Friday, November 30, 2007

Consensus Start/Sit - Week 13

Whew, I've been enjoying Atlanta all day long - sorry it has taken a little while to get up the consensus start/sit list this week. Better late than never, no?

So first, here are a few start or sit sites that weren't up yet for yesterday's post:

Consensus picks for the week:


  • Start: Kurt Warner, Derek Anderson, Ben Roethlisberger, Jon Kitna
  • Sit: David Garrard, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers


  • Start: Justin Fargas, Thomas Jones, Jamal Lewis, Travis Henry/Selvin Young
  • Sit: Kevin Jones, Laurence Maroney, Rudi Johnson, Willis McGahee


  • Start: Joey Galloway, Sidney Rice, Larry Fitzgerald
  • Sit: Derrick Mason, Jerricho Cotchery, Javon Walker, Steve Smith


  • Start: Daniels, Witten, Pope, Dallas Clark
  • Sit: Crumpler, Scheffler, McMichael, Daniels


  • Start: Hanson, Janikowski, Bironas
  • Sit: Vinatieri, Graham, Stover, Scobee


  • Start: Minnesota, San Diego, New England
  • Sit: Titans, Green Bay, Ravens

Will hopefully be back up tomorrow with an IDP post for week 13. Good luck this weekend!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Start or Sit? Your Week 13 help is here...

Greetings. Salutations. It's start and sit day and unfortunately I am in a big hurry today. I roll out of town in a few hours so I'm going to be rather brief with today's post. My goal is to still get the consensus start/sit up tomorrow. And remember to check out yesterday's post which has a few start/sit sites up already.

And if you're looking for some rankings and help, try for their positional cheat sheets.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Waivers and Start/Sit Advice - Week 13

Somehow, I acquired Adrian Peterson (CHI) off the waiver wire last night. I am ranked #2 in this league and thus had the 11th ranking for waiver transactions. Since I had Benson in that league, I put in the request for AP2 and I ended up getting him. Droughns and Cobbs went off the wire first - does anyone else find that odd? Are expectations that low for AP2? Granted, I'm not sure I'll be starting him anytime soon since I've got a little depth at RB, but I can't believe someone actually wanted Cobbs before Peterson. It's a strange fantasy world out there.

So there are of course more waiver wire articles to read this fine morning if you find yourself still in need of grabbing a free agent:

  • CBS Sports' Playing through the Wire: Fantasy epidemic - an important note is somewhat buried in here - Selvin Young is expected to play this week. He's questionable right now but keep an eye on his status. Another interesting tidbit from the Denver Post: the Raiders haven't scored in 10 of their last 14 quarters when hosting Denver.
  • NFL's Fabiano: Enjoy Tom Brady's success while it lasts - why Brady is likely to be a massive disappointment next year (my husband is thrilled at that thought) but also a wavier wire focus that includes Isaac Bruce, Justin Gage and my boy Scheffler.
  • 411 Fantasy Football's Week 13 Waivers - need a kicker? How about Scobee, a man with not only a great leg but a great last name, too.
  • Pigskin Addiction's Waiver Wire Gems - is Anthony Gonzalez still a free agent in your league? Definitely a guy worth considering...
  • FF Today's Through the Wire: Week 13 - personally I am very interested in what kind of numbers and action Javon Walker sees this weekend.
  • Fox Sports' Waiver watch: Claim Branch, Engram - some love for the Seattle receivers.
Wondering if any start/sit sites are up yet? Yes. So read on...

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Waiver Time - Week 13

Waiver wire time, my friends. The next few weeks are crucial - either you're trying to make the playoffs or you're so far out of the playoffs race that you're just trying to prove you're better than your record. Either way, we all want to win, no? So take a look at some of the links below for advice on which free agents you should try to grab:

