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Postseason FF Librarian's Challenge

For those of you who are looking for any opportunity to stretch out the fantasy season as long as possible, take a look at's Playoff Challenge . As the rules note, points are based on the stats that your players accumulate during the playoffs and you are given 300 "units" to buy your 8 players (some of whom can be changed as the playoffs roll on). It's free, you could possibly win a trip to the 2009 Super Bowl, and for those of you who want to make it a little more interesting, you can play in the FFLibrarian's Challenge group. I've set up a private group by that name and anyone who is interested is more than welcome to join in by clicking on this link . There is a chance that link might not work, in which case you can just e-mail me and I'll send the group invitation your way. There are all sorts of other postseason competitions going on - the FF Goat is on a search for more of them , so check back with him for other ideas. Or read Rotoworld'

Consensus Start/Sit Picks - Week 17

Greetings football fans. Every week I look through all of the start/sit links that I provided yesterday , Wednesday and today (see the solo link below) and give you a list of the most common names found under both start and sit for the week. First, there is one start/sit sites that I haven't linked to yet this week: CBS Sports' Week 17 Start 'em and Sit 'em . Onto consensus picks... QB Start: Derek Anderson, Kurt Warner, Marc Bulger Sit: Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, Big Ben RB Start: Kenny Watson, AP1, Clinton Portis, Frank Gore, Jamal Lewis, LenDale White Sit: Joseph Addai, Earnest Graham, Selvin Young, Shaun Alexander, Marion Barber WR Start: Steve Smith, Brandon Marshall, Braylon Edwards Sit: Joey Galloway, Reggie Wayne, Plaxico Burress, Chris Chambers TE Start: Desmond Clark, Jason Witten, Tony Scheffler Sit: Antonio Gates, Alge Crumpler, Jason Witten (on both lists!) Kicker Start: Scobee, Graham, Rackers Sit: Stover, Janikowski, Kasay D/ST Start: Wa

Week 17 - Start or Sit Suggestions

The last week of the regular season has arrived. Many of you are still vying for a FF championship so let's get right to this week's start and sit links. I posted a few yesterday , and will likely have more up tomorrow, too, though the number of sites that are still offering up fantasy wisdom is dwindling rapidly. FF Goat's Must See Fantasy Football Start 'em Sit 'em and Sleepers for Week 17 FanNation's Start 'em, Sit 'em: Week 17 - focuses on safe bets for this tricky week and players you might want to avoid. Bruno Boys' Week 17 Start 'em or Sit 'em podcast's Start 'em & Sit 'em: Week 17 Ask the Commish's Sit or Start for Week 17 FF Xtreme's Fantasy Football Start and Bench Advice: Week 17 FFSharks' Start/Bench List Week 17 If you're looking for news on which players may or may not be playing this week, a few sites to check out are Rotoworld's headlines section , FF Xtreme's Breaking News Wire

Week 17 - Start/Sit and Waivers

Sorry for the pause in normal fantasy football posting this week - that's what happens around the holidays I suppose. Below you'll find a few links to both waiver wire articles and start/sit articles. Waiver wire help: FF Goat's Playoff FF Sleeper and Waiver Wire Watch Week 17 CBS Sports' Playing the Waiver Wire: Above and beyond Rotoworld's Waiver Wired: The 2007 Waiver Awards - more of a retrospective but scroll down to see this week's advice. Bruno Boys' Work the Wire, the Waiver Wire - Week 17 FoxSports' Waiver review: last call! Start or sit (okay, so there aren't really all that many up yet): Pigskin Addiction's Start/Bench - Week 17 ProFootballWeekly's Week 17 fantasy matchups to exploit or avoid Not exactly a start/sit, but the fantasy mailbag at has some helpful info. For those who are totally done with the 2007 season, read FF Xtreme's 2008 Mock Draft . Oh yeah. It begins. I'll be back tomorrow with more start/sit

