Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Latest news on the fantasy front

The beautiful thing about a conference in California is that 2-hour lunch breaks can be spent by the pool. I'm digging this conference's style and now that I'm done with my presentation here, I can kick back and relax. And post about football. So let's get to today's links...

  • Ultimate Fantasy Football takes a look back at breakout wide receivers from the 2008 season - check out their success rate at predicting the breakouts though I'm not entirely sure I feel like Vincent Jackson was a breakout WR last year. Convince me otherwise if you think he was.
  • Carson Palmer and all Bengals receivers are a huge question mark for the 2009 season - what's going to happen with the Bengals and if Palmer is back to his old self, who stands to benefit? Take a look at Rotoworld's Pancake Blocks blog for some Palmer musings.
  • Those who own Steve Slaton in a dynasty league will be pleased to see that Kubiak is counting on more production out of Slaton this year. I do remain intrigued with Chris Brown - if he's healthy this year, will he take a real chunk of yardage or TDs away from Slaton?
  • Have you heard of Austin Collie yet? If not, Hatty Waiver Wire Guru thinks you should defintiely know the name - this rookie may make a Stokley-like splash in Indy.
  • IDPers, rejoice. Rotoworld has your IDP Rookie Breakdown covered with player reports after the first minicamps. Take a look at the top 30 rookie IDPs out there.
  • The Hazean participated in a short mock draft and has some mocking lessons for all.
  • If you haven't scoped out the team outlooks from FFToolbox yet, definitely take a look. It's a great way to get your mind back on football and remember where each team stands. Some of their latest outlooks have been on the Saints, Jaguars and Ravens.
  • My sister will be as pleased as any of you to hear that Tom Brady is back and looking like his old self. See what has to say about Brady in Tom Brady is 'full go' in Patriots practices.
  • Fantasy Football Maniaxs brings us the top 10 overrated and underrated players of the 2009 season.
All for now - back to library conferencing...


Jared May said...

Just a heads up, your Slaton link has a typo.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Don't let your Chargers hatred cloud your Broncos-addled judgment. Vincent Jackson was a top-12 WR in basically every league in America. I'd say that's a breakout.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks Jared, link is fixed...and yes, anon, I do think I have some Broncos-love (not so much Chargers hatred though) that might be clouding my Vincent Jackson thoughts...