Thursday, May 28, 2009

The FFL league and lots o' linking

I'm digging all of the positive feedback I've seen in the comments and e-mails from those of you who want to be part of the FFLibrarian league. So I know this might disappoint some of you but I think the best way to organize this many interested people might be to do a weekly contest format rather than a season-long format. That way those of you who can't commit during part of the season, or those who just get into it late, can still participate. I would absolutely report on the winner each week and you'd be awarded a prize or two. I'm thinking it will still be a lot of fun even though it won't involve some of the more complex FF thinking like waiver wires and trades...what do you think? And if some of you want to be in a league together in an unofficial FFLibrarian league I can certainly arrange that for you and act as a collector of interested names/e-mails.

But enough on future leagues and on to links:

  • ESPN's projections are up. We're talking 500+ player projections. That's massive. I swear this happens earlier every year but no complaints from me!
  • Rotoworld's dynasty rankings series continues with thoughts on tight ends. I of course immediately looked for Tony Scheffler, my favorite, and am bummed to see him slip to Tier 4. Oh Scheff. Things looked so bright a year ago!
  • I know some anxious Marion Barber dynasty owners who are wondering what will happen to Barber this season. Gregg Rosenthal has taken a look at some 2008 Cowboys coverage in his spare time to help answer the burning question: Will Barber get the red zone touches?
  • I've got sleepers for you. Who doesn't love a sleepers article? And if you don't, you're at least a little curious are you not? FFToolbox has their 2009 Fantasy Football Sleepers up. I like the Earl Bennett call but I think one of the reasons Bennett and Cutler are jiving could be thanks to their Vanderbilt connection (Bennett's freshman year - with Cutler at the helm - he had 79 receptions for 870+ yards and 9 TDs) . Throw in Chris Williams (OT) and it's a total Vandy-fest in Chi-town.
  • Looking for some breakout RB candidates? Take a look at what Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy has put together.

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Unknown said...

maybe you could do twelve contest or something and have 12 spots in a league and whoever wins those spots gets to be in the league next year? or maybe you could do something with the preseason to determine the spots? I'm cool with the weekly thing though. you could do both! just some thoughts!