Championship Update

First, Merry Christmas! Second, my fantasy championships update since a surprisingly large number of you are curious. There are few things more unfortunate than watching your fantasy team lose the championship game while watching the utterly miserable performance of your favorite NFL team on Christmas Eve. So let's just say the Broncos game last night was not a particularly joyous experience for me. That said, I am now a fantasy football champion. I was playing in three championship games this weekend and won in one of the leagues, while coming in second in the other two. I wish I could report that I was a champ three times over, but I'll take a win in one league. Hope the rest of you were very successful and are celebrating a victorious fantasy season - and of course enjoying the holiday season with your family and friends. In less than an hour, my husband and I are hoping into a relatively hideous bright blue rental car and making the 7 hour drive from the D.C. burbs to see h

IDP Forecast: Week 16

Hi IDP fans. Looking for some info on defenders for your championship game this weekend? Read on: Fantasy Insider Online's Week 16 Gridiron IDP Roundup The Hive is once again MIA. If you're really desperate, check out Fantasy Sharks for The Hive later this weekend, but don't get your hopes up. CBS Sports' Witness for the Defense: Week 16 FFToolbox's Week 16: IDP Sleepers - second spot I've seen Omar Gaither's name mentioned for this week...'s IDP Zone: Ride old steadies to a title Best of luck to everyone this weekend. I'm still trying to determine how much time I'll have tomorrow to check in on my 3 leagues, given that I'll be spending most of the day with family and friends at various Christmas parties. It doesn't seem socially acceptable yet to bring my laptop to those parties to watch my stats. But I've been having a great time back at home and hope the rest of you are enjoying the holidays as well.

Consensus Start or Sit for Week 16

Better late than never! Read on for the most common start or sit suggestions for Week 16. QB: Start: Carson Palmer, Kurt Warner, Matt Hasselbeck, Derek Anderson Sit: Eli Manning, Marc Bulger, Shaun Hill RB: Start: Jamal Lewis, Fred Taylor, Laurence Maroney, Ryan Grant, LenDale White Sit: Clinton Portis, Shaun Alexander, Oakland RBs, Thomas Jones, Travis Henry WR: Start: Anthony Gonzalez, Kevin Curtis, Marques Colston, Chad Johnson, Braylon Edwards Sit: Laveranues Coles, Derrick Mason, Bernard Berrian, Reggie Williams TE: Start: Dallas Clark, Jason Witten, Tony Gonzalez Sit: Owen Daniels, Alge Crumpler, Vernon Davis Kicker: Start: Josh Brown, Jason Hanson, Rob Bironas Sit: Jason Feely, Kris Brown, Matt Stover Defense/ST: Start: Tampa Bay, Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys Sit: Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, Houston Texans I'll be back later today with the IDP post - but now it's time to see family and friends!

FFLibrarian back tomorrow

Just a reminder that I'm traveling for the holidays today and won't be getting my normal start or sit and IDP posts up - they'll be posted tomorrow instead. But here are a few quick links of interest: Fifth Down's Early Friday Injury Report Rotoworld's Daily Dose: Steelers Win Game, Lose Parker's Fantasy player matchups: Jacobs, White should shine For some projections for the week, check out Fan Prophet's Championship Week 16 series, here's a link to the WRs . More tomorrow!

Start or Sit Links for Week 16

Last day of work before my holiday vacation begins! And both an NFL game and a bowl game tonight?! Great day ahead. So yesterday I got up a few start/sit links and I have several more for today. I normally post my consensus start or sit list on Fridays but since I'll be traveling back to my family in the D.C. burbs for much of the day, I don't think I'll be able to get it up until Saturday. The IDP post will also be postponed until Saturday. I know a lot of you are nervous about your lineup decisions this week but patience, please, my football friends. First, one of my favorites, The Goat's Playoff Fantasy Football Start 'em Sit 'em and Sleepers for Week 16 or keep in mind that the Goat is also one voice on the Bruno Boys' podcast Week 16 Start 'em or Sit 'em CBS Sports' Week 16 Start 'em and Sit 'em FanNation's Start 'em, Sit 'em: Week 16's Start 'em & Sit 'em: Week 16 NFL Freaks' Start-Bench Li