  • FF Geek Blog - The Wire: Week 13 - as always, these guys continue to churn out some quality stuff. I am particularly interested in Greg Lewis here - haven't seen his name on a ton of other waiver wire sites. Nice work, FF Geeks.
  • Check out The Hazean's Grab Bag: Week 13. One note of caution, Denver's Andre Hall suffered a high ankle sprain this past weekend but played through it. It's unclear if he'll be able to play this week or not (um, who's left in Denver? Wait - me! I'll get my gear together and try out...though in all seriousness, Wali Lundy has been working out a bit here) - so keep your eye on that situation.
  • Rotoworld's Waiver Wired: The Other Original - it's all Adrian Petersons all the time.
  • The Sports Outlaw doesn't have their Weekly Waiver Wire Moves - Week 13 up quite yet, so check back for an updated link later today.
  •'s Hot Waiver Wire Picks - Week 13 - they make an excellent point here that the Chiefs face 3 teams with rushing Ds ranked 23rd or lower. Yes, please go get Kolby Smith.
  •'s Risers & Fallers: Gore, Welker have solid weeks - oh yeah, Frank Gore. I can't get enough of that guy. Note the major downgrades to Losman and Hackett, among others.
  • FanNation's Wire Tap advises against Jabar Gaffney even though he has a pretty rad name.
  • FF Toolbox's Week 13: Pickups of the Week - didn't think I'd be seeing Trent Dilfer's name on here. Ever. But there it is. Along with amazing Tony Scheffler.
As always, more waiver links will be posted tomorrow, as well as some start/sit advice (I hope) for Thursday's game. I am going out of town this weekend - a super last minute decision to fly to Atlanta for the SEC Championship game (and to visit family). I sadly will be flying during both the Thursday night game and the Sunday afternoon I will likely not be on chat after Thursday morning - so get your lineup questions in to me early. I will still get my normal posts up though, never fear!

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Week 13 Prep

This was a bit of a hit or miss week for me in terms of advice, like thinking that Chris Henry would be a better start than Chad Johnson. Wrong, completely wrong. Hopefully none of you actually listened to any of my advice except for those Gore owners out there. stubborn instance that Frank Gore would have a big game paid off. And part of the reason Gore's performance this week brings me such pleasure is that it was the icing on the cake in my matchup against my nemesis - nemesis, if you're reading this, I actually thought you might win this week what with LT, Andre Johnson, DJ Hackett and the Bears D on your team...but it just so happens that my team is too awesome for that. Romo, Gore, Ryan Grant, Colston, even Tony Scheffler. Total. Domination. And for the second time this season, I have taken you down, nemesis...excellent (said in a Mr. Burns and his scheming fingers kind of voice). Good fight though.

Anyway, enough of my personal fantasy battles - a lot has happened this week, so read on for updates:

And if you're in the mood for some early waivers, read on:
  • FF Goat's Fantasy Football Sleeper and Waiver Wire Watch Week 13 - the Goat has added a new feature called "notable performances" for those players that played well this past week but that you probably shouldn't grab just yet. Patience, friends, patience.
  • FF Xtreme's Week 13: Players on the Rise/Decline - Smitty very wisely points out that we should all be looking at Kolby Smith's monster game with a bit of a reality check. Oakland's run D is awful. And whenever a man named Smitty gives me advice, I listen.
  • FootballDocs' Week 13 Pick Up/Drop Advice - yes Marc Bulger was injured again. Don't act surprised, we all saw that coming. For thoughts on playing Frerotte, read the Docs.
  • I'm not seeing the Bruno Boys' Work the Wire, the Waiver Wire article for Week 13 up just yet, but you'll want to check it out, so come back later for the updated link.
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Week 12's Last Minute Decisions

Kickoff is only a few hours away - let's jump right into some advice for any last minute lineup decisions you may need to make.

Remember to check my posts from Wednesday and Friday for start and sit links.

For the latest on news, my personal favorite is Rotoworld's NFL Headlines. Good luck this weekend!

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Friday, November 23, 2007

IDP Forecast: Week 12

Greetings. Can I just comment on how great it is to have football on ALL weekend long? I can't say I'm the biggest supporter of the CU Buffs even though I'm here in Boulder, but their game was on this morning, followed by a day of great college games. Hope you all are enjoying this football holiday as much as I am. And for those of you who have only a limited interest in college football, don't worry, the NFL games are just 40 hours away.

Let's get to IDP information for Week 12:

  • Fantasy Insider Online's Week 12 Gridiron IDP Roundup - I was pleased to see these guys weren't on vacation from their IDP summary. I'm hoping their prediction for Patrick Willis is right on the money...
  • Fantasy Football Whiz's Wired Up! IDP Style Week 12
  • The Hive. It is up but just the bare bones. It's a holiday weekend, who has time for long rants about IDPs? Okay, I might. But The Hive guy does not.
  • CBS Sports' Witness for the Defense: Week 12 - again, more love for Patrick Willis.
  • FF Toolbox's Week 12: IDP Sleepers - looking for some below the radar guys? Look no further...
  • And finally, FF Today's IDP Notes - Week 12 for all the IDP details you may ever need for this weekend's games.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!

