Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Keeping up with the fantasy links

We are deep in the throes of home renovation. There are 4 trucks, 1 dumpster, 1 trailer, and a bobcat in our laughably small driveway/front yard/street. It's comical really and has thrown us into a good state of chaos for the past week or so. For about 10 days now we've been traveling and then staying with my in-laws to stay out of the house while our one and only shower is replaced and during some really hideous concrete floor demo. What started as a simple chance to upgrade our bathroom has turned into a discovery of significant water damage down in our basement...so our state of renovation chaos will probably reign for awhile here but at least we're hoping to sleep in our own beds starting tonight.

I feel a bit like a crazed juggler here trying to keep up with fantasy football, our renovations, and a few other major changes we have in our lives right now, so you won't be seeing quite as many posts from me in the run-up to the season as you usually do. It pains me to say this but I just want to put expectations in the right place. I'll probably still post 2-3 times a week but my daily posts are likely out of the question.

But for now let's live it up and link, link, link:

  • A handful of rankings:
  • Roto Arcade is pulling together positional primers - see what they've done already in QB Primer, RB Primer, and WR Primer.
  • Similarly, SI takes a nice long look at receivers in their Fantasy football 2012 WR preview article.
  • AthlonSports has some suggestions and rules to keep in mind when it comes time to sprinkle in some youth in The Rules for Picking Rookies.
  • Some IDP linkage:
  • I always enjoy the Football Outsiders' Wisdom of the Crowds series and they kick off the season with QBs and RBs to see what kind of projections their twitter followers foresee for 2012. Check out the article to get more details on the series. 
  • Now that all of the Week 1 preseason games are in the books, Fake Teams gives us their thoughts on who is climbing up the fantasy ladder in 5 ADP Risers, Andrew Luck Impressive.
  • Or on the flip side, which guys does FantasySharks.com see as their Top 10 Most Overvalued Players?
  • Finally, a little bit of auction love:
    • The Fake Football has their auction values posted based on a league with a $200 budget.
    • DavidGonos.com talks strategy in 25 Dos and Don'ts for auction leagues