Week 16 - Start/Sit and Waivers

I got to work this morning and for the first time in days, college kids weren't crammed into every corner of the library, desperately studying for finals. I'm starting to feel badly for the kids that are still here with finals left - and sorry for myself, too, quite frankly. I think that throughout our lives, we should all still get winter, spring and summer breaks. That hasn't worked out for me quite yet. I would likely spend much of that time focusing on football of course. For those of you in Atlanta, you may just be digesting the Big Tuna news , but I know this is a big week for everyone that's still in the chase, so read on for start and sit advice for Week 16. First though, there are still a few waiver wire articles to post - and even more waiver links from my posts on Monday and Tuesday if you missed those. Rotoworld's Waiver Wired: riches? CBS Sports' Playing the Waiver Wire: Dual Purpose - have you already been eliminated from the playof

Week 16 Waiver Wire Thoughts

My good fantasy karma must be out of control or something - I've made it to the championships in all three of my playoffs leagues. Amusingly, I will be playing against my husband in one league. I can say with certainty that we both really want to win, too, so I can only imagine how irritated the rest of my family will be on Christmas Eve as we check stats during quality family time. I'm still trying to work out how I can watch the Broncos game that night and not annoy the rest of my non-football loving family members. Anyway, let's talk waivers. I already linked to a few yesterday , but read on for more: FF Geek Blog's The Wire: Week 16 FFToolbox's Week 16: Pickups of the Week's Risers & fallers: Jackson, Stecker headline risers The Hazean's Grab Bag: Week 16 isn't up quite yet but it's well worth checking back for it Junkyard Jake's Sleepers/Creepers So this was actually posted last week (and isn't a waiver article) but it inclu

Prep for Week 16

Good morning fantasy footballers. If you're here and reading the FF Librarian blog then you either: Made it through the weekend unscathed and are thinking about your Week 16 matchup Are nervously biding your time until tonight's game by perusing the FFL for any remaining nuggets of wisdom Or you're completely out of the playoffs scene but you just can't seem to sever ties with fantasy football quite yet. Whatever your reasons, welcome. Before I get into some injury updates and waiver wire thoughts for Week 16, I'd like to direct you to the fine people at Fantasy Insider Online . Check out their NFL page and scroll down a bit to see Fantasy Football Librarian (and my posts) featured on their site. Love the logo. Anyway, those of you who are into fantasy baseball, basketball, even boxing, might find FIO an invaluable resource. So check it out. Now because so many of you seem genuinely interested, I thought I'd report on my fantasy situation - I'm in the playo

Last Minute Decisions - Week 15

With game time for the Cincinnati vs SF game less than 2 hours off, let's check out some quality resources for last minute lineup decisions, injury reports, etc. I do love Rotoworld's headlines section - timely updates and my first stop whenever I'm looking for injury updates or game-time decisions. I just learned that Jay Cutler had an MRI after troubles with a sore knee from his 5 sacks on Thursday night - not cool for this Broncos fan, but it looks like he's just fine. Another good spot for news updates is Football Guys' News section . And to keep going on a Rotoworld lovefest, Rotoworld's Last Minute Decisions should be and ready for your viewing later by tomorrow morning. Another great weekly article. Bruno Boys' Week 15 Podcast: NFL Injuries and Weather KFFL has a Sunday Morning Report that will aptly be posted on Sunday morning. We're heading out to a sports bar for the first half of tonight's game but then returning home to make use of o

