Saturday, November 29, 2008

Finding a consensus - Week 13

I scoped out all of the start and sit links that I provided this week and put together the below consensus picks, which are listed in no particular order. Remember to always keep the rest of your roster in mind when using this list for lineup decisions. Good luck this week!


Start: Chad Pennington, Matt Ryan, Brett Favre, Trent Edwards
Sit: Matt Cassel, Jason Campbell, Derek Anderson, Jake Delhomme

Start: Warrick Dunn, Larry Johnson, Thomas Jones, Ronnie Brown, Justin Fargas/Darren McFadden
Sit: Steven Jackson, Deuce McAllister, Peyton Hillis, Cedric Benson, Sammy Morris

Start: Roddy White, Hines Ward, Kevin Walter, Lee Evans, Bernard Berrian, Antonio Bryant
Sit: Braylon Edwards, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Chad Johnson, Plaxico Burress (make sure you've seen the latest news on Plax accidentally shooting himself in the leg)

Start: Visanthe Shiancoe, Dustin Keller, Tony Scheffler, Greg Olsen
Sit: Kellen Winslow, Chris Cooley, Jeremy Shockey, Vernon Davis

Start: Rian Lindell, Ryan Longwell, Matt Bryant, Dan Carpenter
Sit: Shaun Suisham, Jeff Reed, Shayne Graham

Start: Ravens, Bills, Dolphins
Sit: Chargers, Panthers, Bucs

Friday, November 28, 2008

Week 13 Start or Sit Links

Wow, I haven't done very much this morning yet - I can hardly believe we're creeping up on noon here and I'm still in my pajamas, enjoying my morning coffee. I love long weekends. So here's today's start/sit links list. I'm guessing I'll get the consensus start/sit compilation up by tomorrow morning at the latest, so stay tuned for that.

And a few other links for this holiday Friday - my latest column from the NYTimes, Fantasy Football: Food for Thought (and I don't think I ever linked to my column this week from the Bruno Boys) and then finally, some playoffs advice from Hatty Waiver Wire Guru.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving thanks for FF advice!

Happy Thanksgiving, fantasy footballers! I'm trying to crank out a post quickly so that I can get back in the kitchen and help my husband make stuffing and an apple pie, our two main Thanksgiving contributions. Unless beer counts as a major contribution, but really, Tgiving isn't that much of a beer holiday (interject my husband's comments that every day could be a beer holiday).

Anyway, here are a handful of links - sorry for the lack of commentary here, but I will be back with more start/sit links tomorrow!

Enjoy the games today!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gobbling up fantasy football links

It's officially dead on campus today. I didn't see a single human this morning as I was crossing campus to get to the library, but I did see a beautiful fox - he was just trotting down the sidewalk and we both kind of stopped when we saw each other, scoping out the other living creature in an otherwise desolate campus. We stared at each other for several seconds, probably each wondering, "what the heck is that fox/human doing here?" and then carried on with our days. I've seen my fair share of wildlife in Boulder - it's fairly routine to see deer while I'm on a run in my neighborhood - but I've never seen anything more than impossibly large squirrels on campus.

Anyway, my desire to actually do work today is exceedingly low and I'd really rather blog about football all day instead. Or get started on that apple pie we're taking to one of our Thanksgiving dinners tomorrow. Yes, we ended up with two Tgiving dinner invitations after my fear of needing to eat a turkey all on my own. Now I have two occasions where I can give thanks to you all, my loyal FFLibrarian readers. Thanks for making this a great season so far and for coming by the blog!

  • Rotoworld has all of the games on Turkey Day (or as I prefer to think of it, Mashed Potato Day) covered here in their Thanksgiving Preview video. By the way, in the league where I just picked up Thigpen and Cassel, I'm with the 35% of you who have voted to keep Cassel in your lineup this week against the Steelers (as noted on Gregg's Goal Line Stand weekly rankings). I was planning on playing Thigpen but had a change of heart over the past few days...
  • Fantasy Sharks' Start/Bench List is up so check it out before you plug in your starters for the three NFL games tomorrow. Another start/sit list out there to look at before the Thursday games is FFToolbox's Week 13: Start 'em - I do like Larry Johnson this week for perhaps the first time all season. If you've got him, now is certainly the time to play him.
  • Fantasy Football Maniaxs are churning out content before the holiday is here - take a look at their Week 13 Dark Horses column for ideas on guys who are likely to have great games this week like Matt Ryan and DeSean Jackson. And I like the moderate expectations for Moore here - as a flex he'd be an excellent play this week.
  • Oh wait, a few more early bird (Tgiving pun intended - ha!) start/sit posts:
  • The Sports Data Hub guys have taken their extremely cool analysis tools and posted an article on which coaches can be relied on, be it home or away, to keep the pass or rush coming. Check it out as you're making start/sit decisions down the stretch.
I should be back at some point tomorrow with more start/sit links - not sure what time, but I'll be posting tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Official bowlers, bird teams and FF advice for Week 13

Yesterday I opened my mailbox to find a copy of U.S. Bowler on top addressed to The Holladay Family (that's us). If you had told me 6 months ago - no, no 3 months ago - that we would be the recipients of U.S. Bowler magazine and that I would actually be somewhat interested in the contents (LeBron James was on the cover and oooh, tips on mastering the mental side of your bowling game), I would have laughed for a long time. I haven't really given a bowling update in awhile but for those interested, I pre-bowled with my team on Saturday since most of them will be out of town for our normal Wednesday league night this week, and I beat my average in 2 of the 3 games. I bowled two strikes in a row and a gutter ball all in the same game so I have some improvements to make still.

As for fantasy football, I lost two pretty close games last night and spent most of the evening willing Donald Driver to do more, and Jeremy Shockey to do less. In some leagues I have just one more game before the playoffs start, in others I have two and I'm still not sure how many playoff appearances I will make...

