Thursday, December 13, 2007

Start or Sit - Week 15 Dilemmas

Thursday Night Football certainly makes every Thursday in December a little bit better - but when it's a Broncos TNF game that's on, Thursday becomes truly awesome. And there are probably several of you out there wondering what on earth you're supposed to do with Travis Henry and Selvin Young tonight. Certainly wish I had the magic answer for you, but the closest I can come is Mason's Morsels, a Broncos blogger who really knows an incredible amount about the Broncos. Like the fact that Selvin Young snatched up 52 tickets for tonight's game in Houston - why does that amuse me?

But let's get to the heart of the matter - start and sit links. I posted several links already yesterday but read on for many more:

There will be more start/sits tomorrow along with the consensus picks from all these links. I've got a morning full of meetings but will likely try and get online this afternoon to answer any lineup questions. Good luck this week and go Broncos.

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TC said...

Go Texans! ;)

Anonymous said...

Go with Young if you have to choose between Henry and Young. Young's got more upside, but hopefully you are deciding for your RB3/Flex spot since these guys are still sharing the rock.

- Freddie Footballer

Highlander said...

Flex help:
Who should I start? Darius Walker, Thomas Jones, MJD or Chris Henry..

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Highlander - tough question. Since I almost always like a RB better than a WR in the flex, I'm eliminating Henry. So between Walker, Jones and MJD, I'd go with Walker, I think. While the Pats can certainly be run on, I don't think I want any part of that Jets game. At all. And while I love MJD, he's too inconsistent and I don't imagine it will go very well for him this week against the #2 run D. So by default, Walker. It makes me really nervous to advise using him in the playoffs, but my poor Broncos are just really not stopping the run well - plus it looks like Walker can be both a rushing and receiving threat. As I type this though, I am filled with total doubt over suggesting Walker - so if there are other opinions out there, please feel free to share.

Highlander said...

thanks. Im already going with Selvin Young as my RB2 (Steven Jackson as RB1). this may sound silly but a part of me doesnt want to have my season over Thursday nite if both bomb. Im also afraid Dayne might steal carries as well as Echemandu. Im leaning towards Thomas Jones as there will be a major snowstorm in Boston on Sunday. But then again MJD is slightly ranked higher this week.
Is Walker the definite starter?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

I completely understand not wanting to start Walker and that's probably why I was so hesitant to suggest him, really. Dayne is questionable still - no other new news. Definitely possible that Walker will lose carries to him or Echemandu.

So that said, if you'd understandably prefer not go with Walker, I think I'd rather start Thomas Jones over MJD. Jones has been putting up pretty solid numbers recently and if you look at Parker and McGahee both going over 100 yards against NE in the past two weeks, Jones becomes more tempting. And MJD has had less than 15 touches in 6 of his last 7 games...

Highlander said...

thx again. i just got back from an Xmas dinner and I read dayne is active but Walker will start. i guess ill hold off til sundays games .........I have both dayne and walker. Of course now that
dont start walker he'll go for 150 total yards

Anonymous said...

Drew Brees or Derek Anderson

Marshawn Lynch or Earnest Graham

I am leaning towards Brees and Graham.

Anderson is great and all but Brees recently is on fire and Anderson is going to get a bit of nasty weather this weekend...

Graham is... well, a beast...

Any insight would be much appreciated!

--Chris said...

Pick 2:

Lendale White
Willie Parker
Rudi Johnson

Pick 1:

Roddy White
Shaun McDonald

I'm leaning towards White, Johnson & McDonald based on the matchups.....

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Bobby D - I think you've made the right decisions, I'd go with Brees and Graham, too. Fred Jackson is definitely in the Buffalo RB mix now, making Lynch a little less appealing. And yes, Graham has been rather beastly.

Chris - Based solely on matchups I do like White and Rudi - but I can't help but think that benching Parker is a mistake, even against a pretty solid Jags run D. I think I would start Rudi and Parker since White has been up and down with his games and may share some time and TDs with Chris Brown. For your WRs, I'd also lean toward McDonald over White. White has been hot but with Petrino leaving and having to face the TB D, I'd go with McDonald.

Anonymous said...

High recomendations...I like it!

As always, thanks Librarian.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the help Fantasy Football Librarian!

And thanks for running this blog which has helped me have an (almost) undefeated season...

/raises fist in anger to the Brady/Moss owners >_<

Anonymous said...

based on the probability of scoring a touchdown do you still like Willie Parker vs. a tough run D and few carries in the red zone (see: Hines Ward carrying the ball @ the over Lendale White vs. a weak KC run defense?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

I would still start Parker over White. I know Parker hasn't had a TD in something like 5 or 6 games (and he's only had 2 this season), but I do believe he will be used and used well against the Jags. Parker has more attempts and more yards at home and is a better option in PPR leagues in particular.

I fully agree that White may be more likely to get a TD but he's also more likely to lose carries than Parker (the Ward thing seems like a rarity to me), especially if his knee injury is a real problem. But if TDs are your main consideration here, then go with White.

jfgraphix said...

Starting WR: Fitzgerald, Marshall
Need 3rd WR:
Welker, Royal, Bryant

Starting RB: AP
Need 2nd RB:
Lendale White, LJ, Ward


Fantasy Football Librarian said...

jfgraphix - it really comes down to Welker and Royal for me with Garcia out. I lean towards Welker thanks to his greater level of consistency.

As for RB, I like Ward and Johnson the best and would probably plug Ward in over LJ. LJ has seen some decrease in carries lately and didn't do very much against Denver last week, so I'm just not feeling very confident about him this week.

Good luck!