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Ghouls? Goblins? Nope, it's Start/Sit, baby!

Happy Halloween, my fantasy fiends. I've got two little monsters ready to trick-or-treat tonight and the eldest is surely gunning for a bucket FULL of candy. I'm less high on the whole daylight savings thing since my boys are early risers as is. But at least it comes with a day full of football, right? Read on for guest writer Steve's take on start/sits this week as well as the consensus start/sit players. Enjoy! First and foremost: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Halloween is easily my favorite holiday; I have loved it since I was a kid. Here’s hoping your Week 9 starts out with a great day/night, however you may be celebrating. Time for some shameless self-promotion. Last week I wrote that the 3 big waiver wire RBs were nothing more than straw men to make you feel better about your underperforming team. Since I am HUGE on accountability (any fantasy site/writer that doesn’t show you whether they were wrong or not on a big claim should not be weighted the same as one that is tran

Week 9 rankings and start/sit links

I've got another guest post from Jen today where she takes a look at some of the rankings and start/sit links you'll need for Week 9. She also reviews some key injuries plus sleepers for the week, too. Enjoy! Hey all! As always happy to be back for another round on here. I hope you have all been enjoying the other articles from this week as much as I have. With week 8 in the books, we have officially hit the halfway mark to the fantasy super bowl! You are either flying high, riding the middle of the pack, clawing your way out of a hole, or are in complete desperation mode. Either way, keep going, don’t give up, work the waivers, and trade trade trade! Another week of football, another week of injuries. Take a look. The Big 3: Brian Quick (WR, STL) - season-ending torn rotator cuff Jordan Cameron (TE, CLE) - concussion. AGAIN. This is obviously a huge fantasy blow, but in real life we should wonder how many more head shots he can really take. The bright side

Placekicker Platitudes

Happy Wednesday to you all and here's a little something you don't find many fantasy footballers talking about: kickers. Guest writer Bob is back today with some advice on securing the best kicker for your lineup in Week 9. Advice on placekickers, you say? C’mon, everybody knows you can’t really predict how a PK will score from week to week, don’t you? I’ve heard that a lot in fantasy football circles, but I disagree.  There are a few indicators that can help you pick the right PK week to week. As such, you can do some streaming with PKs just as you might with DEFs. So I’m crunching the data, and here are some indicators that I believe can be used to predict success.  IT’S GOSTKOWSKI : First of all, Stephen Gostkowski is pretty good. He is averaging 14 points a game, and the only week he had less than 11 points was week 4 when KC pasted the Patriots. So NE was playing from behind and went on 4 th down a couple of times to reduce Gost’s points. Which brings us to the sec

Waiver Wire Advice: Week 9

Hi all. I'm sitting here getting easily distracted by the leaves that are falling like snow at our house in Knoxville. Between the unreal quantity of leaves we'll soon have in our yard, the many, many HTTR posts in my Facebook feed from last night's game (remember, I grew up in northern VA!), and the Halloween prep going on in our house, fall has finally arrived despite the fact that our thermometer reads 74 right now. If this is fall in the south, I'll take it. Winter's cold will be here soon enough. Anyway, this week will bring us many more guest posts and today marks another one from guest writer Michael. Read on for his helpful waiver wire tips to aid your squad in Week 9. I have a six year old daughter that, as many kids are wont to do, will slyly make sure we make a pass through the toy section at the store when we’re out shopping. When I tell her that we can “just look,” that goes in one ear and out the other. No sooner are those words out of my mouth tha

Streaming Defenses: Week 9

Greetings and hope you all are enjoying some Monday Night Football. Bob is back with some more streaming defense brilliance - seriously, the guy was a soothsayer last week and I hope you all reaped the benefits. Read on for ideas for Week 9. Hello fellow streamers!  How did it go last week? Well, if you followed the FFLibrarian advice last week, you probably did pretty well.  In fact, you couldn’t have gone wrong with the four recommendations.  All four did remarkably well.  Using Fantasy Shark League scoring: Miami put up 26 points, Bill 20, Vikings 22, and Browns with a respectable 13.  I’m pretty sure Miami helped many of you win your match up this week. Now how do I follow up that kind of sorcery?  The answer is that I probably won’t.  That was a remarkable week, and this week is very scary for defenses with 6 byes, and some big matchups.  So temper your expectations, but I think there are some jewels out there this week. To begin, I want to further expand on the Streami

Start/Sit advice for Week 8

I am the luckiest librarian today: I have yet another stellar post from a guest writer. Two in one day?! Whaaaaat? This rounds out the group of guest writers that I'm going to use on the blog for now: Jen, Michael, Bob, and now Steve. They all have different opinions and are full of thought-provoking advice. As you can see below, Steve makes me proud with his tremendous quantity of links and the consensus start/sit for the week. So get after it, give me feedback on these great writers, and most of all, good luck in Week 8. Full disclosure: I’m new to the fantasy advice game. I’ve been playing fantasy since 2005 (not quite as long as Michael ), and am currently in 4 leagues, which is a record for me; I usually have 3, but my family wanted to start up one this season for fun… so far be it from me to opt out of that. Why I thought I could handle juggling 4 leagues AND contributing to the fantasy blog that has helped win me 3 championships (and a lot of $$) is beyond me, but I’m mor

Streaming Defenses: Week 8

Another guest post for you, this time from Bob, and it's specifically for those of you who are trying to do the streaming defense thing - or perhaps just need a DST for a bye week. I really meant to get this post up yesterday but our youngest is battling a fever so plans got turned upside down. Here's hoping Bob's great streaming defense advice is still timely for you! Hello Fantasy Fans!! My name is Bob Tierney, and like Mike and Jen, I am a guest writer for our beloved Fantasy Football Librarian. I am a retired Engineer, so I love statistics, and what better arena to duel in statistics than Fantasy Football. For my article this week, I would like to discuss the strategy of Streaming Defenses. For those of you new to the strategy, here’s how it works. Instead of drafting and locking in a defense, you look to teams that are going to have a bad year offensively and look for the teams that will play those teams and are available in the draft or the waiver wire each we