Friday, January 29, 2010

Super Bowl countdown

The countdown is on - in T minus 6 I'll be in Ft. Lauderdale or Miami or wherever all the Super Bowl festivities are occurring. I'm wondering just how early I can arrive at the game on Sunday - is it inappropriate to show up 12 hours early? Perhaps. Once again I want to be sure to extend an invitation to all of you in South Florida to swing by the Miami Buffalo Wild Wings for the party I'll be co-hosting with Trey Wingo on Friday, Feb 5th. E-mail me if you want more details.

With all the chaos of the FSTA conference I forgot to note the leaders in the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge - our top 5 players at this time are:
1. People of Walmart (428 points)
2. Titleist432 and ColdOne (tied at 404 points)
4. pink fury (403 points)
5. Planet 10 and MIAMI64 (tied at 402 points)

Onto today's links:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

2009 Accuracy Results Are In!

There are few things about my "job" as the FFLibrarian that I enjoy as much as the annual accuracy challenge, so this week is just a really awesome week for me - I get to share with you all which site had the most accurate preseason rankings for the 2009 season: Congrats! So first things first - head over to the Fifth Down's Rating the Rankings in Fantasy Football to read up on how the challenge works (just a small dose of math) and see which other sites dominated this year. Then come on back here and read up on some of the other details...

Okay, now that you've been to the Fifth Down, I want to be sure and alphabetically list all 48 sites that I looked at in the challenge:

Ask the Commish
Bruno Boys
Draft Analyzer Guru
Draft Analyzer Ultimate
Draft Sharks
Fantasy Football Geek Blog
Fantasy Football Maniaxs
Fantasy Football Sherpa
Fantasy Football Starters
Fantasy Football Toolbox
Fantasy Football Trader
Fantasy Football Xtreme
Fantasy Hulks
Fantasy Mojo
FFCalculator (ADP)
Fighting Chance Fantasy
Football Guys
Football Outsiders
FOX Sports
Junkyard Jake
Lester’s Legends
Mission Competition
Numbers & Guts
Pigskin Addiction
RealTime Fantasy Sports
Sporting News
Sports Data Hub
Sports Illustrated
The Huddle

If you are from any of those sites and want to know how you did in the contest, send me an e-mail. I'd be happy to share how you did in each position and across all 4 positions. Speaking of which, let's mosey on over to the positional ranking details:

Top 15 overall sites:
1.    20.33
2.   KFFL    20.71
3.    20.90
4.   Draft Analyzer Ultimate    21.12
5.   Sports Illustrated    21.56
6.   Draft Analyzer Guru    21.60
7.   Fantasy Mojo    21.81
8.   Lester's Legends    21.87
9.   FFCalculator    21.96
10.  Rotohog    22.04
11.  Football Guys    22.06
12.  FFTrader    22.22
13.  Bruno Boys    22.24
14.  Sporting News    22.39
15.  RealTime Fantasy Sports    22.40

Top 10 sites for QBs:
1.   Rotoworld    6.913
2.   WhatIfSports    7.557
3.   Junkyard Jake    7.623
4.    7.7485
5.   FFCalculator    8.280
6.   Lester's Legends    8.385
7.   Ask the Commish    8.430
8.   Fantazzle    8.639
9.   KFFL    8.726
10.  Fantasy Hulks    8.752

Top 10 sites for RBs:
1.   Draft Analyzer Ultimate    20.823
2.   Numbers & Guts    20.967
3.   KFFL    21.589
4.   ESPN    21.820
5.   Accuscore    21.910
6.   Pigskin Addiction    21.940
7.    22.121
8.    22.501
9.   RealTime Fantasy Sports    22.751
10.  FFSherpa    23.064

Top 10 sites for WRs:
1.    31.677
2.   KFFL    32.314
3.    32.337
4.   Draft Analyzer Guru    32.921
5.   Lester's Legends    33.051
6.   FFCalculator    33.552
7.   Sports Illustrated    33.820
8.   Sporting News    34.056
9.   Fighting Chance Fantasy    34.200
10.  Draft Analyzer Ultimate    34.310

