Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Week 16 - Start/Sit and Waivers

I got to work this morning and for the first time in days, college kids weren't crammed into every corner of the library, desperately studying for finals. I'm starting to feel badly for the kids that are still here with finals left - and sorry for myself, too, quite frankly. I think that throughout our lives, we should all still get winter, spring and summer breaks. That hasn't worked out for me quite yet. I would likely spend much of that time focusing on football of course.

For those of you in Atlanta, you may just be digesting the Big Tuna news, but I know this is a big week for everyone that's still in the chase, so read on for start and sit advice for Week 16. First though, there are still a few waiver wire articles to post - and even more waiver links from my posts on Monday and Tuesday if you missed those.

Now to those start/sit links for the upcoming week:
More start/sit links tomorrow!
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VNL said...

Fantasy Football Librarian... will you marry me?

Because of you and all your wisdom, I am in the finals of my league, a vast improvement over my last place finish last season.

I owe it all to you.

Now, what to do against a 12-1 (regular season) team? I'm only (7-6) and lost to him before after an abysmal performance by McNabb and Westbrook against the Giants, but last week, had I played him, I would've smoked him in points.

ESPN's preview of the match up says it's a push! Gotta' pick the right lineup and with Westbrook injured and questionable, I'm freaking out.

I've got:

Hines Ward
Greg Jennings
Owen Daniels
Pats D/ST
Josh Brown (K)

On my bench I have:

Chester Taylor
Roddy White
Chris Brown
Desmond Clark
Kevin Curtis
Bills D/ST

What to do?

Whatever the case, this season of FFL has been a whole lot more fun now that I'm actually winning!

Thanks for everything!

VNL said...

Hmmm - all the sites say to bench Clinton Portis because the Vikings have been impenetrable against the rush. My alternative is Chester Taylor, who is a total crapshoot with AP in the picture.

Anonymous said...

Fred taylor or Brandon Jacobs

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Always nice to hear from you Victor - hmm, okay so I like your WRs a lot. I think I'd rather stick with Portis than play Taylor. Portis is a #1 back, the Vikings may be the toughest run D, but they aren't impenetrable. If the Skins keep giving Portis carries as they should with Collins at QB and Portis' ability to catch the ball as well as run it, I think Portis will be fine as your RB2. Westbrook will be fine. Stick with what you have, I say. I'm a little hesitant about McNabb but he's got the win against Dallas and a horrible NO defense on his side.

The other question on Fred Taylor or Brandon Jacobs - Taylor. He's been on fire and he faces the Oakland D. Doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

Jim Nguyen said...

A quick list of some guys to get for week 16:

If they're somehow still available: A. Stecker, S. Gado, Shaun McDonald and A. Gonzalez

Best of the Rest: DJ Hackett (coming back from injury-could play), Roydell Williams, D. Rhodes (but Jordan might get a chance), David Patten, Reggie Williams, Sage Rosenfels.