Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Multi-year results for accuracy with RB rankings

Today we're going to take a look at the multi-year accuracy analysis for running backs. If you need a refresher on what exactly the multi-year analysis is all about, take a look back at my first post last week that looked at QBs. The primary thing to keep in mind here is that the number listed under average on the far right is the average percentile ranking for each site for their participation, and the lower the number, the better a site is at rankings as compared to their peers. Some of the 54 sites I looked at have been in it for 3 years, others only 2 or even 1. As with the other positions I've divided them up into the top sites based on length of participation.

Later this week I'll be posting the results for top overall accuracy across all 4 positions, so stay tuned for that. One thing I'd like to point out here is the best average percentile difference between the positions. I'm looking primarily at those sites who have been in it for 3 years since they have the most data we can go on can take this all in yourselves but just a quick snapshot to show you what I mean - the best site for QBs (Ask the Commish) had a 30th percentile average; for WRs (Rotoworld) it was a 29th percentile average; TEs (Ask the Commish again), another 29th percentile average...but here with the RBs (another Rotoworld victory) it's significantly higher at a 38th percentile average. Interesting. Anyway, without further ado...

Sites with 3 years of participation:
Ranking Site Average
1 Rotoworld 0.38
2 Sports Illustrated 0.43
3 Yahoo! 0.48
3 ESPN 0.48
5 FFToolbox 0.50

Sites with 2 years of participation:
Ranking Site Average
1 KFFL 0.05
2 Fantazzle 0.26
3 Pigskin Addiction 0.28
4 FFToday 0.32
5 Fantasy Hulks 0.33

Sites with 1 year of participation:
Ranking Site Average
1 Draft Analyzer Ultimate 0.02
2 Numbers & Guts 0.04
3 Accuscore 0.10

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time to get moving

It's hard to believe July is almost here but you all know what that means? The unofficial increase of fantasy content as the NFL season gets closer and closer. Training camps start in July so if that doesn't get you excited then I don't know what will. July also means moving time for me - my husband and I found a new apartment to accommodate our growing family and are moving on July 17th...a mere 2.5 weeks away. But is anything packed yet? Of course not. And does that make me anxious? Of course! It's an assault on all of my natural instincts to plan, but I figure it's good for me. Though if I start babbling about boxes and packing tape a lot in the next few weeks, you'll know why.

Plenty of links to send you to today, including a few new draft kits. With a long weekend coming up in a few days, sounds like plenty of time for grilling, fireworks and of course FF prepping.

  • First up, let's get to those draft kits. ESPN's 2010 Draft Kit is pretty chock full of good, standard stuff like rankings and projections, player profiles, position reviews, and other interesting tools like the 2009 Fantasy Points Against by position
  • Another place to swing by is Fox's Draft Guide - for those looking for a basic intro to fantasy football, check out their Fantasy 101: How to Play article from OPEN Sports.
  • I always dig what Mighty Max the supercomputer has to say over at Sports Grumblings - take a look at their Fantasy Football Forecast: Consistency Rankings article. Interesting quick read, particularly useful when deciding between two players of similar caliber, though the full consistency rankings (CRs) require signing up for Sports Grumblings (there is a free level though and the CRs are available for free).
  • FFToolbox has a nice 2010 preview of 10 sophomore players, just RBs and WRs. Scope out their thoughts on which players are poised for a strong season in Sophomore Outlook
  • Meanwhile Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy rolls on with their offensive line analysis - I'll link you over to the Broncos write-up since that is of course of great interest to this Denver fan...but remember you can scope out all the other write-ups here (still 8 more teams to go). 
  • takes a look at the Saints backfield in Time to Ring a Different Bell with some suggestions on guys you might to think about from NO.
  • has adjusted their auction values to reflect the more standard $200 starting amount - take a look at the updated rankings with auction values on their site.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Multi-year results for accuracy with TE rankings

We're rolling on with the multi-year accuracy results - for those who are new to the blog, since 2007 I've gathered and analyzed preseason rankings from fantasy football experts and noted which expert is the most accurate with their rankings. You can see the results of 2009 here, 2008 here, and 2007 here. However, I think many of you would agree that an aggregate look at which site has been the most accurate across all three years is of even greater importance. So I posted the results for multi-year accuracy with QBs and WRs last week and tonight we've got TEs. For details on how the accuracy is calculated, just scope out one of the previous year's results, and to see the details on how/why I calculated a percentile average (remember: the lower the average, the better!) for the multi-year approach, take a look at the QBs post from last week. If you'd like a list of all 54 sites included in this analysis, scope out the WR post. Ten of those 54 sites have participated all 3 years, another 13 sites for 2 years, and the remaining 31 sites for just 1 year.

