Thursday, February 26, 2009

Curling trials and free agency updates

My brother-in-law is coming into town tomorrow for a long weekend and I believe we'll be rocking the U.S. Olympic Trials for curling this Saturday. Try to hide your jealousy; the curling trials are being held just a few towns down from Boulder and I sort of feel like this might be a once in a lifetime chance to see curling in person. Who knows, maybe one day curling will be all the rage and I'll travel far and wide to watch my grandchildren win curling championships...but for now this might be as close as I ever get to such a random sport.

Today's links are as follows:

  • Having just snagged Derrick Ward in my mock draft, I'm pleased to see Gregg Rosenthal's support for Ward as the most solid free agent RB in one of his latest posts on Pancake Blocks.
  • Early last season I remember grabbing Chansi Stuckey off of waivers after he put together a few solid weeks in a row. His value immediately tanked but I'm envisioning an increase in FFers that might be willing to take a chance on Chansi (sorry, couldn't help but make the pun) now that Laveranues Coles has left the Jets (and thanks, Coles, for making the headlines and forcing me to think about the spelling of your first name again). Or what about Clowney? I admit, I have a hard time taking someone seriously who has "clown" in their name but may he prove me wrong.
  • Over the next month or two as we gear up for NFL Draft day, we will hear often and early about the much ballyhooed rookies entering the draft...The Hazean lists many big college names in his Rookie report: Losers from the Scouting Combine. Stay tuned for his Combine winners report.
  • It truly is the end of an era when Marvin Harrison barely breaks into CBS Sports' Top 50 Free Agents: Think young, start with Albert.
  • You can also get your free agent rankings from Yahoo's Top 100 free agents of '09 - an interesting crop of RBs at the bottom of that list.
  • I find it completely astounding that there are (at this time) 865 comments on a story about Goodell's voluntary 20% pay cut that has been up for only about 14 hours. Goes to show a few things: 1. just how engaged with the economy we all are and 2. that a gigantic number of people spend their free time not just posting but perusing the comments section in depth and 3. the willingness of some to share personal information in this anonymous environment - this surprises me ALL the time.
All for now friends; and I might be quiet for the next few days since my brother-in-law will be here and we'll busy curling and Colorado-ing it up. Enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A great, wide world of speculations

Ahh, speculation. It's possible that I enjoy speculating about which neighborhood I could afford to live in in New York City as much as I enjoy free agency speculations. I mean, I'm not even sure that I'm moving to New York yet, nor do we have any idea what thoughts might be rolling through Anquan Boldin's head these days. But we speculate nonetheless and think about how Warner and Boldin impact one another's fantasy value (or pour over craigslist apartment postings as the case may be). So for some of the latest thoughts on free agency moves, take a look at Rotoworld's Free Agency Primer: QBs, WRs and TEs, and linebackers. Scope out Gregg Rosenthal's free agency news, too, while you're at it.

Onto other links...

  • Page 2 of Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback thoughts on free agency included such a nice little needling of Ohio State that I can't help but link to it. Sorry to my friend Joe and all other OSU fans but a Buckeye losing confidence is quite alright in my book.
  • Where will Marvin Harrison land now that the Colts have granted his release? The Fifth Down speculates on his chances of becoming an Eagle while looking at other league headlines.
  • The Hazean expands a bit on the rumor mill's latest that Sage Rosenfels is en route to Minnesota in Daily Haze: Sage solution.
  • This was written pre-Combine but I think the information certainly still holds - take a look at FFToday's 2009 NFL RB Draft Class for some thoughts on the next big rookie running backs.
  • More free agency updates coming to you from ProFootballWeekly - check out their Fantasy free-agent previews for QBs, RBs and TEs so far.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Combine winding down

Today I would like to discuss the beauty of a Colorado winter. Sure, some days walking to the bus stop is a miserable, windy, snowy experience but then there are weeks like this one where the high every day will be right around 60. Awesomeness. Apparently I'm not much of a winter person. That whole sun and warm temperatures thing has a way of winning me over. I chatted up my grandparents yesterday who live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and they were in the midst of yet another snowstorm. Michiganders, I think it's time you consider moving to Colorado. Yes I realize there's nothing like a summer in Michigan but sadly there's also nothing quite like a winter in Michigan. Except maybe a winter in Buffalo.

