Friday, May 29, 2009

Start spreading the news...

Well my fantasy football friends, it's finally official: I'm moving to New York City this summer. I've got lots to do before I move and I'll likely be in transit in early August (don't worry, the FF posts will keep on coming!) but the good news here is that barring a miracle I'll be jobless when I first arrive in New York meaning this blog will be overwhelmed by my posts. Seriously. I won't have anything to do other than explore NYC and post to the blog so prepare yourselves for lots of info. It should be awesome. I'm thinking of having some sort of FFLibrarian happy hour in the city once I've settled in but we'll see - one friend thinks that might just be a big nerdfest but I have more faith in you all.

To the links!

  • It's rare that you actually see a fantasy expert plead with the public to avoid drafting a player...but such is the case with Rotoworld and Visanthe Shiancoe in Shiancoe is a No-Go in '09. I should take a moment to note that Rotoworld/Pancake Blocks is doing an incredible job of keeping the relevant fantasy football content coming - without them I'd have a lot less interesting articles to link to, so show them a little gratitude I say and give 'em some traffic.
  • Fantasy Sharks has the first of three articles intended for keeper leagues - this time they take a look at Keeper League Top Quarterbacks that are most likely to be available in keeper leagues.
  • Sleeper talk: see why Rotoworld and Football Outsiders are digging Jerome Harrison so much this season.
  • Lester's Legends brings us the Rotoprofessor's Top 10 Fantasy Football RB Rankings.
  • Where to rank Tony Romo now that T.O. has left for Buffalo...see Fantasy Football Fools' article Without T.O., is Romo still an elite fantasy quarterback?
  • Sigh. This year the 30-year-old RB discussion kind of hits FFXtreme calls it, "the age of decline" is rapidly approaching for me with my 30th birthday just a week or two away. Frankly I can't believe that LT and I are the same age; leaves me with the feeling of a lot left to accomplish, no? Anyway, see what FFXtreme has pulled together in Thirty-Year-Old Running Backs: The Age of Decline.
All for now - enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The FFL league and lots o' linking

I'm digging all of the positive feedback I've seen in the comments and e-mails from those of you who want to be part of the FFLibrarian league. So I know this might disappoint some of you but I think the best way to organize this many interested people might be to do a weekly contest format rather than a season-long format. That way those of you who can't commit during part of the season, or those who just get into it late, can still participate. I would absolutely report on the winner each week and you'd be awarded a prize or two. I'm thinking it will still be a lot of fun even though it won't involve some of the more complex FF thinking like waiver wires and trades...what do you think? And if some of you want to be in a league together in an unofficial FFLibrarian league I can certainly arrange that for you and act as a collector of interested names/e-mails.

But enough on future leagues and on to links:

  • ESPN's projections are up. We're talking 500+ player projections. That's massive. I swear this happens earlier every year but no complaints from me!
  • Rotoworld's dynasty rankings series continues with thoughts on tight ends. I of course immediately looked for Tony Scheffler, my favorite, and am bummed to see him slip to Tier 4. Oh Scheff. Things looked so bright a year ago!
  • I know some anxious Marion Barber dynasty owners who are wondering what will happen to Barber this season. Gregg Rosenthal has taken a look at some 2008 Cowboys coverage in his spare time to help answer the burning question: Will Barber get the red zone touches?
  • I've got sleepers for you. Who doesn't love a sleepers article? And if you don't, you're at least a little curious are you not? FFToolbox has their 2009 Fantasy Football Sleepers up. I like the Earl Bennett call but I think one of the reasons Bennett and Cutler are jiving could be thanks to their Vanderbilt connection (Bennett's freshman year - with Cutler at the helm - he had 79 receptions for 870+ yards and 9 TDs) . Throw in Chris Williams (OT) and it's a total Vandy-fest in Chi-town.
  • Looking for some breakout RB candidates? Take a look at what Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy has put together.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The beginnings of an FFLibrarian league...

Every week my library offers some sort of professional development seminar for faculty and staff within the library and this week's session, which I'm headed to in an hour or so, is on stress management. Best part? It's led by a psychologist whose first name is Serenity. What are the chances that she was born with the name Serenity?? Maybe I should change my name to Touchdown or something...speaking of name changes, if you didn't already heard, Chad Johnson has officially been permitted to wear his new last name on his jersey this year - it'll read Ochocinco, all one word.