As with the QBs and WRs, I'm posting the top results for sites that have participated for different lengths of time separately since it's really not fair to compare those sites to one another. Sites should only be ranked relative to other sites that have participated for the same length of time, hence why you see below that I've broken it down into the best of sites that have been involved for all 3 years, top results for those who have only been in it for 2 years, and a few mentions for accurate sites with just 1 year of participation. Clearly I don't believe they can be compared directly but for some relative sense of accuracy, take a look at the percentile averages on the right side. Again, if your average is lower than your peers, that means you have performed with greater accuracy.

Sites that have 3 years of participation:
Ranking Site Average
1 Ask The Commish 0.29
2 Yahoo! 0.31
3 FOX Sports 0.34
4 0.37
5 Rotoworld 0.38

Sites that have 2 years of participation:
Ranking Site Average
1 FFStarters 0.16
2 FFCalculator (ADP_ 0.18
3 FFToday 0.20
4 FFTrader 0.21
5 Fantazzle 0.25

Sites that have 1 year of participation:
Ranking Site Average
1 Fantasy Mojo 0.04
2 MyOfficePool 0.08
3 Fantistics 0.15

Thursday, June 24, 2010

FF linkorama

Happy insufferably hot Thursday. If you've managed to find a place that is not part of the oppressive heat covering much of the country, then kudos; wish I could magically transport myself to the Arctic right now. But perhaps thinking about fantasy football is just what we all onto today's links!

  • Check out The Hazean's musings on what would happen if Vincent Jackson leaves San Diego.
  • A couple of mocks for you:
    • First, FFXtreme was part of a recent Rotoworld Experts Mock Draft and he's posted the mock results. I'll be honest, I heart Finley, too, but note that Smitty's drafting of him as the first TE overall is really more of a statement selection, not likely to be the spot that he'll be drafted in the vast majority of leagues.
    • If you've been waiting for a mock draft for auction leagues, well then you're in luck - has just what you're looking for in Making a Mockery 3.0: A Bidding War.
  • Razzball has taken their ranking of top 50 players and expanded it to a top 100 list (note: top 200 is en route...) that includes projections. 
  • I've probably been on the James-Jones-is-going-to-rock train and the latest reports on how well Jones and Jordy Nelson are doing certainly are encouraging. However, for another perspective, scope out what has to say in The James Jones Hype.
  • Scope out Rotoworld's observations on rookie running backs in Running at Rookie Precedent.
  • If it's really rookie WRs that you're interested in though, scope out's Matt Waldman's Gut Check column from last week. The Gut Check should be a must-read for all and this article is no exception.
  • Matt Schauf continues his team profiles, this time with a lengthy but solid breakdown of the Carolina Panthers.
  • Finally, FFToolbox has pulled together a list of the training camp start dates for all 32 teams - woohoo! This makes me quite excited about the season - it really will be here before we know it!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Multi-year results for accuracy with WR rankings

Time to roll out the multi-year wide receiver rankings accuracy results! If you're looking for some background on this multi-year accuracy analysis, take a look at Monday's post on QBs, but essentially I'm averaging percentiles for each site for each year that they participated in the contest (2007-2009). The lower your average, the better your accuracy. Again I'm splitting it into sites that have been participating for all 3 years (which amounts to 10 sites), 2 years (13 sites), and then those from whom I only have 1 year of data (another 31 sites). Today I'm also listing out all of the 54 sites that have ever participated in the contest so that you're aware of which sites the contest has assessed in the past and how many years they've been included.

It's of course not surprising to note that the longer you participate in the contest, the higher your percentile average becomes but I imagine there will be some leveling off of that percentile in the next year or two and the cream of the crop will maintain their low percentile averages. This of course only makes me even more excited to see the 2010 data...