IDP Forecast: Week 15

Greetings IDP owners. The playoffs are here and it can all come down to your IDPs, baby. So let's not waste any time here - who should you be starting for your IDP spots? Read on: Fantasy Insider Online's Week 15 Gridiron IDP Roundup - in case you've missed my fawning praise over the past few weeks, I love this weekly IDP post. Matt does a solid job with not only unearthing a bunch of potential players but also all sorts of random but helpful info on them. Great work as always, FIO. The Hive. Sigh. It's like a bad relationship, really. The Hive is always late/MIA and yet I'm always eager for more. So check Fantasy Sharks for The Hive at your own peril. CBS Sports' Witness for the Defense: Week 15 - I like seeing Dansby on this sleeper list and I think he'll be just fine with his seemingly minor rib injury this week. FFToolbox's Week 15: IDP Sleepers - second spot I've seen Omar Gaither's name mentioned for this week...'s

Consensus Start and Sit for Week 15

Welcome to the Week 15 consensus start/sit list. I look at all the start/sit links that I've posted on Wednesday , Thursday and today (see below) and keep a tally of the most popular start and sit suggestions at each position. So think of this as a summary of all those many start/sit lists out there... First, a few start/sit links that weren't up yet as of yesterday:'s Week 15 Start 'em Sit 'em Fifth Down's Gems and Gimps will be up later today Ask the Commish's Start or Sit for Week 15 FF Geek Blog's Three Potential Shockers for Week 15 (no, not really a start/sit but interesting stuff nonetheless) Fox Sports' Studs and Duds (video) Consensus picks are as follows: QB Start: Kurt Warner, Matt Hasselbeck, Derek Anderson, Carson Palmer, Drew Brees, and Brett Favre Sit: Jon Kitna, David Garrard, Kellen Clemens, Donovan McNabb RB Start: Earnest Graham, Willis McGahee, Joseph Addai, Ryan Grant, Jamal Lewis, Rudi Johnson Sit: AP2 (

Start or Sit - Week 15 Dilemmas

Thursday Night Football certainly makes every Thursday in December a little bit better - but when it's a Broncos TNF game that's on, Thursday becomes truly awesome. And there are probably several of you out there wondering what on earth you're supposed to do with Travis Henry and Selvin Young tonight. Certainly wish I had the magic answer for you, but the closest I can come is Mason's Morsels , a Broncos blogger who really knows an incredible amount about the Broncos. Like the fact that Selvin Young snatched up 52 tickets for tonight's game in Houston - why does that amuse me? But let's get to the heart of the matter - start and sit links. I posted several links already yesterday but read on for many more: The Goat always comes with high recommendations, so check out his Playoff Fantasy Football Start 'em Sit 'em and Sleepers for Week 15 Or remember that the Goat can also be found on the Bruno Boys' podcast Week 15 Start 'em or Sit 'em with

Week 15: Start/Sit and Even More Waivers

Hello football friends. I can feel the playoffs creating a heightened sense of anxiety in many of you and a sudden total uncertainty in your lineups. While I certainly endorse taking a good, hard look at matchups, I do believe that you dance with them what brung you. BUT if you are anxious for some extra help and want to know who is worthy of grabbing off of waivers, take a look at my posts from Monday and yesterday - and there are a few more below as well. However, if you're really just in the mood for start/sit advice, don't worry, I've got some of those links below as well. So first, the rest of the Week 15 waiver wire articles: CBS Sports' Playing the Waiver Wire: One last chance - a fascinating note in here - "Only the Jets, Steelers, Jaguars, Titans, Chargers, Cowboys, Redskins, Falcons, Panthers, Cardinals and Ravens did not have a starting running back go down this season." Wow.'s Fabiano: Start these waiver wire treasures - I had this