Top 10 sites for TEs:
1.   Sports Illustrated    7.172
2.   Fantasy Mojo    7.238
3.   FFToday    7.368
4.   MyOfficePool    7.476
5.   FFStarters    7.549
6.   FFXtreme    7.823
7.   Fantistics    7.870
8.   Ask the Commish    7.937
9.   FFCalculator    7.968
10.  The Huddle    7.971

I've got a lot more in the works during the offseason - I'm going to take a look at the past results from 2007 and 2008 and combine them with these 2009 results to start building a more comprehensive look at which sites are the most accurate with their rankings. I'll also be taking a look at which sites were the riskiest (as compared to ADP from FFCalculator) to see who was risky and accurate, a favorite combo of mine.

If you have any other thoughts about what one could do with all of this data, please e-mail me or leave a comment - I'd love to hear any thoughts on this.

Now for those interested in projections, don't worry we've got you covered there, too. For the first time we included projections in the annual contest and I'll be posting details on those results soon. My buddy Donnie at The Most Credible ran the projections analysis for both football and baseball and the same site came out on top for both: Rotohog. More details on that front to come!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Leaving Las Vegas

Greetings from the Las Vegas airport where I'm waiting on my delayed flight to get back home to New York after another great Fantasy Sports Trade Association conference. The delay would be a bummer but frankly I'm happily working away on a fully charged laptop with free wifi - and listening to the sweet sounds of slot machines. Heavy sarcasm on the "sweet" there...let's just say I'd go crazy if I worked in a casino all day, every day.

So I had a wonderful time meeting some of the brilliant fantasy minds behind all of the the links that I send you to - many thanks to the guys (and yes, it was about 98% male, big surprise) that kept me company throughout the conference. I've been toying with coming up with superlatives for all of the folks I hung out with there - Most Entertaining, Biggest Character, Dude I Was Most Excited to Meet, etc - but there were just too many top notch guys there to narrow the field.

Also I would be remiss if I didn't note the fact that I'm on a lucky streak right now...not only did I win that trip to the Super Bowl but at the FSTA conference I won a football signed by 30 Hall of Famers at this past year's HOF weekend. Crazy lucky, my friends. So a big hearty thanks to Yesteryear Fantasy Football for that great prize.

Now finally we can get to today's links:

  •'s Draft Day 2009 - Lessons Learned does a nice job of summing up some of the draft strategies that you might have employed last summer, and assessing what you might want to focus on for 2010.
  • is doing a great job with their in-depth analysis and I dig their detailed look back at some of the season's flops that might be acquired at a good value next year in Flops to Tops.
  • Lester's Legends is cranking out their early 2010 rankings - take a look at the top 25 RBs.
  • Read why FFManiaxs think Steven Jackson will be a top 5 back in 2010 - agree? Disagree?
  • Since I will soon be a librarian based in an art museum in NYC, it only seems appropriate that I link out to this amusing back-and-forth between the Indy and New Orleans art museum directors (kudos to Football Outsiders for that link). Fine art is hanging in the balance of this game, my friends. 
  • I learned about an awesome add-on that has been around for a little while - but it's for FFers who are in multiple leagues, play several different fantasy sports, or just those of us who could use all the extra research help we can get: Pick 'em First. Check it out but basically it uses a nice little icon to help you identify which players are available in your leagues (or on your own team) when you're on your favorite FF websites scoping out news, injury updates, start/sit, etc. Good stuff.
Finally, take a look at the Fifth Down tomorrow for the results of my annual accuracy challenge - I'll be back talking about it in depth here on the blog for the next several days, weeks, months, however long it takes me to cover it all. If you're desperate to know who was #1 with their preseason rankings this year before tomorrow's post with all the details on the Fifth Down, scope out's write-up.

Monday, January 25, 2010

FSTAing in Las Vegas

Before I get into today's post I just wanted to extend my thanks to you all for being patient with me while I took some time off - and for all of the kind e-mails and comments that you all sent my way about my grandpa. He was an incredible man, a real contributor to his community, and probably the reason that I love football. And ice cream.