Sites that have 3 years of participation:
Ranking Site Average
1 Rotoworld 0.29
2 0.35
3 Yahoo! 0.41
4 FFXtreme 0.46
5 FFToolbox 0.57

Sites that have 2 years of participation:
Ranking Site Average
1 FFTrader 0.19
2 0.26
3 FFCalculator (ADP_ 0.29
4 KFFL 0.33
5 Football Guys 0.36

Sites that have 1 year of participation:
Ranking Site Average
1 ProFootballWeekly 0.06
2 Draft Analyzer Guru 0.08
3 Lester's Legends 0.10

Alphabetical list of all sites that have participated:

Site Years of participation
Accuscore 1
Ask The Commish 3
Bruno Boys 1 3
Draft Analyzer Guru 1
Draft Analyzer Ultimate 1
DraftSharks 1
Fanhandle 1
Fantasy Hulks 2
Fantasy Mojo 1 2
FantasyPros91 1 1
Fantazzle 2
Fantistics 1
FFCalculator (ADP_ 2
FFCheatsheets 1
FFDocs 1
FFGeekBlog 1
FFManiaxs 1
FFNerd 1
FFSherpa 2
FFStarters 2
FFToday 2
FFToolbox 3
FFTrader 2
FFXtreme 3
Fighting Chance Fantasy 1
Football Guys 2
Football Outsiders 2
FOX Sports 3
Junkyard Jake 1
Lester's Legends 1
Mission Competition 1
MyOfficePool 1 2
Numbers & Guts 1
Pigskin Addiction 2
ProFantasySports 1
ProFootballWeekly 1
RapidDraft 2
Real Time Sports 1
Robocoach 1
Rotohog 1
Rotoworld 3
Sporting News 1
Sports Data Hub 1
Sports Illustrated 3
The Huddle 1
WhatIfSports 1
Yahoo! 3

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Breaking for some FF linkage

Today we're back to regular links here on FFLibrarian, but don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow with the wide receiver results for the multi-year accuracy analysis. Or maybe even tonight if I get overly ambitious but I think we all know that's unlikely, solely based on how long it has taken me to get to this point of the process. Also, as requested by several of you, tomorrow I will post all 54 sites that have participated in the contest over the past 3 years.

But let's jump into today's links since there's some good stuff being posted this week:

  • First and foremost, I'm guessing you've heard that Steve Smith (CAR) broke his arm while playing flag football but just in case you missed the news, take a look at ESPN's Stephania Bell's take on the injury. Her blog is always a great place to start if you're wondering about the real toll of a player's injury.
  • Speaking of injuries, another good read is FFToday's Anatomy of an Injury series, with this one looking at wide receivers including dudes like Donald Driver (when will he just totally fall off a cliff?) and Brandon Marshall.
  • Dave and Jamie at are pulling together team-by-team fantasy outlooks and so far they've knocked off the AFC North. Read up and check back for the rest of the team takes as they go up.
  • FootballDocs have created both a passing and rushing strength of schedule and I particularly enjoy their note that a favorable schedule "should only account for no more than 10% of a player's value when ranking them" - interesting stuff. Plus it's just full of numbers to keep the mind entertained for a chunk of the afternoon if need be. I will throw my two cents in that a lot can change year to year and that it's always wise to really assess a strength of schedule once we're a few games into the regular season...the Giants D last year being a case in point.
  • Find out who KFFL thinks will be a bust QB vs an undervalued QB this season. The tough angle to the undervalued player though is that if a smart, widely-read site like KFFL thinks you're undervalued in June, no chance you'll actually be a value pick come draft day in August/September. Unless the "he's overhyped" train has started by then...
  • Gotta admit I'm not one to usually splurge for a top tier TE and typically prefer to wait a bit and grab guys with a lot of upside at a cheaper cost. But I do find's Tightening Their Grip a compelling read as to why your fantasy team needs a top tier TE.
  • Finally, I think it's pretty clear that I love Rotoworld. They are truly one of my favorite resources and if you're going to shell out for a product, Rotoworld's Draft Guide (along with and The Huddle) is one of my top recommendations to most folks. That of course does depend on your league's needs (for example,'s Dynasty Draft Guide could be a focus for those of you in dynasty/keeper leagues). But back to Rotoworld. They rock and their Draft Guide gets my full endorsement.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Multi-year results for accuracy with QB rankings