Waiver Wire for Week 15

Looking for some waiver wire help for Week 15? Look no further. I posted a few yesterday but there are of course many more. And just a heads up, a few sites are starting to shut down for the season so if you're usual favorite link isn't posted here, it might mean they aren't posting fantasy info anymore. Rotoworld's Waiver Wired: Chicago's Magnificent Kyle - also includes some photographic insight into the new starting Bears QB, Kyle Orton . FF Geek Blog's The Wire: Week 15 - Jabar Gaffney yet again pulls in a TD. And I still love his name.'s Risers & Fallers: Walker, Young have added value - if you're in need of an RB and Darius Walker or Aaron Stecker are still available, think about grabbing them. FFToolbox's Week 15: Pickups of the Week - is it just me or does anyone else immediately think of a Tom Collins when you hear Todd Collins' name? Being more of a beer girl, I've never even had a Tom Collins and yet that's all

AP1 and Looking Ahead to Week 15

Wow, do you think the SF corners realize that they singlehandedly may have destroyed fantasy seasons left and right? Are you sitting here wondering what on earth happened to Adrian Peterson yesterday? Check out the Star Tribune's article for AP1's comments on how well the 49ers' D shut down his running game. And if you're interested in the latest on Joseph Addai , it should be noted that he has been playing with a fractured bone in his chest. The man was a TD machine last night but his yardage was in line with expectations. For other highlights from yesterday's games, check out the FF Geek Blog's Sunday Wrap-up: B. Marshall breaks out! or FFXtreme's Week 14 Disasters . Hopefully many of you are still in the hunt for either a chance to play in the playoffs, or just to make it to the next round. Personally, I need big things from Colston tonight in order to secure a spot in the playoffs for my third league. While I'm all set for the playoffs in 2 other l

IDP Forecast: Week 14

I don't really know what to do with myself today - college football is on hiatus until the bowl games and that's pretty much what has defined most of my Saturdays for the past few months. Sad, right? I like to think of it as dedication and loyalty to the sport of football, really. I'll try to get psyched for the Heisman tonight instead. And of course bring you the slightly belated IDP Forecast for Week 14. Fantasy Insider Online's Week 14 Gridiron IDP Roundup - these guys are like the Guinness, the Stella, the Chimay (or whatever you consider to be the finest of beers) of IDP reports as far as I'm concerned. Fantasy Football Whiz's Wired Up! IDP Style Week 14 The Hive is up. It's a miracle. It's been up for 2 days even! Read on for some entertaining game notes and solid IDP suggestions. CBS Sports' Witness for the Defense: Week 14 FF Toolbox's Week 14: IDP Sleepers Now the playoffs have only started for me in the one league that I performed m

Consensus Start and Sit Picks for Week 14

It's snowing today in Colorado - 2 to 3 feet up in the mountains! - even though it was 70 on Tuesday. Gotta love this crazy state. But that has nothing to do with football, which is why you're all really here. So I posted a bunch of start/sit links yesterday and Wednesday but there are of course several more that you may want to know about:'s Start 'em & Sit 'em: Week 14 The Hazean's Start & Sit: Week 14 CBS Sports' Week 14 Start 'em Sit 'em Fifth Down's Week 14 Gems and Gimps - Mark St. Amant, the guy who provides us with this weekly post, appears to have a real life that has kept him from doing his normal Gems & Gimps column. He does however throw us a bone and includes guys under the radar this week that he likes. Plus Mark has offered up his e-mail as a way of contacting him with questions. I know from experience how much you all like to ask questions, so have at it.'s Start 'em Sit 'em

Start and Sit Links for Week 14

It's a great day - there's football on tonight and I couldn't be more pleased about that. Plus, next week we'll have NFL games on four different days - awesomeness. So let's jump right into this week's start and sit links. I got a few up yesterday and there will be more tomorrow, along with my consensus start/sit picks for you. It's a big week for most of us with playoffs either here already or just around the corner. Good luck to everyone! FF Goat's Playoff Start 'em Sit 'em and Sleepers for Week 14 - clearly I need to get over my Frank Gore obsession considering he's playing against the #1 run D, but I just can't help but harken back to last season when Gore was so beastly. If you can't get enough of the Goat (and frankly, I can't blame you for that at all), then check out the Bruno Boys' podcast Week 14: Start em or Sit em. FanNation's Start 'em, Sit 'em: Week 14 - goes game by game to note which players you&