Remember - there are three games on Thursday so please get your lineups set by game time on Thursday (noon ET, I believe) and keep that in mind if you're in the FFLibrarian's Challenge on Let's get to today's links:

  • Lester's Legends' Get 'em or Don't Sweat 'em offers up a ruling on whether or not Week 12 superstars are worthy of adding to your roster as we go forward into playoffs.
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's Week 13 video has a bunch of spot starters - and keep in mind that sometimes great fantasy defense includes grabbing guys off the waiver wire even if you don't need them (if you have the roster room).
  • FFGeekBlog's The Wire - I like seeing Pierre Thomas on this list since who knows if Reggie Bush will be back in full force next week. I'm going to pat myself on that back a bit here (mostly to feel better for some unfortunate calls I made with my teams this week) and note that in late October on Scott Engel's radio show I called the Pierre Thomas over Aaron Stecker bit. Not that I want Stecker to be on IR of course but Thomas put on a solid show last night and it felt good.
  • Football Jabber previews some of the Thanksgiving Day games in Turkeys, Lions and Cowboys oh my! - last night my husband and I were talking about this whole bird bowl thing with the Cardinals and Eagles playing and I realized that there are an impressive number of teams in the NFL with bird names - include the Falcons, Seahawks and Ravens and there are 5 whole birdy teams. Who knew birds could be that imposing of an animal? Actually, now that I think about it, I take it back since I have indeed been injured by a bird. A bird divebombed into my head when I was running by Lake Michigan in college. Its beak hit at the top of my ponytail and really kind of hurt. I have no clue why that bird just launched itself into my head (did my hair appear to be a nest on a moving target?!) but I confirm that a bird attack hurts.
  • Moving on from birds to KFFL's Sleepers for Week 13 and Busts for Week 13 - as a Scheffler fan I'm of course pleased to see him listed as a sleeper here, thanks to his recent quiet performances and pretty solid matchup against the Jets (tied for the 5th most receptions given up to opposing TEs in the league).
  • I consistently have a hard time remembering to include weekly rankings and projections on here - if this is something really helpful for you guys let me know and I'll focus on them a bit more. In the meantime...
  • If you're looking for some more waiver wire advice, there's quite a bit available. See what these guys have to say:
That's about it for today - I'll be back tomorrow with my normal bevy of links. Safe travels to those who are on the road or in the air over the next few days!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Giving up on McNabb?

I just made a roster move that I might live to regret. Though perhaps not...after watching Donovan McNabb's ridiculously awful numbers put my playoffs position in serious danger, I decided to trade him in for what I hope will be an upgrade. I ditched McNabb and Jerious Norwood and grabbed the QB tandem of Tyler Thigpen and Matt Cassel, both of whom were available on the waiver wire (side note: yes, it's ridiculous that both guys were available but it's a 10-person league with a really small bench...but still). Granted, I probably don't need both of those guys, but with Cassel facing the Steelers next week, I thought I'd get a little Thigpen insurance on the side. But scope out their schedules - both Cassel and Thigpen have sweet matchups down the stretch.

I made this decision in the aftermath of a stunning and painful Broncos loss to the Raiders. I mean seriously, did I really watch that happen? The RAIDERS? Even Raiders fans out there must recognize the absolute ridiculousness of that game. It's possible that post-loss I can't think straight, so if you all think I just made a massive mistake, do let me know.

Two additional thoughts before getting into the links for today:
1. Poor Kevin Kolb; no one should have to jump in by playing the Ravens.
2. I heart Clinton Portis. The man's beastly status just took a leapfrog-style jump up to uber-beast in my book.

Okay, onto today's links:

  • ProFootballWeekly points out that during Week 12 (which isn't even over yet) half of the league was able to put up 27 points or more. Very good for most fantasy owners. Check out their Fantasy Ticker: It's all downhill for Eli for thoughts on sell high/sell low players - not sure how many of you are still within your trading deadline, but this could be helpful even just for fine tuning your roster.
  • More thoughts on players on the rise or decline comes from FFXtreme - Smitty from FFX has been talking about Michael Turner's awesomeness for quite some time now, so I just know that he's loving the multi-TD performance Turner put up yesterday. I, on the otherhand, did not dig it since I was facing Turner in two leagues. Not cool. Especially since it means losing to my husband.
  • And even more similar thoughts from Fantasy Sharks' On the Rise, On the Fall - I am really looking forward to be thankful for Chris Johnson's run game against the Lions on Thursday...though LenDale's recent disgruntled comments have me both concerned and amused about his status.
  • Now onto waiver wire info - a couple to check out:
  • Finally, for those of you with 2009 on the mind, check out Gregg Rosenthal's ranking of the rookie receivers, which might be of interest for those in dynasty/keeper leagues.
That's about it from a really, really quiet college campus - just seems odd to come to work at the library when students are on break. And don't worry, I'm not traveling anywhere for the holidays so my posts should be timely and frequent!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Week 12 Consensus Start/Sit

Okay, here we go - the Week 12 consensus start/sit picks are below in no particular order and are based on the many start or sit sites that I've linked to over the past couple of days.


Start: Kyle Orton, Tony Romo, Eli Manning, Brady Quinn, Aaron Rodgers
Sit: Matt Ryan, Donovan McNabb, Philip Rivers, Matt Hasselbeck

Start: Warrick Dunn, Peyton Hillis, Derrick Ward, Marshawn Lynch
Sit: Kevin Smith, Tim Hightower, BenJarvus Green-Ellis/Sammy Morris, Chris Johnson

Start: Santana Moss, Terrell Owens, Donnie Avery
Sit: Chris Chambers, Laveranues Coles, Marques Colston

Start: Dallas Clark, Bo Scaife, Dustin Keller, Todd Heap, Zach Miller
Sit: John Carlson, L.J. Smith, Vernon Davis

Start: Nick Folk, Robbie Gould, Shaun Suisham
Sit: Jay Feely, John Kasay

Start: Bears, Bucs, Cowboys
Sit: Chargers, Cardinals, Jets

I forgot to mention this before it happened, but I was on RotoExperts' Sports Smack radio show tonight - here's a link and I come in around minute 15 or so to talk about my blog.