Happy summer! To celebrate the new season and my return to a land where I can get e-mail and cell phone reception (had a great time this weekend but I do love the creature comforts of civilization...), I have a little something fun for everyone: the start of the aggregate accuracy analysis results. For those who are new to the blog, I've spent the past several years analyzing the accuracy of preseason expert rankings to find out which sites did the best job at predicting position rankings for the season. I started in 2007 and looked at 14 websites; after joining up with the Fantasy Sports Trade Association the following year it grew to 24 websites, and then a whopping 48 sites in 2009. At this point it has become almost entirely a submission process so if your favorite site isn't included, it's likely because they either chose not to submit or just do not know about the contest. You can read all of the details about how I analyze the rankings each year here and if you're a site that's interested in participating this year, stay tuned for more info on that front in August. Also, I want to note that one important condition of participation is that I keep all of the results of the contest confidential except for the top performers, so I unfortunately can't share the full results of each year's contest with you all. Besides I'd really prefer to focus on those who performed well year in and year out versus those who didn't do such a strong job with their rankings.

So I've had a plan to combine the results of the contest each year to create a multi-year assessment of each site, which is far more informative than just one year of results, and I finally had the time to do the analysis. Today we will take a look at quarterback rankings to see which site has been the most accurate with their preseason QB rankings from 2007-2009. Over the past 3 years I've included 54 different sites in my analysis, however only 10 sites have been included all 3 years, and and additional 13 sites have been tracked for 2 years, so for the multi-year analysis I'm focusing on sites that have participated in at least 2 years of the contest. Honorable mentions for those that did well in their 1 year of participation are noted below, too, though.

As you can see above, the contest has grown enormously and with the variation in the number of sites ranked each year, I decided to calculate a percentile ranking for each site each year. For example, Football Guys had the best QB ranking of the 14 sites I analyzed in 2007 so they were in the 7th percentile (1/14) - keep in mind this is not like the SATs; in this case you actually want a low percentile. After calculating the percentile for each year, I averaged each site's ranking from each year it was included in the FFLibrarian accuracy contest. The lower the number in the average column, the better the site did compared to their peers. Ask The Commish's 0.30 percentile means they averaged being in the 30th percentile in QB pre-season rankings over the last three years - that's the best of any of the sites I have data on for all three years. For comparison's sake, the site with the worst percentile ranking for QBs was averaging 0.86 for all three years (0.81 for sites with 2 years of data; 0.98 for those with 1 year).

Sites that have 3 years of participation
Ranking Site Average
1 Ask The Commish 0.30
2 Rotoworld 0.31
3 0.38
4 ESPN 0.44
5 FFToolbox 0.45

Sites that have 2 years of participation
Ranking Site Average
1 Football Guys 0.16
2 Fantasy Hulks 0.27
3 KFFL 0.34
4 0.43
5 Fantazzle 0.46

Sites that have 1 year of participation
Ranking Site Average
1 WhatIfSports 0.04
2 Junkyard Jake 0.06
3 0.08

I'm sure there are important things I'm forgetting to mention or notes that I should be making here, so please feel free to ask questions or make comments. As always, this is a work in progress so if you have a better method, please let me know but in the meantime a big kudos to my husband for talking all of this out with me. Just one of the many times it pays to have fallen in love with an economist/stats dude.

I'll be posting the results for RBs, WRs, and TEs over the next week or so in addition to my normal linking. Enjoy and a hearty congrats to Ask the Commish!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mock On

Tomorrow afternoon my husband and I are hopping on a plane for a long weekend spent with family. I'll be in eastern Ohio in a rather remote and unfriendly cell phone spot, which might actually be really good for relaxing. But not so good for FFLibrarian blogging. I'll be back on Monday with the usual links. And in the meantime, keep the feedback on your favorite host site for fantasy football coming my way, as well as any suggestions you have for making this blog more helpful for you this year.

