mark S

FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge Winner

So we've got a winner for this year's FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge run by and I'm happy to announce that the winner is someone near and dear to me: my father-in-law! Seems a bit like shenanigans, right? Well what can I say, the man knows his football and he won the competition fair and square. So kudos to my father-in-law, aka Lee Hill, on his victory in the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge and a $25 Amazon gift card courtesy of the Bruno Boys . After losing pretty much all of his players during the first week of the playoffs, he then created a team comprised entirely of Colts and Saints...hence he had a monster Super Bowl Week and carried off an overall victory by 1 point. The top 5 results are as follows: Lee Hill (594 points) playball35 (593 points) coachnk (590 points) SEADOGS (585 points) Planet 10 (581 points)  Congrats Lee Hill!

SB44 photos and 2010 prep

Well it's a bit of a winter wonderland here in New York City - there was plenty of talk about how much snow was going to fall today, but I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that the snow really had little to no impact on my commute and traversing around the city. Meanwhile my poor mom in northern Virginia had her heat fail on her today of all days - fortunately she somehow got some repairmen who were willing to come out and get her back on the happy furnace track again. Thank goodness...lots of snow and no heat? Not acceptable. Time now for some game photos my friends! Yesterday I posted a bunch of photos highlighting some of the cool non-game things we did during our weekend trip to South Florida...but now it's finally time for photos from Super Bowl 44. To be honest I was pretty into the game so I only snagged a handful of actual game photos but took plenty during pre-game warmups. Once again I'll sprinkle them in with today's daily links, which are

First unveiling of Super Bowl weekend photos...

Wow it has been a whirlwind week going from the amazing trip to the Super Bowl (thanks again Buffalo Wild Wings) to a new job - feels like I've hardly had time to breathe so my apologies for my slow blogging this week. First up, I'm scattering some Super Bowl weekend pictures throughout my posts for the week to keep you entertained. We took over 200 photos so as you can imagine, I'm trying to just show you all a smattering of the best and most representative of the trip. Up first, Archie Manning getting ready to do an interview on Radio Row at the media center, followed by The Who being interviewed before their acoustic set for the media on Thursday afternoon. Interspersed between SB44 weekend photos though there will be links. The 2010 season is now squarely in front of us and while it's a long, long, sad way off until Week 1, there are actually plenty of sites still cranking out offseason analysis. So let's get right to the first link of the night: Let&

Post-Super Bowl unwinding

Wow, what an experience. Go out and get yourselves some wings at Buffalo Wild Wings - they truly treated us like royalty this weekend and the game did not disappoint. While my husband and I were clutching our faces in dismay as the interception was returned for a touchdown, and everyone surrounding us seemed to be a Saints fan (50-year-old fan in front of us literally jumped up onto the seat in front of him and a woman nearby was crying she was so happy), it was still an event that I will never forget despite the unwanted outcome. And really, I can't be all that sad that the Saints won, just bummed that the Colts didn't if that makes sense. Catch up on t he highlights from yesterday including our stop by the NFL Alum pre-party sponsored by PrimeSport and of course the game itself. I have SO many photos to post but here's one of me in our amazing seats during pre-game. Also just a note that I'll be starting a new job bright and early tomorrow morning so my schedule

Super Bowl Day is here!

So how many of you are tuned into the NFL Network's 8 hours of coverage? I've been reading up on snowpocalypse/snowmagaddon/snowtorious BIG in the mid-atlantic states and man, I hope you all are able to see the big game today...and of course have heat, light, and other basic necessities. You can catch up on all my latest adventures in South Florida on the Buffalo Wild Wings All-Star Blogger League website - and remember that I'll be tweeting during the game, so scope out the tweets if you're interested (there's a twitter feed that you can read on the bottom right of this blog, too, if you don't have a twitter account)! Had a great time at the DIRECTV Celebrity Beach Bowl and have some great photos to post - I'm sure to have more after today's NFL Alum pre-game party, too. So come on back in the next few days for those pics! And of course my normal links out to fantasy football articles will resume as soon as I return to my normal life in NYC. Fin

Wingo & Schlereth at Dolphin Mall

I'm sitting on our hotel's pool deck looking out over the beach, enjoying some blue skies and warm temps. My freckle quotient has just skyrocketed. It's possible I'm the only one cranking out anything even close to work here - I'm seeing lots of beers, lots of sun worshipers, and all sorts of football fans. It's actually really interesting to see all of the teams/players that are being represented down here - I cheered on a fellow Broncos fan who passed me on the sidewalk but I've seen Giants fans, Favre fans, and Steelers fans amongst the throngs of Colts and Saints fans. So part of this connection with Buffalo Wild Wings means I get a sneak peek at a few things like Gatorade's journey commerical for the Super Bowl - scope it out of you're interested in the preview. And of course don't forget to come by the Buffalo Wild Wings league site for a recap on last night's event with Trey Wingo and Mark Schlereth!