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Week 12: Start and Sit Advice

Week 12 is already 3 games in (what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving, right?) but there are plenty of start and sit decisions that need to be made for the rest of the games this week. I linked to a handful of start/sit sites on Wednesday so check out those sites as well as the ones below:

I'll be busy today avoiding anything that even looks remotely like a shopping mall, but I'll try to get on chat later this afternoon if anyone has lineup questions. Oh and keep your eyes open for an IDP Forecast post before tomorrow, too.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

MNF photos

For those who are interested, here are a few Monday Night Football photos from the Broncos vs. Titans game earlier this week - who doesn't like photos of football things? Though if you're not into the Broncos, Titans, or the ESPN reporters, then just check back for another post from me later this week on more fantasy related content.

First, we have some shots of the ESPN Monday Night Football game crew - Stuart Scott, Steve Young, and Emmitt Smith are in these shots: The Broncos emerging onto the field amidst flames and fireworks, with the Titans off to the right side of the photo:
Jason Elam, the best kicker ever, setting MNF and Broncos records with his field goals and extra points all night long:

Me, gleeful at the end of the game - the white bronco on the south end of Mile High is up above the JumboTron, kind of hidden in the smoke (more flames of course):

Snow, turkey, football - Week 12 is almost here!

It's a winter wonderland here, my football friends. It snowed about 4 inches overnight and it's still coming down - most of Boulder was smart enough to not come to work today - there were 3 of us on the bus this morning. Not cool.

Now, let's talk football here. I'm seeing some mixed results on the start 'em sit 'em posts - some sites have them up, some are still getting up their waiver wire posts. Read on for advice of all kinds:


Waiver Wire:
Neither here nor there:
So do you all want a consensus start/sit list this week? If so, let me know and I'll squeeze it into my busy apple pie making schedule tonight. I'll also try to get on chat either late afternoon or evening today in case you've got any lineup questions. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Safe travels to those on the road/air this weekend.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Week 12: Get Your Waiver On

Oh yeah. Monday Night Football was phenomenal. It helps that the Broncos won, that it wasn't freezing cold, and that our seats were very close to the ESPN MNF crew. At first we were a little bummed to be in the end zone, but when we got to our seats and saw that we were merely feet away from dudes like Steve Young, Michael Wilbon, Stuart Scott and Emmitt Smith, our seats seemed pretty awesome. Yes, I'm wowed by fame. On a slightly different note, I will say I was intrigued by the halftime show - not sure that any other city would've embraced dog relay racing (actually known as Flyball) during the half time show the way Denver did. Fans around me were calling for the dog Mad Max to win the relay with almost more vigor than they were cheering on Cutler. There is no happier place in the world for a dog than the state of Colorado. Seriously, when I moved here 4.5 years ago the two things I immediately realized were: 1) everyone has a dog and 2) everyone has a Subaru.

Anyway, I'll try and get some photos from MNF up on the blog later today or tomorrow.

Let's get to the waiver wire juice here, friends. Remember, it's a short week, so get your lineups set early.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

What could be better than Thanksgiving football?

Happy Thanksgiving week. I'm sitting in a nearly empty library since the students here are all off for the holiday. Oh to be a student again. But I am going to Monday Night Football tonight, so nothing can wipe the perma-grin off my face. Go Broncos.

Unless you've been living in a hole of some sort, you're likely aware that there are three NFL games on Thanksgiving, which means setting up your lineups a heck of a lot earlier than usual. So let's jump right into things and see who might be out there on your waiver wire - or perhaps more importantly at this time of year, who are the sleepers for Week 12?

  • FF Goat's Fantasy Football Sleeper and Waiver Wire Watch Week 12 - okay, I have to get this off my chest...I recommended to one of you that you sit Santana Moss this week. I hope that you disregarded my advice but in case you didn't, my deepest apologies. Moss and Campbell looked great yesterday - and I also like the Goat's suggestion of Drew Carter. Should Steve Smith miss more time, definitely think about starting Carter...
  • FF Xtreme's Week 12: Players on the Rise/Decline - for thoughts on guys you might want to trade (if your trade deadline hasn't passed yet) or pick up off of waivers.
A trade in one of my leagues went through on Saturday - I acquired Terrell Owens in this deal. You can only imagine my opponent's outrage yesterday when T.O. kept putting up TDs, sending my point total way above my opponent's (sorry, Ethan). It was glorious. But do you know what else was glorious? Seeing my hometown Redskins playing like a team that was actually gelling. I only wish that it had resulted in a win.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