Let's scope out today's links:

  • I've got another mock draft for you but before we get to it, take a look at Rapid Draft's look at how/why one can use mock drafting to hone their drafting craft - Mock-draft season has its value.
  • And onto the mock, this one from FFToolbox who does an expert mock each month of the summer. I dig the sentence or two of commentary on each pick. Makes this mock particularly helpful in my book. 
  • If you're thinking mocks and wondering where everyone is falling from an average draft position perspective, you'll find's chart quite helpful. They pull together ADPs from several awesome sources including their own crew of experts.
  • Lester's Legends has been doing a solid job of providing team-by-team previews and on his alphabetical journey through the league he's made his way to the KC Chiefs. The ranking of fantasy options is a nice feature here. 
  • If you're curious about Malcolm Floyd's value this year then look no further than Razzball's assessment of his 2010 potential in Malcolm Floyd in the Middle
  • Take a look at SI's coverage of the possible addition of two-regular season games in their NFL, union officials meet to discuss 18-game regular season article. 
  • I heart offensive line rankings, so thank you FFToolbox for bringing us your o-line team grades (including separate grades for each team's run blocking and pass blocking abilities) and commentary.
Oh and happy father's day to all the dads out there!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Looking for your feedback

It's possible that I just walked into a scene from that show The Apprentice; is that show even on anymore? I was running an errand in midtown NYC and encountered a significant mob surrounding a dude with free pizza selling pedicab rides being filmed by a rather extensive tv crew. I've never actually seen the show but the buzz on the street corner was that this was The Apprentice or something akin to it. Look for a pregnant lady with an annoyed-by-the-tourist-mob expression when it airs: that's me. So NY of me, right?

So I disappeared for a week and thought in return I'd hit you with back-to-back posts as a taste of what's to come once the season really gets cranking. Without further ado, today's links:

  • If you'd like someone to debate all the pros and cons of the elite WRs on the scene, then head on over to and see which guys they cover in Top 6 WR Pros & Cons
  • Wondering which guys are going to bounce back from tough 2009 seasons for a mighty 2010? lists a handful of Comeback Candidates including names that I'm seeing everywhere (Jay Cutler, Calvin Johnson) and a few other once studs like Turner the Burner and Greg Jennings. Read on to find out the others with big 2010 potential. 
  • I love most everything that Football Outsiders posts and their Offensive Drop Rate was pretty entertaining really. Take a look at which players with a minimum of 30 targets have the best and worst hands in the league. Interesting to note the presence of multiple Giants and multiple Chiefs.
  • Rotoworld's Evan Silva is chronicling his ongoing PPR industry mock draft - I wouldn't call it lightning fast or anything, but it's enlightening to see the picks and read Silva's commentary of course. There are also 15 pages of comments...soooo...if you're having a slow day at work, head on over and add your voice.
While you noodle on the fantasy football world in mid-June (and I love you all for doing that), I'd also love for you to think about what you'd really like to see from this site this year. I've got a couple things in the works, including bringing in some of my first real contributors with FF analysis (particularly of a stats nature) in addition to my normal link fest, but if there's anything you're dying to see this summer or fall, let me know. E-mail me, leave a comment, smoke signal it my way, whatever works for you.

Also, I've heard from a handful of you that are looking for a comparison of different hosting platforms (Yahoo, CBS, MyFantasyLeague, etc) and while I certainly have my opinions, I'd sort of like to open it up to you all. Send me your comments about your favorite host site by June 25th and I'll pull together a synopsis and post it up here by the end of the month.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Aggregate accuracy rankings ARE coming!

Well I've gone radio silent yet again on you all. I was at the FSTA Summer Conference last week (hopefully you followed along if you had any interest on my FSTA Conference blog - or you can keep an eye on the site for conference wrap-up articles) and then continued on the apartment search for much of the weekend. Don't want to get ahead of myself here but I think we found a place and I for one couldn't be more excited. I'll know more over the next few days but soon the fun of packing and moving can begin.

However, I do have great news on the aggregate rankings front for you guys. I've been blabbering on for awhile about how I'm going to pull together the results of my accuracy ranking contest from the past several years into an aggregate accuracy ranking. For quite some time the data was trapped on a dead computer but this weekend the computer was finally revived and I pulled the old data off - I anticipate having the aggregate results out in the next 10 days or so. So truly, I promise that info is really coming! Keep in mind that each year the contest has grown in popularity (up to nearly 50 sites this past year!) so there are many sites for which I only have 1 or 2 years of results - but more details on this to come.