Lots of NFL Combine news to catch up on - take a look at the following links for Combine news and beyond:

  • Fifth Down's Biggest Loser at Combine, and it's not Crabtree has some nice updates both on incoming rookies and oldies but goodies like Marvin Harrison. And speaking of Harrison, see what ESPN has to say in Harrison's career in Indy may be ending.
  • If you'd like all the nitty-gritty details on the Combine, take a look at FFToolbox's impressive results page - this link will take you to quarterbacks but you can link to all other positions from this page as well.
  • If it's a player profile you're in the market for with these rooks, brings you's profiles, divided up by position - my favorite element here is the NFL comparison feature.
  • I finally finished a 10-round mock draft and my roster is as follows:
    • QB: Aaron Rodgers (5.04)
    • RB: DeAngelo Williams (1.04), Chris Johnson (2.07), Jonathan Stewart (6.07), Derrick Ward (8.07)
    • WR: Brandon Marshall (3.04), Wes Welker (4.07), DeSean Jackson (7.04), Donald Driver (9.04)
    • TE: Greg Olsen (10.07)
  • I debated pretty heavily between Greg Olsen and Kellen Winslow at that TE spot but ultimately went with the team that I trust a little bit more to have their act together. To read up on keeper thoughts for TEs though, take a look at ProFantasySports' Keepers - TEs. I do love Brent Celek in 2009. Let me say it again: I love the Brent Celek potential.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

From team needs in 2009 to free agency updates

Before I get into today's links I just wanted to tell you guys how great you are. I've been talking about my impending move to the east coast here a bit and have heard from several of you offering to be a resource for either NYC or DC, or just giving me your thoughts on why you like one of those cities. I'll have to coordinate some sort of FFLibrarian Happy Hour in whichever city we end up in so that I can personally thank you all, but until then your kindness is much appreciated.

  • has taken a look at each division to see what kind of players might be targeted during the draft and trades: Team Needs: AFC West, AFC East, NFC East, NFC North, and more to come.
  • With the Combine ramping up over the next few days, take a look at's NFL Combine schedule to figure out which activities you might want to pay attention to this weekend.
  • I've been meaning to link to this for a little while now - the Fantasy Sports Writers Association has awarded their annual fantasy sports writing awards and here are the 2008 winners.
  • The Mac Bros have posted a calendar with all the important dates and deadlines for the NFL - very helpful stuff in case you're wondering about the franchise tag deadline (tomorrow) or the Hall of Fame Game (August 9th) and everything in between.
  • Wondering how to handle some of the 2009 breakout players? SportsBuff has you covered with analysis on what to do with some of last season's Breakout QBs and Breakout RBs.
  • Lester's Legends is continuing the Offseason Analysis on all 32 teams - recent posts include the Rams and Seahawks but scroll through the site to find more.
  • Keep track of free agency moves with FFToday's handy chart noting all free agent moves by position.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bevy of 2009 rankings

Back to the bowling alley tonight, my friends. After a rather abysmal performance 2 weeks ago I'm kind of dreading how things might go down tonight. I'm trying to train the competitor in me to reclaim the fun in bowling even if I'm only rolling at the level of an 9-year-old. I swear I am bowling at about the same pace as I was at my 9th birthday party, which was of course held in a bowling alley. Though a duck pin bowling alley now that I think about it so I'll take some solace in the fact that I might have improved over the past 20ish years.

Enough on bowling - there's a Combine to talk about!