But now I am in Las Vegas after a whirlwind week of flying between New York, Michigan, and now Nevada. I'm here for the Fantasy Sports Trade Association conference which begins tomorrow morning. I met a lot of awesome folks in the industry here last year so I'm really looking forward to seeing them - and some new faces! - over the next few days. I'll also be presenting the annual accuracy award that looks at the most accurate preseason rankings for 2009 - the results will be posted on the Fifth Down on Thursday and I will likely blog a lot more about it in the weeks to come here on FFLibrarian.

But there have been lots of quality articles over the past several days so I thought I'd get a few links up this afternoon - and hopefully I'll have time to get a post up tomorrow as well.

  • First up, let's take a look back at yesterday's games with the Bruno Boys' Championship Risers & Fallers. Or read this week's MMQB where you'll learn among far more football-relevant things that Favre gave his daughter the unfortunate name of Breleigh (sorry, I'm many years behind on my Favre trivia clearly). Is that some sort of Brett + Leigh = Breleigh? Not digging it, but hey, to each their own.
  • Meanwhile one of the only sites with Super Bowl projections up already? Fantasy Depth Chart - check out their Player Rankings.
  • And now a turn to the 2010 season...the FFManiaxs have been busy pulling together their dynasty positional rankings - take a look at their RB and WR rankings.
  • For more dynasty rankings, see what one of my favorite sites, Rotoworld, has to say in Dynasty Ranks: Wide Receivers
  • Or take a look at's Top 100 Player Rankings.
  • Over the past few weeks we've heard of several coaching changes - Athlon/Grogan Sports' Finger on the Pulse: NFL Coaching Carousel has a nice look at what these new coaching scenarios might mean for fantasy football in 2010.
  • Plus with the next crop of rookies preparing to show their wares, let's scope out some NFL Draft linkage:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taking a break

I might take a few days off of the blog - my grandpa passed away. There's not enough room on this blog to describe how wonderful of a man he was and I will miss him dearly.

For fantasy football help this weekend, be sure to swing by some of the great regulars like Rotoworld, The Hazean, Bruno Boys, and FFToday. They'll be able to provide you with plenty of rankings, projections, and game reviews.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Conference Champ game prep

Well the field just keeps getting smaller - we're down to the final four teams and I for one will be excited about any of these clubs making it to the Super Bowl. But if I must pick, I'm pulling for a Colts vs Vikings game; Colts for my husband's sake (they're his team) and Vikings since we've got some connections with them via Buffalo Wild Wings.

Meanwhile, I've got a new set of top teams in my FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge (there are 164 of us in the league):

  1. The NFL Night Club (256)
  2. MIAMI64 (254)
  3. KevinGould (254)
  4. Titleist432 (253)
  5. itsawrap (253)
Congrats for the solid 2 week performances - will one of you win my $25 gift card to Amazon courtesy of the Bruno Boys?!

So we've got Conference Championship advice already pouring in so let's head right over to today's links:

Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK Day FF links

Just a quick post for you all today - I've got a coffee date with my sister soon (love it when my family is free to meet up on holiday weekdays!) but I have some good news to note: I have a job! Starting next month after I'm back from the Super Bowl trip, I'll be starting a part-time job working as a librarian at an art museum here in NYC. I'm really pleased and am excited that it will still give me plenty of time to work on the blog. Here's to employment!

So let's jump right into today's links:

Friday, January 15, 2010

Divisional decisions

Happy almost three-day weekend (and happy MLK Jr's official birthday). I will be celebrating the weekend by putting the finishing touches on my fantasy football accuracy analysis, which I am almost done with. Meanwhile The Big Lead has done an accuracy analysis of their own (love seeing this concept pick up steam) looking at 7 different sites' preseason rankings. Take a look at their results, which were compiled in a relatively similar manner to what I do - I'll be very interested in seeing how similar our end results are when it's all said and done.