Finally, a couple of IDP links - my apologies for not focusing on IDPs more lately but better late than never! And I'm always looking for more IDP sites, so send 'em on over if you've got a favorite you don't see here.

Moving to a cubicle world - plus start/sit for Week 12

As I think I mentioned awhile back, the library that I work in (yes, I seriously am a librarian for those of you who are new to the blog) is under a massive construction project that will transform two floors of the library. There has been a solid amount of chaos, noise, dust, and destruction right outside my office for the past 4 months, but today I am moving to a new office - I will soon be ensconced in a cubicle, though one that has glass walls looking out over the flatiron mountains of Boulder - in fact, here's my new view to the left (thanks to my coworker Alison for the great photo). Beautiful, no? So today is sure to be a busy one since I am somehow the point person in my department for this move. This means I might not get the consensus start/sit list compiled until tonight or tomorrow but don't worry, it will be posted. In the meantime, enjoy the list of start or sit links below and check out my post from yesterday for several others.

Also, a few other links for you today including my Fifth Down column for the Times - Fantasy Football: The Surprises Never Cease and Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's latest video - Playoff Run Week 12.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Looking for a fireplace and more start/sit links

It is 40 degrees colder in Boulder today than it was on Tuesday - I love the wacky weather here but there was a thick layer of ice on our car this morning. Normally this is not a big deal since we take the bus to work but my husband was off to the airport for a conference, so there was some serious ice scrapping going on to get him on the road on time. I'm just glad he's not trying to fly into the Cleveland or Buffalo areas - looks like you guys are getting hit by a pretty big storm today.

Anyway, enough talk about weather (though I could certainly keep it up for a long time) - there are lots of links to get to today...

  • First, thanks to Chris for sending this link my way - check out's NFL Stats section for some helpful stats details. I particularly like the rushing and passing yards allowed per game options - and being able to compare the season vs the past three games as well as home vs away. Very helpful.
  • Some of you might be seeing the sad end of your fantasy season approaching and are already perhaps thinking ahead to 2009. Well Mr. X's The Fire Sale: Getting with the Program from Sports Grumblings has some amusing opinions on the types of leagues that too outdated for you to be playing anymore. I particularly agree with you on the IDP front, Mr. X.
  • If you still haven't figured out which guys to grab off the waiver, here's some late week advice from the Fantasy Sports Forum's Get 'em While They're Hot.
  • Some start and sit links are already up, though remember to check back tomorrow if you want the rest of the list - and I promise to do the consensus start/sit picks this week!
  • My weekly column for the Bruno Boys is up: FFL - Late Season Surprises though note that since I wrote the post I've seen reports that Mark Bradley is injured, not seriously, but it's something to keep an eye on.
  • FFManiaxs' Week 12 Dark Horses gives reasons why Matt Cassel should be in your lineup this week, along with other guys like Jonathan Stewart and Steve Breaston.
Enjoy the game tonight!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finding a tiny turkey & waiver advice

I just started off my morning by reading Matthew Berry's TMR: Mission Possible, which led to several chuckles, which in turn has put me in a pretty good mood. If you dig Berry's sense of humor, start your morning off right and take a look at his article from last night.

So my husband and I don't have any Thanksgiving Day plans yet (other than watching an ungodly amount of football) since we don't travel back east to see family (especially this year with my ridiculous travel schedule) and our other regular fellow Tgiving revelers will all be out of town. Right now it's looking like it'll be a 2-person, 2-cat Thanksgiving at our place...totally fine except my husband is a vegetarian (Boulder finally got to him). Do I make an entire turkey for myself or can we actually celebrate Thanksgiving without any turkey at all?? That seems sacrilegious. Another issue is that I'm not really a turkey leftovers kind of girl - so I can't even claim to enjoy that turkey for anything longer than one single day. I think I'm in the market for the world's tiniest turkey...

Onto the links for today:

  • There are still quite a few excellent waiver wire articles out there in case you haven't staked your free agent claim yet:
  • Fantasy Sharks' Start/Bench list is up for your review - I was a Delhomme believer for the latter half of the season but he isn't proving me correct, even after an unbelievably easy matchup with the Lions. Time to look elsewhere perhaps, like say Jason Campbell who should have smooth sailing this week against Seattle.
  • ProFootballWeekly's Week 12 Matchups to Exploit or Avoid - I just read this morning that my fellow Northwestern alum, Noah Herron, has been added to the Bucs backfield. Herron has been able to put up some decent yardage in the past so while I don't think he's a real fantasy contender for anyone except the very deepest of leagues, I do think he detracts a bit from Dunn's value.
  • FFToolbox's Week 12: Sleepers of the Week is heavy on the QBs, which is great for those who have been struggling all season to find the right QB. I have to admit that Quinn makes me nervous - I feel like he's still a bit of an unknown commodity, but he does have a pretty excellent matchup this week if you're feeling like taking a Quinn gamble.
  • I love KFFL's weekly Fantasy Football on Target article - if you haven't had a chance to review every game but are wondering which WRs are getting lots of looks, check out this article. Great analysis.
  • And finally one last waiver wire article from Accuscore but the format is spiced up a bit and definitely worthy of singling out - instead of just presenting a list of guys you might want to snag, Tim Williams has compared his list of waiver options using the AccuScore simulations for the rest of the season. Once again AccuScore reminds me of what a powerful tool their simulator is - love it. Here's a vote for the new waiver format!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Run up to the playoffs

Judging by my inbox there are a lot of anxious fantasy footballers out there. With the playoffs coming up I know many of you are trying to seal the deal and finalize your spot - or squeak by in a couple of last minute wins to make your way in. So here's to a hearty amount of research this week - I expect to get lots of links up over the next few days.