  • We're being financially conservative these days and not splurging on the NFL Network at home anymore so I won't actually be able to watch non-stop Combine footage this week/weekend. Bummer. But that's where steps up to the plate with some great coverage, videos, etc. If you're not sure who to keep an eye on during the Combine, take a look at's 2009 Scouting Combine preview video.
  • I love early offseason rankings and have a whole bunch to share here. We'll start things off with Hatty Waiver Wire Guru, who is back and better than ever. Take a look at Player Rankings 2009 for top QBs, RBs, WRs and TEs for the 2009 season. I'm seeing several rookie RBs in here - more than I was expecting, not sure I'm as confident in as many rookie RBs as Hatty is, but I'm certainly interested in how things will pan out this season.
  • Speaking of rookies, take a look at's Dynasty Rookie Big Board for thoughts on whose stock is going up or down. Keep an eye on this as the Combine weekend chugs along - I'm sure there will be some updates. At the bottom of the page you can look at rookie rankings by position, too.
  • Sporting News' Rankings: AP...and everybody else - I'm digging the RB rankings here.
  • Rankings galore for 2009 from that are consistently updated - top 100 or by position: QB, RB, WR, TE, Kicker, D/ST
  • Looking for more keeper rankings? If so then give Hawk Fantasy Sports a try and check out their keeper rankings for QBs, RBs, WRs and TEs...and sleepers. Yes, I know how you all love your sleepers, so find Hawk's top 25 sleepers here.
  • Turn to one spot for advice from multiple experts on their top 12 for 2009 - Fantasy Index has asked several of the best and brightest minds in the FF industry to lay out their Top 12 in Ask the Experts.

Monday, February 16, 2009

2009 IDP updates and other fantasy links

As I noted last week, my husband and I are moving this summer and we now have our future home narrowed down to either Washington, D.C., or New York City. We won't know where we're headed for sure for another month or so but I'm already starting to think about life as an NFL fan from the eastern time zone. Gotta be honest, I love watching games from the mountain time zone; the games start at an ideal 11 am and are over at a reasonable time of night. Not so on the east coast. This could be a big shift for me...

I've been promising an update on my analysis of expert rankings and have fallen behind a bit. I really am hoping that this will be the week that I can pull that info together and analyze some new sites, so stay tuned on that front.

Today I've got some IDP-rich links for you and news from around the league...

  • Probably my favorite IDP writer, Matt Schauf, has an article up with 2009 IDP Sleepers for the NFC East - and future installments of IDP sleepers are on their way.
  • Another frequent IDP stop for me is FFManiaxs, which has a nice What the "3-4" defense means to the IDP owner article up.
  • In Lynch's career hits pause, Rotoworld takes a look at the recent news of Marshawn Lynch's arrest on charges of possessing a concealed firearm and its impact on both Lynch's fantasy value and the potential rise of Fred Jackson.
  • Also in the NFL-players-who-are-in-trouble-with-the-police column comes a bizarre story about Jeff Reed's anger over a Sheetz bathroom lacking paper towels. What?! I mean seriously, Jeff Reed, have you never experienced an inadequate public restroom before? I say count your blessings that you weren't peed on like Matt Cassel.
  • If you'd like to bone up on your sports stats/economic modeling/theory reading during the offseason, look no further than Advanced NFL Stats' Reading List.
  • The NFL Combine is just a few days away and I'm sure draft conjectures are sure to change with new 40 times and other combine stats in the books, but if you're a Chiefs fan or just curious about their 3rd overall pick, take a look at KFFL's NFL Draft Grapevine to see what the experts are thinking.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Future Fantasy Footballer in the Making

Today is a great day, my fantasy football friends. My husband and I are a little bit closer to figuring out where we might live next year (he's finishing up his PhD this spring so he's on the job market now, traveling around for interviews) and I just found out that one of my closest friends is having a baby. Not only do I get to be Aunt Sara but it's another little mind to lead to fantasy football...and yes I realize that makes me sound like a cult leader or something. The cult of fantasy football?? Well then, read on for some cult news.

  • So the NFL Combine is right around the corner. While many of us are spending our days wondering just how much longer winter will last, there are incoming rookies anxiously prepping for the big week in Indy. If you're wondering which players you should be keeping an eye on, take a look at The Hazean's The Rookie Report: Scouting the Scouting Combine. Or see what KFFL has to say in their 2009 NFL Draft Rankings: Top 100. Probably like many of you, I read The Blind Side last year and would like to see where Michael Oher falls come draft day.
  • Have you heard yet that Favre's retiring? Ha, of course you have. If you were anywhere near any media outlet in the past 24 hours, I guarantee you're already begging the local sports guy or girl to make the Favre news stop. But I do believe this is it for Favre's career and I'm interested in seeing what he does next.
  • If you took a football hiatus since the Super Bowl and are wondering now what you might have missed out on, no worries, Gregg Rosenthal has you covered. He took a break as well (though his break occurred in Costa Rica, which is where I wish I was right now) and has a recap of some storylines while he was out of town.
  • If you've been keeping up with your NFL news but are having a hard time keeping some of it straight, has you covered - they offer up a coaching changes cheatsheet and updates on players that have been cut so far, both of which are pretty darn helpful.
All for now, I'm off to go scope out baby toys. I mean how many plush football toys can I buy for my friend's baby??

