Thursday, August 09, 2012

Join the monster league!

So as many of you know, I've been running the FFLibrarian Monster League for several years now - it's a 72-team, 6-conference league full of fellow FFL readers. Each conference has their own draft and own pool of players and this year I actually have 18 spots open. If you're interested in playing in the monster league and are ready and willing to be competitive for the full season, please send me an e-mail with your team name and e-mail address. In order to give the west coast a fair shake here I'll be taking the first 9 people I hear from after this is posted (update: these first 9 spots are taken) and then the first 9 e-mails I get as of 5:00 PM eastern/2:00 PM pacific (second update: all spots are taken but I'm creating a wait list). These spots go fast so if you're interested, please send an e-mail to me as quickly as possible and check back here to see when all of the spots are taken. I will eventually reply to everyone that e-mails me to let you know if you're in the monster league or not, but it's best to check back here for an update before e-mailing. Thanks for the interest, my little monsters (too Lady Gaga of me?).

I'll be back later tonight or tomorrow with some links. Thanks for being patient with me, I know it's a crucial time of the year.

I'm also interested in whether or not you guys find value in the spreadsheet I pull together that creates an average top 100 ranking from 10 or so major sites. I've done this for several years now (here's the 2011 version) but there are a lot of sites that are doing this these days so I wanted to see if you all would like me to continue before I jump in and create the spreadsheet again. Please leave a comment for me if you'd like me to keep it going.


Anonymous said...

You are my main fantasy stop so if you don't do a cumulative rankings then please link to another site's cumulative rankings.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Your spreadsheet is the most intuitive and useful!

Unknown said...

Definitely. I find it very useful, kind of the epitome of what you do in streamlining all the vast amount of fantasy info. Thanks for everything!

Unknown said...

Please please please keep doing the spreadsheet - I think its great and very useful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yesssss !!! Please do a spreadsheet as its extremely valuable for draft prep. Thanks again :o)

INTP said...

STD dev is helpful. But the free Fantasypros tools get you the rest. It seems like you are busy this year, so your advice on links is more needed than your data work. But I'm an Excel nerd.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely say yes if you can do an Average Auction Value List with it.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely (if you have time of course)! You are my secret weapon for fantasy football!

Anonymous said...

Please continue! Many thanks for your stellar efforts!

Anonymous said...

Please continue! Thank you very much for your stellar efforts!

John said...

It was my bible in my two drafts last year! Both of which I ended up with the best regular season record while winning one of them! Please continue!!!

Petronius Arbiter said...

I found a lot of value in it. It helped me win my draft and my championship last year.

Anonymous said...

Please please please do an adp spreadsheet. It's the greatest tool for drafting I have ever seen. Thanks for everything you do. You are the best!

Anonymous said...

If you didn't get enough positive feedback PLEASE do the spreadsheet!

I share with people that aren't in my leagues :-)


Anonymous said...

Won my league with your spreadsheet last year -- would miss it!

Anonymous said...

very worthwhile.....please

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY. Please put your spreadsheet together. It's my bible for the draft.

Thank you and keep up the great work!

Anonymous said... leauge name master mind sports no pascode 2 spots left live draft 7 pm today pros only please

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