Thursday, January 07, 2010

Making sense of FF Wild Card links

I was walking to my local Trader Joe's (man, can I do a post solely dedicated to how much I love that place? Seriously, how is it so cheap and so tasty?) and I passed a denuded Christmas tree. It must have been trash day since there were Christmas trees lining the sidewalks everywhere, ready to be picked up and taken to tree heaven (one of the saddest sights) but I have never once seen a tree stump with all of the branches chopped off and bagged. Why would one do that? Truly, I'm looking for an answer here. Those branches weren't being kept for their aroma, they were being dumped in garbage bags alongside that sad and sorry Christmas tree stump. Who knows - but I think we can all agree that New Yorkers can come up with some of the most inventive and nonsensical solutions. Fortunately, we've got a bevy of very sensible and helpful fantasy football links for you today...

  • The rankings and projections continue today though not with quite the same depth as earlier in the week:
  • As always, insightful commentary from Brian Burke of Advanced NFL Stats in his probabilities for this weekend's games up on the Fifth Down. 
  • Fantasy Joe bring us The busts and values of 2009 from my buddies at Sports Data Hub.
  • I love all the hype about Jamaal Charles that I'm seeing - Matthew Berry was big on him earlier this week and now we have Scott Pianowski giving him some 2010 top 6 love in Yahoo/Roto Aracade's Cleanup on Week 17: Jamaal Charles in charge.
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Joe Thomas said...

Great stuff as always. The fantasy busts and values of 2009 article was particularly good.