  • Waiver wire advice abounds - I put a handful of waiver wire links up yesterday but there are several more available today. Let's start with KFFL's Waiver Wire - Week 12 post. The emergence of JJ Arrington is making me nervous as a Hightower owner. I definitely recommended that one of the groomsmen at my sister's wedding start Hightower this week (Steve, here's hoping you didn't listen to me) and he hardly had a great showing at all against a fairly lax Seattle D. Hmpf.
  • More waiver wire suggestions from CBS' Waiver Wire: Head for the Hillis! I of course appreciate the Broncos love here (hey, a Broncos RB that has made it through multiple weeks without injury!) and there are several other solid recommendations here, too. Also scope out the's Fantasy waiver wire video, which is about 3 minutes of waiver advice. And a final waiver wire link comes from Rotoworld's Waiver Wired: Earnest goes to...IR?
  • One of my favorite articles from this week already is a Week 12-14 QB cheat sheet of sorts for fantasy footballers from The Hazean - By the numbers: Hitch your playoffs hopes to these nine quarterbacks. If you're one of the unlucky who has been plagued by QB injuries this season and are playing QBs by matchup, definitely take a look to see which QBs might help secure a playoffs spot for you.
  • However if you're completely out of the playoffs but don't want to stop playing FF this season, take a look at RotoHog's Second Chance League as noted by the FFGoat.
  • The first start/sit list I've seen this week is up - the FFManiaxs are at it with their Week 12 Start/Sit list. With the Bucs facing the Lions this week I can see why Warrick Dunn is their start of the week. I'm not feeling nearly as confident as they are though about Caddy even as a deep flier.
As the playoffs approach, don't forget that there are awesome tools out there like FFToday's Strength of Schedule matrix that might help you make some lineup decisions - or even figure out which random guy off of waivers might actually give you some points this week.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Prep for Week 12

Greetings from Boston, fantasy footballers. I just spent the weekend in Vermont for my sister's wedding and am headed back to Colorado this afternoon after a brief stop in Beantown. I had an incredible time this weekend - there was a lot of laughter, beer pong (groom and father of the groom made quite a team) and dancing (including a mother of two small children doing the worm on the dance floor). I am a little sad that after all my travels this fall to celebrate various events for the wedding, and yes, even after all my angst over what I would say in my toast, that the wedding has now come and gone. I guess this just means I can focus on fantasy football even more now...

I was hanging out with family and then was on the road from Vermont to Boston during much of yesterday's games, so once again I missed some of the games and have been scoping out fantasy stats this morning. One great place for just a quick stats recap is Dr U Fantasy Football Guru's Fantasy Studs/Duds Week 11. I'm kicking myself for leaving Jonathan Stewart on my bench rather than my flex spot, but I just didn't believe he was going to do a whole lot with his recent injury and Williams' production - lesson learned: always start your talented RBs against Detroit.

There are a handful of waiver wire links up already, so take a look if you're still trying to tweak your team to get the right lineup heading into the end of the FF season:

  • FanHouse's Waiver Wire Wonders - did you notice Justin Gage's incredible numbers? Of course you did. Grab him if you need a WR though I agree with FanHouse that he's probably not reliable enough to start on a weekly basis.
  • FootballDocs' Waiver Wire Week 12 Pick-up/Drop Advice - the Docs rightly recommend three QBs that might just be available in your league: Collins, Culpepper and Hill. These aren't guys that you'll be proud to start most likely but based on their recent stats, you could certainly do worse.
  • Fantasy Football Xtreme's Week 12 - On the Rise & On the Decline reviews several players that you're going to want to focus on this week, like say Ray Rice with McGahee leaving the game in the third quarter. Though apparently McGahee could have returned but the Ravens just wanted to be cautious.
  •'s waiver advice in Dunn, Keller among fantasy players to target for Week 12 includes the Denver defense on their list for next week. Umm, what? I mean I love my Broncos and I realize that the Oakland offense is just awful and opposing defenses are putting up crazy fantasy numbers...but seriously, I hope you have a better defense than the Broncos to play this week. But if you are considering playing the Broncos D/ST, make sure Champ Bailey is back before making them active on your team.
Enjoy the game tonight!

Friday, November 14, 2008

This is how I'd roll on the east coast, baby!

It's amazing how much earlier in the day my posts would go up if I lived on the east coast. I know, sorry to be Captain Obvious on that one, but I'm in a lovely B&B in Waitsfield, VT, getting this post wrapped up before the wedding festivities begin today, and noticing how ridiculously early my laptop thinks it is (it's still on mountain time). But that comes with a small catch - a handful of my regular start/sit sites haven't posted yet. Don't worry - most have!

I'll try to make it back later today or tomorrow with a consensus start/sit list and even IDP links - but with my sister's wedding going on I might not have as much time as usual. Thanks for all the well wishers on that toast I'm writing,'s coming along pretty well!

And one last note, here's my Fifth Down column for the week where I've got an open call for help on one of my start or sit questions - A Librarian Could Use Your Help: Norwood or Rhodes? I mean really, WWFFLRD (What Would Fantasy Football Librarian Readers Do)?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Week 11 Links and a bowling groove

Well I performed moderately well at bowling tonight - certainly didn't knock any one's socks off and an old man even kind of made fun of me at one point (though he also high-fived me on multiple occasions), but I feel like I've got my bowling groove back a bit. Should I have called this post "How the FFL got her groove back?"

As I mentioned earlier today, I probably won't get a chance to blog tomorrow so here are a few more articles to help you through the FFL Thursday drought.

Bowling, pickup lines and football advice - what could be better?

I head back to bowling tonight after taking last week off with that cold I had...can I redeem myself from my recent poor performance on the alley and pull an MJD-like move and bowl the equivalent of 3 TDs? Or will I remain stuck in my rut much like one Joseph Addai? Wish me luck tonight.