Anyway. Let's get to the football before I'm in some sort of uber de-stress zone...

  • CBS Sports has their first 14-team mock draft up - I've mocked with some of these guys before and they really know what they're doing so I think it's worth taking a look at where guys are falling. They'll be cranking out plenty of rounds over the next 10 days or so.
  • I'm going back through some of the links that I earmarked over the long weekend and can't believe I haven't put this one up yet - a Times-Picayune article noting Marques Colston's microfracture surgery in January. Right, not good. I'm wondering if this means another slow start for Colston and Lance Moore's value would have just taken a big jump except that he had surgery on his shoulder last month, meaning he'll essentially be taking the entire offseason off. Again, not good. So is this the year Robert Meachem steps up? Or will this be the Devery Henderson Show? Brees has to throw to someone...who will it be?
  • Rotoworld keeps the dynasty rankings coming with Dynasty Rankings: Wide Receivers. For whatever reason, I've never been big on Lee Evans. He's always been someone that I just kind of forget about so I'm surprised to see his keeper value as high as it is. Someone out there who is sold on Evans, talk me into it. Why should I like him (other than the bump in receptions he might see now that T.O. can take some of the pressure off)?
  • Should the coaching changes in Indy have us concerned? Not so sure quite yet but when it's enough to make Peyton speak up, it definitely has my attention.
  • Fantasy Football Maniaxs notes some third-year WRs that you might want to pay attention to when prepping for this year's draft - Third-Year Wide Receivers in 2009.
  • After watching LeBron's amazing athleticism again last night I enjoyed reading ESPN's LBJ and NFL: A fantasy based in reality on LeBron's ability to make it big time in the NFL.
Finally, I'm thinking of creating some sort of FFLibrarian group contest this season where we can all play against each other...not entirely sure how it would work quite yet (I'm thinking weekly contests rather than a full season-long commitment) but 365 Fantasy Sports has offered to help and I thought I'd just check and see if there's any interest in this. I know, it's early even for me to be thinking about which leagues I'll participate in, but if you want to throw down in a FFLibrarian league, let me know in the comments section or by e-mail.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day linkage for the '09 season

I woke up at 5:30 this morning to drive my husband and friends to the start of a big 10K here in Boulder. Since then I've basically spent the entire day watching other people exert themselves: I saw thousands of people running in that 10K, watched the Rockies get demolished by the Dodgers, and am now enjoying Game 4 of the Nuggets vs Lakers...come on, Nuggies!

Sadly my day of sports observation involved no football other than catching up on what few headlines are making waves. I'm hoping to slip in a few football links for you at the end of this holiday weekend...

  • KFFL's PPR and non-PPR rankings are up and it's oh so good to see them. Take a look at these cheat sheets and get (re)acquainted with the latest position rankings. It's interesting to see Maurice Jones-Drew at the #1 RB spot in the PPR rankings (he's the #2 RB in the non-PPR ranking), especially after having just read this article from on a mock draft where MJD went #1 overall.
  • I like the quick player notes in Rotoworld's 17 Minicampers to Watch article - great reminders/updates on the latest from a lot of important fantasy players, including several rising stars.
  • I can't help but link to an article from FFToday on the coaching changes and fantasy impact now that Josh McDaniels is in Denver. I see the word "Broncos" and just can't help myself; must provide link. But to prove I can link to other team fantasy updates, here's an article on Mangini joining the Browns, too.
  • Sports Data Hub takes a look at the fantasy value found in AFC West quarterbacks - seems like Rivers is the only sure thing in QB fantasyland in that division though I do think Orton and Cassel have a great deal of promise...just remains to be seen how it will all pan out.
  • Last week I linked to an article that talked about FF draft strategy a bit and it looks like the Bruno Boys also have strategy on their minds - read their Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: When to Take Wide Receivers. What do you all think? I know it's hard to predict since crazy stuff can happen on draft day, but do you agree that the WR1 pool is small and that it's worthwhile to snag some WR power at the start of the draft? Or would you rather go with an RB?
  • I'm not sure I'm buying into Vernon Davis - I feel like I did that already, perhaps more than once...but's Michael Fabiano makes a good case for Davis (and using phrases like "looked tremendous in offseason practice") and I fear he's piquing my Davis interest yet again.