But let's take a look at today's links to help those of you in playoff leagues like the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge (there are 162 of us!) get your best lineup set:

  • I'm pretty much sold when I see the phrase Abita beer in a post (there's some tasty Abita Amber on tap at the Henry St. Ale House a few blocks away from me), but The Hazean also has some quality football commentary for us in Round Two Start & Sit.
  • RotoExperts' Divisional Thunderdome is chock full of position rankings and insight for this weekend's games.
  • More rankings from FFXtreme's Fantasy Football Playoff Rankings Part 2. Kind of amazing that Adrian Peterson isn't top dog on all these rankings - that just goes to show how much more potent the Cowboys run defense has been lately...and perhaps how relatively unspectacular Peterson has been. Don't get me wrong, he's still high up on this weekend's rankings, but there isn't the outpouring of love that we would've seen for him in the past. 
  • For some thoughts on how to work the passing games and rushing games this weekend (and projections), see what FFToday has to offer in Inside the Matchup: Divisional Playoffs.
  • If you're really just looking for some words of wisdom on the matchups and are kind of done with the fantasy angle, I've got you covered - Football Outsiders' Mike Tanier does a spectacular job with weekly matchups on the Fifth Down so take a look at Saturday's NFL Divisional Matchups and Sunday's NFL Divisional Matchups.
  • Rotoworld really never disappoints and Signs of the Future is no exception - it has a nice look at RBBC (running back by committee) trends over the past several years as well as important player notes for both this weekend and the 2010 season. 
  • Finally if you're a NFL Draft junkie, then you'll want to take a look at's list of Underclassmen who intend to enter the 2010 draft, which I believe has been continuously updated over the past month or so.
Happy weekend and good luck in your playoffs leagues!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vegas & Miami, what could be better?

Well I've got my Super Bowl tickets, hotel room, and flight down to Miami all set - seriously, could I be more excited? Another huge thanks to Buffalo Wild Wings for this incredible grand prize for winning their All-Star Blogger League. As more details emerge, I'll be sharing them on the BWW league site - so be sure to check back for details and tales from South Florida.

In the meantime, I'll be heading to Las Vegas in about 10 days for the Fantasy Sports Trade Association annual conference. I know, I'm living such a charmed life right now. If any of you FF experts out there are going to be in Vegas for the conference and want to grab a drink, let me know! I've already roped Marc from the Bruno Boys into keeping me company.

Moving on to today's links:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lots of Divisional Round prep

Those who follow college football news can only imagine the upset in our household last night when my husband learned that Lane Kiffin (Univ of Tennessee's coach) is leaving for USC to replace Pete Carroll who accepted the head coaching job with the Seahawks. Kiffin had only been in TN for a year and this rightly has pissed off my Knoxville native husband and likely the vast majority of Vols fans. Dark days here, my friends, dark days.

But the good news here in Brooklyn is that I have a library job interview today - I believe this is now my 7th interview of one sort or another since arriving in the city: turned one job down, got turned down by another, and now I'm pulling a Goldilocks and hoping that this one will be just right. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

So let's get right to today's links so that I can shift gears and focus like a laser on the library world before my interview:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Accuracy Challenge is coming!

I've embraced a major technology change here in 2010, my football friends. I am now a Mac user. For the past few weeks I've been gleefully coming to you from a new macbook and pretty much loving every minute...until this past weekend. I still love my new mac, don't get me wrong, but figuring out how to use iWork's Numbers to the same extent as Excel has been a challenge. I miss Excel and am considering purchasing Office for macs, but have heard negative feedback on that front, too. What's an Excel user to do? I know with time I'll probably discover lots of the same tips and tricks that I know and love in Excel but if anyone can guide me toward resources to speed that process up, I'd appreciate it.

