Monday, July 30, 2012

Updates from camp plus targets, IDPs, and more

I do love this time of year. Training camp is rolling, real news starts developing, football dramas are unfolding. You could fill your day with fantasy football prep. So why not start here?

  • I've got a couple of pit stops for you if you're looking for training camp tidbits. Lots of good stuff here:
    • Fantasy Guru's John Hansen updates his blog periodically - always a great place to scope out and right now he's got a helpful piece up for those needing news and updates from around the league: Thoughts from the first few days of camp.
    • Rotoworld reviews some of the biggest position battles and how they seem to be shaking out thus far in Training Camp Battles.
  • Speaking of the latest news, this Roto Arcade article on Mike Wallace and his contract situation is now a few days old but I think it still holds as of Monday morning in terms of being accurate. Could be very interesting if Wallace does indeed get traded. 
  • Those of you in IDP leagues might find the following articles helpful:
  • Not IDP, but a team defense/special teams ranking from Beast Dome, a fairly new site for me. I like to give you guys a variety of rankings; some sites I agree with and some I don't, but hey, options are good. As always, your feedback on sites is appreciated especially if you catch something funky with a site that I've overlooked. 
  • Always nice to see Matthew Berry's annual hundred facts article out and about. Love this kind of stat dump that often makes you think twice. A hundred facts: Unabridged. Check it.
  • Fake Teams has grouped together their links for sleepers at each position (and division) and then also a target report for each position (target reports look back at smattering of players' stats from 2009-2011, which is nice data to scope out).
  • On a target note, has a look at Which receivers should see increased targets in 2012? And from earlier last week, also see which receivers' targets may decrease as well.
  • One last item - I've been enjoying the articles on efficiency ratings and wanted to send you on over to the latest: Wide Receiver Efficiency and ADP. Basically, the ratings are a method of capturing which players are always out there on the field and are essential to the team. Keeping that in mind, it looks at where those super players are going in drafts right now. Obviously won't make or break your rankings but it's a nice item to add to your research. Plus it's more arsenal for my Doug Baldwin love as a value pick this season.

Friday, July 27, 2012

And training camp opens!

Training camp has arrived and it's time to ramp things up. And watch the Olympics. Love it. I'm back from vacation and ready to get some Friday links out for you:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lots of fantasy sleeper info

Happy almost Friday. We're heading north to Boston to spend several days with my sister and her family. Should be awesome though she's got a 1-year-old so it should be 5 days of kiddo chaos. Speaking of chaos, send good vibes our way for a manageable plane flight with our active and spirited. I probably won't be around much for the next week or so, my apologies. In the meantime, while I'm gallivanting around Boston, remember that Fantasy Rundown does a good job of gathering daily links right here.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Update on accuracy results and more links

I've heard from a bunch of you lately that are wondering when the multi-year accuracy results are coming out and here's the glitch: the laptop that holds the cleaned-up data files and the Stata program I use to run the analysis is dead. After exhausting our attempts to revive it, we took it to a computer guy this weekend and the hard drive is essentially gone. For a sizable chunk of money we can send it to a special facility to get the data off the hard drive but we've decided we'd rather put those funds into a new computer...essentially what this means is that I've had to re-clean up the data (done!) and now I just need to rely upon the kindness of my husband (and his ability to create some free time in his schedule) to run all of the numbers on his work computer since that's the only other place we have Stata. I've considered doing it all in Excel but I think that introduces the possibility of human error as I monkey with cut and paste to get it all up and running. The other catch is that we're going on vacation this weekend so if it's not done this week, it may not be available until the start of August.

Okay, enough with my sob story. I feel like a broken record here since I've promised this data so many times...and it really is coming. I promise promise promise to have it published before the big August rush on drafts.

In the meantime, I highly recommend you scope out the other big expert accuracy assessment in town: FantasyPros' 2011's Most Accurate Draft Rankings. Kudos to the Bruno Boys for taking first place (they won the 2010 FFLibrarian accuracy contest, btw) as well as the other top sites - to find out who they are, you can see the results of all 80 participating experts/sites on

Lots of other links to get to today, too:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Constructing some 2012 ff links

Some news from the FFLibrarian household: we're commencing renovations on our house in a few weeks. As you guys might remember, we bought an awesome, old (I mean old) house when we moved to Knoxville last year and there are certainly many quirks to be worked out. Biggest of all? The nearly 15 degree difference between the upstairs and downstairs. Or maybe the super ancient shower that elicited a "wow, haven't seen anything like this before" from our plumber. Anyway, we're finally working out some of the kinks, which should make for an interesting August and September (and perhaps longer...) especially for someone like me who typically works from home. Nothing goes with conference calls and football posts like a little construction noise.

  • The Fifth Down has a nice, lengthy piece that looks at the various values and pitfalls you may find during your draft this year - Fantasy Football Draft Guide: How to Outsmart the Competition.
  • Let's take a look at a few more articles on players that you may want to consider grabbing as a nice value pick:
  • Or perhaps you're looking for a list of dudes to avoid - Bleacher Report's Players Who Will Bust.
  • Rotoworld's Evan Silva posted his Pre-Camp Top 150 rankings. Not just a straight-up ranking but this includes a little detail on each player as well.
  • FFToday takes a look at the 2011 season to see if the idea "opportunity breeds success" is a reality in fantasy football land.
  • The word handcuff gets thrown around a lot come draft season - details which players might require a handcuff this season and what kind of a priority that handcuff comes with: The Art of the Handcuff.
  • Okay, so I'm still wrapping my mind around how much data input this requires but the concept is cool enough that I'm willing to give it a go - take a look at The Draftologist. The idea here is that you can take the draft results from your league for the past several years and figure out patterns that emerge, be it your fellow drafters tendencies to draft certain positions early, or figuring out when the run on TEs might start. Love the idea, the execution could be interesting. 
  • Two good articles out there floating around with a bunch of random Q&A, but all important/interesting questions for this year:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Put on your wizard hat and cheat sheet it up