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All quiet on the offseason front

So in the midst of talking about my accuracy analysis or ranking of the rankings that I did with fantasy football expert sites, what I haven't mentioned so far is that I've agreed with the FSTA to take a stab at doing an accuracy analysis for fantasy baseball as well. As you can probably tell from the name of this blog, my fantasy focus is really football and I know little about fantasy baseball - so here's my request from you all for names of fantasy baseball expert sites that you would like to see analyzed. I can get my research skills in gear here and find some of the bigger names but if there are smaller sites that you'd like included, leave a message in the comments or e-mail me.

One of my favorite football news items for the week is the news about the United Football League, a four-team startup football league that will begin its six-week season in October. For a list of the cities and details on who is throwing money into the UFL, check out this article. Will watching the UFL games provide some quality fantasy football prep with a chance to scope out talent?

Onto other links for the day...

  • I'm still working through a mock draft (we're in round 8 of 10) and I was bummed to see Dallas Clark just go off the board - I was hoping he would land to me at the 8.07 spot but I should've known he'd disappear early in the 8th round. So to help me prep for tight ends I've been scoping out CBS Sports' Faceoffs: Spotlighting the tight end position.
  • Lester's Legends is working his way through all 32 teams with an offseason analysis with a link to KFFL's free agent tracker (wondering about the difference between restricted and unrestricted free agents?)- it's an alphabetical order so they've got Arizona, Atlanta, Baltimore and Buffalo up already.
  • Take a look at Rotoworld's Top 20 Dynasty League Buys for a wide array of suggestions from the Rashard Mendenhalls to the Brent Celeks to the Tom Bradys of the football world.
  • is one of my main stops during the offseason since they often crank out interesting factoids, rankings, statistical analyses, etc that are often worth the read. This week's post on ranking the best WRs in NFL history doesn't disappoint.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday links for the offseason

This afternoon my dad (an awesome dude and talented writer who as of his retirement a few years ago had written more articles for the National Geographic than any other writer on subjects ranging from archaeological digs to Halley's Comet to Neandertals) is coming to Boulder for a long weekend. I'm psyched to have family visit since they're all east coasters and I don't get to see them as often as I'd like. So my mind has been on my family and less so on football...but I think I can rummage up a few links.

  • Now that the Super Bowl is over it's time to start focusing on free agency, which starts on February 27th, just a few weeks from now. offers up a Free Agency Snapshot with a list of offensive skill position guys that are free agents this year, divided up by position. Many of these players are worth keeping an eye on during the offseason.
  • If you've ever felt that nothing really happens in the football world during the offseason then you need to check out Advanced NFL Stats - this post goes over some of the really interesting work done during last year's offseason and some of the planned projects for this offseason. I can't wait. And of course the librarian in me can't wait to see that Advanced NFL Stats reading list...
  • If the phrase "2009 Fantasy Football Predictions" doesn't have you salivating then you might be on the wrong site. In this article FFXtreme writers take a stab at answering questions about sleepers, risks, and breakout players for the upcoming 2009 season.
  • AccuScore has proven that their computer simulations are just as smart if not smarter than most NFL analysts. ran a 2008 NFL Panel o' Experts and AccuScore tied with ESPN's Merril Hoge with a 67% winning percentage. So here's to Merril and the AccuScore computer!
Enjoy your weekends and don't forget to watch the Pro Bowl (personally, I'm not sure I can talk my Dad into watching it...might have to use my NFL Rewind subscription to watch it next week).

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Prep for the Pro Bowl - wait, what?!

Greetings fantasy fans. Last night at Bowling League Night, I bowled two of my worst games ever. My timing was unfortunate, too, since we were up against the best team in the league, which is also the only team whose members are more or less the same age as we are. But despite the absolute collapse of any bowling prowess I have built up over the past few months, I had a blast last night. Perhaps it was the fact that we ended up playing for pitchers of beer with the other team, which led to entertaining commentary from everyone (one of our opponents let us in on his secret for bowling success: as he gets ready to release the ball he just tells himself what a sexy dude he is; it works, the guy is awesome!) and some amusing celebratory dance moves on the lane from one member of my team. Good times all around.