Now why was I up to my elbows in spreadsheets this weekend you may ask? The annual accuracy challenge of course! This will be the third year that I've run an analysis to compare the accuracy of preseason positional rankings from FF experts out there (here's a look back at the 2007 and 2008 contests)...and I'm so excited to report that I have nearly 50 sites competing in this year's competition. I'll be looking at the top 10-15 sites who were most accurate at ranking QBs, RBs, WRs, and TEs - and then also which sites were best across all positions. I'm working with the FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association) again this year and the site that is most accurate across positions will receive an award at the FSTA annual conference in Vegas in 2 weeks. I'll be presenting the details of the winners on the Fifth Down and here on my blog just after the conference concludes so be sure to come back for the results!

In addition, this year we are looking at the accuracy of preseason projections (we have about 15 FF expert sites participating in that portion of the contest) and The Most Credible is running that analysis. I'll be noting the results of that contest as well. Great stuff up ahead - I love these contests!

But first up, we have some helpful and interesting links for this weekend's games:

Finally the top 5 scorers in the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge so far:
  1. KevinGould (163 points)
  2. rikim1228 (156 points)
  3. willmushu (153 points)
  4. slickens (148 points)
  5. itsawrap (146 points)
Good luck to all participating in the league!

    Monday, January 11, 2010

    Wild card recap and 2010 info

    Wow, I was not expecting some of the outcomes that we saw from this weekend's Wild Card games. The Jets win is basically the only one that didn't surprise me - I have no clue how things could look so ugly in New England, the Cowboys are more impressive than I gave them credit for, and seriously, no more Aaron Rodgers?! It only seemed fitting that Rodgers and the Packers would keep rolling and make it to the Super Bowl since Rodgers is much of the reason that I won my Buffalo Wild Wings league and will be at the SB in a few weeks. Seemed like some Super Bowl kismet to me...

    In the next day or two we should have the results from the first week of the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge to see which of the 150 participants is in the lead. I can already promise you all that it is not me! If you already have a team set up with for the playoffs, I think you can still join our challenge for your chance to win a $25 gift card to Amazon, courtesy of the generous Bruno Boys.

    Let's dive into today's handful of links:

    Finally, can't help but mention the college basketball happiness in my home - my Northwestern Wildcats beat Michigan, making them 12-3. Northwestern has never ever been to the tourney so you can imagine I've got my fingers crossed this year. Then my husband, who grew up in Knoxville, TN, was beside himself with Tennessee's win over #1 Kansas (and yes, we even changed the channel away from football for a little while). Wish I could report such success with my fantasy basketball team but I'm sitting at 5-6 right now - could be better, could be worse. Within the next few weeks I should be posting more fantasy basketball links for those who are interested.

    Saturday, January 09, 2010

    Playoff kickoff

    Happy Wild Card weekend day! I've got a few quick links for you but mostly I wanted to let anyone having trouble entering the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge know that I've removed the password and made it a public league - I heard from too many of you who were having issues with that. So come on in, join the league, and take a shot at winning the $25 gift card prize for the winner of my challenge.

    And speaking of playoff leagues, if you're looking for another postseason league, you can jump into's weekly contests.

    But let's get to today's content...

    Finally, I'm starting to get some more posts up on the BWW All-Star Blogger League website, where I'll be posting all the news about my Super Bowl weekend trip. Check it out to see how the details of the trip are unfolding. 

    Friday, January 08, 2010

    Wild card rankings, 2010 thoughts, and more!

    Happy Friday! I hope you all enjoyed the National Championship game last night - like many of you I'm sure, I definitely thought Texas had a shot as they started to make things more interesting in the 4th quarter. Though all I could think about for awhile there was how impressive Texas' backup QB was and how I couldn't even imagine my Northwestern Wildcats maintaining so much talent on the bench. Man, playing the game at different levels for sure.

    Anyway, back to the NFL. It's been a few days since I've mentioned how psyched I am to be going to the Super Bowl courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings, so I thought I'd bring it up again lest you all think I've become blase about such a gigantic coup. Trust me, within about an hour or so of waking up every morning, I gleefully think to myself, "I'm going to the Super Bowl!" But time now for today's links...

    Enjoy this weekend's games and remember to join in on the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge fun (password: librarian) if you haven't already! Right now there are 114 of us and one of you will be walking away with a nice little $25 gift card to Amazon thanks to the Bruno Boys.

