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2015 Streaming Defenses: Week 11

Hello hello from a busy week in Knoxville. My mom is in town visiting and we're preparing for the upcoming holidays (bets on whether or not either of my boys will actually eat anything on the Thanksgiving table? Outlook is grim) and I've gotten a bit behind here on the blog. I've got Bob's streaming defense thoughts for you now (sorry for the delay!) and will be back later tonight or tomorrow with some start/sit and rankings links. What a difference a week can make. Last week you couldn’t buy a defense, this week the points were sky high. Only problem was, the points were being scored from unexpected sources. The highly owned and recommended only averaged 8 points, while the 3 recommended streamers averaged 12. SEA came through in spite of tempered expectations and BUF came through in spades when we expected a low ceiling. So it was the week of the streamers, and if you started PIT, CIN or NYJ, good for you. That’s 2 weeks in a row now that the streamers have outp

Week 11 Waiver Wire Goodness

Some weeks you really don't know why the fantasy gods smiled down on you, and that was the position I found myself in this weekend. The dude who has basically left his team alone to slowly smolder was of course part of my Week 10 success, so I can't take a ton of credit here. Trust me, the waiver wire is still my friend. So let's read on for waiver advice: numberFire's 10 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Targets Heading Into Week 11 FFToday's Through the Wire - Week 11 This one's for you, my IDP friends: Fantasy Sharks' IDP Waiver Wire: Famous Five Edition FantasyPros' Waiver Wire Rankings: Expert Pickups For Week 11's Week 11 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Oh Denver, oh Peyton. Once again my son started trolling me and pulling for the Chiefs about 10 minutes into the game this past weekend. Amazed he lasted that long. But anyway. Peyton. Osweiler. Gaaa. Read on for more with's Week 11 Waiver Wire Targets: The

Week 10 Starts and Sits, Rankings, and More

So my son loves to troll me about my favorite football teams. Basically he pulls for whichever team my favorite team is playing against....unless it's a total blowout and obvious that my team is going to win; he likes a winner. Then he hops on the family bandwagon and pulls for the Broncos or Northwestern. But the vast majority of times, he's pulling against my teams. Even when it actually has nothing to do with football. For example, this morning as he was eating his breakfast, he divided it in half and said, "mommy, this half is Northwestern and this half is Tennessee - who do you think I'll finish first?" I play along and pretend like there's a chance in hell that Northwestern might "win" the breakfast competition and he laughs maniacally and gobbles down the Tennessee half. What just happened? It's amazingly effective at getting to me; how does a 5-year-old know how to do this?? The problem is, part of me finds it endearing and hey, he needs

2015 Streaming Defenses: Week 10

Bob is back with his defensive brilliance - read and enjoy!   As advertised, Week 9 was going to be a challenge to Defs and that proved to be true. Not only were we missing some strident Defs, the ones that were left didn’t have many great matchups. The result was the lowest average Def points for the year. Average for the year is now at 9.45, last week was 7.5! Average total Def points per week is 278, last week the total was 195. So if you were disappointed last week, you weren’t alone.  The top two recommended only got 8 points apiece, STL and DEN. The 3 highly owned that had tempered expectations did no better, with GB posted its second egg in a row. We have to wonder what’s happening in GB on both sides of the ball.  The shining stars however belonged to some of the streams. The recommended streams averaged 12.2 points, with both NY teams posting double digits. ATL had the least points at 8 which equaled the two highly owned recommended. The 2 desperate picks turned