Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Week 14: Waiver Wire Links

Playoffs? Playoffs? That's right, for many of you the playoffs have arrived. Others, like me, are still trying to seal the deal. Either way, you need an awesome lineup this week, right? If you happen to have some holes or injuries in your lineup then take a look at some of the waiver wire advice below:

  • Rotoworld's Waiver Wired: The Finishing Touches points out that most of the guys on waivers are RB2's at best, so keep that in mind. But if you need an RB2, then you're money.
  • The FF Geeks' The Wire: Week 14 is up - need a D for this week? Think about Buffalo...
  • FF Toolbox has your Week 14: Pickups of the Week - again, none of these guys are making me drool over their vast potential this week...
  • NFL.com's Risers & Fallers: Fargas, White headline risers - and no, not LenDale White who has injured his middle finger (why does that make me giggle like I'm in 5th grade again? Sorry, LenDale, that's an unfortunate injury, though it sounds like you're going to be okay.).
  • Check back with FanNation later today for their Wire Tap article, which isn't up yet. However, I'd like to note that last week FanNation warned us that Jabar Gaffney wasn't worth picking up. And who saves the New England day last night? Jabar. What a game.
I posted a few other waiver links in yesterday's post and will of course have more up tomorrow. As well as some early start/sit links with Thursday's games fast approaching.

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Anonymous said...

Bryant Johnson, Shaun McDonald, and Roddy White are all available in my league. Who's most worth a WR3 spot? Subquestion: Why are people so down on Roddy White? I know the Falcons are awful, but his numbers look pretty good.

Anonymous said...

White, Johnson and McDonald in that order. I can't believe White is available as he's 8th in the entire league for receiving yards among WRs with 920 yards. They threw to him in week 13 an incredible 19 times!

Get him now and you'll be glad you did. There's no reason why the production should stop.

- Freddie

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Last time Atlanta and NO met, Roddy White put up 110 yards and a TD. Very appealing. I agree with Freddie on the order he suggested. I think Johnson is also a very tempting choice here but White has just shown some solid consistency.

I think the reason people are down on White is purely because they're down on the Falcons and the absolute mayhem that is the Falcons' QB situation.