Rolling with the SB44 updates

Just another reminder to swing by the Buffalo Wild Wings All-Star Blogger League website for my latest updates on the Super Bowl extravaganza. I've been taking a fair number of photos with my real camera (iPhone camera not the greatest) so I'll get some more photos up when I'm back home next week. Today on radio row I saw some fun antics between Jamie Foxx and Michael Strahan...and spotted Andy Rooney, who quite frankly, is hard to miss.

Day 1 in FLA

Just a reminder that I'll be posting updates on my trip down to the Super Bowl over on the Buffalo Wild Wings All-Star Blogger League website . Check it out to see my take on all that's going around over here. Tomorrow looks like it will include another trip to the media center and then down to Miami for both an event hosted by Venus Williams and our event at the Miami Buffalo Wild Wings from 5:30-7:30. Right now I'm taking a breather between the media center and dinner in South Beach by watching the sun sink towards the west from our hotel room. Good times. Here's a quick photo from the back of the media center - I'm pretty sure the only person of any degree of fame here in this photo would be Papa John (in red shirt, back to camera - I know, I've got great photo taking skills). Yup, the papa himself. There was a steady stream of Papa John's pizzas coming in...

Super Bowl, vodka, and 2010 thoughts

Tomorrow morning at this time I'll be on a flight down to Ft. Lauderdale to begin the big Super Bowl weekend trip, courtesy of my win in the Buffalo Wild Wings All-Star Blogger league . Expect to see a decrease in fantasy football articles here over the next week - but a serious uptick in discussions of Super Bowl events. If that isn't your bag, then just duck out for a few days and I'll see you back here next week with lots of offseason analysis. So let's move onto today's links for your last dose of fantasy footballness for the next few days: Let's start this off by talking about the future. I'm enjoying reading FFManiazs' Dynasty Sleepers: Quarterbacks article - check it out for 5 young QBs with big potential. Or take a look at Rotoworld's Top 50 Keepers (plus a little supplement on their Pancake Blocks blog with those Also receiving votes ). Also in a look ahead, FanHouse puts their Man of Intrigue series onto Julian Edelman - if you'

Media Day is here!

My mom just bought a new TV for the Super Bowl, primarily because she's under the impression that she's somehow going to see me during the game. I really appreciate her enthusiasm but am trying to convince her that it's unlikely that the cameras will find me among all the many thousands of other attendees. Instead maybe I can get her in on my twitter bandwagon ...but hey, you've gotta love moms. Speaking of the Super Bowl, scope out the poster for my BWW appearance on Friday with Trey Wingo and now Mark Schlereth, too. Must say I would've liked to see my face on that poster, too, but I'll take my name! If you're in the area and can come by Buffalo Wild Wings in Miami, please do! We'll be giving away prizes and passes to events over the weekend. And just a reminder that I'll be tweeting and then also blogging on the BWW All-Star Blogger website during the Super Bowl weekend and the game itself. Swing by to follow along with my crazy escapades! Mea

Super Bowl week revs up

So you all were glued to the Pro Bowl last night weren't you? I'm interested in seeing how their viewers compared to years past when the Pro Bowl aired post-Super Bowl. Anyone seen those stats? I know ticket sales were up so I imagine this might be a trend we see for awhile. Meanwhile the Super Bowl week hype is building (and not just in my own head!) - I highly recommend following Rotoworld's Gregg Rosenthal on Twitter since he does a great job of updating during the week with interesting nuggets of player and game news. And speaking of Twitter, I'll be blogging and tweeting all throughout my Super Bowl festivities so if you aren't following me on Twitter yet but want to get some news from all the events I hit up, feel free to follow me - promise I'm not a crazy updater with every thought that runs through my mind! Let's get to today's links: If you missed the Pro Bowl, catch up on the highlights - nice work, Matt Schaub - in AFC Victorious over