But back to football - I've heard from several of you that you appreciated the look at the experts' rankings and I'm very glad to hear that. I've had some really good commentary about ways of weighting RBs and WRs more heavily when coming up with the overall expert winner, which I think is certainly worth a look. So expect to see more analysis to come!

Today's links are as follows:

  • Wondering what some of the NFL storylines are for the offseason? Read CBS Sports' Here come Vick, Brady, L.T. ... for some early details on stories that are sure to affect fantasy rankings.
  • Speaking of stories that are likely to have an impact on fantasy, see what Larry Johnson has to say about leaving the Chiefs. Or where Housh might end up.
  • If you've got a mock draft coming up or you're just curious about how your 2009 fantasy football draft will go, take a look at Fantasy Sharks' Top 25 players for 2009 for some rankings inspiration.
  • Lester's Legends just won a place in my blog forever - he's continuing his fantasy football analysis to the Pro Bowl. Love it and am not sure I'm seeing that anywhere else - so scope out Fantasy Football Out on a Limb, Volume 22 for some pro-Broncos football insight (clearly another reason I love this post).
  • If you're looking for all the Pro Bowl action you can get and are hankering for some Pro Bowl practice photos though, take a look at Football News From a Chick's Pro Bowl warm up pics, from across the wire 2/4/2009.
  • Looking for rising stars in the fantasy football world? Of course you are, who isn't?'s Dynasty - Ready to Bust Out? has some great advice on breakout players for 2009. Most of all I really enjoy seeing a player on here that I've never even heard of - it's truly an educational experience to read this article.
All for now - back tomorrow with a Friday post to get you through the weekend!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Accuracy analysis for 2008

My 2008 accuracy analysis is up on the Fifth Down! Check it out, Ranking the Rankings in Fantasy Football, 2008 and let me know what you think. Does my system make sense? Will you be thinking about this at all when you decide which rankings to look at next summer? What else would you like me to do with this?

If you're wondering which sites I looked at, here's a full list of all 23 sites in alphabetical order:

  • ADP (via FF Calculator)
  • Ask the Commish
  • CBS Sports
  • ESPN
  • Fantasy Hulks
  • Football Outsiders
  • Fantasy Football Nerd
  • Fantasy Football Sherpa
  • Fantasy Football Starters
  • Fantasy Football Trader
  • Fantasy Football Xtreme
  • FFToday
  • FFToolbox
  • Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games
  • FootballDocs
  • FOX Sports
  • KFFL
  • Robocoach
  • Rotoworld
  • Sports Illustrated
  • SportsBuff
  • Yahoo! Fantasy Sports
My plans for the next few months include re-running the analysis with even more sites - I've already heard from a few sites that would like to see how they stack up - and I'd also like to take a look at this from a more historical perspective as well. Consider this my solicitation to fantasy football experts for their historical position rankings. The Wayback Machine can only be of so much help so if you happen to be have your rankings by position on hand for the past several years, send them my way; I'd love to run this same analysis on them.

In case you were wondering about the difference between how all of these sites actually did, you can see the battle was pretty tight based on the numbers for the Top 10 sites below. If you take the square root of the average number listed below, you would get the average amount of ranking spots "off" that each site was per player across all positions. I'm not showing that number here since I think knowing how "off" a site was per player is really most valuable when looking at specific positions, so you'll see that number in the details for the position rankings below. As you can read in my Fifth Down post, I ranked sites based on the sum of squared differences between rankings as averaged by the number of rankings for that position; the square root number is just being shown since I think it's easier for most of us to wrap our minds around than an obscure average number.

