Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Cinco de Football

On this fine Cinco de Mayo day, let's all celebrate and turn our attention to fantasy football...

  • A reader pointed me back in the direction of Fantasy Football Breakdown, a site I had not visited in awhile, and I'm already salivating as I look at the various sorting I can do with their offensive line rankings and strength of schedule info. As I've probably made known in the past, I really value o-line information since it really gets to the heart of our bread and butter positions in fantasy football: RBs and QBs. But play around with that site a bit since you can get rankings for all positions for the full fantasy season or just fantasy playoffs.
  • The Hazean takes a look at Dallas receivers sans T.O. I was definitely a Patrick Crayton believer in the past but as The Hazean points out, he might just be the odd man out this season.
  • Fantasy Sharks is getting all "J" here (think Myers-Briggs personality type...) and posting long-term assessments on some of the top rookies in Dynasty Talk: Top 8 Long-Term Rookies.
  • For more on rookie values, see Hatty Waiver Wire Guru's 2nd video of the offseason.
  • Who doesn't love a one-man mock? See NFL.com's Michael Fabiano duke it out solo in a 3-round fantasy draft, Forte moves up into second spot in latest three-round mock draft.
  • The Fantasy Hulks are loving Steven Jackson this season in S. Jax Wild in '09 - I'm not sure I feel the same way but the article was certainly an interesting read.
  • IDPers rejoice, the FFManiaxs are updating their defensive player rankings. Find your LB, DB and DE rankings here.
All for now - early Cinco de Mayo happy hour anyone?

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