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A hiatus

Update:  It is with a very heavy heart that I tell you all that yesterday, August 30th, I delivered our stillborn daughter, Caroline Mary. This has been an almost surreal and definitely heartbreaking experience and I appreciate the support in each and every one of your notes. Caroline will be honored and loved always. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your thoughts and prayers - they mean the world to our family. I have been a very poor blogger this month and feel I owe you all an explanation, particularly as this is crunch time for draft prep. I hope this is not too personal of a look into my life since I know most of you are just here for the football. I am nearly 18 weeks pregnant and we have learned that our baby (a little girl!) has triploidy, a chromosomal abnormality that means she has three copies of every chromosome instead of the normal two. The doctors have explained that it's a completely random occurrence and fairly rare that she has made it this far along, but tha

2012 average position rankings

Back by popular demand is my annual average position rankings spreadsheet. This morning I gathered up the top 150 overall rankings from 11 different experts (10 sites, but CBS has their 2 gurus) and averaged them together to create a helping hand to all the drafters out there. The rankings for 2012 come from: ESPN,, (both Dave Richard and Jamey Eisenberg),, Ask the Commish, Yahoo!, FFCalculator (ADP), FFToolbox, ProFootballWeekly (winner of the 2011 multi-year - sorry, Fantasy Shrink won in 2011! - preseason accuracy contest) and SI. This year I decided to go ahead and put the spreadsheet into Dropbox, which should be an easy way for you to all get the excel version. If you have any issues with this though, just shoot me an e-mail . Otherwise, click here for the 2012 average position rankings spreadsheet . For some of the nitty gritty, read on: I gathered all the ranking within an hour or two this morning, but some sites had been updated more rec

Keeping up with the fantasy links

We are deep in the throes of home renovation. There are 4 trucks, 1 dumpster, 1 trailer, and a bobcat in our laughably small driveway/front yard/street. It's comical really and has thrown us into a good state of chaos for the past week or so. For about 10 days now we've been traveling and then staying with my in-laws to stay out of the house while our one and only shower is replaced and during some really hideous concrete floor demo. What started as a simple chance to upgrade our bathroom has turned into a discovery of significant water damage down in our our state of renovation chaos will probably reign for awhile here but at least we're hoping to sleep in our own beds starting tonight. I feel a bit like a crazed juggler here trying to keep up with fantasy football, our renovations, and a few other major changes we have in our lives right now, so you won't be seeing quite as many posts from me in the run-up to the season as you usually do. It pains me t

FF links for the weekend

Wow, the football season is rolling now. I've spent some of today with last night's preseason games on in the background (I know, it's only the preseason but I can't help it!) and it really makes me realize how quickly the summer is coming to a close. It's crunch time, baby, time to get your prep in gear if you haven't done so already. Take a look at a handful of links below for advice: First up, let's take a look at some items related to last night or the preseason in general: Fake Teams' Thursday Night Preseason Game News: Ryan Mathews, Michael Vick, Julio Jones and others One of my favorite stops for news these days is DraftSharks' Shark Bites - news and analysis, good stuff. Roto Arcade's suggestion of guys to keep an eye on during the preseason be it this week or beyond in Peyton, RGIII top list of most intriguing to watch this preseason . Matthew Berry's Loves and Hates for 2012 - always a good read in my book. I've got a

Join the monster league!

So as many of you know, I've been running the FFLibrarian Monster League for several years now - it's a 72-team, 6-conference league full of fellow FFL readers. Each conference has their own draft and own pool of players and this year I actually have 18 spots open. If you're interested in playing in the monster league and are ready and willing to be competitive for the full season, please send me an e-mail with your team name and e-mail address. In order to give the west coast a fair shake here I'll be taking the first 9 people I hear from after this is posted (update: these first 9 spots are taken) and then the first 9 e-mails I get as of 5:00 PM eastern/2:00 PM pacific (second update: all spots are taken but I'm creating a wait list). These spots go fast so if you're interested, please send an e-mail to me as quickly as possible and check back here to see when all of the spots are taken. I will eventually reply to everyone that e-mails me to let you know if

Taking a few days off

Just a heads up that I am traveling and taking some unexpected time off this week. I hope to be back up with links by Friday and will answer your questions regarding my recent accuracy post. Thanks for being patient. For the latest awesome fantasy stories scope out the great sites I have linked to the right side of the blog. Happy draft prepping!

Most accurate fantasy football experts, 2008-2011

Greetings. As longtime readers are well aware, since 2007 I've been running a contest that analyzes the accuracy of fantasy football experts' preseason rankings. I look at rankings for each of the offensive skill positions and generate results for each position as well as an overall accuracy winner across all four positions. You can find the details behind how the annual rankings are created here with the 2011 results as posted to the NY Times' Fifth Down blog back in January . If you're uninterested in the details of the contest and just want the results, skip ahead through the next few paragraphs to the charts below. Otherwise, read on. We all know that accuracy results from one single year are great, but obviously when you combine several years you get a better picture of which sites really excel. I ended up throwing out the 2007 results I had since I ran that contest by merely looking at sites' overall rankings; in future years I switched to looking at speci