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2014 Average Position Rankings spreadsheet

Friends, I've got a first draft of the 2014 Average Position Rankings spreadsheet up here as a google doc. If you're new to this annual spreadsheet or need a refresher, here's the scoop. I take the top 200 or so overall rankings that are freely offered by a handful of sites and I average out their rankings for each player. I also take the standard deviation to see how a player's rankings differ among experts, and add that in as another component to give you a sense of how much consensus there is on a player. I drew from the following sites this year: FFToolbox, (both Jamey and Dave), ESPN, FFCalc's ADP, The Fake Football, The Football Girl,,, SI, Yahoo,, and RealTime Fantasy Sports. All offered roughly a top 200 overall ranking and you can see each site's ranking (gathered 8/20/14) in the second tab on the spreadsheet. You'll see that I really haven't fleshed it out a ton yet - I still have to ge

FFLibrarian Monster League

Want to play in the FFLibrarian Monster League? 6 conferences, 72 teams, 1 champion. If you're interested in playing in the monster league and are ready and willing to be competitive for the full season, please send me an e-mail with your team name and e-mail address. I have about 20 spots open this year but trust me these spots go fast . This is the 6th year of the league and it is generously hosted by The past two years the same awesome FFL reader, Jeff, has won the league so I'm pretty sure it's game ON this year. I'll post back here when all of the spots have been taken. UPDATE: all the spots have been taken but if you want to be on the wait list, feel free to e-mail anyway.

Welcome to the 2014 season

Greetings from your long-lost Fantasy Football Librarian. I'm starting to hear from you regular readers that have been coming to FFL for years who are making sure that I'm alive and well, and I realized that I need to update you all on my plans for the season. Turns out having 2 kids and a job is kind of a time and energy suck - as many of you know - and I have been thinking a lot about how much of a commitment I can make to you all in terms of the regularity of my posts. Truth is, I have no clue. I debated whether or not to shut this site down for the season but I love football and I love being a resource for you guys. So I'm going to make an attempt for the 2014 season...but I warn you, this may be even more sporadic than in the past. I will do my best though! Oh and those 2 energy- and time-sucking kiddos? They're awesome. Right now our oldest is almost exclusively wearing football jerseys to preschool (lots of laundry is going on in our house to make that happen)