Friday, May 22, 2009

2009 rankings abound

Happy Memorial Day weekend! This is a weekend full of fun and crowds here in Boulder (think 50,000 people running the Bolder Boulder 10K) and we'll be capping the weekend off with a Rockies game (they're playing the Dodgers, my husband's favorite team) on Monday afternoon. Can't wait.

Onto today's links to tide you over for the weekend:

  • Rotoworld's QB Dynasty Rankings and RB Dynasty Rankings are available for your perusal - arranged by tiers, each player's age and value score are noted. It gives me a bit of a chill to see Denver's Kyle Orton listed below JaMarcus Russell.
  • An interesting read on why run defenses seem to be less important when it comes to winning games from Advanced NFL Stats - Thoughts on the Apparent Unimportance of Run Defense.
  • Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy brings us an analysis of average draft position (ADP) with reasons why you might want to reach for that top tier WR late in the first round rather than the classic RB pick.
  • If you've been visiting my blog for long enough, you know I love offensive line analysis. So I'm pleased to see a look at Buffalo's o-line changes from CBS Sports in No. 1 Key to Buffalo's Success? Offensive line improvement. Gotta say I'm not convinced they've got a LT replacement for Jason Peters who left for Philly during the offseason, so it's going to take a little while for me to believe the o-line really has been improved this year. Speaking of o-lines, keep an eye out for my o-line article in Rotoworld's fantasy football draft magazine that should be hitting newsstands pretty soon.
  • One of my favorite fantasy football writers, Matt Schauf, has two new articles up: Top 100 defensive rookies and Top 100 offensive rookies - do yourself a favor and read up.
  • Rotoprofessor is delving into the fantasy football world (you may know them as a baseball site) and is cranking out pre-camp reviews of every team in the league. They got a handful up already including the Browns.
Finally a big happy birthday to my older and wiser sister!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Latest news on the fantasy front

The beautiful thing about a conference in California is that 2-hour lunch breaks can be spent by the pool. I'm digging this conference's style and now that I'm done with my presentation here, I can kick back and relax. And post about football. So let's get to today's links...

  • Ultimate Fantasy Football takes a look back at breakout wide receivers from the 2008 season - check out their success rate at predicting the breakouts though I'm not entirely sure I feel like Vincent Jackson was a breakout WR last year. Convince me otherwise if you think he was.
  • Carson Palmer and all Bengals receivers are a huge question mark for the 2009 season - what's going to happen with the Bengals and if Palmer is back to his old self, who stands to benefit? Take a look at Rotoworld's Pancake Blocks blog for some Palmer musings.
  • Those who own Steve Slaton in a dynasty league will be pleased to see that Kubiak is counting on more production out of Slaton this year. I do remain intrigued with Chris Brown - if he's healthy this year, will he take a real chunk of yardage or TDs away from Slaton?
  • Have you heard of Austin Collie yet? If not, Hatty Waiver Wire Guru thinks you should defintiely know the name - this rookie may make a Stokley-like splash in Indy.
  • IDPers, rejoice. Rotoworld has your IDP Rookie Breakdown covered with player reports after the first minicamps. Take a look at the top 30 rookie IDPs out there.
  • The Hazean participated in a short mock draft and has some mocking lessons for all.
  • If you haven't scoped out the team outlooks from FFToolbox yet, definitely take a look. It's a great way to get your mind back on football and remember where each team stands. Some of their latest outlooks have been on the Saints, Jaguars and Ravens.
  • My sister will be as pleased as any of you to hear that Tom Brady is back and looking like his old self. See what has to say about Brady in Tom Brady is 'full go' in Patriots practices.
  • Fantasy Football Maniaxs brings us the top 10 overrated and underrated players of the 2009 season.
All for now - back to library conferencing...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Off to the OC

Ahh, it's always nice to have a little extra time at the airport before a flight (off to Anaheim for a library conference). Somehow I seem to have whittled away most of my gate time though so I'll just throw up a few quick links for you and hope to have more up tomorrow morning.

More links coming tomorrow!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Word around fantasyland

I've been traveling a lot over the past week so I've been trying to answer a few e-mails from the road and have noticed that my iPhone inexplicably no longer seems to recognize my name, Sara, as a real word. It keeps trying to auto-correct my name - first it tried "data" (which perhaps would've confused my mom if I had signed my e-mails "love, data") and then it went with SARS (even better: "love, SARS"). Gotta love smart technology, right?