IDP Forecast: Week 11

Ah, IDPs. Who doesn't love a league with individual defenders? Read on for advice on which players you should have plugged into your lineup:

  • Fantasy Insider Online's Week 11 IDP Roundup - I think it gets better every week. Looking for a way to capitalize on that John Beck situation? Check out FIO to see who they recommend...and I do love seeing D.J. Williams' name on there.
  • CBS Sports' Witness for the Defense: Week 11 - a review of some IDP rookies and the Week 11 outlook for some of the regulars.
  • FFToolbox's Week 11: IDP Sleepers - I picked up Crowell a few weeks ago and have yet to be even the least bit disappointed in that move. FFToolbox wisely agrees.
  • FF Today's IDP Notes: Week 11 - I mean this guy goes way beyond just suggesting names, it's like reading a play-by-play for some of these IDPs. Well done.
  • I linked to this in one of the comment sections earlier this week, but try the FF Whiz's Wired up! IDP Style Week 11.
  • Where has The Hive gone? I miss The Hive - bring it back, Fantasy Sharks. Until then, we have Fantasy Sharks' Seadog Report, which while also very helpful, isn't the same as The Hive. What can I say, it's hard to see one of my favorites disappear mid-season...if it magically appears before Sunday, I'll try to update this link.

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Consensus Start/Sit Picks for Week 11

Happy Friday and here are your consensus start/sits for Week 11. As noted before, I go through all the start or sit sites that I linked to yesterday and today (see below) and find the most common start or sit players for each position. Use this as a guide of course since everyone's lineup is different.

So first, here are some more start/sit sites that have gone up since yesterday:

And onto the consensus picks:

  • QB
    • Start: Kurt Warner, Matt Schaub, Eli Manning, Brett Favre, Ben Roethlisberger
    • Sit: JP Losman, Philip Rivers, Jay Cutler
  • RB
    • Start: Chester Taylor, Willie Parker, LenDale White, Willis McGahee
    • Sit: Jamal Lewis, Thomas Jones, DeShaun Foster, Justin Fargas
  • WR
    • Start: Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Joey Galloway
    • Sit: Steve Smith, Lee Evans, Laveranues Coles, Dwayne Bowe
  • TE
    • Start: Owen Daniels, Heath Miller, L.J. Smith, Todd Heap
    • Sit: Desmond Clark, Donald Lee, Alge Crumpler
  • Kicker
    • Start: Mason Crosby, Kris Brown, David Akers
    • Sit: Jason Elam, John Kasay, Dave Rayner
  • Defense/ST
    • Start: Vikings, Giants, Packers
    • Sit: Ravens, Redskins, Panthers, Bills
I'll be back later today with the IDP Forecast!
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Offline Often...

I just checked my online chat account for the first time in way too long and realized I've neglected my fantasy football chat recently (the chat is that gray box to the top right of the page). My apologies! Work has been beyond busy but that's probably true for most of us. My plan is to get online a couple nights a week and hopefully on Sunday mornings before game time. And this week, I will definitely be online and available to chat on Friday afternoon (keep in mind I'm on mountain time). So if I never got back to you about a lineup question, I'm sorry about that, and try me again another time!

Week 11: Start or Sit?

Start or Sit Day is here! And my MNF countdown is now at 4 days - can't wait. If I could blog from the game, I certainly would. But there's lots of ground to cover before then so let's get right to the start/sit links for this week:

Tomorrow I will bring you my consensus start/sits and all other sorts of Friday fun.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More Waiver Suggestions for Week 11

I nearly sliced my finger off cooking dinner last night and am operating with a maimed left hand here, so due to the difficulty in typing, this post may be a little abbreviated in terms of commentary. But you're here for the links, not my great insight anyway, right? So read on for some quality waiver wire suggestions for Week 11 of the NFL season.

