Friday, May 15, 2009

Word around fantasyland

I've been traveling a lot over the past week so I've been trying to answer a few e-mails from the road and have noticed that my iPhone inexplicably no longer seems to recognize my name, Sara, as a real word. It keeps trying to auto-correct my name - first it tried "data" (which perhaps would've confused my mom if I had signed my e-mails "love, data") and then it went with SARS (even better: "love, SARS"). Gotta love smart technology, right?

Anyway, I'm back from vacation (see the photo to the left that shows one of the many awesome views we saw while hiking in Canyonlands NP) and gearing up for a work conference in Anaheim next week - a coworker and I are hitting up Disneyland one night; haven't been since I was a kid. Will it still be fun?? I'm hoping to keep my blogging up but if I'm quiet again next week, blame it on the library conference.

  • So much to learn when you ready Fantasy Sharks' Fantasy News: Special Dynasty Edition, like Chris Johnson's desire to be the NFL MVP and Visanthe Shiancoe's 3% body fat.
  • Dustin Keller is sounding like a better value grab at TE every week - see what Rotoworld has to say about which receiver will have the biggest impact for the Jets in Clowney starting but Keller is Jets' real No. 2.
  • FFToolbox is posting all sorts of awesome stuff this week - I'm digging the early 2009 cheat sheets with position rankings but am also excited to the the ADP (average draft position) info from up. Good stuff.
  • DR U Fantasy Football Guru does a nice job with their player profiles (with a new one posted each day) - check out this profile on Reggie Bush; you get the upside, downside and bottom line of adding him to your fantasy roster.
  • See how Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy did with their prognosis on last year's overvalued players in A Look Back at Our 2008 Top 10 Overvalued Players. They compared how a player did to his preseason ADP to determine if they were right or wrong about some risky players.
  • Take a look at a new site called Fantasy Football Chatter brought to you by the same guys behind Fantasy Football Calculator. I like the way it draws headlines from a variety of sources - blogs, newspapers, big dogs like ESPN and SI, and smaller sites with a focused football expertise. Seems like a great new way to stay hip to headlines if you ask me...

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Kevin said...

Thanks for mentioning FFChatter. Hope it can help you hear about fantasy news this season.