Anyway, I'm back from vacation (see the photo to the left that shows one of the many awesome views we saw while hiking in Canyonlands NP) and gearing up for a work conference in Anaheim next week - a coworker and I are hitting up Disneyland one night; haven't been since I was a kid. Will it still be fun?? I'm hoping to keep my blogging up but if I'm quiet again next week, blame it on the library conference.

  • So much to learn when you ready Fantasy Sharks' Fantasy News: Special Dynasty Edition, like Chris Johnson's desire to be the NFL MVP and Visanthe Shiancoe's 3% body fat.
  • Dustin Keller is sounding like a better value grab at TE every week - see what Rotoworld has to say about which receiver will have the biggest impact for the Jets in Clowney starting but Keller is Jets' real No. 2.
  • FFToolbox is posting all sorts of awesome stuff this week - I'm digging the early 2009 cheat sheets with position rankings but am also excited to the the ADP (average draft position) info from up. Good stuff.
  • DR U Fantasy Football Guru does a nice job with their player profiles (with a new one posted each day) - check out this profile on Reggie Bush; you get the upside, downside and bottom line of adding him to your fantasy roster.
  • See how Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy did with their prognosis on last year's overvalued players in A Look Back at Our 2008 Top 10 Overvalued Players. They compared how a player did to his preseason ADP to determine if they were right or wrong about some risky players.
  • Take a look at a new site called Fantasy Football Chatter brought to you by the same guys behind Fantasy Football Calculator. I like the way it draws headlines from a variety of sources - blogs, newspapers, big dogs like ESPN and SI, and smaller sites with a focused football expertise. Seems like a great new way to stay hip to headlines if you ask me...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Minicamp updates and other fantasy headlines

I think this might be the longest I have ever gone without putting up a post - my apologies and I hope you all haven't been missing your football links too much! I wrapped up an awesome weekend with family and my husband and I are now in Moab, Utah with some friends. Tomorrow morning we're waking up early for a day hike in The Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. The topography here is just unreal - good stuff. 

I'll be back with my regular postings later this week, but in the meantime, here are a few links to keep you happy...
  • CBS Sports has some advice on which veteran football players you're going to want to consider come fantasy draft day in The new value of some fantasy veterans - take a look at which guys will shine, which will disappoint and which surprise.
  • Tony Gonzalez seems to fit right into the Atlanta offense - will Gonzo's value take a hit after all in fantasy drafts?? I'm feeling the start of an overrated value run on Gonzo; not that he'll have a bad season, just that he likely won't repeat 2008's numbers and yet the Ryan to Gonzo hype is building already...
  • Check out The Hazean's Monday Morning Rehab post for the latest injury updates on guys like  LT, Devin Thomas (I'm kind of intrigued by this guy...) and Derrick Mason.
  • The Rotoworld guys keep the Tough to Rank series cranking, this time with a write-up on the Seattle running game. Where do Julius Jones and T.J. Duckett fit in? Could Julius Jones in particular be a great value pick this year?
  • Sports Grumblings' The Dark Side enters the 2009 season with a look at players to target this year (and beyond) and players to avoid - all with an extra dose of humor.  
  • Finally, I've found myself looking for depth charts quite a bit lately and I highly recommend scoping out FFToolbox's 2009 NFL Depth Charts for Fantasy Football in case you're looking for a good resource.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

McNabb and Ryan will be Top 5 fantasy QBs

What's happenin' football fans? It's a beautiful day here in Boulder, my family is flying in for a long weekend and I'm about to take about 5 days of vacation to see my family and then head to Moab, Utah for a few days...what could be better? How about a few football links?