Keep an eye open for the start/sit lists in tomorrow's post.
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Waiver Wire Thoughts for Week 11

Are you feeling the effects of Adrian Peterson's LCL damage? Or still trying to rebound from LJ or Shaun Alexander going down? With fantasy playoffs right around the corner, I know we're all eager to polish up our teams. So whether you're looking to secure your playoffs position - or you're just trying to dodge any further fantasy humiliation, take a look at some of the links below for thoughts on who might be available in your league:

  • FF Geek Blog's Waiver Wire Pickups, Keeper Sleepers and Spot Starts: Week 11 - waiver thoughts ranging from those players that are "mandatory pickups" to the real gambles. Well done as always.
  • Rotoworld's Waiver Wired: Taylor Made advises you to stay away from James Thrash and his newly injured leg.
  • NFLFreaks bring you Hot Waiver Wire Picks including Marshawn Lynch's backup, A-Train.
  • Sports Outlaw's Weekly Waiver Wire Moves - Week 11 - I'm starting to see a Brodie Croyle trend here...
  •'s Risers & fallers: Young, Chatman highlight risers - really more of a fantasy status update for a large group of players. I find this relatively interesting from a dynasty/keeper league standpoint, too. We're getting to the point in the season where I'm starting to think about grabbing some new free agent who is showing great potential for future years.
  • Check back with FanNation later today for their Waiver Tap link, which isn't up quite yet.
  • FF Toolbox's Week 11: Pickups of the Week - they rightly point out that it's only a matter of time before John Beck comes in as the Dolphins' QB, but my question is, do you really want to pick him up? The only NFL team without a win yet and you want their QB on your fantasy team? Didn't think so. Perhaps he'd be an intriguing dynasty selection, though.
  • FanProphet has redesigned his site - looking good, FP. Check out his Tuesday Wire Tap article up on Screaming Sports.
As always, more waiver wire thoughts to come tomorrow. And my MNF countdown is on: 6 more days until I'm cheering on the Broncos at Invesco.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Week 11 Prep

After tonight's game, we can officially say goodbye to the bye weeks - I for one am quite pleased to have a full arsenal of fantasy weapons ready for the next several weeks. However, the injury reports never seem to end (I'm sure every AP owner nearly had a heart attack yesterday)...check out either Rotoworld's NFL Headlines or KFFL's Hot Off the Wire for the latest news on injuries and/or lineup changes (Brodie Croyle here to stay?). And speaking of updates, looks like Shaun Alexander is out for tonight's match-up. I'm interested in how much action Leonard Weaver sees or if this will mostly be a Maurice Morris kind of night.

So even though the bye weeks are ending, I know many of you out there are still looking for new players to add to your lineups to ensure a piece of the playoffs pie. Never fear - check out the following links:

  • FF Goat's Fantasy Football Wavier Wire and Sleeper Watch Week 11 is full of suggestions, including mystery man James Thrash with the Skins. Will Thrash be a one-week wonder or has Jason Campbell finally found his money receiver??
  • FootballDocs' Week 11 Pickup/Drop Advice has been telling us for several weeks now about the value of Chris Henry (WR) and his 99 yards yesterday certainly was impressive. If he's available in your league, get him.
  • The Bruno Boys bring you a special edition of Work the Wire, the Waiver Wire with their Waiver Wire Mid-Season Master List. This is the first of a two part series - the rest will be out later this week.
As always, I'll be back tomorrow with more links to those free agents you should be targeting this week. Enjoy MNF tonight!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Last Minute Decisions: Week 10

Hope you all are enjoying a nice college football Saturday. My Northwestern Wildcats just won their 6th game meaning they just might go to a bowl game this year depending on the Big Ten tie-ins and such. That would be so sweet.

But let's get to professional football now. I know many of us are awaiting the Sunday morning injury reports before setting our final lineups, so hopefully the following links will be of help:

If you're looking for start and sit advice, check out the links on my posts on Thursday and Friday. Good luck this weekend!

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    Friday, November 09, 2007

    IDP Forecast: Week 10

    Time to take a look at some of the IDP prognostications for Week 10 of the NFL season. My personal favorite IDP site, The Hive, is sadly not up on the Fantasy Sharks' site yet. When it appears, I'll get a link up to it. So until then here are a few other sites to check out for advice on which individual defensive players you should have in your starting lineup this weekend.

    •'s multi-page Week 10: IDP Sleepers delivers a couple of overlooked dudes that might be available for you to grab this week if you need to fill in for a bye. Or just upgrade your lineup.
    • Fantasy Insider Online's Week 10 IDP Roundup - great content, these guys have obviously done their homework and you'll probably find yourself wanting more.
    • If you have Leonard Little, Jonathan Vilma, or Nick Collins, check out CBS' Witness for the Defense: Week 10 for thoughts on who might be replacing them in the lineup now that they're injured. And read on for IDP suggestions and sleeper picks for this week's games.
    • FFToday's IDP Notes: Week 10 is another good IDP stop or try Fantasy Football Whiz's IDP Rankings Week 10 divided up by LBs, DBs, and DLs.
    I think I should also note that in 10 days from now I will almost be en route to Monday Night Football at Invesco Field here in Denver for the Broncos vs Titans game. This being my first MNF experience, I am really looking forward to it. The countdown is on, baby.

