Monday, January 11, 2010

Wild card recap and 2010 info

Wow, I was not expecting some of the outcomes that we saw from this weekend's Wild Card games. The Jets win is basically the only one that didn't surprise me - I have no clue how things could look so ugly in New England, the Cowboys are more impressive than I gave them credit for, and seriously, no more Aaron Rodgers?! It only seemed fitting that Rodgers and the Packers would keep rolling and make it to the Super Bowl since Rodgers is much of the reason that I won my Buffalo Wild Wings league and will be at the SB in a few weeks. Seemed like some Super Bowl kismet to me...

In the next day or two we should have the results from the first week of the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge to see which of the 150 participants is in the lead. I can already promise you all that it is not me! If you already have a team set up with for the playoffs, I think you can still join our challenge for your chance to win a $25 gift card to Amazon, courtesy of the generous Bruno Boys.

Let's dive into today's handful of links:

Finally, can't help but mention the college basketball happiness in my home - my Northwestern Wildcats beat Michigan, making them 12-3. Northwestern has never ever been to the tourney so you can imagine I've got my fingers crossed this year. Then my husband, who grew up in Knoxville, TN, was beside himself with Tennessee's win over #1 Kansas (and yes, we even changed the channel away from football for a little while). Wish I could report such success with my fantasy basketball team but I'm sitting at 5-6 right now - could be better, could be worse. Within the next few weeks I should be posting more fantasy basketball links for those who are interested.


Unknown said...

I think Aaron took the word "Football" literally. lol.

Unknown said...

Re CBS Sports mock fantasy draft for 2010: with Greg Jennings and Sidney Rice falling to the 4th round, why would you take WR in the opening two rounds? Has to be RB RB or RB QB.

Going for Broke said...


Did you notice too the "lack" of a facemask penalty on the very last play of the Packers vs Cardinals wildcard game on Sunday?

Yahoo's Shutdown Corner blog has a good article on it.

The point being that fumble return Touchdown should not of counted, nor ended the game then.

Lee said...

Thanks for the linkage nice lady. We look at the NFL Draft with Dynasty in mind too so some stuff will come out of that as we get closer.

Lee said...

Noah I don't think you will actually see a lot of top WRs fall to the 4th round come draft time, especially with a lot of leagues leaning toward points per reception.