I have a love/hate relationship with summer. The hate mostly revolves around the heat and humidity, which thankfully are headed down a bit here in Tennessee for a few days. And mosquitoes. My sweet flesh doesn't exactly withstand bugs very well. But the love list is much longer and probably is made up largely of fruits that are in season this time of year. Seriously, I know this makes me sound like a crazy lady who loves talking about weather and produce (kind of true), but my love for peaches knows no bounds. Plus today I procured a quart of blackberries and was waltzing around like I'd won my fantasy league.

Anyway, moving on from one delicious topic to another: cheat sheets. So one of my favorite site,, has created an awesome new site called Cheat Sheet Wizard. It combines the coolness of their customizable consensus rankings with the ability to easily make a cheat sheet, participate in mocks using your cheat sheet, etc. The best part though? It syncs with a handful of drafting platforms so that when you're live drafting, your cheat sheet is also updating. Love that part. The basic offerings of the Cheat Sheet Wizard are free but the extra bells and whistles are not (full disclosure, the link I'm offering you here will give me a kickback for any purchases of the product; I don't do this sort of thing very often at all so that should show you how much I love what is offering).

Lots of other links to get to:

  • Speaking of cheat sheets, Fleaflicker has their Cheat Sheet up and running and word has it they update it daily.
  • Some fantasy footballers out there put stock in players putting their best foot forward when they're in the final year of their contract. For a look at 2012 Contract Year Players, see what dishes up.
  • Fantasy Football Nerd has a list of his Ten Players to Watch on Fantasy Draft Day, which is a list of players that offer significant bounce-back opportunity. 
  • offers us his 2012 Offensive Line Rankings with a nice, quick breakdown for each team.
  • I like Dynasty League Football's Quality Starts - Quarterbacks for an assessment of which QBs have been consistent in recent years, and then further analysis to see which have consistently produced at an elite level.
  • We all know the talk around 3rd year receivers and their breakout potential. 2MugsFF creates 4 tiers of players with a look at their ADP and the 2Mugs take in The Year Three WR: Breakout or Just Plain Broken?
  • If you need some convincing that Trent Richardson is the real deal, scope out Yahoo's lovefest in Trent Richardson's bark loud, bit vicious.
  • I love reading about players that experts are just really never ever going to add to their squad this season. I somehow find the "don'ts" more intriguing than the "dos" for the most part. So take a look at The Pigskin Guy's Don't Draft List and see how you feel about the 10ish guys he mentions.
  • Schedules aren't everything but they sure can provide a few answers when the start of a season is a lot of tougher (or easier) for our players than we'd hoped. Read up on Five teams that get breaks and five that don't from

Friday, July 06, 2012

Quick links on a Friday afternoon

Hiyoooo, I'm back for some Friday fun. Read on if you need a fantasy football fix for the weekend:

  • has something for your IDPers - a top 25 IDP Rankings: Cornerbacks. Or scope out their DT rankings here.
  • I'm enjoying Draft Shark' Shark Bites as one of my frequent pit stops for news and analysis.
  • The Pigskin Guy has a top 35 listing of Wide Receivers (PPR) for dynasty leagues - plus 9 rookie WRs you'll want to watch in the future.
  • is mocking away - see their latest CBS staff mock draft to see how things fell into place.
  • Kind of intrigued with the idea of running a mock moving backwards from the ninth round - scope out how it goes in Rotoworld's Maximize Your Starting Lineup.
  • Speaking of Rotoworld, if you been around this blog for long enough you've probably picked up on the fact that I'm just not a Philip Rivers fan and not much can change my mind on that. So I obviously really enjoyed Evan Silva's piece, Has Philip Rivers Peaked?
Happy weekend, my FF buddies!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Get your rankings, sleepers and more

Here's hoping you all had a nice 4th of July. We spent a good chunk of time at the pool where a friend pointed out she had never seen our son laugh like he does in the water. Sounds like we've got a little dolphin on our hands.

I encountered a small hitch in my accuracy analysis so let's just say that I'll have something up in the next few weeks, though I hope it will be long before then. I should probably stop making promises about its delivery date and jump right to today's links:

  • Take a look at a couple of new rankings:
  • I've got several strategy type articles for you guys:
    • takes a look at 2 different drafting strategies for those drafting from the 8th pick spot, and which players you might want to target for the first six rounds in Plan by Position, Not by Player.
    • If you're in an auction league, you may want to take a look at's The Art of the Auction - I'm linking you to Part 4 since you can link over to Parts 1-3 from here. PFF asks a handful of experts for their take on some crucial auction questions.
  • reviews wide receivers from 2011 who really tanked during the second half of the season in Fading Heroes, as well as those who really picked up steam as the season went along in Late-Season Bloomers.
  • pulled together an interesting look at pass targets from 2011 to see how each team diversified their targets by position - Pass target distribution by position (2011).
  • Read up on reasons to like Lance Kendricks, Doug Baldwin, Jeremy Kerley, Rob Housler, and Daniel Thomas in's Second Year/Second Tier Fantasy Gems for 2012.
  • Finally, has The Top 13 Free Fantasy Football Draft Tools You Must Use. You'll see a lot of familiar resources here if you're a long-time reader but I love having these calculators, charts, and other tools all listed in one place.