Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Update on accuracy results and more links

I've heard from a bunch of you lately that are wondering when the multi-year accuracy results are coming out and here's the glitch: the laptop that holds the cleaned-up data files and the Stata program I use to run the analysis is dead. After exhausting our attempts to revive it, we took it to a computer guy this weekend and the hard drive is essentially gone. For a sizable chunk of money we can send it to a special facility to get the data off the hard drive but we've decided we'd rather put those funds into a new computer...essentially what this means is that I've had to re-clean up the data (done!) and now I just need to rely upon the kindness of my husband (and his ability to create some free time in his schedule) to run all of the numbers on his work computer since that's the only other place we have Stata. I've considered doing it all in Excel but I think that introduces the possibility of human error as I monkey with cut and paste to get it all up and running. The other catch is that we're going on vacation this weekend so if it's not done this week, it may not be available until the start of August.

Okay, enough with my sob story. I feel like a broken record here since I've promised this data so many times...and it really is coming. I promise promise promise to have it published before the big August rush on drafts.

In the meantime, I highly recommend you scope out the other big expert accuracy assessment in town: FantasyPros' 2011's Most Accurate Draft Rankings. Kudos to the Bruno Boys for taking first place (they won the 2010 FFLibrarian accuracy contest, btw) as well as the other top sites - to find out who they are, you can see the results of all 80 participating experts/sites on FantasyPros.com.

Lots of other links to get to today, too: