Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time to get moving

It's hard to believe July is almost here but you all know what that means? The unofficial increase of fantasy content as the NFL season gets closer and closer. Training camps start in July so if that doesn't get you excited then I don't know what will. July also means moving time for me - my husband and I found a new apartment to accommodate our growing family and are moving on July 17th...a mere 2.5 weeks away. But is anything packed yet? Of course not. And does that make me anxious? Of course! It's an assault on all of my natural instincts to plan, but I figure it's good for me. Though if I start babbling about boxes and packing tape a lot in the next few weeks, you'll know why.

Plenty of links to send you to today, including a few new draft kits. With a long weekend coming up in a few days, sounds like plenty of time for grilling, fireworks and of course FF prepping.

  • First up, let's get to those draft kits. ESPN's 2010 Draft Kit is pretty chock full of good, standard stuff like rankings and projections, player profiles, position reviews, and other interesting tools like the 2009 Fantasy Points Against by position
  • Another place to swing by is Fox's Draft Guide - for those looking for a basic intro to fantasy football, check out their Fantasy 101: How to Play article from OPEN Sports.
  • I always dig what Mighty Max the supercomputer has to say over at Sports Grumblings - take a look at their Fantasy Football Forecast: Consistency Rankings article. Interesting quick read, particularly useful when deciding between two players of similar caliber, though the full consistency rankings (CRs) require signing up for Sports Grumblings (there is a free level though and the CRs are available for free).
  • FFToolbox has a nice 2010 preview of 10 sophomore players, just RBs and WRs. Scope out their thoughts on which players are poised for a strong season in Sophomore Outlook
  • Meanwhile Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy rolls on with their offensive line analysis - I'll link you over to the Broncos write-up since that is of course of great interest to this Denver fan...but remember you can scope out all the other write-ups here (still 8 more teams to go). 
  • Pyromaniac.com takes a look at the Saints backfield in Time to Ring a Different Bell with some suggestions on guys you might to think about from NO.
  • FantasyFortunes.com has adjusted their auction values to reflect the more standard $200 starting amount - take a look at the updated rankings with auction values on their site.


Anonymous said...

love the site and dedication to FF, keep up the great work!

i have to say i get a chuckle out of every auction/league that uses $200 for their cap value. dust off the elementary school math books and divide by 2. any/all auctions should always be viewed as $100 or more accurately 100%.

JMP said...

Believe what the guy was saying about Hamilton down in NO.

As a Pierre Thomas owner last year, I can tell you that Sean Payton has no problem with screwing PT over in favor of other RBs plus Drew Brees on the sneak. 2-3 times, PT did the heavy lifting to get down to the goal line only to be standing on the sidelines, watching someone else run in for the score.