Top 10 sites across all positions:

1 Fantazzle 55.025
2 Yahoo 56.793
3 Fantasy Trader 57.033
4 ADP 58.293
5 FFToday 60.843
6 61.475
7 FOX Sports 63.205
8 ESPN 63.253
9 Ask the Commish 63.802
10 Rotoworld 64.815

Top 10 sites for QBs:

1 FFStarters 9.249
2 CBS Sportsline 9.309
3 Football Outsiders 9.463
4 ESPN 9.558
5 Robocoach 9.674
6 FFXtreme 9.742
7 FFToolbox 9.750
8 Fantasy Hulks 9.805
9 FOX Sports 9.887
10 Yahoo 9.907

Top 10 sites for RBs:

1 KFFL 5.638
2 Fantazzle 6.477
3 6.876
4 FFHulks 6.930
5 Yahoo 7.063
6 SI 7.123
7 FOX Sports 7.208
8 Fantasy Trader 7.293
9 FFDocs 7.334
10 FFToday 7.353

Top 10 sites for WRs:

1 Fantasy Trader 6.309
2 Yahoo 6.327
3 FFNerd 6.374
4 Fantazzle 6.414
5 6.421
6 FOX Sports 6.445
6 Rotoworld 6.445
8 FFToday 6.446
9 FFXtreme 6.470
10 Ask the Commish 6.501

Top 10 sites for TEs:

1 FantasyTrader 5.007
2 CBS Sportsline 5.018
3 ADP 5.249
4 FFStarters 5.555
5 Fantazzle 5.852
6 Yahoo 6.264
7 FFToday 6.655
8 Ask the Commish 7.519
9 7.595
10 Football Outsiders 7.736

A few things to note - you can see that on average the experts were far more "off" on their QB rankings than other positions. I attribute much of this to the Tom Brady effect. I left him in the rankings (and all other injured players) so to some extent it skews how off a ranking was on QBs, but it should have penalized all sites in roughly the same way.

I also think it's fascinating how close the WR predictions were - sites #4 through #9 are separated by less than 1 ranking spot. Very, very close.

Anyway, I could go on at great length here about all of the interesting things I found in looking at the details (like Laurence Maroney's difference in rankings single-handedly wrecked one site's RB rankings) but I think I'll pause and maybe give you all a breather from my rankings analysis talk.

Back soon with links to more content!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Multiple FF contest winners revealed

Okay I'm going light on links today and focusing instead on two contests I have brewing. First, the FFLibrarian's Challenge via's Playoff Challenge...there were an impressive 250 of us in the FFLibrarian's Challenge group and without further ado, the top 10 finishers were:

  1. Year of the Vikes
  2. Clam Jam
  3. Al Davis Wannabe
  5. 28Rams39
  6. Project Fantasy X
  7. Salem Cowboys
  8. Werewolves
  9. Los Angeles Pro State
  10. ballsonya
Wow, yes I just basically typed "balls on ya". Unless that team moniker was actually "ball Sonya", in which case congrats to Sonya for coming in 10th. Now as promised, the winner will receive a $25 gift card to the store of your choice, courtesy of the Bruno Boys. The top 3 winners will all receive a FFLibrarian t-shirt, which is in the works. Winners, in order to get your gear though you'll need to e-mail me and confirm your name and other info and even share your mailing address with me, which I promise to keep private. Since none of the very generous people who offered to help me design my FFLibrarian schwag actually e-mailed me to follow up, I have created my very own design for better or for worse. The front of the t-shirt will read "I checked out the librarian" and the back will read "Fantasy Football Librarian" - now if you were a top 3 winner and don't want that t-shirt, no problem, just don't respond; you can privately revel in the pride and joy of winning. If you are not a winner and want that t-shirt (or mug, sweatshirt, bumper sticker, baby bib, whatever), I should be making them available soon via Cafe Press (and yes, my family, all of whom are ardent FFLibrarian supporters, will probably be the only people that end up making that purchase and then won't know where on earth they would actually wear such a shirt).

Next, probably of more interest to the majority of you, I have the list of fantasy football expert sites that rounded off the Top 5 for best accuracy at ranking quarterback performances for 2008:
  1. Fantasy Football Starters
  2. CBS Sports
  3. Football Outsiders
  4. ESPN/The Talented Mr. Roto
  5. Robocoach
Tomorrow I will be posting the Top 5 sites across QB, RB, WR and TE. And soon, very soon my friends, the Top 10 will be posted on the Fifth Down.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Being for the team that wins

What a game - loved the fact that it actually came down to the 4th quarter; bummed it didn't go into overtime. I was talking to my 90-year-old grandpa on the phone yesterday morning and he asked which team I was pulling for since he figured this whole fantasy football obsession of mine might give me an inside track on the winner. I told him I was routing for the Cardinals since my many years of being a Northwestern fan had instilled in me a need to pull for the underdog. My grandpa, also a Northwestern alum, paused and said, "well I'm pulling for the Steelers; I like to be for the team that wins." So here's to being for the team that wins and my grandpa's foresight.

