Wednesday, August 01, 2012

First start/sit list of the 2012 season

Dudes (and fellow ladies)! I am genuinely excited to let you all know that I expect to report the results of my multi-year accuracy competition tomorrow. That's right...finally. I'll wrap up the analysis tonight and get my thoughts together into a coherent post. Come on back tomorrow for the results but for now, here are a few quick links:

  • has some advice on guys you might want to have in the back of your mind as waiver wire adds in 20 players to add in-season. Not gonna lie, I hate that they start a video immediately upon opening this link - just a heads up for those of you at work or elsewhere trying to keep a low fantasy profile. 
  • Take a look at some of the latest news and notes in Roto Arcade's Falling Andre, rising Cobb and sleepy Lions.
  • I probably need to step off my Doug Baldwin love but Scott Engel's article Seahawks WRs can be fantasy gems is not only supportive of Baldwin in a PPR environment, but might be the only pro-Seattle perspective I've seen from Seattle all pre-season.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed Dynasty League Football's Who is Bryce Brown? if for nothing else than the tale of the "total circus" that seems to have been his entire college recruitment/career. Now he's in Philly and DLF has reason to be excited about him in dynasty leagues.
  • SI has their NFL fantasy 2012 Top 200 ranking up as does Juan Elway, a new site from a writer previously with TOFantasySports.
  • Check out KFFL's Risky draft picks for a handful of guys you might want to be cautious about on draft day. 
  • Let's talk defense:
  • Finally, last but not least, Draft Calc has their Start/Bench list for Week 1 up already, which includes a handful of projections for each matchup as well as some upside, risky, and monster starts. Of course we're over a month out from Week 1 but who doesn't love seeing this?