Start and Sit for Week 14 and of course more waivers

Need more wavier wire advice? Or how about start/sit advice? Yup, I know that's really what you all are looking for - start and sit articles are like the meat and potatoes of the FF world, no? But first there are still a handful of waiver wire links that I didn't link to yet in my posts yesterday or Monday : CBS Sports' Playing through the Wire: Catching a bug NFL's Fabiano: Five rules for the fantasy postseason (who couldn't use that kind of advice?) - also includes a waiver wire focus, too. FF Today's Through the Wire: Week 14 Read on for the start/sit sites that have already been cranked out for the week... Coach Box's Start/Bench Recommendations for Week 14 FF Toolbox's Week 14: Start 'em FF Xtreme's Fantasy Football Start and Bench Advice: Week 14 from my new friend Smitty. FF Geek Blog's Studs and Duds: Week 14 ProFootballWeekly's Week 14 fantasy matchups to exploit or avoid Pigskin Addiction's Start/Bench - Week 14 Sorry fo

Week 14: Waiver Wire Links

Playoffs? Playoffs? That's right, for many of you the playoffs have arrived. Others, like me, are still trying to seal the deal. Either way, you need an awesome lineup this week, right? If you happen to have some holes or injuries in your lineup then take a look at some of the waiver wire advice below: Rotoworld's Waiver Wired: The Finishing Touches points out that most of the guys on waivers are RB2's at best, so keep that in mind. But if you need an RB2, then you're money. The FF Geeks' The Wire: Week 14 is up - need a D for this week? Think about Buffalo... FF Toolbox has your Week 14: Pickups of the Week - again, none of these guys are making me drool over their vast potential this week...'s Risers & Fallers: Fargas, White headline risers - and no, not LenDale White who has injured his middle finger (why does that make me giggle like I'm in 5th grade again? Sorry, LenDale, that's an unfortunate injury, though it sounds like you're

Week 14 Preparations and Waiver Thoughts

Well it was a rough weekend for me from a football standpoint - I flew out to see the SEC Championship game on Saturday and the team I was pulling for, University of Tennessee, lost (but congrats to the Tigers, Chris!). I returned home last night to discover a thorough beating of all but one of my fantasy teams. Ouch. I'm ready for Week 14. I know leagues differ in when the playoffs start - for me, this coming week is the last week pre-playoffs in all of my leagues. So if you happened to be on an airplane for most of yesterday's games (like me!) or just unable to tear yourself away from something like oh, I don't know, spending quality time with your family, don't worry - here are some links with an overview of yesterday's games: FF Geek Blog reports on JaMarcus' debut on the NFL scene along with other Sunday happenings in their Sunday Wrap-up: JaMarcus Russell sighting post. KFFL's Post-game injury report - week 13 and their Hot Off the Wire News both pr

IDP Forecast: Week 13

Again, another late post - my apologies. I'm in Atlanta this weekend for the SEC Championship game - my husband is a Knoxville native and we flew in to cheer on the University of Tennessee and visit some of our family. Good times, but it hasn't left a whole lot of time for fantasy football (outrageous, right?). So if I'm late on lineup questions, my apologies, but I'll get caught up by game time tomorrow. Time for the weekly IDP Forecast. Read on for advice on which individual defenders to get in your lineup this week: Fantasy Insider Online's Week 13 Gridiron IDP Roundup - since these guys were so on the money with Willis last week, I'm thinking of trying to grab someone else on their list this week - I advise you all to do the same... Fantasy Football Whiz's Wired Up! IDP Style Week 13 The Hive. Oh Hive, you're never up anymore. But if you were, you'd be on Fantasy Sharks - so check their site for the link. It might just be updated later today. O