So I'm going to try and post twice today since I will be traveling for almost the entire day tomorrow - fly to Boston and then drive the rental car up to Vermont in time to catch dinner with the family and the Thursday night game. I'm not really sure where the blog posting will fit in, so brace yourselves for a post-free day. But I'll do my best! And another great place to check is the Fantasy Football Daily Planner from Fantasy Sports Central. I think I'm on there every day making sure I've seen everything they link to and they catch a lot of great stuff.

Your first dose of links for the day is as follows...

  • FFManiaxs' Week 11 Waiver Wire article is up for those who haven't put in their waiver claims yet - take a look for last minute advice. Or just for some guys you might want to stash on your way to the playoffs.
  • One of you was asking about playing Joe Flacco as your QB2 (if I haven't answered your waiver or start/sit question yet, you'll hear from me soon!) - if that was you, you've got the RotoExperts on your side. Scope out their Waiver Wire Tips, The Pickup Artist for your weekly dose of pickup lines and quality waiver advice.
  • The good stuff from the RotoExperts doesn't stop there though - if you haven't seen their in-season player rankings yet, it could be a useful tool for trades and lineup decisions.
  • Could you sit Tony Romo for Tyler Thigpen this week? See what The Talented Mr. Roto has to say about that and which pickups he'd recommend for the week - I'm totally on the Mark Bradley train right now, by the way.
  • Fantasy Sharks' Start/Bench List is already up for the week - I love these early birds. Sometimes you can't wait until Friday for your start/sit advice (particularly with those pesky Thursday games) and that's when the Sharks are ready and waiting to help.
  • Wondering which guys are going to turn it on for the stretch? I talk about a few in my weekly column for the Bruno Boys which will go up later today but SportingNews' Week 11 Rankings: Six studs for the stretch run lists a lot of guys I really like (Colston, you're back, I've missed you!), so definitely take a look.
  • Pigskin Addiction has their Start/Bench - Week 11 up - QBs, RBs and WRs
  • Finally, I know some of you follow along with my Fifth Down column every Friday where I mention my team where my lineup decisions are entirely made on the FFNerd's advice (except for one week where I went rogue, which ended in disaster). One of you asked what my actual record in that league is - it's 6-4 and I'm poised for the playoffs if I can just keep this up. But the competition is stiff - if you're curious, get the latest on that Blogger league by reading The Hazean's weekly updates which includes point totals and standings.
All for now but I do hope to be back later today with more links and advice!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A toast to the happy fantasy owner

Okay, $100 to whomever can craft the best maid of honor toast for me. Kidding but only sort of. We leave at the crack of dawn on Thursday to make our way to Waitsfield, Vermont, for my sister's wedding and I am running out of time to write my toast here...I think I've gone through 3 or 4 iterations of the toast in my head, none of which seem quite right. So I'll try to stay focused on fantasy football this week but I have all sorts of wedding-related things running through my head right now. I am also kind of excited that I'll actually be in New England when the Patriots and Jets play on Thursday night (subtle reminder to get your lineup set for those guys) - perhaps I can find a local bar to watch the game at that night.

Onto today's links:

  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's Week 11 video - I'm intrigued by the Ryan Moats suggestion here. Granted, Hatty is just recommending we keep an eye on the guy but I'm just not sold on him nor do I have a bench deep enough to warrant adding this guy. Though perhaps some of you desperate for RB help could use some Moats help...
  • KFFL's FF Waiver Wire - Week 11 includes a little love for Peyton Hillis. I think before long the Broncos are going to call me up and ask me to suit up for them in case Hillis goes down, too. I mean this is ridiculous.
  • The FFManiaxs already have their Week 11 Start/Sit suggestions up, which seems more and more appropriate with the Thursday games forcing fantasy owners to get their lineups set several days earlier than usual. Note that they mention Houston has been giving up 25 fantasy points to opposing RBs, making Addai a strong start. I think Rhodes might also be a decent flex play or RB3 depending on your roster.
  • More waiver wire advice coming at you from FanHouse's Waiver Wire Wonders, Week 10: Get your gamble on, Boss. Throughout the season I've enjoyed little waiver wire reminders that Cadillac will indeed be back on the scene this season...I'm not that interested and don't think you should be either - but if you're in need, desperate times call for desperate measures.
  • While I was watching a small sliver of the Chargers v KC game on Sunday, I once again was impressed with Malcolm Floyd. If you've got some WR angst take a look at Floyd, who according to Fox Sports' Top 10 Waiver Claims: Week 11, is still available at least in a lot of Fox leagues.
  • The final waiver wire article for the day comes from CBS Sports - Waiver Wire: Means to a tight end. If you're in need of a TE, definitely take a look at this article for some inspiration for the coming weeks. There's also quality waiver advice at other positions, too.
  • FFToday's weekly waiver wire article, Through the Wire, isn't up quite yet but I must give a little kudos to the author, Antonio, who gave me personalized advice last week to start Norwood over Ward. Great suggestion, Antonio, but now I'm going to pester you for the rest of the season about my low-level RB decisions...
Finally, you might notice a few changes on FFLibrarian over the next week or so. I'm becoming part of the Fantasy Players Network, which is a great group of fantasy sports sites, and will lead to some cool stuff on here like player photos. It also might mean an ad or two will be more prominent (I think you all can handle that) but you'll also be able to search the network for fantasy info, which this librarian totally digs. So keep your eyes open for changes and feel free to let me know if anything isn't working for you.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Start the Week with Waiver Advice

So I actually had non-football related plans yesterday - can you believe it? A Sunday with social engagements that had nothing to do with football?! Outrageous. The end result of hanging out with friends on a Sunday means that I didn't catch quite a few of the games yesterday. I'm scoping out Football Outsider's Audibles at the Line: Week 10 since it's probably my favorite game recap out there. If you also found yourself doing non-football activities and need an update, check it out.

In other fantasy news, if Frank Gore goes for 29 or fewer points tonight I will have triumphed over my nemesis. Couldn't be happier about that but I'm aware that every once in awhile Gore just goes off and puts up crazy numbers. Cardinals defense, please don't let that happen tonight.

