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Get prepped for your draft

Whoa. August, you rocked me. We had a lot going on in our world: the start of Kindergarten, travel, hand/foot/mouth disease combined with a stomach bug (don't get me started on that one...), potty training, and the loss of my 97-year-old grandma who was a strong and lovely woman. It has been a full month with some trying times, but also some really amazing moments together. Either way, I'm ready for things to calm down a bit...but it's football season, no time for calm! My 5-year-old son is freaking out about the start of football time in Tennessee (1 day!) and we're in negotiations for creating an entire meal for him that's orange in honor of the UT Vols. And I'm freaking out - Trevor Siemian is starting for the Broncos (my alma mater and favorite pro team mishmashing together)! Even if it doesn't last for long (see Rotoworld's line of thinking on the Broncos QB situation here ), I'll take it. I'm drafting tonight in my FFLibrarian Monster Lea

2016 PPR average rankings spreadsheet

Yo. It's average rankings spreadsheet time, friends. I'm throwing this up here with very little extras and flashiness to the spreadsheet (and admittedly, I already found a few spots that need to be fixed) - hope to tweak it as the weekend goes on. I started with PPR this year (1 point) since the poll on my site gave the slightest of edges to PPR over standard. I'll try to get to standard scoring rankings in the next few days, too. But for now, feast your eyes on the average rankings spreadsheet for 2016 . Sites included this year are: CBS (Dave and Jamey), ESPN, Fantasy Pros, Scout Fantasy, numberFire, The Fake Football, The Fifth Down, and Yahoo. I gathered the overall rankings from these sites, which varied from 175ish to 300ish players. As usual, I've included the standard deviation so that you can get a sense of agreement on each player. If you need this sent as an e-mail instead, let me know and I'll do my best to get it out to you within a day or so.

FFLibrarian Monster League

It's that time of year - the FFLibrarian Monster League is open for business. I've shrunk the league down to 60 teams (instead of 72) this year to make things more manageable (that seems to be a theme for me...), but we still have a handful of open spots. For those who need the lowdown: there are 5 conferences, each with its own draft; you primarily compete within that conference for the season, but in the final weeks, the winners of each conference are pitted against each other for the grand Monster League Winner. The winner is crowned with glory and a prize from me: access to your FF resource of choice (FantasyPros, FootballGuys, etc) for the following season. On that note, congrats to PT Bruisers, the 2015 league champ. You want in don't you? Then send me an e-mail - please please check the website and see if I've closed this offer up before sending me an e-mail. I'll update when I've filled all the spots. UPDATE: SPOTS FILLED. For the first time in years

New rules for drafting your kicker

I'm flying solo with my youngest son right now while my husband and oldest kiddo are at a conference-beach trip together. Nerdy academics stuff for my husband, beach camp and hot tubs for my son. I wandered my son's empty bedroom last night, rearranging the bonus stuffed animals/toys on his bed, and feeling a pit in my stomach. I mean, he is living the good life at the beach but I miss him immensely. Turns out these little people have really burrowed their way into my life and I'm getting a sense of what it's going to be like one day when my kids go off to overnight camp, college (uh move away?!) and it's going to ugly on my end.  Anyway, in their absence, my youngest and I have been bonding over potty training (ha! if you've had kids, you know this is such a fun, fun phase) and I've been watching a healthy dose of the Olympics. Meanwhile my mastermind buddy Bob has been whipping up more excellence for the 2016 season. You'll remember Bob's amazin

August means mock season

Happy August and happy training camp, fantasy footballers. Time to get things going for the season. In our house, things are definitely trending toward the fall/football season: we have season ticket to University of Tennessee games for the first time; our oldest starts Kindergarten in about a week and is begging us to sign him up for flag football this fall; and I'm getting the FFLibrarian Monster League lined up again. (Side note: if you've played in the Monster League before, check your email and get yourself signed up again for 2016 by the end of this week!) It's also time for the mock drafts and cheat sheets and other FF goodness to begin, so let's see what the fantasy universe is thinking right now: Mock drafts: numberFire's Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Quarterbacks Fall, Wide Receivers Rise Fighing Chance Fantasy's 2016 Fantasy Football Mock Draft Razzball's The Razzball Writers' 2016 Mock Draft's 12-Team PPR Mock