Friday, May 22, 2009

2009 rankings abound

Happy Memorial Day weekend! This is a weekend full of fun and crowds here in Boulder (think 50,000 people running the Bolder Boulder 10K) and we'll be capping the weekend off with a Rockies game (they're playing the Dodgers, my husband's favorite team) on Monday afternoon. Can't wait.

Onto today's links to tide you over for the weekend:

  • Rotoworld's QB Dynasty Rankings and RB Dynasty Rankings are available for your perusal - arranged by tiers, each player's age and value score are noted. It gives me a bit of a chill to see Denver's Kyle Orton listed below JaMarcus Russell.
  • An interesting read on why run defenses seem to be less important when it comes to winning games from Advanced NFL Stats - Thoughts on the Apparent Unimportance of Run Defense.
  • Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy brings us an analysis of average draft position (ADP) with reasons why you might want to reach for that top tier WR late in the first round rather than the classic RB pick.
  • If you've been visiting my blog for long enough, you know I love offensive line analysis. So I'm pleased to see a look at Buffalo's o-line changes from CBS Sports in No. 1 Key to Buffalo's Success? Offensive line improvement. Gotta say I'm not convinced they've got a LT replacement for Jason Peters who left for Philly during the offseason, so it's going to take a little while for me to believe the o-line really has been improved this year. Speaking of o-lines, keep an eye out for my o-line article in Rotoworld's fantasy football draft magazine that should be hitting newsstands pretty soon.
  • One of my favorite fantasy football writers, Matt Schauf, has two new articles up: Top 100 defensive rookies and Top 100 offensive rookies - do yourself a favor and read up.
  • Rotoprofessor is delving into the fantasy football world (you may know them as a baseball site) and is cranking out pre-camp reviews of every team in the league. They got a handful up already including the Browns.
Finally a big happy birthday to my older and wiser sister!

2 comments: said...

Regarding taking a WR at the end of the first round, after my analysis I can see the possible value at the end of the first round in a PPR league, but you really need to follow that pick up with a RB so as not to leave gaping holes in your lineups.

No one wants to start at RB2 and a RB3 every week.

Patrick said...

Only for Larry Fitzgerald. People love him so much that you could trade him for a lower RB at value, even if he doesn't do well initially.