In my morning scour for news and fantasy insights, I came across this update from ESPN on police arrests and such from the Super Bowl. My favorite part? The DUI crash involving a police horse (no horses were injured) - does that not pique your curiosity? I really would've enjoyed seeing what on earth happened there.

But to other links that are probably more interesting to the rest of you:

  • I think I might be linking to Gregg Rosenthal's blog every time I post but frankly, I've been living vicariously through him a bit here and feel all his blog posts on the Super Bowl Experience, including this wrap-up post, are pretty much worthy of a read.
  • Wanna talk Super Bowl ads? The Fifth Down's Some Late Surprises - in Super Bowl Ads takes a look at some of the 4th quarter surprises and a quick wrap-up of some of the best ads of the day.
  • NBCSports takes a look at why that Warner fumble at the end of the game wasn't reviewed - I love that it was Neil Rackers who immediately demanded an explanation from a ref. That's what I like to see out of my kickers.
  • The Fantasy Sharks' First 2009 Preseason Rankings - WR are up and who doesn't love Fitz at #1? Even my friends who pretty much knew nothing about players were singing his praises after his great 2nd half performance last night. The Sharks also have their 2009 TE rankings up and in the State of the Shark I learned that they'll be beefing up their IDP coverage next year, which I couldn't be more pleased about.
  • has a nice 2009 Top Free Agent WRs article - I saw Antonio Bryant go pretty high in a mock draft recently and I realized Bryant is probably one of those guys that I am not going to have on any of my teams since I just don't trust him to repeat his 2008 production.
So moving on in the accuracy assessment of which fantasy football experts were the best for the 2008 season, let's take a look at running backs. Back in December I did an analysis of the sites through Week 13 for RBs on the Fifth Down and KFFL still comes out on top as the champ by a healthy margin - but the rest of the top 5 changed rather significantly during the playoffs. So here are the Top 5 sites at accurately predicting RB performances based on preseason rankings:
  1. KFFL
  2. Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games
  4. Fantasy Hulks
  5. Yahoo! Fantasy Sports
Remember to scope out the rest of the top 10 on the Times' Fifth Down blog later this week!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy Super Bowl Day!

I've decided there are few things worse than a laptop malfunction, which is exactly what I've been battling with for the past several days, hence the lack of blog posts. Thanks to the invasion of a stubborn virus, I've been slowly trying to grab things off of my dying laptop in 5 minute spurts before the laptop crashes yet again. Fun times here. But really, I should be wishing you all the merriest of Super Bowl Days! It's like a national holiday for me and I'm gearing up for the Super Bowl party circuit later this afternoon.

The celebrations actually started for me last night as I went to one of my closest friend's 30th birthday party. The party included a white elephant gift exchange and you all are about to be really jealous when you hear what I took home...a Snuggie. The blanket with sleeves. I am currently staring at the blue mass of fleece that's sprawled all over a chair in my house. In fact it's so massive there's hardly chair visible and my cat might even be hidden in there somewhere; this Snuggie thing is unbelievable (just can't decide if it's unbelievably good or unbelievably bad) and I feel a mix of happiness and embarrassment at owning such an item. It might come to my Super Bowl parties with me today.

Anyway, moving on to the top fantasy football sites at predicting wide receivers for the 2008 here are the Top 5 sites for WRs - and remember, the rest of all the top 10 lists will be posted on the NY Times' Fifth Down later this week.

  1. Fantasy Football Trader

  2. Yahoo! Fantasy Sports

  3. Fantasy Football Nerd

  4. Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games


Then a few links for today:

  • FFManiaxs' rankings for 2009 kickers and defenses are up - take a look for those in dynasty leagues or just those of you who are doing your 2009 homework already (and a hearty well done to you!).
  • Gregg Rosenthal's blog Pancake Blocks has been updated several times with all sorts of Tampa news. Read up.
  • And finally, Accuscore took a stab at determining which Super Bowl player is the most valuable - Warner vs Roethlisberger and Ward vs Fitzgerald.

Enjoy the game today!!