    Thursday, January 07, 2010

    Making sense of FF Wild Card links

    I was walking to my local Trader Joe's (man, can I do a post solely dedicated to how much I love that place? Seriously, how is it so cheap and so tasty?) and I passed a denuded Christmas tree. It must have been trash day since there were Christmas trees lining the sidewalks everywhere, ready to be picked up and taken to tree heaven (one of the saddest sights) but I have never once seen a tree stump with all of the branches chopped off and bagged. Why would one do that? Truly, I'm looking for an answer here. Those branches weren't being kept for their aroma, they were being dumped in garbage bags alongside that sad and sorry Christmas tree stump. Who knows - but I think we can all agree that New Yorkers can come up with some of the most inventive and nonsensical solutions. Fortunately, we've got a bevy of very sensible and helpful fantasy football links for you today...

    • The rankings and projections continue today though not with quite the same depth as earlier in the week:
    • As always, insightful commentary from Brian Burke of Advanced NFL Stats in his probabilities for this weekend's games up on the Fifth Down. 
    • Fantasy Joe bring us The busts and values of 2009 from my buddies at Sports Data Hub.
    • I love all the hype about Jamaal Charles that I'm seeing - Matthew Berry was big on him earlier this week and now we have Scott Pianowski giving him some 2010 top 6 love in Yahoo/Roto Aracade's Cleanup on Week 17: Jamaal Charles in charge.
    Remember to sign up for the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Amazon...or of course a trip to the 2011 Super Bowl if you win's entire challenge. Password is librarian and e-mail me if that link doesn't work for you and you'd like an invitation e-mailed to you. There are about 100 of us participating so far, so join in and show you're top dog of fantasy playoffs.

    Wednesday, January 06, 2010

    Fantasy Football Postseason Advice

    I love this time of year - just when I'm accepting the fact that I've seen the last of my Northwestern Wildcats for the season, we get access to all of the NFL games going on this weekend. As a non-Sunday Ticket gal (not an option for us here), there's little that makes me happier than full-on access to all games; no picking and choosing needed, no being at the mercy of local it. 

    Another thing I love? Playing in the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge - keep your fantasy football season going by joining in on the fun (password: librarian).

    Anyway, it's a bright and sunny morning here in NYC (hey, we'll get above freezing!) and I've got a handful of playoffs articles for you:

    Tuesday, January 05, 2010

    Playoff Rankings and Cheat Sheets!

    I'm getting more and more details about my crazy, awesome trip to the Super Bowl courtesy of my big win in the Buffalo Wild Wings All-Star Blogger League. Sounds like the BWW folks will be treating me very well and are doing what they can to bring me to various parties and events all weekend long - of course in addition to the big game itself. Can't wait. I will be blogging after each event on the league's website, so when the time comes, you'll definitely want to come by the site to read about my Super Bowl weekend exploits! Also if you are in the Miami area or are planning on being there for the SB, you are cordially invited to my big event with ESPN's Trey Wingo at the Miami Buffalo Wild Wings on Friday, February 5th. More details to come but we'll be giving away some really awesome stuff for those that can make it to the Miami BWW.

    Now don't forget to sign up for the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge (password: librarian) - you can win a trip to the 2011 Super Bowl if you win's whole competition; or a nice $25 gift card to Amazon will go to the winner of our FFLibrarian league from the generous Bruno Boys. E-mail me if you have any trouble signing up.

    So today I've got lots of awesome links for you - I'm pretty excited about the high quality postseason rankings that I've found and hope you will be, too.