    Consensus Start/Sits for Week 10

    It's Friday which means the weekend is a blessed few hours away and I've got your weekly aggregation of the start/sit suggestions out there. First, let's take a look at the start and sit sites that have gone up since my post yesterday:

    And onto the consensus picks - I read through the start and sit suggestions from all the links I provide and tally up which players have appeared most under start or sit for each position. Remember, this is just a guide, every lineup is different.
    • QB
      • Start: Brett Favre, Ben Roethlisberger, Marc Bulger, Drew Brees
      • Sit: Brian Griese, Philip Rivers, Derek Anderson, Donovan McNabb, Vince Young
    • RB
      • Start: Cedric Benson, Marshawn Lynch, Priest Holmes, DeShawn Foster, Justin Fargas
      • Sit: Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor, Rudi Johnson, Jamal Lewis, Ryan Grant
    • WR
      • Start: Santonio Holmes, Greg Jennings, Bobby Engram, Donald Driver, Lee Evans
      • Sit: Steve Smith, Vincent Jackson and Chris Chambers, Bernard Berrian, Reggie Williams
    • TE
      • Start: Heath Miller, Donald Lee, Jason Witten, Vernon Davis
      • Sit: Eric Johnson, Desmond Clark, Jeff King
    • Kicker
      • Start: very little consensus here but Jason Hanson, Mason Crosby, and Josh Brown got multiple votes
      • Sit: Phil Dawson and Nate Kaeding
    • Defense
      • Start: Seattle, Chicago, Oakland, Pittsburgh
      • Sit: San Diego, Giants, Denver, Minnesota
    Last Friday I know I failed to get the IDP Forecast up so I'm hoping I'll have a chance to post it by tomorrow at the latest. This has been an insane week at work so my apologies to any of you that I haven't had a chance to respond to yet. I will!

    Thursday, November 08, 2007

    Week 10: Start or Sit Sites

    Welcome to the weekly compendium of start and sit sites. Take a look at some of the links below for thoughts on which players in your lineup should be given the start nod. I'll be back tomorrow with my consensus start/sit suggestions from all these sites.

    • The Goat brings us his Fantasy Football Start 'em Sit 'em and Sleepers for Week 10 article with sharp insight as always.
    • FootballDocs' Fantasy Football Week 10 Bench/Start suggestions - do I see Cedric Benson's name in the start section? This may be a first. Or at least a first in a long, long time.
    • FF Geek Blog's Studs and Duds: Week 10 - stop the presses, there's another vote for Cedric Benson to start against the lax Oakland rush D. Awesome. The FF Geeks have a pretty lengthy start/sit list here, so definitely check it out.
    • Now the Bruno Boys not only go above and beyond by providing us with a podcast of their Week 10 Start em or Sit em but they also have some rankings that you might want to take a look at - so far only the WR rankings are up so check back later for more Week 10 wisdom from these experts. By the way, I know I've mentioned it before, but that's The Goat's stellar voice you're hearing as the podcast host. Interestingly, the Bruno Boys note on the podcast that Adrian Peterson is on pace for over 2400 total yards this season. Phe-nomenal. If your fantasy draft was today, would you take AP first? And where would LT fall?
    • CoachBox's Wheelock's Start/Bench Recommendations Week 10 - I was wondering what the heck happened to Dwayne Bowe last week and Wheelock points out that Eddie Kennison will be returning to the field this week, making Bowe a shaky start yet again. Hmm.
    • FanNation's Start 'em, Sit 'em: Week 10 - I'm hoping they have some serious psychic skills this week on the JP Losman call. I added Losman to one of my teams this week due to the uncertain Jay Cutler situation. And is Cutler worth playing even if starts this week?? My poor Broncos...
    • FF Toolbox's Week 10: Start 'em has a little love for Donald Driver this week when the Packers play the Vikings, not exactly a tough pass D for Driver.
    • Fantasy Tailgate's Starters and Slackers - while it makes me a little sad to see them say the Broncos' D is "beatable from every angle" this is still a post worth perusing.
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    Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    More Waiver Ideas for Week 10

    Hi football fans. For those of you still needing some suggestions on which free agents to grab this week, don't worry...there's a world of waiver wire advice out there. I posted some of those waiver wire sites already on Monday and Tuesday but the list goes on forever.

