Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Week 15: Start/Sit and Even More Waivers

Hello football friends. I can feel the playoffs creating a heightened sense of anxiety in many of you and a sudden total uncertainty in your lineups. While I certainly endorse taking a good, hard look at matchups, I do believe that you dance with them what brung you. BUT if you are anxious for some extra help and want to know who is worthy of grabbing off of waivers, take a look at my posts from Monday and yesterday - and there are a few more below as well. However, if you're really just in the mood for start/sit advice, don't worry, I've got some of those links below as well.

So first, the rest of the Week 15 waiver wire articles:

  • CBS Sports' Playing the Waiver Wire: One last chance - a fascinating note in here - "Only the Jets, Steelers, Jaguars, Titans, Chargers, Cowboys, Redskins, Falcons, Panthers, Cardinals and Ravens did not have a starting running back go down this season." Wow.
  •'s Fabiano: Start these waiver wire treasures - I had this conversation with my husband on Monday - where would you take Ryan Grant if your fantasy draft occurred today?
  • FF Today's Through the Wire: Week 15 - if you're interested in taking a gamble on which Arizona WR will step up this week, try Jerheme Urban. Or Bryant Johnson. Or just neither and call yourself lucky not to have a hand in that mess.
  • Fantasy Tailgate's Players of Interest - like a trip down memory lane for the 2007 season...
Now onto the start/sit sites that are up already for the week:
I'll be back tomorrow with more start and sit links!
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Anonymous said...

1. Who's the better start this week: Carson Palmer @ SF or Kurt Warner @ NO?

2. I also have Chad Johnson on my team. Will he be covered by Nate Clements, and if so, am I looking at another disappearing act by Ocho Cinco?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

1. I like Palmer better - the matchups are both pretty good but I like Palmer's receiving corps (and their good health!) better than Arizona's. Plus I think Palmer is just the better QB.

2. This one sort of depends on who else you have on your team - again, I like Chad's matchup this week and regardless of whether he's covered by Clements (there has been much discussion over whether or not Clements is actually one of the bigger busts of the season:, I think I'd be inclined to start Chad. But again, it all depends on who else you have on your team...

Anonymous said...

i also have the same decision to make...would you start Chad Johnson over Bobby Engram? or of these 5 who would you start:

Andre Johnson (lock im assuming)
Brandon Marshall
Chad Johnson
Bobby Engram
Heath Miller

Anonymous said...

Which two WR should I start out of Housh, Welker, and Galloway? I am playing against Brady....

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

If you're playing against Brady, then definitely start Welker. I'd also go with Housh against an easy SF pass D - I'm sure Galloway will have a nice day as well but I just like the Palmer-Housh combo better.