Friday, November 14, 2008

This is how I'd roll on the east coast, baby!

It's amazing how much earlier in the day my posts would go up if I lived on the east coast. I know, sorry to be Captain Obvious on that one, but I'm in a lovely B&B in Waitsfield, VT, getting this post wrapped up before the wedding festivities begin today, and noticing how ridiculously early my laptop thinks it is (it's still on mountain time). But that comes with a small catch - a handful of my regular start/sit sites haven't posted yet. Don't worry - most have!

I'll try to make it back later today or tomorrow with a consensus start/sit list and even IDP links - but with my sister's wedding going on I might not have as much time as usual. Thanks for all the well wishers on that toast I'm writing,'s coming along pretty well!

And one last note, here's my Fifth Down column for the week where I've got an open call for help on one of my start or sit questions - A Librarian Could Use Your Help: Norwood or Rhodes? I mean really, WWFFLRD (What Would Fantasy Football Librarian Readers Do)?


Anonymous said...

Hey hey! FFLibrarian is at #8 in the NBC $100k Challenge!

Anonymous said...

Got any thing to console me for leaving Matt Cassel (or was that Tom Brady? I'm still not sure) on the bench?

Anonymous said...

your cbs sports start/sit link goes to last week...peace.

Anonymous said...

What do you think: LT or Hightower? and then at WR: T Ginn, or Amani Toomer?

Thanks much

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks, I'll fix the CBS link. Brian, sorry I didn't get to a computer in time to answer start/sit questions this weekend since I was all wrapped up in travel and events for my sister's wedding. Hope your team is doing well!