    • FanProphet's Week 10: Tuesday Wire Tap is up on Screaming Sports but he doesn't stop there, oh no. FanProphet also provides a weekly series called "The Gospel" that might be most helpful for those of you who do weekly fantasy competitions - right now The Gospel QBs is up and check back often for his RB and WR fantasy predictions for Week 10.
    • CBS Sports' Playing the Waiver Wire: Can you get a Priest? - doesn't have a ton of WR help if you're looking for some receiver suggestions. But read on for RB and QB thoughts.
    • FFToday's Through the Wire: Week 10 - this list goes pretty deep or "scours the barrel" as the author puts it. He also includes some IDP thoughts, which I certainly appreciate.
    • I alluded to this post yesterday, but here's FanNation's Wire Tap article - have not seen TE Billy Miller mentioned anywhere else yet.
    • Yahoo's Pickups of the Week - kind of a cool feature of this waiver article is that you can actually see a photo of the players that are being suggested...except for Priest Holmes - where's the Priest?
    • Fox Sports' Waiver Review: Pick up Fargas, Dunn - it's official. I picked up Maurice Morris. I believe that with a viable runner in there (sorry, Shaun Alexander) that the Seattle offense could be a serious force.
    I'll be back tomorrow with Start and Sit sites!

    By the way, I'm trying out a new feature here - adding Technorati tags to my post. Hopefully they will be of use to some of you.
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    Tuesday, November 06, 2007

    Waiver Wire Time for Week 10

    I simply can't believe how quickly the fantasy football season is flying by. Soon it will be March and I'll be morosely looking at the calendar wishing away the next 5 months. But let's focus instead on all the great free agents pickups you can get this week. Or may be forced to get if your QB got injured this past weekend (oh Cutler...) or you're a Brady owner (hopefully you planned for this...).

    • FF Geek Blog - truly a favorite site of mine. Check out their Waiver Wire Pickups, Keeper Sleepers and Spot Starts: Week 10 article.
    • The Sports Outlaw continues his plug for Chris Henry (WR) in this week's Weekly Wiver Wire - Week 10 suggestions.
    • The Hazean's Grab Bag: Week 10 is up with some waiver suggestions and ready for your questions. I have not found anyone nearly as good/timely as The Hazean at answering your lineup go ahead and ask away. You'll have an answer before you know it.
    •'s Risers & Fallers: Brees, Fargas on the rise has encouraged me to give Maurice Morris a good, long look.
    • Try NFL Freaks' Hot Waiver Wire Picks for reasons to stick with Ryan Grant.
    • FF Toolbox has a nice multi-page selection of free agents in their Week 10: Pickups of the Week article.
    • Try Fanball's pickup of the week and drop of the week suggestions.
    • Rotoworld has provided me with some Brady chuckles this morning as well as some helpful insight in their Waiver Wired: Watch Out Models! article. In one league, I am playing against the guy who has Brady this coming week and his only other QB option at the moment is David Carr. I couldn't help but let a wicked laugh escape when I noticed that. What luck for me...
    • FanNation doesn't have their Wire to Wire article posted yet, but check here for it later today.
    • FantasySharks' Week 10 Waiver Wire Pickups has a solid listing of players that range from smokin' hot to those who should be on your radar for future weeks. Check it out.

    Monday, November 05, 2007

    AP and other news from Week 9

    I have a sad confession to make. I have Adrian Peterson in one league and yet did NOT win in that league. Stunning, right? By our scoring standards, he gave me 37.5 points but the rest of my team had a decidedly mediocre week - and my opponent had Hasselbeck, T.O., Randy Moss, and Tony Gonzalez, all of whom had pretty stellar weeks. So while AP hopefully led many of you to a sweet, sweet victory, I am going to have to whip the rest of my team into shape.

    Onto other news...were you all wondering why Priest Holmes was suddenly seeing a handful of carries? So was I. Apparently Larry Johnson injured his ankle and will be out for at least one week. And how about Jamal Lewis with 4 TDs? Yeah, I have Derek Anderson in one league and was getting more and more irate each time Jamal ran in a TD, particularly since the guy I was playing had Jamal on his team. [Note: AP broke Jamal Lewis' record of 295 rushing yards from 2003.] And Jay Cutler, Chad Johnson, Jerious Norwood, Ryan Grant, and Ahman Green (surprise, surprise) all injured? It's rough out there. Check out KFFL's Hot Off the Wire for injury updates.