  • Rookie IDP analysis - love it. Can you tell I'm a sucker for basically anything that has to do with IDPs? There just isn't enough IDP analysis out there - this one comes from FFManiaxs in Fantasy Impact of 2009 Rookie IDPs.
  • Brett Favre, I don't even know what to say about you...
  • When you put your mind to it, there are all sorts of nerdy things you can do with fantasy stats - I'm pleased to see FFToolbox has pulled together a Fantasy Football Consistency spreadsheet - I mean who doesn't love consistency in FF? I like seeing Roddy White's nice growth over the past few years and of course you can see the Jeremy Shockey demise here, too. Very cool. I'll be returning to this time and time again over the offseason I imagine.
  • Enjoy a little CBS Sports' Faceoff: The first rookie RB taken should be...take a look at that second question about veterans with improved draft stock - I must admit I think I love both Donovan McNabb and Matt Ryan this year. Can I be so bold as to say both will be top 5 fantasy QBs? Oh yeah, that's right, top 5.
  • What to do with Pierre Thomas? I think this is a great question and I'm glad to see Rotoworld attacking it so early in the season prep in Pancake Blocks' Tough to Rank: Pierre Thomas.
  • Finally, NFC North fans rejoice - there's a great write-up on the division from Football Outsiders though I'm sure the Vikings review would be all topsy-turvy with a Favre addition.
All for now - my posts might be a bit sporadic for the next week or so but I'll be sure to get any crucial links up ASAP!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Cinco de Football

On this fine Cinco de Mayo day, let's all celebrate and turn our attention to fantasy football...

  • A reader pointed me back in the direction of Fantasy Football Breakdown, a site I had not visited in awhile, and I'm already salivating as I look at the various sorting I can do with their offensive line rankings and strength of schedule info. As I've probably made known in the past, I really value o-line information since it really gets to the heart of our bread and butter positions in fantasy football: RBs and QBs. But play around with that site a bit since you can get rankings for all positions for the full fantasy season or just fantasy playoffs.
  • The Hazean takes a look at Dallas receivers sans T.O. I was definitely a Patrick Crayton believer in the past but as The Hazean points out, he might just be the odd man out this season.
  • Fantasy Sharks is getting all "J" here (think Myers-Briggs personality type...) and posting long-term assessments on some of the top rookies in Dynasty Talk: Top 8 Long-Term Rookies.
  • For more on rookie values, see Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's 2nd video of the offseason.
  • Who doesn't love a one-man mock? See's Michael Fabiano duke it out solo in a 3-round fantasy draft, Forte moves up into second spot in latest three-round mock draft.
  • The Fantasy Hulks are loving Steven Jackson this season in S. Jax Wild in '09 - I'm not sure I feel the same way but the article was certainly an interesting read.
  • IDPers rejoice, the FFManiaxs are updating their defensive player rankings. Find your LB, DB and DE rankings here.
All for now - early Cinco de Mayo happy hour anyone?

Monday, May 04, 2009

First of the draft guides!

I'm back from a family trip to Michigan and am gearing up for another family weekend - we have 6 of our nearest and dearest coming in this week for my husband's graduation - while also trying to get some finishing touches on our condo before we put it on the market next week. So if my posts are short and sweet this week, don't be surprised since I think my mind is in about ten different places right now. But don't worry, my mind is always on football to some extent...

  • Pigskin Addiction has a little something that those playing in IDP (individual defensive player) leagues might like - a 2009 Top 100 Rookies ranking including IDPs. Good stuff.
  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru is starting to crank back into action for the football season - if you found Hatty's advice helpful during the 2008 season and are in the market for dynasty player rankings, then consider buying the premium draft guide that he's preparing for $5. Not a bad price at all for advice from a group of knowledgeable guys. I'm sure there are many, many more draft guides to come so prepare yourselves!
  • I'm a DeAngelo Williams fan - I like what he did in '08 and don't envision the Panthers changing up their backfield a ton after the great success they had. But it's true, he is hard to rank...take a look at Pancake Blocks' Tough to Rank: DeAngelo Williams and voice your opinion on where he should be drafted.
  • I'm also on the LT train this season - I think the guy's 2008 season has scared a few people off, so I can guarantee that he'll come at a bargain (unless you play with someone who hasn't looked at rankings in 2-3 years) and provide you with pretty solid numbers now that he's healthy and running behind a reinforced o-line. Remember, LT's worst season was still 4th best in the AFC. Niiiiiice.
  • Seems to me the news that Kevin Curtis had a second surgery in mid-April will bump up Jeremy Maclin's value a bit. Lots of young receiving talent in Philly with DeSean Jackson and Maclin in the picture...
  • Still in the market for some NFL Draft analysis? Take a look at Ask the's list of best and worst draft picks.