So let's get on with it and look at today's links since there are really quite a few:

  • It has been a few weeks since the released For those who haven't seen it, go check it out. As a librarian it makes my heart sing - they're basically out to organize and catalog all of the quality fantasy football articles out there based on which player or team is addressed - this is the perfect place to go if you're looking for all the Wes Welker news out there, for example. It's a massive undertaking but they also provide something similar to what I do here on FFLibrarian in terms of offering up links to some of the best FF content - I talked to these guys a bit at the FSTA conference and they clearly realize what I did when I started FFLibrarian: the FF world is just gigantic and needs someone to whittle it down a bit. I'll be checking to make sure they don't link to any must-read articles that I've missed, but I do highly recommend it as a place to scope out. Especially when, say, I go quiet for a week on FFLibrarian...
  • You know the season is approaching when draft kits start to appear. has quite a thorough and freakishly helpful draft kit for this time of year. They include some articles you've probably already scoped out on their site but also lots of new stuff - rankings, sleepers, team questions, cheat sheets, mock draft results, draft strategy...the list goes on and on and on...
  • Speaking of draft prep, is getting ready to roll out their draft guide but for now take a look at their Sneak Peek for some draft guide insight.
  • SI's Fantasy Clicks, Charles in Charge...of our Fantasy Lives, from last week is chock full of good summer FF musings. Who doesn't love a look at bye week conundrums in mid-June?
  • If you're a newbie to fantasy football or you're just looking to refresh some of your old patterns, take a look at some Fantasy Football Draft Strategy suggestions from Razzball. Remember that each league is different and how you draft really depends on your scoring system and player set-up - but also the skill level of your leaguemates. 
  • A lot of folks I know rely heavily upon mock draft results from experts when it comes time to determine the value of a player and such - so if you're in a PPR league it could be worth it to scope out's 14-team, PPR mock draft article.
  • I enjoy guest columnists to Monday Morning Quarterback and with Peter King covering the World Cup, we have Nnamdi Asomugha to thank for this week's MMQB, Advice for rookies on adjusting to life in the National Football League.
  • I love the enthusiasm for Michael Turner in FFToday's Anatomy of an Injury - Running Backs article. I believed in Turner last year, felt he could overcome the supposed curse and put up another tremendous season...last year's down performance hasn't really changed my mind about him, especially upon hearing that he's in incredible shape to start this season. I will happily gamble on Turner this year. Man, between Turner and my love for Gore it sure seems like I'm a bit of an injury gambler with RBs this year...
  • One guy I'm not loving is Jay Cutler and I know, I know there are many reasons to dig the guy, least of all the Mike Martz factor - if you need convincing read Rotoworld's Martz Math - but it's just a gut feeling. And that whole leaving Denver thing + his egregious TD to INT ratio.
  • Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy continues to roll out the offensive line analysis with a team-by-team approach. This is one of the best series that I can recommend in the offseason. Read it, digest it, return to it. 
  • I'm intrigued with some of the names I see on's Who Not to Keep list - good, thought-provoking stuff here for those of you in keeper leagues.
Finally, since I hear from talented writers on occasion who are looking for a place to pen their fantasy thoughts, I thought I'd post a link from regarding their search for some new writers. Why not give it a shot, right?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

FF expert draft results

Just a reminder that I'm live blogging some results and thoughts on the FSTA Summer Conference fantasy football expert drafts - there are 2 drafts going on simultaneously and I've got comments up on my FSTA Conference blog.

A few interesting teams developing...

And so it begins!

Wow, I've been quiet on FFLibrarian over the past few days - thanks for your patience, it has been a nutty week. I've ventured to the Brooklyn DMV for a New York license, I've celebrated my 31st birthday, and I've hit the pavement searching (fruitlessly) for a new apartment in NYC. For those who know how "fun" the apartment search in this city can be, you know just what kind of a day we had on Sunday...toss in some crazy heat and a pregnant lady, and man...good times!

But on the plus side, many fantasy sites are reawakening from a long offseason slumber this week and I'm seeing all sorts of awesome material out there. Plus in just a few hours I hop on a plane and head to Chicago for the FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association) Summer Conference - you can follow along with the experts drafts tonight, as well as the rest of the conference on my FSTA Conference blog.

