Friday, July 13, 2012

Constructing some 2012 ff links

Some news from the FFLibrarian household: we're commencing renovations on our house in a few weeks. As you guys might remember, we bought an awesome, old (I mean old) house when we moved to Knoxville last year and there are certainly many quirks to be worked out. Biggest of all? The nearly 15 degree difference between the upstairs and downstairs. Or maybe the super ancient shower that elicited a "wow, haven't seen anything like this before" from our plumber. Anyway, we're finally working out some of the kinks, which should make for an interesting August and September (and perhaps longer...) especially for someone like me who typically works from home. Nothing goes with conference calls and football posts like a little construction noise.

  • The Fifth Down has a nice, lengthy piece that looks at the various values and pitfalls you may find during your draft this year - Fantasy Football Draft Guide: How to Outsmart the Competition.
  • Let's take a look at a few more articles on players that you may want to consider grabbing as a nice value pick:
  • Or perhaps you're looking for a list of dudes to avoid - Bleacher Report's Players Who Will Bust.
  • Rotoworld's Evan Silva posted his Pre-Camp Top 150 rankings. Not just a straight-up ranking but this includes a little detail on each player as well.
  • FFToday takes a look at the 2011 season to see if the idea "opportunity breeds success" is a reality in fantasy football land.
  • The word handcuff gets thrown around a lot come draft season - details which players might require a handcuff this season and what kind of a priority that handcuff comes with: The Art of the Handcuff.
  • Okay, so I'm still wrapping my mind around how much data input this requires but the concept is cool enough that I'm willing to give it a go - take a look at The Draftologist. The idea here is that you can take the draft results from your league for the past several years and figure out patterns that emerge, be it your fellow drafters tendencies to draft certain positions early, or figuring out when the run on TEs might start. Love the idea, the execution could be interesting. 
  • Two good articles out there floating around with a bunch of random Q&A, but all important/interesting questions for this year: