Monday, February 02, 2009

Being for the team that wins

What a game - loved the fact that it actually came down to the 4th quarter; bummed it didn't go into overtime. I was talking to my 90-year-old grandpa on the phone yesterday morning and he asked which team I was pulling for since he figured this whole fantasy football obsession of mine might give me an inside track on the winner. I told him I was routing for the Cardinals since my many years of being a Northwestern fan had instilled in me a need to pull for the underdog. My grandpa, also a Northwestern alum, paused and said, "well I'm pulling for the Steelers; I like to be for the team that wins." So here's to being for the team that wins and my grandpa's foresight.

In my morning scour for news and fantasy insights, I came across this update from ESPN on police arrests and such from the Super Bowl. My favorite part? The DUI crash involving a police horse (no horses were injured) - does that not pique your curiosity? I really would've enjoyed seeing what on earth happened there.

But to other links that are probably more interesting to the rest of you:

  • I think I might be linking to Gregg Rosenthal's blog every time I post but frankly, I've been living vicariously through him a bit here and feel all his blog posts on the Super Bowl Experience, including this wrap-up post, are pretty much worthy of a read.
  • Wanna talk Super Bowl ads? The Fifth Down's Some Late Surprises - in Super Bowl Ads takes a look at some of the 4th quarter surprises and a quick wrap-up of some of the best ads of the day.
  • NBCSports takes a look at why that Warner fumble at the end of the game wasn't reviewed - I love that it was Neil Rackers who immediately demanded an explanation from a ref. That's what I like to see out of my kickers.
  • The Fantasy Sharks' First 2009 Preseason Rankings - WR are up and who doesn't love Fitz at #1? Even my friends who pretty much knew nothing about players were singing his praises after his great 2nd half performance last night. The Sharks also have their 2009 TE rankings up and in the State of the Shark I learned that they'll be beefing up their IDP coverage next year, which I couldn't be more pleased about.
  • has a nice 2009 Top Free Agent WRs article - I saw Antonio Bryant go pretty high in a mock draft recently and I realized Bryant is probably one of those guys that I am not going to have on any of my teams since I just don't trust him to repeat his 2008 production.
So moving on in the accuracy assessment of which fantasy football experts were the best for the 2008 season, let's take a look at running backs. Back in December I did an analysis of the sites through Week 13 for RBs on the Fifth Down and KFFL still comes out on top as the champ by a healthy margin - but the rest of the top 5 changed rather significantly during the playoffs. So here are the Top 5 sites at accurately predicting RB performances based on preseason rankings:
  1. KFFL
  2. Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games
  4. Fantasy Hulks
  5. Yahoo! Fantasy Sports
Remember to scope out the rest of the top 10 on the Times' Fifth Down blog later this week!

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