Onto some waiver wire links and other helpful advice to get your team in top shape for the playoffs:

  • Fantasy Sharks' On the Rise, On the Fall - the Sharks and I both called the Delhomme disaster...things were rough out there for the Carolina QB. Don't fret though, Delhomme owners, I think everything will get sorted out and he'll be a solid start against Detroit next weekend.
  • The Goat has some great suggestions in FF Sleeper and Waiver Wire Watch Week 11 - I'm liking the Thigpen call here. I was thinking Thigpen was just a temporary measure for desperate fantasy owners with the nice matchup against SD's weak pass defense yesterday, but the Goat points out that KC has a pretty sweet schedule for the next few weeks. Maybe it's time to start considering Thigpen as an every week kind of guy?
  • offers up ten players that you might want to target off the waiver wire in Thipgpen continues to shine for Chiefs; Hasselbeck set to return. No offense Matt Hasselbeck, but I have no interest in starting you in any fantasy league for several more weeks. I'd like a little proof that everything is running like a well-oiled machine first.
  • The Bruno Boys have the first of a two part list of all the waiver wire guys that are worth picking up - FF Week 10 Waiver Wire (Midseason Recap - Part 1).
  • Looking for a new football news source? Considering you're here getting fantasy advice from a librarian, why not try Football news from a chick - and oh yeah, that title is trademarked. The site is updated multiple times a day with fairly in depth news.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday Morning Updates - Week 10

I have a buddy in one of my fantasy football leagues that's from Dublin, Ohio, and therefore a major Ohio State fan. I am not an Ohio State fan. At all. So when Joe and I played against each other in FF a few weeks ago we made a little bet that the loser would have to wear the other's teams colors/gear for yesterday's Northwestern v Ohio State game. I soundly defeated him in FF so he showed up at our place yesterday in purple - only to have the Buckeyes pummel my Wildcats. I have to say for the first quarter I had hope that Northwestern might make a game of it; they did not and the end result was a 45-10 loss for Northwestern. Bummer.

So I'm licking my wounds this morning and trying to sharpen all of my fantasy teams before go-time. If you are, too, here are some last minute articles that might give you that edge.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Get your Week 10 consensus here

Below you'll find the players with the most start or sit votes from all of the many start or sit links I've posted this week - names are listed in no particular order:


Start: Aaron Rodgers, David Garrard, Chad Pennington, Matt Ryan
Sit: Sage Rosenfels, Donovan McNabb, Gus Frerotte, Rex Grossman, Ben Roethlisberger

Start: Maurice Jones-Drew, Tim Hightower, DeAngelo Williams, Thomas Jones
Sit: Ryan Grant, Matt Forte, Joseph Addai, Steve Slaton

Start: Marques Colston, Dwayne Bowe, Matt Jones
Sit: Hines Ward, DeSean Jackson, Bernard Berrian

Start: Tony Gonzalez, Bo Scaife, Marcedes Lewis, Kevin Boss (also had several sit votes as well)
Sit: John Carlson, Brent Celek, Vernon Davis

Start: Dan Carpenter, Jeff Reed, Jason Elam
Sit: David Akers, Rian Lindell, Robbie Gould

Start: Panthers, Dolphins, Chargers, Cardinals
Sit: Bears, Falcons, Giants

Finally, a few more links for the day:

  • Fantasy Sports Forum's Trade Deadline Decisions: Planning for the Playoffs - I know a lot of you are considering trades and this is a great guide for teams with easier or harder schedules.
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's Bye Week Blues video - Hatty's last bye week video is up - he's got more tricks up his sleeve for next week though, don't worry...
  • A start or sit link that didn't make it into my post this morning - ProFootballWeekly's Start or Sit.

Week 10 Start or Sit Links

This weekend I play my nemesis in one of my fantasy football leagues. Yes, I actually have a nemesis (I still can't decide if I should feel proud or ashamed about that...). And I need to bring my A-game in a serious way. Fortunately Jay Cutler's career-best 447 yards last night have given me a great start. So here's to beating my nemesis!

Also take a look at my post for the Times' Fifth Down blog, Fantasy Football Quarterback Quandaries if you get a chance. I'll be back later today with the consensus start/sit list!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Finding the fantasy rose

As I think I've mentioned before my husband is finishing up his PhD this year so he's spending basically every waking moment (and probably some less than conscious moments, too) working on his job applications and the final chapters of his dissertation. I think each milestone deserves a celebration so after he finished one more chunk of his dissertation last night, we went out to grab some beer at our local liquor store. We walked out with a six-pack and 30 roses. It's highly unclear why but the guys who worked at the liquor store insisted on giving us the flowers (or why there were flowers in a liquor store in the first place - is this common?) but frankly, who am I to say no to roses? Sometimes the most unexpected lovely things happen. Not sure I have a segue from that to fantasy football but I could really stretch it and say go check the start/sit links to find out which players will be the roses to your fantasy weekend. How did that work? Yeah, didn't think so. So I'll just jump right over to football.

  • My column for the Bruno Boys went up yesterday afternoon - Second Half Players to Avoid - with my thoughts on which kind of hot waiver wire additions aren't really worth picking up.
  • RotoExperts' Start and Sit: Week Ten is up with a bunch of high quality recommendations except I'm not sure I agree with the sit Frerotte call. Of course this always depends on who else you have but I think having Sidney Rice back is a nice addition for Frerotte who may actually end the day with a decent game. It's not going to be a massive night or anything for him but with all of the injured QBs right now, you could do far worse than Frerotte.
  • I'm completely on board with The Goat's start predictions in his BIGTIME FF Start 'em Sit 'em and Sleeper Picks Week 10 post - this is going to be a Carolina RB owner's dream weekend. They'll have more time of possession than Nate Newton.
  • Brady Quinn doesn't eat grandma's cookies - he "fake eats them" which is why the Broncos are just going to annihilate him tonight. Oh yeah. Get the scoop on Quinn and tonight's game in Rotoworld's Fantasy Fix video.
  • For those of you looking for projections for the week, scope out FFToday's projections by position. I just get such a kick out of seeing Thigpen listed as the #2 QB for the week. But it's a great call since the San Diego defense hasn't given up less than 200 passing yards in a game so far this season and in general can be thoroughly beat in the air.
  • And finally a few more starts and sits for you:
Finally, as I mentioned yesterday I'll be back on Westwood One's Fantasy Football Forecast with Tommy Tighe and Jim Fassel this weekend. The show airs tonight at 10:00 PM eastern and then again about 10 different times throughout the weekend - or you can listen to the show here after it airs tonight.

