Monday, March 19, 2012

All the Peyton links you need

You guys just knew I had to post after today's big Broncos news. For those new to this blog, you should know I'm a huge Broncos fan and my husband (who grew up in Knoxville, where Peyton went to college) is a serious Peyton Manning our two worlds collided today when Peyton began negotiations with the Broncos. Does our son stand any chance at all of being anything BUT a Broncos fan??

For those who are sick and tired of Peyton news, this probably isn't the place to be. I've got lots of Peyton fallout links here so read on:

Thanks for being patient with me while I've been slow to post this offseason. I'm taking a breather to make sure I stay and fresh when the season starts to ramp up again. All is well in my world: I'm enjoying all the cuteness and chaos that our 18-month-old brings and starting to finally feel at home in our new house in Tennessee (and yes, we totally considered trying to stalk down Peyton while he was here in Knoxville practicing for the Titans over the weekend). I hope you all are enjoying the offseason and of course a little March Madness!