    • Rotoworld is hands down one of my favorite fantasy football sites, so when they publish their Post-Season Fantasy Football Guide, I pay attention. And this is chock full of good stuff yet again - I particularly appreciate some of the tiering in the rankings.
    • Razzball is bringing out their rankings a little bit at a time; today we have QBs and RBs for the playoffs. 
    • Fantasy Football Brothers are also cranking out the positional rankings - take a look at their QB, RB, and WR rankings so far. 
    • The Bruno Boys are releasing their positional rankings for the first week of the NFL playoffs slowly but surely - scope out their Wild Card Rankings: Quarterbacks.
    • I'm seeing a Chargers-Vikings Super Bowl predicted in several places including FFToday - their positional rankings including a link to their scoring system and also include a helpful "potential # games" column. Great stuff.
    • Meanwhile Lester's Legends predicts a Patriots-Vikings SB - here are his postseason player me intrigued by the lack of love for the Chargers. Man, I love the playoffs!
    • Taking things in a slightly different direction - this article Who to Add For 2010? from is about a month old but still full of helpful info on guys you might want to snag in keeper/dynasty leagues, or just keep on your radar for 2010 and beyond. 

    Monday, January 04, 2010

    Join the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge!

    Awesome news, my fantasy football friends - I won the Buffalo Wild Wings All-Star Blogger League and am gathering details on the incredible prize: a trip to Miami for the Super Bowl. I must admit that last night I was dancing around the house singing We Are the Champions (was considering a Freddy Mercury style onesie for the party I'll be co-hosting with Trey Wingo, until I remembered that JLo already rocked a onesie on the Dick Clark NY's Eve special, and another catsuit might be more than the world can handle).

    But if you, too, want to head to the Super Bowl, then why not enter the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge? It's hosted by and the winner of their entire Playoff Challenge wins a trip to the 2011 Super Bowl. Add in the fact that the Bruno Boys are offering up a $25 gift card to Amazon to the winner of this FFLibrarian challenge, and you have a ton of reasons to participate. Sign up here (password: librarian) or e-mail me for an invitation.

    So clearly we've got lots of fantasy football fun on the agenda despite the fact that the regular season is in the books. Let's get to today's links...

    And yes, I'm so bummed that my Broncos blew it and failed to make the playoffs...but I think we all saw that one coming with the chaos and news coming out of Denver this weekend. Here's hoping you all are much happier with the playoffs outcome! 

    Sunday, January 03, 2010

    Consensus start/sit Week 17

    This is it friends! The end of the 2009 regular season, the last chance for fantasy football seasons to be won or lost. But remember, you can keep your season going by joining the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge (password: librarian) - email me if you have any trouble joining the league.

    Let's get right to this week's consensus start/sits, which frankly, have been all over the board. Remember I take a look at all the expert start/sit articles that I link to throughout the week and list which players have the most start or sit votes for the week. They are listed below in no particular order:

    Start: Jay Cutler, Alex Smith, Ben Roethlisberger
    Sit: Carson Palmer, Matt Cassel, Peyton Manning

    Start: Knowshon Moreno, Jonathan Stewart, Matt Forte, Frank Gore, Donald Brown
    Sit: Ricky Williams

    Start: Santonio Holmes, Roddy White, Sidney Rice, Devin Aromashodu
    Sit: Dwayne Bowe, Chad Ochocinco, Braylon Edwards

    Start: Greg Olsen, Jason Witten
    Sit: Todd Heap, Dallas Clark

    Start: Ravens
    Sit: Cowboys, Seahawks

    Start: Nate Kaeding
    Sit: no consensus

    Good luck for those still in the running - and enjoy today's games!

    Saturday, January 02, 2010

    Final Week 17 advice

    Happy Saturday - or should I say happy palindrome day (01022010). Was that just super number nerdy or what? Well it gets better from here on out since we'll be talking fantasy football numbers, my friends. I'll be honest, I'm a little on edge about my matchup tomorrow in the Buffalo Wild Wings All-Star Blogger league. If I win, I head to Miami to live blog the Super Bowl and throw a party with Trey Wingo of ESPN. How could I not be psyched about that possibility? Keep your fingers crossed for me!

    So let's take a look at today's links:

    Finally, another reminder to join in on the playoffs fun with FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge - sign up and use the password (librarian) to be part of the competition for the month of January...who says FF has to end in December?! Send me an e-mail if you have any trouble joining the league.