Enjoy the game tonight and GO BRONCOS!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Filling QB holes and other fantasy links

Happy the-election-is-finally-over day - and congrats to those that are (gleefully) happy with the results. Now that the election is behind us we can all focus our energy entirely on fantasy football, right? What a relief. All that time you might have spent trying to convince your loved ones or strangers to vote a certain way can now go towards fantasy football research. Teams everywhere are about to get 10 times better. Unless you abhor politics and have just been kicking fantasy butt all along.

Anyway, a couple of things before we get into this week's links. This week I'll be doing another Westwood One radio segment that will be airing tomorrow night and then throughout the weekend. I know the last time I was on Westwood One, my buddy the FFGoat woke up one morning in time to hear me talking about QB decisions with Tommy Tighe, which is exactly what I'll be doing again this week. With my awesome congested voice. Which leads me to my second point - I am feeling better. Again, thank you all for your concern and healthy wishes.

Now to links...

  • Fantasy Sharks' Start/Bench List is up - sage advice on the Delhomme front; I've been plugging Delhomme for several weeks now but against a relatively stout Oakland pass defense (though really, can "stout" and "Oakland" really be used in the same sentence?) and a matchup that might just put the Panthers way, way ahead early on, Delhomme might not be the greatest QB option.
  • Another start/sit list is up, this one from Pigskin Addiction. Here are the QBs, RBs and WRs.
  • If you're one of the many unlucky fantasy owners out there whose QB has become injured - or maybe even many of your QBs have been injured by now - take a look at's Week 10 Rankings: Coping with QB Change, Part II. As these guys point out, nearly half the league has been forced to use more than one starting QB this season. That's just QB insanity.
  • And it's no surprise then that's weekly waiver advice Charles has added fantasy value; Rosenfels could be an asset is heavy on the QB suggestions.
  • ProFootballWeekly's Week 10 Matchups to Exploit or Avoid - I'm totally on the Carolina running back train here. I mean honestly think about the total havoc that backs can cause against Oakland. I've been sitting Stewart lately but am definitely plugging him back in as my flex spot this week. If you've got Williams I hope you're chomping at the bit over this matchup.
  • FFToolbox's Week 10: Start 'em list is full of good advice. I must say that I'm becoming more and more of a Derrick Mason fan - he's not only targeted a lot but he actually catches a lot of those targets. What could be better?
I'll be back tomorrow with more start/sit articles and advice for the Thursday night game.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Waivering all day long

Silver lining to being sick? More links for you all. I mean there's only so many times I can stand to see repeat coverage of the candidates voting this morning and only so many episodes of House that I can take in during one day. And to top it off, there are just so many more excellent articles to link to today that I'm just going to keep the waiver party going here...

  • FFToday's Through the Wire - I love this waiver wire article. If you limit yourself to just one waiver piece, Through the Wire should be it. Now a guy I didn't see listed here is Derrick Ward and I would love to have Antonio's opinion on that guy since I'm debating between Ward and Norwood for Week 10. Yes, I realize the crappiness of my options, but that's how the fantasy cookie crumbles.
  • Don't discount the rest of the awesome waiver wire articles though, like's Wire tap: Charles in charge. So I'm going to admit that I'm pretty hesitant about picking up Ray Rice. I can't put my finger on why exactly, other than the rise of LeRon earlier this season and existence of Willis, but I feel like there could be a lot of ups and downs with Rice for the rest of the season. I think next season is really when Rice's value will become obvious but by all means, grab the guy if you've got a hole to plug - just be prepared for an unreliable RB.
  • Rotoworld's Waiver Wired: Quarterback Quandries - In his article here Chris Wesseling confesses to being a charter member of the Byron Leftwich fan club and really after his performance last night who doesn't love the guy? Other than Big Ben owners of course.
  • Lester's Legends Bye Week Alternatives - Week 10 is just what the doctor ordered if you've got some slots to fill from this final bye week.
  • Finally, more waiver wire advice from the Fantasy Sharks' Week Ten Waiver Wire Pickups - I'm seeing JJ Arrington all over waiver wire articles. It seems to me that benching the Edge might have been done to encourage the guy a bit, no? Maybe not, I'm hardly an expert in the ways of encouraging the Edge but I mean a total and complete lack of Edgerrin James last week doesn't add up. I think Hightower is certainly the man to have in Arizona but I would wager that the Edge will be back on the scene with a handful of carries - in addition to Arrington. And therefore Arrington and Edge both become rather unfantasy worthy. It's just a guess, but it's something to think about before you start snagging Arrington in every league for your RB3 or flex spot.
Enjoy your evening watching the election returns or whatever else it is you like to do on Election Day.

Feverish fantasy on election day

Two amazing fantasy football things happened to me last night: 1. I went 7-0 in my leagues for Week 9 and 2. I beat my husband. I am nearly incapable of beating him - last year was the first time in four years (and three leagues) that I beat him and it was magnificent. For me. So beating him for the second time ever last night was pretty rad. Unfortunately I was just lying on our couch with a fever trying to figure out how many layers of skin I had removed with my constant nose-blowing. It's no fun being sick but at least I had MNF to watch - and today I've got election coverage to keep me entertained (and yes, this DC area native actually finds constant election news entertaining). All I have to say is thank goodness for early voting or else I'd be infecting the town of Boulder with my germs right now.

