Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Playoff Rankings and Cheat Sheets!

I'm getting more and more details about my crazy, awesome trip to the Super Bowl courtesy of my big win in the Buffalo Wild Wings All-Star Blogger League. Sounds like the BWW folks will be treating me very well and are doing what they can to bring me to various parties and events all weekend long - of course in addition to the big game itself. Can't wait. I will be blogging after each event on the league's website, so when the time comes, you'll definitely want to come by the site to read about my Super Bowl weekend exploits! Also if you are in the Miami area or are planning on being there for the SB, you are cordially invited to my big event with ESPN's Trey Wingo at the Miami Buffalo Wild Wings on Friday, February 5th. More details to come but we'll be giving away some really awesome stuff for those that can make it to the Miami BWW.

Now don't forget to sign up for the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge (password: librarian) - you can win a trip to the 2011 Super Bowl if you win NFL.com's whole competition; or a nice $25 gift card to Amazon will go to the winner of our FFLibrarian league from the generous Bruno Boys. E-mail me if you have any trouble signing up.

So today I've got lots of awesome links for you - I'm pretty excited about the high quality postseason rankings that I've found and hope you will be, too.

  • Rotoworld is hands down one of my favorite fantasy football sites, so when they publish their Post-Season Fantasy Football Guide, I pay attention. And this is chock full of good stuff yet again - I particularly appreciate some of the tiering in the rankings.
  • Razzball is bringing out their rankings a little bit at a time; today we have QBs and RBs for the playoffs. 
  • Fantasy Football Brothers are also cranking out the positional rankings - take a look at their QB, RB, and WR rankings so far. 
  • The Bruno Boys are releasing their positional rankings for the first week of the NFL playoffs slowly but surely - scope out their Wild Card Rankings: Quarterbacks.
  • I'm seeing a Chargers-Vikings Super Bowl predicted in several places including FFToday - their positional rankings including a link to their scoring system and also include a helpful "potential # games" column. Great stuff.
  • Meanwhile Lester's Legends predicts a Patriots-Vikings SB - here are his postseason player rankings...call me intrigued by the lack of love for the Chargers. Man, I love the playoffs!
  • Taking things in a slightly different direction - this article Who to Add For 2010? from NoOffSeason.com is about a month old but still full of helpful info on guys you might want to snag in keeper/dynasty leagues, or just keep on your radar for 2010 and beyond. 

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Steve said...

I am sooo happy for your trip to the super bowl! no one deserves it more except Allie if the Jets make it to the Super Bowl.