    So with those injuries in mind, let's take a look at some early waiver wire thoughts for week 10 of the NFL season:

    Sunday, November 04, 2007

    Last Minute Decisions: Week 9

    I'm a little late with this week's last minute decisions post - but I'm coming out of the Fantasy Cave now and have all the links you need.

    If you're looking for some game-time injury updates on say, Frank Gore, or many of the other fantasy all-stars, try ESPN's NFL headlines, Rotoworld's NFL headlines, or Football Guys' Breaking News. If you're in need of some start/sit help, see my posts from Thursday and Friday this week.

    I'm married to a hardcore Peyton fan - my husband is from Knoxville, TN - so we're having some friends over for the overhyped game this afternoon. However, my sister and her boyfriend are big Pats fans so I imagine there might be some trash talk done via texting this afternoon...can't wait.

    Friday, November 02, 2007

    Consensus Start and Sit Picks for Week 9

    Before we get to this week's consensus start and sit suggestions, here are a few more start and sit sites that were not included in my post from yesterday.

    And now onto the consensus picks for week 9. I started this feature last week and am tallying up all the start and sit votes I see on the start 'em sit 'em lists I link to every week. Then I give you a list of the 3-5 most popular start and sit players for each position. So if you're short on time and don't want to read every single start/sit article, then read on...
    • QB
      • Start: Matt Hasselbeck, Philip Rivers, Jay Cutler, J.P. Losman
      • Sit: Kurt Warner, Steve McNair, Vince Young, Jon Kitna, David Carr
    • RB
      • Start: Shaun Alexander, Kevin Jones, Marshawn Lynch, Clinton Portis
      • Sit: DeShaun Foster (and/or Williams), Willis McGahee, Willie Parker, Ryan Grant, Julius Jones
    • WR
      • Start: Chris Chambers, Lee Evans, Seattle WRs, Brandon Marshall
      • Sit: Roy Williams, Marques Colston, Donald Driver, Derrick Mason
    • TE
      • Start: Vernon Davis, Tony Gonzalez, Tony Scheffler, Chris Cooley, Dallas Clark
      • Sit: Heath Miller, Alge Crumpler, Owen Daniels, LJ Smith, Jeff King
    • Kicker
      • Start: Jason Hanson, Sebastian Janikowski, Josh Brown, Rian Lindell
      • Sit: Jason Elam, John Kasay, Neil Rackers
    • D/ST
      • Start: Redskins, Broncos, Raiders, Chargers
      • Sit: Colts, Vikings, Jags
    I'll be back later today with the Week 9 IDP Forecast.

    Thursday, November 01, 2007

    Start and Sit Suggestions for Week 9

    Start/sit day is here! Week 9 of the NFL season is a mere 3 days away and I'm already getting some lineup questions from some of you dedicated readers out there. Fortunately, there's a bevy of start and sit sites to read and even MORE fortunately, I'll be doing my synopsis again tomorrow in case you just want to read up on the consensus start/sits for week 9.

    • I think I've made it clear several times that the FF Goat is a great resource - and once again, he doesn't disappoint. Read the Goat's Fantasy Football Start 'em Sit 'em and Sleepers for Week 9 post. Those of you who just picked up Ryan Grant may be sorry to see who is listed under the Goat's sit 'em suggestions....
    • FF Geek Blog's Studs and Duds: Week 9 - note that they have decided not to focus on players in this week's big game - NE at Indy. So don't be startled that your favorite Colt or Patriot isn't on this well done list.
    • FanNation's Start 'em, Sit 'em: Week 9 has listed the greatest kicker ever, Jason Elam, as a sit. I know, a kicker? Most of you are probably rolling your eyes at my Elam lovefest here, but the guy is a manimal. Have you seen the number of game winning/tying field goals he's had this year? Much less his monster leg that has withstood the test of time? Right.
    • Every week FanProphet puts together his "The Gospel" series - check out the RB and QB posts, which include projected fantasy points.
    • Get your podcast on with the Bruno Boys' Week 9 Start 'em or Sit 'em suggestions.
    • FootballDocs' Fantasy Football Week 9 Bench/Start - they aren't the only ones to suggest Adrian Peterson should ride the pine this week...
    • CoachBox's Week 9 Start/Bench Recommendations - I love seeing Tony Scheffler's name on their TE Start list week after week. Note they include both team defenses and IDPs.
    • FF Toolbox's Week 9: Start 'em - Deion Branch is coming back, baby. Or is he?
    • Try Ask The Commish's Sit or Start for Week 9 - poor Donald Driver...what exactly happened up there in GB?