So without further ado let's get to today's highlights:

  • One of those sites that's back for the season finally is Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy and they're cranking out their offensive line analysis, team by team - man, I love this series. I'm linking over to the Bears o-line piece in honor of my trip to Chicago today, but there are quite a few up already so definitely poke around the site
  • Another one of my favorite fantasy writers is back - definitely take a look at The Talented Mr. Roto/Matthew Berry's Top 150 preseason rankings, which also notes each player's positional rank.
  • Meanwhile one of my favorite sites, Rotoworld, continues to crank out articles - check out this one on Backup Runners, which they divide up into the elite, the handcuffs, those that are particularly helpful in PPR leagues, etc.
  • Herbie Teope from the "Fantasy Huddle" show and a writer for the Kansas City Star has polled a bunch of experts in the fantasy industry on their thoughts for the 2010 season, and I was lucky enough to be one of them. Do you agree with me that Chris Johnson should go #1 overall ahead of Adrian Peterson? Who are you avoiding this year? Or acquiring at all costs?
  • The IDP Guru continues the defensive player tiers with dynasty rankings for Defensive Linemen and Defensive Backs.
  • Or turn to's Getting defensive: IDP rankings for 2010. I play in an IDP-heavy league with Dave Richard from CBS and some other hot shots out there, so I always enjoy seeing Dave's early thoughts on IDPers.
  • Razzball takes a look at how drafts are evolving and where players are falling in early mocks for the 2010 season in It's an Everyday Draft Position. Not only do you get some of Doc's amusing commentary but some solid thoughts on where and when to take some key players. On a side note, I was reading the comments about Frank Gore and gotta reiterate how much I love the guy. He was a top 5 back in many standard and PPR leagues last year (very quietly I might add) and now he has a bolstered o-line to help him (and Alex Smith) out? Love it. I'm all about Gore this year...what do you guys think?

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Happenings in the Fantasy Biz

While most of my sports world news today is filled with talk about the need for replay challenges in baseball, there is of course other news...on the fantasy front, The Big Lead has found a buyer in Fantasy Sports Ventures for 7 figures. Yes, 7 figures. Gives hope to all those one-(wo)man shows and small sites that one day they might at least be worth a little more than they imagined...but do note Jason McIntyre's quote here about the sacrifices he made. In other acquisition news, (the host of the monster FFLibrarian League) has acquired

But let's be honest, you're probably not here for the latest fantasy biz news (though if that's your bag, swing by or FantasyEthos for more), you're really here for analysis, rankings, insight. So let's get to it!

  • We've got a couple of resources looking at sleeper or late pick receivers:
    •'s Super Sleeper Receivers - you'll probably recognize at least most of these names. Interesting stuff.
    • Rotoworld's mock draft analysis looks at Receiver Fliers, or guys snagged between rounds 11 and 15.
  • Check out the eight tiers of IDP goodness at the IDP Guru's 2010 IDP Rankings - Linebackers (Dynasty).
  • My buddies at did a 4-round all-rookie draft recently, so if your keeper league is doing something similar soon, definitely take a look at the results. 
  • It's never too early to start thinking about the 2010 fantasy playoffs - while there is likely plenty of change on the defensive scene that will reveal itself in the first few weeks of the season,'s Drafting for the Playoffs: RB is a great launching point. And hey speaking of the Toolbox, if you're in school and are looking for a summer internship still, have a gander at's opportunities.
  • There's a reason we all love Wes Welker - or at least most of us and that includes my sister who probably knows who maybe 10 NFL players are total. The dude is just scrappy; he gets after it. So it should be no surprise that he's back on the field and rumors are swirling that he might just be ready for Week 1. 
  • Let's keep up the Pats talk and help stir the pot a bit while we're at it: ProFootballTalk reports on the "Growing sense of disconnect" between Pats, Tom Brady
  • RapidDraft continues the team analysis with Team Breakdown: Arizona Cardinals. Reminded me, among other things, that Jay Feely is their kicker; kind of forgot all about Feely...
  •'s 2010 fantasy football rankings by position are up! This link takes you to QBs, but all other basic FF positions are linked off this page.