Anyway, moving on from my cold (and you guys are awesome - thank you for the well wishes you've e-mailed my way), let's get to the fantasy links for the day.

  • If you haven't scoped out Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's videos yet, take a look at his waiver wire advice for Week 10. I believe that Hatty is cranking out some new videos soon with suggestions for the playoffs, which I know a lot of you would be psyched to listen to - I'll be sure to get those links up if/when he gets them posted.
  • Speaking of playoffs advice, the Fantasy Hulks have taken a look at QBs and RBs with favorable schedules and not-so-favorable schedules. Take a look if you're trying to shore up any holes going into the playoffs.
  • But back to waiver wire advice - check out the FFGeekBlog's The Wire: Waiver Wire Pickups for Week 10, 2008. In case you missed any of Week 9's injuries or shake ups, the Geeks have you covered here.
  • KFFL has both sleepers and busts up for Week 10 - the undefeated Titans meet the Bears next and I know plenty of people who that the Orton-led Bears might be able to bring the Titans their first loss. I would temper expectations big time for Forte and really all Bears. Grossman didn't look bad on Sunday but I'm not particularly eager to gamble on the Bears' matchup in Week 10.
  • The FFManiaxs already have their IDP start/sit up for Week 10 and Chris Long is included in their starts. (update: what I'm about to say has nothing to do with Chris Long, but Jake Long. I will blame this on my cold medicine but really it might just be my inability to separate them in my mind despite their different positions, teams, etc. Thanks for the reminder, smarty pants in the comments section.) Our seats at the Dolphins v Broncos game on Sunday were right behind the Miami bench and oh my goodness, Jake Long is massive. He's just a total beast. Chris Long isn't too shabby either.
  • Now if you're in a dynasty/keeper league you won't want to miss The Hazean's By the numbers: 12 players to stash for next year. I'm happy as a clam with Hightower on my roster in my dynasty league and am wondering if I should make a move for Brady Quinn now, too. I'm not 100% convinced about Quinn so if any of you have strong feelings, I'd love to hear them.
  • Finally, you basically can't go wrong with reading a Gregg Rosenthal column on Rotoworld and his The Morning After: Few Guarantees is a solid read for thoughts on which of your players should be lauded for their consistency and which shouldn't (MJD, I'm talking about you).
Enjoy election day - and don't forget, this is a short week!! The Broncos play the Browns on Thursday night. More on that soon as start/sit posts for that game will be coming up before you know it. Ahh, NFL on a Thursday. Love it.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Broncos bummer and fantasy news

There are few things worse than watching in person as your team's game-winning 77-yard touchdown pass gets called back on a bogus pass-interference call. I understand that every team has their fair share of crappy calls go for and against them and that the Broncos have benefited from bad calls earlier in the season, but seeing Marshall's catch get withdrawn was devastating. The Broncos weren't playing well enough to deserve to win the game whatsoever but it still was a sad, sad play. I should confess at this point that during the game I came down with the start of a cold, which is now completely full-blown to the point that a coworker just told me that I looked far worse than my usual post-football tiredness. Sweet. So I think I'm adding a little dash of cold grumpiness into everything I do this morning, meaning I'm extra frustrated about the Broncos loss. And frankly, I shouldn't be grumpy at all since - get this - I might go 7-0 in my fantasy leagues this week. That would be phenomenal.

So while I was watching my Broncos go down in flames, I did notice that "running back" Peyton Hillis had a great game for the Broncos and was wondering how many waiver wire articles he might show up on. So far, one (see below). Perhaps the fact that he didn't actually run the ball at all but had 7 catches for 116 yards means that FF experts don't really know what to do with him. And I'm sure there's some one-week wonder fear here - but I'm still surprised he's not listed more frequently as someone to keep an eye on...

But there are plenty of other waiver wire options, so read on:

  • FanHouse's Waiver Wire Wonders: Week Nine - I cannot believe what I'm seeing with Cedric Benson.
  • The FFGoat's Sleeper and Waiver Wire Watch Week 10 has more suggestions than usual as several players went down with injuries yesterday. Unfortunately I called Kyle Orton my sure thing on the radio on Sunday morning - and look what happened to the poor guy. I'm not declaring anyone else a sure thing for a long, long time.
  • Speaking of the radio show, I was interviewed by Marc from the Bruno Boys and here's the Bruno Boys' Fantasy Football Week 9 Waiver Wire (Who to Dump?) article for the week. Unlike most waiver wire articles, this piece notes the players that you can get rid of, banish from your roster and gleefully open up room for say, the Peyton Hillises of the world.
  • My first Peyton Hillis sighting comes from the FootballDocs (I promise to stop with the Hillis thing soon - but he just played really well yesterday) who suggest picking him up precisely because of crazy Shanahan's fickle ways. And the lack of healthy and productive backs in Denver right now.
  • FFXtreme's Week 10 - On the Rise & On the Decline is short and sweet this week but there are plenty of guys on their watch list including Ray Rice, Jamaal Charles and Koren Robinson.
  • This one isn't a waiver wire article, but a reminder about how much the weather can affect fantasy football. As we veer towards the start of winter, the FFManiaxs take a look at How Weather Affects Fantasy Football. I can't wait to see the first game played in extreme snow.
Now I'm off to go find ways to increase my immune system so that I won't get sick again for many, many months. Oh and keep my fingers crossed about that 7-0 record for the week...

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday Morning Updates

In about 30 minutes I'll be live on blogtalkradio with the Fantasy Gridiron guys talking a little bit about the FFLibrarian. I don't think I'll be doing a ton of start or sit advice but if you're free, check out the show which runs from 10 to 11 eastern time.

In other Sunday morning news, check out Rotoworld's Last Minute Decisions: Addai on His Way Back or KFFL's Sunday Morning Report to stay hip to the latest fantasy news.

I'm off to see the Broncos game later today and am relishing my Northwestern Wildcats' tremendous last second win against Minnesota yesterday. Enjoy the games today!